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Travel can be glamorous and fun if everything goes well, and at Lake Forest Travel Bureau, that is our responsibility. When we hear from returning clients that our high standard has been met, we have done our job.

As a small agency, we must always give clients a reason to work with us and provide pride and motivation to our staff. This is our never ending focus.

Founded in 1955, we have always been recognized for our knowledge and client service. I have been fortunate enough to have learned from the best advisor- my mom, Helen Varri, Swiss born and educated, who continues to serve her clients. We are proud to work with wonderful, enthusiastic advisors, dedicated to creating memorable experiences for their clients.

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Denise Schwab
Travel Consultant
Dyane Shanahan
Travel Consultant
Erica Doose
Travel Consultant
Gwen Pullman Trucco
Travel Consultant
Helen Varri
Vice President
Linda Clark
Travel Consultant
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