Virtuoso Advisors help make the process of seeing the world a stress-free experience for the sophisticated traveler.


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What is a Travel Advisor?

A travel advisor is an expert in crafting personalized, seamless, and extraordinary travel experiences. As a travel advisor, you will be the architect of dream vacations. the trusted guide to exotic destinations, and the curator of lifelong memories.


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Traits of a Great Advisor

Are you a creative problem solver? Do you have an insatiable curiosity for the world's wonders? Are you a master at planning and building relationships? If you crave the excitement of discovery, the joy of exceeding expectations, and the satisfaction of making dreams come true, travel advising could be your ideal career. 

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Your Perfect Fit with Virtuoso

Virtuoso agencies have been carefully vetted to provide best-in-class experiences through our 2,300+ global Preferred Partners. Luxury travel advising with high-net-worth clients takes luxury-level white-glove service. If you're looking for a career focused on luxury leisure travel, a Virtuoso agency is the right fit for you.

Become a Luxury Travel Advisor

The Virtuoso Advisor Recruitment Program helps aspiring travel advisors like you to find opportunitries with top-tier luxury travel agencies. Our network includes a diverse range of agency sizes, types, and locations, catering to a variety of career aspirations.


How to Apply

Begin our questionnaire to provide the details a hiring agency might want to know about you. If you are new to travel advising, you will be prompted to complete a 20-minute training course that provides more details about a career as a travel advisor.
Receive a decision by email within a few days. If you are accepted into the program, it may take up to 3-4 weeks to start receiving interview requests. Keep an eye on your inbox; you may be contacted by multiple agencies!
Onboard with your Virtuoso agency and complete both Core Training and the Virtuoso Certified Travel Advisor program. You'll come away with knowledge, skills, and tools for increasing your earning power over the life of your Virtuoso advising career.
Your profile remains active for 6 months, or until you have been matched with 50 agencies.

Get Started


What to Expect

If you are placed with a Virtuoso agency through this program, you are committing to take Virtuoso Core Training and complete the Virtuoso Certified Travel Advisor Program.
Core Training

What is it?
Annual overview of all Virtuoso products and services available to you with need-to-know information from experts across Virtuoso.

Time Commitment
2 hours

Complimentary with Virtuoso Membership

Virtuoso Certified Travel Advisor Program

What is it?

Signature training course tailored to new and novice advisors seeking to gain a competitive edge and set their careers in luxury travel up for success. 

Time Commitment
4 day Virtual or In-Person training with additional pre-work and 6-month post training support.

Costs $1,695-$1,995 (not including any travel and expenses)

Step into the world of luxury travel through Virtuoso. We're looking for passionate talent that shares our vision; apply today to get connected with agencies who believe in travel.

Questions about getting started? We have the answers.

Q: What does a luxury travel advisor do day-to-day?
  • Curate travel experiences that weave together the finest details with highly organized logistics
  • Design and document itineraries
  • Manage and complete bookings
  • Invoice and track payments

Many of our most successful advisors employ assistants to help with these tasks.

Q: How long does it take to ramp up a luxury travel advising career?

It can typically take 3-5 years to generate a steady income as a travel advisor. It’s not about just studying or training hard enough. Consider the following:

  • Growth is based on the number of clients you start with, how you build a client base, and the trip volume.
  • You should be prepared to go a year without making significant income.
  • Most of our Members are looking for full-time dedicated luxury advisors.
  • Virtuoso’s Core Training and Virtuoso Certified Travel Advisor program can help you ramp up your career more quickly.
Q: What is a host agency?

A host agency works with independent contractors to help them grow their travel business. The agency:

  • Provides access to products and services that will help them grow their business and earn more revenue.
  • Usually charges a commission split or a monthly fee depending on the sales volume and the needs of the advisor.
Q: How do I know which agency is right for me?

Interview several different types of agencies to determine the right fit for your business. Consider the products and services they offer, as well as the agency culture.

Q: How do I know if I want to be an independent contractor or staff advisor?

There are many different factors to consider when deciding between being an independent contractor or a staff advisor.

Q: How do travel advisors make money?

There are many different agency models, but there are two primary revenue sources:

  • Customer-paid fees based on transaction or service provided.
  • Partner-paid compensation (commissions, overrides, or incentives), which generally happens after travel is completed.

Additional Resources for New Advisors

If you are a changing careers or are otherwise new to the travel industry, Virtuoso has some resources to help you get started.