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Virtuoso Reveals All the Need-to-Know Details on Fall and Festive Travel and Where the Affluent will be Heading Next 15 August 2023
Leading Luxury Travel Professionals from 105 Countries Meet in Las Vegas for the 35th Annual Virtuoso Travel Week 15 August 2023
Virtuoso Travel Tech Summit Fosters Innovation for Agencies and Advisors by Bringing Together Big Tech, Venture Capitalists and Start-Ups 03 August 2023
Virtuoso Travel Week Celebrates 35 Years of Continued Connection 01 August 2023
Virtuoso Shares Insights on Soaring Luxury Travel Demand During Its 2023 Symposium 19 May 2023
Virtuoso Demonstrates Its Leadership in Global Luxury Travel by Embracing Fast-Moving Tech, Social and Economic Shifts 18 May 2023
Luxury Travelers Say Oui to Paris: Virtuoso Names the City of Lights Its Most Booked European Destination 23 Feb 2023
Virtuoso Shares Strategies for Increasing Profitability for Member Agencies, Advisors and Preferred Partners 07 Feb 2023


Virtuoso Luxury Talks by Exellence Group Explores How and Why Global Citizens Will Travel Differently in 2023 06 Dec 2022
Virtuoso Travel Week’s Closing Gala Honors the Network’s Luminaries, Legends and Leaders 22 Aug 2022
The 2022 Luminaries, Legends and Leaders Community Member and Partner Awards Announced During Virtuoso Travel Week 19 Aug 2022
Virtuoso Honors the Network’s Best Cruise Lines 18 Aug 2022
Virtuoso Reveals Preferences and Top Destinations for Upscale Travelers this Fall and Festive Season 16 Aug 2022
Virtuoso Sets the Bar for the Future of Global Luxury Travel as it Hosts 5,000 Top Travel Advisor Professionals and Brands from 100 Countries 16 Aug 2022
Virtuoso Partners with Virgin Galactic for Ticket Sales Referral Program 21 Jul 2022
Virtuoso Says Affluent Travelers are Willing to Pay More for a Sustainable Experience, with Transparency as Key 15 Jun 2022
Virtuoso Explores the Impact on Travel and the Workforce of Three Key Generations: Boomers, Generation X and Millennials 26 Apr 2022
Virtuoso Reveals What’s Hot in Summer Travel for 2022 21 Apr 2022
Virtuoso’s 2022 Symposium Hosts Luxury Travel’s Top Executives Aboard Silversea’s Silver Dawn for Exclusive Sailing 24 Mar 2022
Virtuoso Reveals What’s Happening Next in Travel 14 Feb 2022
Virtuoso’s US & Canada Forum Signals Travel Industry Optimism in 2022 03 Feb 2022


Virtuoso Brings Luxury Travel’s Top Executives to Vienna for Networking and Ideation Sessions at Its 2021 Symposium 08 Nov 2021
Virtuoso Reveals Preferences and Top Destinations for Upscale Travelers this Fall 19 Aug 2021
Virtuoso Travel Week Hosts a Global Audience of More Than 3,300 Top Industry Professionals for Luxury Travel’s First Hybrid Event 09 Aug 2021
Virtuoso Survey Indicates the Global Pandemic is Leading People to Travel More Responsibly in the Future 14 Apr 2021
Virtuoso Sets the Stage for a New Way Forward 10 Feb 2021


Virtuoso Research Indicates Sunnier Days Ahead for Island Destinations 15 Sep 2020
Upscale Travelers Will Return to Island Destinations this Holiday Season While Dreaming of Far-flung Trips in 2021 01 Sep 2020
Virtuoso Travel Week Set to Take Virtual Meetings to a New Level, Demonstrating the Power of Human Connection 16 Jul 2020
Keep Calm and Travel On: What Virtuoso Travel Advisors Want You to Know About Traveling and Coronavirus 06 Mar 2020
This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Vacation … or Is It? Virtuoso Reveals How Globetrotting Families Travel Today: Michelin-Starred Restaurants, Custom Safaris and Cake on a Glacier 25 Feb 2020
From Close to Home to the Czech Republic, Virtuoso Eyes Top Spring Break Destinations for U.S. Travelers 12 Feb 2020
Opposites Attract: Virtuoso Flirts with Country Coupling for the Ultimate in Divergent Experiences 22 Jan 2020
Virtuoso Shares Top Cruise Trends for 2020: Immersive Experiences in Distant Destinations and Conscious Travel 15 Jan 2020
Virtuoso's 2020 Best of the Best Highlights Rising Trends in Hotels, From Little Gems to Nomadic Hot Spots 08 Jan 2020



Virtuoso Reveals Stressed Gen X-ers Are Driving Wellness Travel, with Mindful Meditation the Focus for 2020 11 Dec 2019
Virtuoso Reveals the Hottest Hotel Openings of 2020 05 Dec 2019
From Australian Surfing to Tech-Free Tonga, Virtuoso Reveals its Top 10 Wanderlist Experiences for 2020 12 Nov 2019
The 2020 Virtuoso Luxe Report: “Carpe Diem,” Croatia, Antarctica and Greece 17 Oct 2019
Virtuoso Travel Week’s (Industry) Star-Studded Gala Marks the End of a Successful Week and Honors the Network’s Most Exceptional Members and Partners 16 Aug 2019
Virtuoso Unveils the Coveted Best of the Best Awards Honoring the World’s 10 Finest Properties and Hoteliers 15 Aug 2019
Virtuoso Travel Week Continues its Tradition of Honoring the Network’s Top Destination, Cruise and Lifestyle Partners 13 Aug 2019
Virtuoso Travel Week Introduces the Concept of "High-Team" and Focuses on Being More Human in a Tech-driven World 12 Aug 2019
Upscale Travelers Will Zigzag the Globe from Uruguay to Malta to Rwanda This Fall and Holiday Season 11 Aug 2019
Virtuoso Unveils Nominees for its Best of the Best Awards, Recognizing This Year’s Top 50 Hotels 06 Jun 2019
From Antarctica to Rwanda, Virtuoso’s Luxe Report Shows Families Seeking Adventures in Surprising Destinations 15 May 2019
From Chile to Singapore, Virtuoso Reveals Where Upscale Travelers Are Heading This Summer 02 May 2019
Global Comeback Stories and Emerging Locales: Virtuoso Forecasts the Hottest Spring Destinations 20 Feb 2019
From Private Retreats to Wellness Innovations, the 2019 Virtuoso Best Of The Best Showcases the Latest Hotel Trends 08 Jan 2019



Virtuoso Names the Hottest New Hotels for Every Luxury Traveler's Wishlist 12 Dec 2018
Covering Sky, Land and Sea, Virtuoso Names Nine Must-Have Experiences for 2019 05 Dec 2018
2019 Is the Year of Ultra-Personalized Travel According to the Virtuoso Luxe Report 30 Oct 2018
Virtuoso Reports Caribbean Bookings Are Up, One Year After Two Massive Hurricanes Rolled Through the Region 16 Oct 2018
Virtuoso Travel Week Celebrated its 30th Anniversary by Introducing the Notion of the "Collaborative Economy" 29 Aug 2018
30th Annual Virtuoso Travel Week Concludes by Celebrating the Network’s Top Members and Partners 17 Aug 2018
Virtuoso Hotels & Resorts Names the World’s Most Exceptional Properties and Hoteliers 16 Aug 2018
The Best Destination, Cruise and Lifestyle Partners Celebrated at the 30th Annual Virtuoso Travel Week 15 Aug 2018
The Middle East Is Back According to Virtuoso 13 Aug 2018
From Cannes to Cape Town, Virtuoso Names Nominees for the World's Best Hotels 23 May 2018 
Iceland, Botswana and Japan: Virtuoso Luxe Report Discovers Families Seek Bonding Experiences in Unusual Destinations 09 May 2018
From Greece to Zambia, Virtuoso Predicts the 20 Countries Where Affluent Travelers Will Venture This Summer 24 Apr 2018
Virtuoso 2018 Luxe Report Reveals Growing Interest Among Consumers for Sustainable Travel 12 Apr 2018
Virtuoso Recommends the Best Places to Go and Love Yourself 11 Jan 2018
Virtuoso’s Best of the Best Reveals the Latest Hotel Trends 04 Jan 2018



Virtuoso Shares Eight New Year’s Travel Resolutions for 2018 22 Dec 2017
Virtuoso Reveals the Best Places to Ring in the New Year 14 Dec 2017
Virtuoso Luxe Report Reveals What Travelers Will Seek in 2018: Pristine, Unfrequented & Unique Destinations 08 Nov 2017
Virtuoso Unveils the Hottest Luxury Hotels Debuting Soon 05 Oct 2017
Virtuoso Reveals the Impact of an Unprecedented Hurricane Season and Shares Expert Tips for Travelers 28 Sep 2017
Virtuoso Celebrates National Food Truck Day by Naming the Best U.S. Cities for Mobile Culinary Delights 26 Sep 2017
Sustainable Tourism Elevated From Trend to Travel Transformation at Virtuoso's Inaugural Sustainability Summit 13 Sep 2017
29th Annual Virtuoso Travel Week Closes with a Stunning Gala to Honor its Most Exceptional Members and Partners 18 Aug 2017
Virtuoso Hotels & Resorts Marks 25 Years of Excellence by Honoring the Globe’s 11 Most Exceptional Hotels 17 Aug 2017
Virtuoso Hotels & Resorts Marks its 25th Anniversary by Showcasing 20 Exceptional Experiences from its Original Partner Hotels 17 Aug 2017
Virtuoso’s ‘Fashion Week of Travel’ Hosts the Best in Luxury for Networking, Trend-Spotting & a Look at What’s New on the Runway 16 Aug 2017
Virtuoso Honors Top Destination, Cruise and Lifestyle Partners and Advisors at the 29th Annual Virtuoso Travel Week 16 Aug 2017
Virtuoso Unveils the Top 10 Places Upscale Americans Are Heading this Fall and Holiday Season 14 Aug 2017
Virtuoso Travel Advisors Reveal Their Top Destinations and Best Insider Tips for Seamless Summer Vacations 14 Jun 2017
Virtuoso Unveils “Best of the Best” Award Nominees as its Hotels & Resorts Program Marks 25th Anniversary 12 Jun 2017
Virtuoso Flash Survey Shares Advice from Expert Travel Advisors on Dealing with Bumping from Oversold Flights 24 May 2017
Virtuoso Forecasts the Top 10 Places Where U.S. Travelers Will Venture During the Busy Summer Season 17 May 2017
Virtuoso Reveals the Five Secrets of Success for its Top Travel Agencies 16 May 2017
Virtuoso Showcases the Splendor of Vancouver, B.C. During its Annual Global Leadership Symposium 15 May 2017
BRIDES and Virtuoso Reveal This Year’s Top Honeymoon Destinations, Resorts, Cruise Lines, and All-Inclusive Brands 02 May 2017
Virtuoso Reveals the Future of Family Travel 13 Apr 2017
Travelers Rejoice: There’s a New Way to Book Luxury Hotels 03 Apr 2017
Virtuoso Flash Poll Finds Travel Disruptions Occurring as a Result of VUCA 27 Mar 2017
Virtuoso Sees a Substantial Leap in its Network Growth 15 Feb 2017
Virtuoso Best of the Best: A Look at the Hottest Hotel Trends Awaiting Luxury Travelers This Year 09 Jan 2017

Other Noteworthy Press Releases

Virtuoso Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of its Best of the Best Hotel Awards 11 Aug 2016
Virtuoso Celebrates its 30th Anniversary by Expanding its Marquee Event, Virtuoso Travel Week, to Olympic Proportions 09 Aug 2016
Virtuoso Now Has Travel Agency Members in 40 Countries and on Six Continents 09 Jun 2016
BRIDES and Virtuoso Collaborate to Reveal the Best Honeymoons of 2016 25 May 2016
Growing Opportunities for Travel Advisors in a Strong Market: White Paper May 2016
Virtuoso Launches Voyages Program with Additional Cruise Lines and New Features 04 Apr 2016
Virtuoso Debuts Global Forums 09 Mar 2016
Virtuoso's Global Strategy And Strong Consumer Demand Lead To Growth 02 Dec 2015
Virtuoso Agents Dominate Travel & Leisure A-List 09 Sep 2015
How do Boomers and Millennials travel differently? 29 Apr 2015
CEO Matthew Upchurch joins Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto at Tianguis Turistico México 25 Mar 2015
Virtuoso announces partnership with Merrill Lynch 05 Feb 2015
26th annual Virtuoso Travel Week sets attendance records 11 Aug 2014
Virtuoso announces plans for international expansion 01 May 2014