Travel Advisors

Travel Advisors

The Value Of Travel Advisors

Knowledge, Collaboration, Connections, And More

Prospective travelers are usually confused about two aspects of working with a Virtuoso advisor:
  • What exactly is Virtuoso?
  • Do people still use travel advisors?
Virtuoso is a global luxury travel network; it consists of advisors (and their parent agencies), hotels, resorts, cruise lines, and tour companies. Ultimately, the goal of everyone involved is to make your travel experience special.

The Internet did make it easier to book your own travel, but it also created a ton of information overload. Travel advisors shifted from more transactional (booking tickets and rooms for you) to transformative (working with you to plan the best experience possible for you and your family). They help you cut through the clutter.

And remember: Virtuoso advisors have first-hand knowledge of properties, tour companies, cruise lines, and more. Often, the person they're working with to plan your trip is someone they've known for years. That relationship pays a benefit back to you as a traveler.

Don't take our word for it, though: read some real-life stories from Virtuoso travelers to learn more about the benefits.

If you'd be interested in working with an advisor on your next trip(s), click below to connect.

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The Five Core Tenets ...

... Of Working With An Advisor
Transparently, our goal on this website is to make you – as a potential traveler – want to travel better by working with an advisor. What are the core reasons some other travelers have turned to one?
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