HNL Travel Associates

Honolulu, HI United States

HNL Travel Associates has been a Member of Virtuoso since 1996.  We have touched every part of the 7 continents by our knowledgeable agents with over 300 years of travel experience.  We have 3 full time staff and 25 Independent Contractors that make up the experience and knowledge that we share amongst our clients.  We have been in the top 8 Woman Owned Businesses since 2005 rated by Pacific Business News, the weekly Business Paper in Honolulu.  Travel is not the flight, hotel, or destination: It is the experiences you have and we are here to help make that happen.

Virtuoso Member Since 23 Jan 1996

Agency Associates

Lurena Mei-mei Engel
Independent Advisor
Mary Louise Lewis
Independent Contractor
Nita Williams
Independent Travel Advisor
Polly Oliver
Independent Contractor
Ruth Rittmeister
Independent Contractor
Wendy Goodenow
Total 6 Results