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Antarctic Frontiers with Eric Philips (11 days)

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Cape Town, South Africa To Cape Town, South Africa

Valid for Departures: 26 Nov 2019 - 06 Dec 2019

Antarctic Frontiers with Eric Philips (11 days)

Day 3

Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

Day 4

Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

Day 5

Queen Maud Land, Antarctica→Atka Bay, Antarctica

Day 6

Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

Day 7

South Pole, Antarctica

Day 8

Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

Day 9

Queen Maud Land, Antarctica


Day 1
26 Nov 2019
Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Grace Hotel Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We check in to the lavish Cape Grace Hotel, our home for the next two nights. We enjoy a restful evening, in preparation for tomorrow’s explorations.

Day 2
27 Nov 2019
Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Grace Hotel Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

What better way to orient ourselves in the vibrant city

of Cape Town than to begin our day admiring its greatest

views. Enjoy a morning ascent of the hazy Table Mountain

from the comfort of a cable car, before exploring the

sprawling city below on foot. After stopping for lunch,

we make our way to our polar safety briefing, where we

learn more about the remarkable adventures ahead of

us. Tonight, we dine at the magnificent Signal Restaurant,

where we savour the flavours of contemporary local

cuisine, reflective of the ever-abundant landscape

that surrounds us. The exquisitely authentic fare here

is rivalled only by the accompanying local wine and

breathtaking views of the waterfront at dusk.

Day 3
28 Nov 2019
Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
Whichaway Camp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

To reach the icy climes of Earth’s southernmost continent,

most must face a long and uncomfortable journey across

the Drake Passage by sea. But that is not for us. Today

we board our private jet for the otherworldly destination

where our adventure takes place. After an easy five-hour

flight across the South Atlantic Ocean, we touch down on

Antarctic shores. Surreal landscapes stretch out before

us as we venture across the silvery terrain in six-wheel

vehicles, bound for our base, Whichaway Camp. This

exclusive retreat is perched between a glassy frozen lake

and a soaring wall of bluish ice. We spend the afternoon

trekking around the rocky plateau of Schirmacher Oasis

before finishing the evening with a hearty three-course

meal, made from the finest ingredients and paired with

exceptional South African wines.

Day 4
29 Nov 2019
Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
Whichaway Camp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After enjoying a delicious breakfast, the rest of today

is yours to spend as you like. You may wish to choose

from one of the following Your World experiences:

- Take a leisurely trek to see magnificent nearby ice

wave structures and marvel at this force of nature

as it remains frozen in time.

- Hike to the Russian Antarctic station, Novolazarevskaya,

and learn about the research work that has been

carried out here.

- Go ice climbing with experienced guides, exploring

the astounding ice formations this area has to offer

as you ascend.

- Take the unique opportunity to go kite skiing

amidst the incredible vistas of this icy landscape.

- Admire shimmering glaciers and brilliant white

icebergs from a dazzling height, before abseiling

back down to earth.

Day 5
30 Nov 2019
Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
Atka Bay, Antarctica
Whichaway Camp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning, we take a two-hour flight across the Polar

Plateau to the normally inaccessible and remote emperor

penguin colony in Atka Bay. This exclusive event enables

us to bear witness to the new life that summer brings this

region. We watch on as young chicks, still coated in their

fluffy down, are fussed over by their devoted parents.

These inquisitive creatures, unafraid of their human

visitors, are drawn closer and closer to us, compelled

by their curiosity. This is one of the most secluded

wildlife events on Earth and we are privileged enough

to witness it from a distance of mere metres. While here,

we also keep a lookout for predatory creatures – leopard

seals, southern giant petrels and south polar skuas are

all known to frequent this area. After a day filled with

adventure and investigation, we return to the camp

to share photographs and stories over dinner.

Day 6
01 Dec 2019
Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
Whichaway Camp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today we journey downward to explore the subterranean

spectacle that lies beneath our campsite. Following a

series of intricate tunnels, we delve into ice caves that

arch around us as though carved by hand. Snaking

underpasses give way to imposing icy caverns that glow

blue as the sunlight from above etches in. After our

journey through these sapphire chambers, we celebrate

with a picnic lunch overlooking our sublime surroundings.

Perched above the majestic expanse that encompasses

us, we watch on as icebergs drift past us unhurried, as

we sip on fine champagne. The afternoon is free to spend

as you like. You may wish to take some time to relax and

reflect on your otherworldly surroundings, but should you

wish to explore further, your guides are always at hand.

Day 7
02 Dec 2019
South Pole, Antarctica
Arctic Oven tents - South Pole Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today we embark on our captivating journey to the

South Pole. While some travellers may choose to stay

at the camp and further explore the epic surrounds of the

Schirmacher Oasis, the rest of us rise early for a morning

flight to this most remote destination. Accompanied by

a guide and a designated doctor, we step off the plane

and out into this dreamy landscape, where we’re greeted

with an endless blanket of crisp white snow. The national

flags that flap in the breeze serve as a reminder that a

visit to this cloistered place is indeed a triumph for each

of us. After lunch we are taken on a tour of the base, with

plenty of time to take photographs and contemplate these

dramatic surrounds. As our guide expertly assembles our

dedicated tented camp, we prepare for our night at the

bottom of the world. This evening, we take rest in our

Arctic Oven tents, enjoying toasty warmth even in the

coldest conditions.

Day 8
03 Dec 2019
Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
Whichaway Camp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We wake amidst the surreal surrounds of our temporary

home on the ice. After a nourishing breakfast, we enjoy

the remainder of our time at the South Pole, marvelling

at the encircling snowy expanse as it glistens in the

endless sun. Our private turboprop returns us to our

home away from home, Queen Maud Land, where we

enjoy an afternoon of rest to recover our vigour. You may

choose to make the most of the camp’s extensive library,

or perhaps steam the afternoon away in the sauna.

Tonight, we toast to our adventures over dinner

and revel in our remarkable experience.

Day 9
04 Dec 2019
Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
Whichaway Camp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning, after breakfast, we learn a little

more about the lesser-known history of Antarctica

and the brave pioneers that have ventured here.

We delve into stories of past expeditions, tales of early

explorers, and details about the complex life cycle of

this majestic landscape from the comfort of our velvet

armchairs. Later in the day, we make the most of the

spectacular conditions at our campsite with an afternoon

spent kite skiing, before we ascend a towering glacial

island on foot. Like a pillar, rising up above an otherwise

frozen setting, this is the perfect vantage point to admire

one last high-altitude view of our surroundings, before

abseiling back down to reality. Alternatively, you may

choose to take a more gentle guided trek out over the

expansive sea ice, where we witness incredible views

of the ice wave fields. This evening, we enjoy our final

dinner in this magnificent place.

Day 10
05 Dec 2019
Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Grace Hotel Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today we enjoy our final moments in mesmerising

Antarctica. For the last time, we watch as colossal

glaciers float atop the water, and admire the endless

white surrounding us. Reluctantly, we must leave this

place behind. Boarding our private jet, we return to

Cape Town, where the warmer weather makes for

a pleasant change. The staff at the Cape Grace Hotel

welcome our return and we take time to unwind, before

enjoying a Farewell Dinner at the sumptuous La Colombe

Restaurant. The camaraderie we've developed with our

fellow guests hits a peak as we relish each exquisite

flavour and reflect upon our once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Day 11
06 Dec 2019
Cape Town, South Africa
None Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We savour the end of our time in the bustling vibrancy

of Cape Town, before we are transferred to the airport

for a late morning flight.

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  • Adventure
  • Air & Helicopter Tours
  • Food & Wine
  • Sightseeing
  • Wildlife & Nature


This adventure to the ends of the Earth is one that will prove

exhilarating to even the most worldly of explorers. Stand before

towering icy structures, watch on as emperor penguin chicks grapple

with life on Antarctic shores, and descend beneath the ground into

ice caves seldom visited, all whilst staying in the comfort of our polar

safari camp. Welcome to an adventure of the rarest kind,

available to just 12 guests.

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