Day 1
01 Sep 2018
Sydney, Australia
Birdsville, Australia
Uluru , Australia
Sails in the Desert Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We start our journey on a high point, heading straight from

Sydney to Birdsville for the historic Birdsville Races. Get into

the spirit and bring along a costume of your own, or simply soak

in the carnival atmosphere. In a VIP marquee with great views

of the track, expect very tempting offerings from the Birdsville

Race Club's chef, exclusive trackside access, fine wines to toast

the day and more. After the big race, we return to our private

jet and travel on to the heart of the Red Centre.

Here, we check in to Sails in the Desert. As the name implies,

this is as luxurious a resort as you could ever find in the outback,

an oasis with soaring white sails that shade the buildings

from the sun. This is our home for two nights. Alternatively,

you may choose to upgrade to Longitude 131, the ultimate

outback indulgence with views of Uluru. Either way, we spend

the evening relaxing, in anticipation of tomorrow's full-day

exploration of Uluru. This evening, you have your pick of the

resort’s extensive menu.

Day 2
02 Sep 2018
Uluru , Australia
Sails in the Desert Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Choose from two cultural Your World experiences today.

- Set foot into the annuls of Australian history. Not to read

what you already know. But to see an event from an insider's

perspective. An authentic account of the Uluru-Kata

Tjuta land Claim, as told by our guide, a relative of

the renowned Aboriginal rights campaigner, Paddy Uluru.

Today you are the guest of this traditional family, visiting

their homelands called Patji. Just outside the national

park, you will be given a 4WD tour of sights known

only to locals, like a sand dune with one of the very

best views of the region, and learn how these long-time

desert dwellers survived off the land, long before tourism.

You will be made to feel most welcome, hearing the stories,

eating with the family and feeling very privileged to be part

of such an experience.

- Alternatively, watch the sunrise over Uluru. After returning

to the hotel for breakfast, we now set out to see the great

rock up close. Following a visit to the dune, Walpa Gorge

and morning tea, your guided walk will recount the legends

that bring this landscape to life. The Cultural Centre

provides the perfect setting for lunch. Uluru is the land

of the Anangu, and in the afternoon you will have a choice

of two walks, where you will learn about their ancestors,

the Mala people, and how they came to settle in the area.

The evening culminates with a wholly unique dining

experience called Tali Wiru. The phrase means 'beautiful

dune', and captures the magic of dining under the desert

sky, with views of both Uluru and the domes of Kata Tjuta.

After dinner, an Anangu storyteller regales us with vivid

tales from his country.

Day 3
03 Sep 2018
Broome, Australia
Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Set on a little peninsula south into Roebuck Bay, Broome is

an idyllic combination of turquoise ocean, pristine beaches and

isolation - Perth is 2,226 kilometres away. It is also the gateway

to the Kimberley region, Australia's last frontier. Our private jet

flies us directly here from Uluru, a route that cannot be found

on commercial airlines.

Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa, named after the stunning

stretch of sand on its doorstep, is our residence for two nights.

Relax on its lush grounds, where 'no building should be higher

than a palm tree', a rule made by its founder, Lord Alistair

McAlpine. In the evening, we gather for drinks and canapés

at the resort's Okari Deck, with sweeping Indian Ocean views.

Once the sun sets, we are seated for a delicious dinner that

highlights the varied cuisines and cultures that make up

Broome, likely including local specialities such as pearl

meat and barramundi.

Day 4
04 Sep 2018
Broome, Australia
Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Broome's founding is inextricably linked to the pearling

industry. This morning, we visit one of the last remaining

pearl luggers, surrounded by a reconstructed tidal jetty

and an authentic pearlers store. The store is filled with the

rudimentary equipment used by those early divers, a profession

fraught with danger, and in its early days, one that employed

Aboriginal slaves. After the eye-opening tour, we stop in at

Matso's Brewery, set in a heritage-listed building with a large

veranda - the perfect lunch venue. Pair your meal with a unique

mango, lychee or chilli beer. Or a more conventional, but just as

spectacular, ale and lager. Later in the afternoon, choose from

these Your World experiences.

- Take to the skies on an air safari of the breathtaking cliffs

that make up the Kimberley coast. Then board a 900hp

boat, the “Jet Stream”, complete with a highly skilled

skipper, to tackle the white water challenge otherwise known

as Horizontal Falls.

- Alternatively, walk down to Cable Beach at sunset for the

quintessential camel ride.

- Or be privy to the collections that fill Broome’s Short Street

Gallery and its stockroom for a rare glimpse of Japanese,

Malay and Indigenous works of art.

This evening, we are free to dine in any of our resort's

spectacular restaurants - modern Australian at the Club

Restaurant, Southeast Asian at Rambutan and Japanese at

Zensai. Alternatively, you may venture out to Zanders, for its

French-inflected Australian cuisine and front row view of

Broome's camels at sunset.

Day 5
05 Sep 2018
Bungle Bungle Range, Australia
Berkeley River Lodge Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today, we leave the ocean for the wild interior, flying to

Kununurra and exchanging our jet for a light aircraft. While

the Bungle Bungle Ranges has been known to local Aboriginal

people for thousands of years, it was only 'discovered' by the

rest of the country in 1982, when film makers were told about

the strange dome-shaped rocks by a pilot who occasionally

flew over them. Intrigued, they made a documentary of the

hills, showing off the region for the very first time. Our light

aircraft flies low, allowing us to take in every curve of the

ranges' striking orange and grey bands. We land close by for a

scenic walk to the renowned Cathedral Gorge. The walk begins

between two walls of rock before opening up into an immense

rock amphitheatre that dwarfs us with its magnificence.

We linger over a picnic lunch here before taking to the air again

for more sweeping views of the wilderness. Our destination -

the luxurious Berkeley River Lodge, which we call home for two

nights. This evening, we dine at the gourmet Dunes restaurant,

where decadent flavours are matched by equally resplendent

views of the Timor Sea.

Day 6
06 Sep 2018
Berkeley River, Australia
Berkeley River Lodge Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

The region is gloriously endowed with landscapes found

nowhere else on earth. Today, choose how you want to

experience its gifts on these Your World experiences.

- Go fishing for prized golden snapper, estuary cod and

barramundi in places few have ever cast a line. When you

return, hand your catch to the lodge's chef, who will cook

it for dinner tonight.

- Join our river boat for a leisur ely exploration of the river

gorge, stopping for short bushwalks and cooling dips in

secluded waterholes.

We meet back at the lodge for lunch. Spend the rest of the

afternoon relaxing and taking in the views, or set out on the

other Your World experience option you missed in the morning.

Or go on a bush and beach 4WD trip replete with ocean views,

alien rock formations and wildlife spotting opportunities. In the

evening, we celebrate our day of adventure with sunset drinks

before another delicious dinner at Dunes.

Day 7
07 Sep 2018
Darwin, Australia
Hilton Darwin Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning, a light aircraft takes us back to Kununurra, where

our private jet awaits. The jet flies us to the tropical melting pot

of Darwin, a city that's closer to Jakarta than it is to Canberra.

We tour its streets before heading to the Hilton Darwin,

our residence for two nights.

The balmy breeze and waterfront location seem to demand

a casual, leisurely dinner, preferably featuring seafood.

Take a stroll on Mindil Beach for sweeping views of the fiery

sunset, then choose from the many restaurants set prettily on

the waterfront. Our favourites include Crustaceans on the Wharf

and The Jetty Restaurant. We rest early tonight as tomorrow

promises to be a day full of adventure.

Day 8
08 Sep 2018
Darwin, Australia
Hilton Darwin Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

While Darwin is laidback and sunny, the Northern Territory's

inland wonders call to us. Choose from these Your World

experiences today.

- Visit Litchfield National Park close by. See giant termite

mounds, Florence and Wangi Falls and discover quiet

swimming holes.

- Go further afield to Kakadu National Park, a sprawling

wilderness half the size of Switzerland. See 20,000-year-old

rock art and stalk crocodiles in their billabongs.

- Those who prefer to remain in Darwin can take the Bombing

of Darwin World War II Heritage Tour. From the remains of

the Catalina Flying Boat Base to the city's defensive antiaircraft

guns, we visit historical sites involved in the

devastation wrought by the Japanese airforce.

Returning in the evening, we are free to dine around the city.

Day 9
09 Sep 2018
Katherine, Australia
Cicada Lodge Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

From Darwin, it is a short flight to Katherine, en route

to its eponymous river which bisects Nitmiluk National Park.

The most beautiful stretch is the famed Katherine Gorge, a series

of thirteen deep sandstone gorges, which we cruise through on

a private boat. The area is Jawoyn country, and they share with

us their history, beliefs and ancient rock art on an immersive

cultural tour.

Nitmiluk means 'cicada place', and was named such by Nabilil,

an important figure in Jawoyn Creation Time stories. Our home

for the night, Cicada Lodge, is a luxury eco-resort owned and

run by the Jawoyn, which allows us to steep ourselves in their

art, heritage and cuisine. Our rooms have sweeping views of the

bush and the gorges beyond. Explore the grounds of our lodge

this afternoon, or take a cooling swim in its pool. We meet for

drinks at sunset before having dinner at the lodge's restaurant.

Helmed by celebrated Aboriginal chef Mark Olive, prepare to

be dazzled by his use of local bush bananas, native freshwater

shellfish and crocodile tail.

Day 10
10 Sep 2018
Alice Springs, Australia
DoubleTree Hilton Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning, we have one last look at Katherine Gorge via

these Your World experiences.

- Embark on a boat ride to see a stretch of the river we didn't

visit yesterday.

- Take to the air in a helicopter for a unique bird's eye view of

the land cleaved apart by the gorge.

With those images firmly imprinted in our memories, we return

to our private jet and fly to Alice Springs. While it is known

for its red dirt, it is also a jumping off point for the region's

natural marvels and boasts a vibrant Aboriginal culture. We tour

downtown Alice, then check in to the DoubleTree Hilton for two

nights. This evening we celebrate the outback with a gala bush

barbecue dinner and show.

Day 11
11 Sep 2018
Alice Springs, Australia
DoubleTree Hilton Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Start the morning spectacularly with a sunrise hot air balloon

flight. As you float silently over the desert, take in the rugged

West MacDonnell Ranges, and scan the ground for red

kangaroos. Upon landing, we return to our hotel for breakfast,

then head back out for an exploration of the ranges by road.

There are many gaps in these mountains, carved out by

powerful flood waters millennia ago. These also happen to be

the most beautiful and tranquil parts of the landscape. The

native Arrernte people call Simpsons Gap Rungutjirpa, which

refers to the giant goannas who were their ancestors, and who

once made their home in the gap. We will almost certainly see

black-footed wallabies from the colony that lives on these rocky

slopes. Next, Standley Chasm, with its tall, narrow walls draws

our attention. The rock glows from reflected sunlight, while on

the gully floor, a riot of gum trees and ferns grow. Among them,

you might spot a cycad palm, a relic of a time when this desert

was a tropical forest. This evening, we reward ourselves with

two of Alice Spring's best restaurants. Choose from Hanuman,

with an innovative Asian menu or the Deck Eatery, offering local

meat and produce.

Day 12
12 Sep 2018
Coober Pedy, Australia
Desert Cave Hotel Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Our private jet takes us across the desert to Coober Pedy. Opal

was first found here on February 1,1915. Since then this remote

region has become known as the opal mining capital of the

world. But it is also famous for its upside down way of life.

Because of the daytime heat in this desert location, residences

were built Underground. These ‘dugouts’ as they are called are

cave houses excavated out of the rock that lines the hillsides.

Far below the scorching sun’s rays, temperatures in these

dwellings remain at a consistent and comfortable level,

without the need for air conditioning.

The Desert Cave Hotel welcomes us for two nights, where we

have a choice of underground or regular above-ground rooms.

For a truly novel experience, play a round of golf at the Coober

Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club, quite possibly the only 18-hole

grassless course in the world. Surprisingly, it is the sole club

in the world with reciprocal playing rights with St Andrews in

Scotland. This evening, we dine around town.

Whether guests are attracted by the many gems or this outpost’s

sheer quirkiness, a stopover at Coober Pedy provides a detour

into the very different.

Day 13
13 Sep 2018
Coober Pedy, Australia
Desert Cave Hotel Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning we delve into the fascinating history of Coober

Pedy at the Umoona Opal Mine and Museum, one of the

original mines worked in the 1920s. From the Aboriginal history

of the area to lessons on how to grade opals, we see and hear

it all at this museum. Our tour culminates in a lunch beneath

the earth’s surface, dining in what was once a mining tunnel.

Next, we visit the Serbian Orthodox Church, an impressive

underground building with beautiful details like bas-reliefs of

saints on its interior walls, a vaulted ceiling and stained glass

windows at ground level. Thirty two kilometres north of town

is the Breakaways Reserve, a range of white, ochre and brown

hills that have 'broken away' from the Stuart Range. They even

featured in productions such as Mad Max and Priscilla Queen

of the Desert. We take a scenic drive here, not forgetting our

cameras. Our last stop of the day is Faye's Underground Home,

hand-dug by Faye and two friends over ten years in the 1960s.

This evening, we toast the end of our journey with a special

farewell dinner at Umberto's in our hotel, on an inventive menu

of modern Australian creations.

Day 14
14 Sep 2018
Broken Hill, Australia
Sydney, Australia
None Breakfast, Lunch

We have one destination left to visit today. Our private jet flies

us to Broken Hill, another iconic rural town, where the Royal

Flying Doctor Service Visitor Centre beckons. We learn of the

doctors, pilots and nurses who attend to patients in the ‘largest

waiting room in Australia’, the seven million-square-kilometre

outback. In Living Desert State Park, we walk to the hilltop on

which twelve magnificent sandstone sculptures are set. Here,

we savour a barbecue lunch and our last few hours in the open

bush, before our jet returns us to Sydney. It has been an epic

exploration of the most remote, rarely seen parts of our country,

and one that will stay with us for a long time to come. We hope

to see you on your next Captain’s Choice journey.

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  • Air & Helicopter Tours
  • Culture, History & Arts
  • Food & Wine
  • Sightseeing
  • Wildlife & Nature


From iconic events like the Birdsville Races to up close encounters with

a traditional Uluru family or even the exhilarating experience of jet

boating the white water of Horizontal Falls, few regions in the world

are bestowed with so much diversity on such a breathtaking scale.

Best of all, these most out of the way places are easily and conveniently

within your reach, just one of the many perks of flying by private jet.


Seldom can we dismiss the demands of schedules. But when

we want to escape those demands, we travel by private jet.

Your holiday begins the moment you board and all you have

to do is lounge, nibble and sip all-flight long. Dom Pérignon

flows freely as it should, and our bar of fers premium labels,

to please the most discerning of palates. Our devoted cabin

crew excels at pampering guests, ensuring that you always

arrive feeling refreshed and ready for new adventures.

Your Captain’s Choice BAE 146 has been customised with the

optimum level of luxury for short and medium-distance flights

such as ours. The cabin features plush, armchair-like business

class seats. And while it can accommodate 48, there are only

ever 34 guests onboard, allowing everyone ample space to

spread out, with the opportunity to take in the views from the

window seating.

When you travel by private jet, you'll be flying to places on

routes no regular airline travels. W ith your flying comfort a

priority, the BAE 146 is one of the fastest, most agile small jets

in operation. This means less time in the air and an ability to

land on the rural runways of remote Australia, New Zealand

and their surrounding islands.


When you travel by private jet, you can leave the formalities to

us. With a team to take care of the details, you will more often

than not detour airport terminals and security screenings. At times

you may be driven on the tarmac, to and from the aircraft, where

a built-in staircase unfolds so there isn’t even the need to wait

for steps to arrive. Departures in Australia are from the exclusive

Sydney Airport Private Jet Terminal, ensuring you not only avoid

queues but crowds as well. It’s the same in New Zealand, where

immigration is fast tracked upon your arrival and again when it’s

time to return. And because our itineraries are wholly unique,

with a level of service no regular airline provides, your only task

is to anticipate the next exciting leg of your journey.

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