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Set Your Sights High

Access exclusive properties and VIP experiences through Virtuoso's Switzerland advisors.

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Virtuoso is a global luxury travel network; it consists of advisors and their parent agencies (all by invitation), as well as hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and others who offer destination experiences to travelers (also by invitation). We currently operate in over 25 countries and feature more than 9,000 advisors. Our advisors have often traveled to more than 100 countries themselves, booked experiences in as many countries, and specialize in collaborating with you to design travel opportunities you'd never be able to orchestrate yourself online.

When you connect with one of these advisors, you’re partnering with someone who has completed intensive training on traveling in Switzerland, giving them specialized knowledge of the geography, culture, and history of the area. And, as with any Virtuoso Advisor, they have the expertise and connections to deliver travel perks simply not available anywhere else.
  • Have lunch at at the Piz Gloria revolving restaurant in Interlaken, made famous in the James Bond film "On Her Majesty’s Secret Service."
  • Enjoy a private wine tasting in the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces along Lake Geneva.
  • Explore Laussane’s Old City, the lakeside resort of Ouchy and Montreaux, and the storied Chillon Castle.
And, so much more. Virtuoso travel advisors not only fulfill your vision, but consistently exceed it.

How Do These Partnerships Work?

What's The Value For The Traveler?
Virtuoso advisors partner with tourism boards all over the world, such as in Switzerland. But how do those relationships lead to value for the would-be traveler? Click below to understand.