Matthew D. Upchurch

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew is a travel industry visionary with a lifetime of experience in numerous sectors of the field; he has led Virtuoso to become the top luxury travel network in the world. Matthew was named to the American Society of Travel Agents Hall of Fame in 2004 and the Cruise Lines International Association Hall of Fame in 2010, and has served as the chairman of the Travel Institute.

Albert Herrera

Senior Vice President, Partnerships

Albert oversees the development of relationships with the parties that make Virtuoso travel an unparalleled experience: our 2,000 product partners and 22,000 member agencies and advisors. The Partnerships team works with our affiliates to drive business and to maximize the benefits of the Virtuoso network. 

David Kolner

Senior Vice President, Strategy

David leads Virtuoso’s strategic and business planning process which includes Virtuoso's global team of General Managers. In addition, David oversees the company’s various segmentation initiatives, and corporate business development programs. Previously, David served as SVP of Global Member Partnerships and SVP of Consumer at Virtuoso.

Mike McCown

Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations

Mike oversees finance, data analytics, Virtuoso Air, event operations, the Virtuoso Service Center, and network operations for members and partners. The role of this group is to focus on process improvement and operational efficiency for Virtuoso products and services. Mike has worked for Virtuoso since 2000 and is perhaps one of the biggest TCU fans in the universe.

Travis McElfresh

Senior Vice President, Product

Travis supports the product design, product management, and technology teams at Virtuoso. Travis is responsible for the product vision, strategy and development processes that enable scalable, value-creating products that customers love. Travis has over 17 years of design, product, technology, and management experience from fast-growing organizations, including Microsoft,, Mindbloom, and Nordstrom.

Michelle Rashid

Vice President, Culture & Human Resources

Michelle worked for the Prime Minister of Canada and in Store Development and Entertainment at Starbucks before joining Virtuoso in 2005. She helped establish the Organizational Development division and is responsible for Culture, Human Resources and Facilities.