Multi-Day Tour | Escorted, Group, Private

Corners of Europe by Private Jet in 2019 (15 days)

Captain's Choice

Paris, France To Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Valid for Departures: 05 Sep 2019 - 19 Sep 2019


Day 1
05 Sep 2019
Paris, France
Le Bristol Paris, Oetker Collection Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Familiar with Europe though we may well be, on this

journey, we are in search of sights less seen and flavours

yet to be discovered by the common traveller. And those,

the continent has in spades.

On arrival in Paris, the City of Lights, we will meet our

group at Le Bristol Hotel. One would not be amiss to

mention our residence in the same breath as the Élysée

Palace, with which it shares a street, Rue du Faubourg

Saint-Honoré. Acknowledged as one of the world’s most

fashionable, this stretch of road is home to countless

institutions of the exquisite, including Chanel, Lanvin

and the tea rooms of Dalloyau.

As we have the afternoon to ourselves, feel free to stop

in for a treat, perhaps a slice of Gâteau Opéra, the classic

French layered cake that originated here.

But don’t forget that tonight, we dine sumptuously at

the two-Michelin-star restaurant Le Clarence, led by chef

Christophe Pelé. Here, the classics of French cuisine are

revisited in an audacious and modern fashion, culminating

in a meal that of itself is reason enough to be in Paris.

Day 2
06 Sep 2019
Aix-en-Provence, France
Villa Gallici Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We board our private jet this morning for the short hop

to the sun-drenched south. On arrival, we are driven to

the 18th-century Villa Gallici in Aix-en-Provence. If the

weather is fine, lunch on superb Provençal specialities

under leafy cover on the stunning terrace. The afternoon

is yours to design. Town is a mere ten-minute stroll away,

and Aix’s famous fountains, courtyards and shuttered

windows beg to be explored.

This evening, dine where you please. The Michelin-starred

L’Esprit de la Violette elevates flawless produce

into edible art. Or, if you’d like to do as the Aixois do,

return to town for pastis before choosing a restaurant

popular with locals.

Day 3
07 Sep 2019
Aix-en-Provence, France
Villa Gallici Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Lavender honey and crispy croissants mark a leisurely

start to the day.

Afterwards, choose from one of these half-day

Your World experiences.

- Provence’s Roman roads are made for cycling. Borrow

a bicycle and explore fields of poppies, olive groves

and old stone houses surrounded by cypress trees.

- See works by Aix’s most famous son, Cézanne, at

the Musée Granet. Marvel at other works by Picasso,

Matisse, Monet, Klee and Van Gogh. Then visit Atelier

Cézanne, the studio in which the artist painted

‘Les Grandes Baigneuses’.

- Lose yourself in the narrow streets of Old Aix

and along the camera-loving Cours Mirabeau.

- The Côtes de Provence wine region is famed for its

rosé. We visit two vineyards to sample their offerings

then view the Sainte-Victoire Mountain, immortalised

by Cézanne.

The day culminates with a sumptuous Provençal dinner

in our hotel’s restaurant.

Day 4
08 Sep 2019
Bari, Italy
Borgo Egnazia Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We leave Venice and Tuscany to the hordes, turning

our attention instead to Puglia, where those in the

know go to breathe in the Adriatic air. Our private jet

whisks us to Bari. From there it’s a scenic drive along

the coast, through green and gold countryside, to the

Borgo Egnazia resort. Overlooking the sea, our hotel

has not one, but two beach clubs, a golf course next

door, a world-class spa and four pools. In the few hours

between arrival and dinner, we suggest taking advantage

of at least one.

This evening, we meet for a bold Pugliese feast at the

critically-acclaimed restaurant, Due Camini, located within

our hotel. Practically everything on the menu is grown,

raised or caught within a 50-kilometre radius. Puglia

is also the birthplace of Orecchiette, and you will

find none more delectable than in this establishment.

Day 5
09 Sep 2019
Bari, Italy
Borgo Egnazia None

In the morning, take to the wheel of a vintage 1960s or

1970s Alfa Romeo for a drive through the breathtaking

region. If you prefer, we will arrange a chauffeur. We stop

at the World Heritage-listed town of Alberobello, dating

from the 14th century, for a scene that cannot be found

anywhere else. Trulli are dry stone buildings with conical

roofs. Crowded together, the 1,500 trulli bring to mind

an elven hamlet. Next, we visit La Conea, a cheesemaker,

sampling the divinely fresh mozzarella and burrata.

A little further inland is A Mano, winner of a Gold

Sommelier Wine Award for its Bianco 2015. This winery’s

owners host us for lunch, after which we drive back to

the Borgo Egnazia.

In the afternoon, select from a range of leisurely

Your World experiences:

- Play a round at San Domenico Golf Club.

Sea views aside, hole eight presents views

of the ruined pre-Roman city of Egnathia.

- Pamper yourself with Roman bath rituals

and Pugliese pink salt scrubs in our resort’s spa.

- Steal away on a bicycle ride, following

the coast of the Adriatic.

- Head to the village in your best linen outfit

and join the passeggiata.

With six outstanding restaurants within our residence,

we don’t need to travel far for dinner. A favourite is

Pescheria da Vito, where the day’s catch is laid on an

ice table, like in any Pugliese market. Pick your seafood

and the chef will prepare it to order. A house speciality

is crudo – raw, seasoned fish, or simply the freshest,

brightest tartare you’ll ever taste.

Day 6
10 Sep 2019
Matera, Italy
Borgo Egnazia None

This is a day devoted to Your World experiences.

In the morning choose from two.

- While the town of Matera is a World Heritage site,

you’ll be surprised at the scant number of visitors it

attracts. After Aleppo and Jericho, it is the third-oldest

continuously inhabited settlement worldwide. Nine

thousand years ago, people moved into sassi – caves,

lining a steep ravine. Gradually, over time more

dwellings were carved until Matera became the riot

of doors, windows and staircases you now see. By the

1950s, it had become such a slum that the government

forcibly relocated its residents. Today, it is experiencing

a renaissance, with restaurants and bars setting up

shop. It has even won the honour of being European

Capital of Culture in 2019. Lunch takes place in the

atmospheric Ristorante Dedalo, also set in a cave.

- Take a trip to the medieval town of Ostuni, a jumble

of whitewashed buildings that will bring to mind

the villages of the Greek islands. Visit an olive oil

farm, then enjoy a leisurely picnic, made delicious

by the estate’s hand-pressed oil. Puglia is Italy’s top

producer, and the oil here is heartier – more cabernet

than pinot noir.

This evening, choose from two shining beacons

of Puglia’s dining scene. The Michelin-starred Pasha

spectacularly marries traditional Pugliese ingredients

with modern technique. While The Summer Cave

at Hotel Grotto Palazzese is renowned for its setting

– in a sea cave under the town of Polignano, 22 metres

above the Adriatic sea.

Day 7
11 Sep 2019
St. Petersburg, Russia
Belmond Grand Hotel Europe Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Our private jet flies us from Bari to St Petersburg,

and soon, we are on Nevsky Prospekt, a boulevard of

cathedrals, palaces, and grand public spaces. Amongst

it all is our residence, the Belmond Grand Hotel Europe.

As is the tradition, the hotel greets us with vodka and

caviar. This evening, our gala dinner takes place in the

exclusively reserved Museum of Russian Vodka. Hussars,

famed for their historic march on Paris in the dying days

of Napoleon’s empire, welcome us at the door. Russia’s

finest drop is served for us to taste. Then Cossack

dancers show off their acrobatic feats.

Day 8
12 Sep 2019
St. Petersburg, Russia
Belmond Grand Hotel Europe Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

While the days of royalty are long over, Russia’s rulers left

a legacy to delight all senses. Explore it from the water.

Cruise the Neva River and her tributaries the Moyka and

Fontanka, passing such famed institutions as The Summer

Garden, St Isaac’s Cathedral and Yusupov Palace, then

alight at the Mariinsky Theatre. As this is a Captain’s

Choice journey, we have exclusive backstage access.

Walk the hallways once graced by dancers such as

Nijinsky, Nureyev and Pavlova. Next, stop at Peter and

Paul Fortress. At noon, the canons fire, a tradition that

dates from 1865. Rub shoulders with St Petersburg’s elite

at Bellini restaurant and witness a brief opera recital by

a Mariinsky soloist. In the afternoon, choose from these

Your World experiences.

- Discover the Old World artistry of bejeweled

eggs in the Fabergé Museum, guided by a curator.

- See Russia’s most exciting contemporary

art at Marina Gisich Gallery.

At dinner, pick from St Petersburg’s best restaurants.

For reinvented Russian classics, our favourites include

the Caviar Bar in our hotel, and Taleon. For Italian,

head to Francesco. And for a menu spanning Asia’s

many cuisines, head to Azia, also in our hotel.

Day 9
13 Sep 2019
Pushkin, Russia
Belmond Grand Hotel Europe Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We travel by vintage steam train to the town of Pushkin.

This line was Russia’s first public railway, but was

mostly used by Tsar Nicholas to reach what was then

called Tsarskoye Selo, an imperial retreat. We visit the

flamboyant Rococo-style Catherine Palace. Its true

treasure is the Amber Room, decorated entirely with

amber panels, gold leaf and mirrors. Said to be the

Eighth Wonder of the World, the original room was

looted by Nazis. In 2003, after 24 years of restoration

by the Tsarskoselskaya Amber Workshop, the room

reopened to visitors. We have the rare privilege of

meeting the artisans who completed the task. A troika,

or horse carriage takes us to Podvorye restaurant,

where we lunch on regional delicacies.

Back in St Petersburg, a special viewing of The Hermitage

has been arranged, culminating in the peacock clock

ceremony – a marvel of timepiece-automation from 1871

that still enthrals. The evening continues at the grand

Yusupov Palace, where a private dinner awaits us, along

with a performance by the Mariinsky Ballet.

Day 10
14 Sep 2019
Ilulissat, Greenland
Ilimanaq Lodge Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

From St Petersburg, the west coast of Greenland is

a five-hour flight via Reykjavik, a route no commercial

airline services. On arrival in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland’s

alien beauty is immediately apparent. Due to runway

restrictions at Ilulissat, we transfer to a smaller, privately

chartered aircraft for the final one-hour leg. From

Ilulissat’s harbour, we are picked up by Targa 44 boats,

known as the ‘4x4 of the seas’ – we are, after all, in the

Arctic wilderness and there are thousands of icebergs

between us and our next port of call.

Our final destination is Ilimanaq, population 52.

The Ilimanaq Lodge, with just 15 waterfront cabins,

welcomes us. Relish the feeling of being at the end

of the world. Those among us who prefer immersion

in a quintessential Greenlandic town may choose

to stay at the Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat.

Day 11
15 Sep 2019
Ilulissat, Greenland
Ilimanaq Lodge Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Wake to the sight of icebergs floating silently

in the icefjord just beyond our residences. Allow

yourself a languid moment to relish the stark beauty

of sky meeting frozen water. After breakfast, choose

from these Your World experiences.

- Just like a Greenlander would, go exploring amid

icebergs in a kayak. Attentive guides ensure that

paddlers of all skill levels are comfortable.

- The Greenland sled dog has been used for transport

and hunting by the Inuit for over 5,000 years. Today,

join your musher, or driver, in feeding the dogs.

Lunch is an opportunity to experience a traditional

Greenlandic meal, prepared and eaten outdoors by

the water. Our private chef barbecues fish, caribou

and for the adventurous, seal meat. After, watch

a mask dance and learn about the intriguing

painted patterns that adorn the dancers’ faces.

Day 12
16 Sep 2019
Ilulissat, Greenland
Hotel Arctic Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Our last day in Greenland also promises to be the

most magnificent. The Eqi glacier in Disko Bay, one

of the most actively calving glaciers in the world, is the

focus of our explorations. By private boat, we brave

the freezing waters that become progressively slushier

as we get close to the glacier, until suddenly, the captain

shuts off the engine. For two hours, we drift silently, eyes

riveted to the raw, jagged face of ice. The ice always falls

before you hear it rumble, so make sure you remain

watchful. We have lunch on board the boat. If we’re

lucky, we might even see whales and seals. From the

glacier, we return to Ilulissat for the night.

The comfortably cosy Hotel Arctic welcomes us.

We dine on the best the northern oceans have to offer

this evening at the hotel’s Restaurant Ulo. The Aavaat

Choir performs. Just as mesmerising as their voices

are the colourful jumpers and sealskin boots that

make up their national costume. End the evening

with a stroll as the sky barely hints at dusk.

Day 13
17 Sep 2019
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Gleneagles, Scotland Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Early this morning, we leave Ilulissat, retracing our

steps to Kangerlussuaq and our waiting private jet.

We fly over the North Atlantic, arriving in Edinburgh

mid-afternoon, where we are driven to Gleneagles,

our residence for two nights. Rolling lawns stretch in

all directions, promising country pastimes of every kind.

Inside, the Jazz Age lives on in wood-panelled walls,

geometric lamps and sumptuous seating – a bow

to the era when Gleneagles first welcomed guests.

This evening, we dine privately in The Barony Room.

The pristine and beautiful surroundings translate

into spectacular meals – where every ingredient you

encounter is perfection personified. Seafood plucked

from crystal waters, produce grown on the grounds

and the very finest of free-range meats. In all, expect

the freshest of seasonal flavours to dance on the palate

and delight your taste buds with every bite.

Day 14
18 Sep 2019
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Gleneagles, Scotland Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning, the crisp Scottish air beckons

and adventure is imminent. Choose from these

Your World experiences.

- You have the uncommon problem of having to decide

between three championship golf courses – The King’s

Course, The Queen’s Course and the PGA Centenary

Course, designed by Jack Nicklaus for the 2014 Ryder

Cup. This was where the Europeans defeated the

Americans for a third consecutive win.

- Gain an insight into the art of falconry. Learn to

handle the resident Harris’ hawks and discover

ancient hunting techniques.

- Try your hand at clay pigeon target shooting.

Learn from the highly experience professionals

at the Gleneagles Shooting School, before taking

part in a mini-competition with your fellow guests.

- Retail therapy awaits in Edinburgh where purveyors

of cashmere, tweed and tartan display their

wares, alongside up-and-coming artisans

and their contemporary offerings.

- Visit the Victoria and Albert Museum of Design,

opening in 2018. Scotland is a nation of creators and

innovators, everything from inventing waterproofing

for fabrics and the urbanisation of our towns to the

heights of automotive excellence. Now, hundreds

of historically significant breakthroughs will for the

first time be on show to inspire a new generation

of thinkers and tinkers.

Prepare for a celebration worthy of royalty. Scone Palace

was, for 800 years, the crowning place of the Kings of

Scotland, including Macbeth and Robert the Bruce.

Tonight, it has been reserved solely for us. We dress in

kilts and are greeted by a highland piper. As is custom,

we gather for a proclamation of Robert Burns’ Address

to a Haggis, before tasting this traditional treat and

washing it down with some rather more appealing

Scotch. The evening culminates in a five-course

exploration of Scotland’s delicious bounty.

Day 15
19 Sep 2019
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
None Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Allow yourself to linger over breakfast this morning

and commit Gleneagles’ beautiful grounds to memory.

We have been on an incredible journey of contrasts,

relishing fine cuisine one day, exploring the harsh

wonders of our planet on another.

We leave at mid-morning for Glasgow airport,

where we farewell our group.

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Multiple Michelin-starred restaurants await you. Drive through hidden Puglia in a classic Alfa Romeo and see it's yet to be discovered World Heritage cave town. Gain backstage access to the iconic Mariinsky Theatre. Wake up to icebergs and calving glaciers in Greenland. Live like Scottish gentry on a classic Highland estate. Curated for the very first time and with just the one departure in 2019, this is a rare journey of wildly different destinations, timed to take advantage of the sunny early-Autumn weather while avoiding the heat and crowds of high summer.

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