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Inside the Wonders of Iceland (15 days)

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Reykjavík, Iceland To Reykjavík, Iceland

Valid for Departures: 16 Jul 2018 - 30 Jul 2018

Inside the Wonders of Iceland (15 days)

Day 1

Reykjavík, Iceland →The Blue Lagoon , Iceland

Day 7

Vik , Iceland

Day 9

M´yvatn, Iceland

Day 11

Húsafell , Iceland


Day 1
16 Jul 2018
Reykjavík, Iceland
The Blue Lagoon , Iceland
The Moss Hotel Dinner

In Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital, check in to the

Moss Hotel. The hotel is located right on the healing

waters of the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa with

mineral-rich waters which also impart the otherworldly

hue that it is famous for. The temperature of the spa is

around 37 degrees, perfect for soothing tired muscles,

or minds. If you have time, perhaps enjoy a relaxing

soak in the hotel’s private bathing lagoon before

dining in the impressive Moss Hotel restaurant.

Day 2
17 Jul 2018
Reykjavík, Iceland
The Moss Hotel Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning, explore Reykjavík accompanied by local

experts. Take in the sights and steel your tastebuds for

some traditional Icelandic food. We will probably not

choose to eat dried fish and fermented shark on a daily

basis, but nevertheless, this is an unusual experience

we will surely tell stories about. Our tour takes in the

new Harpa Concert house and the Hallgrímskirkja.

This afternoon, we explore a rarely seen side of

Reyjkavík. We travel to a stunningly rural private island

and meet the owner, who lives a sustainable lifestyle

to envy. All electricity is generated by a windmill.

He grows his own herbs and vegetables, and eats

mainly what he can catch, in this case, wild salmon.

We check the nets and help him pull in the catch,

some of which he immediately turns into sashimi,

possibly the freshest we will ever taste. In the evening,

a bonfire is lit and the grill prepared for a delectable

three-course meal made from the fish we caught earlier

and his island-grown produce. We sit companionably

around the fire, sharing stories till late.

Day 3
18 Jul 2018
Reykjavík, Iceland
The Moss Hotel Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today, explore Iceland on one of these Your

World experiences.

- Spend a day in the village of Stokkseyri. Paddle a

sea kayak along the canals, enjoying the birdlife and

surroundings before a small brook leads you to the

sea where seals play. A delicious langoustine lunch

awaits you on return. Langoustine, also known as

Norway lobster, is considered a delicacy and is one

of Europe’s most important commercial crustaceans.

- Visit the volcanic peninsula of Reykjanes. A day trip

lets you experience the geothermal area of Krysuvik

and Lake Kleifarvatn. Hot springs and shallow

volcanic craters, called Solfataras, create a landscape

unlike any other. Brave the boardwalk that leads you

through steaming vents and boiling hot springs.

Then hop onto an ATV for a private ride through

lava fields, past shipwrecks and views of Eldey Island.

Dinner is held at Gallery Restaurant in Hotel Holt,

one of Iceland’s top restaurants, which also houses

the country’s largest private collection of art.

Day 4
19 Jul 2018
Reykjavík, Iceland
The Moss Hotel Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

There are two further Your World experiences

to choose from today. Both have been specially

created to further enhance your appreciation of

Iceland’s unique environment.

- Take an electric-powered offroad fat bike for an

eco-friendly ride from flat asphalt to steep hills,.

See moss-covered lava fields while taking in

serene surroundings.

- Head to Silfra in Thingvellir. A snorkelling and

diving paradise, Silfra is located above the tectonic

plates of Europe and America. The water has

an amazing clarity and visibility

Day 5
20 Jul 2018
Hella, Iceland
Hotel Rangá Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We depart Reykjavík for Hella, our home for the

next two nights. Situated on the shores of the river

Ytri-Rangá, Hella is close to the volcano Hekla.

We visit Thingvellir National Park, where faults and

fissures in the area highlight the movement of the

tectonic plates that lie underneath. A short distance

away is the Gulfoss waterfall, where water from the

Hvitá River plunges in a two-tiered cascade. Inch your

way across a narrow path for a surreal view of the

river seemingly vanishing into the earth. The Geysir

geothermal spring is also close by, with pools of

boiling mud and exploding geysers. Every stop today

is guaranteed to raise your heartbeat.

Our accommodation for two nights is the Hotel Rangá.

We dine at the hotel’s restaurant which offers traditional

Icelandic fare such as reindeer and smoked puffin.

Day 6
21 Jul 2018
Hella, Iceland
Hotel Rangá Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

While Iceland is exposed to severe weather, today’s

destination escapes it. The Thórsmörk valley is

surrounded by a ring of glaciers and mountains,

shielding it from harsh weather conditions.

Melting water from the glaciers creates constant

rushing torrents on the valley floor. We have the

opportunity to drive a modified 4WD Super Jeep

through the stark landscape, escorted by a guide.

The location is a favourite of Icelandic hikers and,

if you would rather travel on two feet than four

wheels, enjoy a hike into the rugged surrounds.

Day 7
22 Jul 2018
Vik , Iceland
Icelandair Hotel Vik Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today, at Vik, we experience a unique perspective of

an awe-inspiring waterfall by hiking behind the curtain

of water. Besides astounding waterfalls, the beautiful

south shore of Iceland is home to glaciers and the

infamous Eyjafallajokull volcano, whose eruption

in 2010 led to flight cancellations all over Europe.

We visit the Seljalandsfoss waterfall, where we are able

to peer out from behind the curtain, then move on to the

thundering Skogafoss waterfall, where water plummets

100 feet into the valley below. From thundering bodies

of water, we head to a frozen one. At the Solheimajokull

glacier, we go on a moderate hike across the ice,

marvelling at its ridges, crevasses and water cauldrons.

Tonight we stay and dine at Icelandair Hotel Vik.

Day 8
23 Jul 2018
Höfn, Iceland
Hotel Höfn Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Surrounded by sand and glaciers, the Skaftafell National

Park is a surprising oasis of greenery. The landscape has

been shaped by its glaciers and the volcanic eruptions

of the nearby Oraefajokull. This meeting between fire

and ice has resulted in a unique natural beauty. We also

visit Jokulsarlon, a magnificent glacial lagoon. A private

boat ride sees us passing 1,000-year-old icebergs.

While it is a serene sight, the icebergs have been known

to crack on occasion and the sound that results has

been described as the striking of Thor’s hammer.

The Hotel Höfn welcomes us for one night.

Day 9
24 Jul 2018
M´yvatn, Iceland
Hotel Laxá Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning, we take a scenic drive to M´yvatn,

stopping halfway at the rustic Vallanes Farm, where

we are served brunch made wholly from organic

ingredients grown on the property. On arrival,

we are struck by the tranquil scenery, so at odds

with the violent geothermal forces that collided

to create the place. We visit the underground river

at the Grjótagjá rift, Mt Námafjall, the Krafla volcano

and the crater lake created in 1724 during the

eruption of Myvatnseldar.

The geological discovery continues at Dimmuborgir,

where craggy lava pillars and formations dominate

the eerie landscape. The Icelandic people once called

it the catacombs of hell, a supernatural place where

the line between this world and other supernatural

ones blurred. This evening, the Hotel Laxá welcomes

us for one night.

Day 10
25 Jul 2018
Siglufjördur, Iceland
Sigló Hotel Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Arriving in Deplar we first visit Hjalteyri, a tiny fishing

village with just 43 inhabitants. A traditional Icelandic

oak boat then takes us offshore to see the largest

animals in the ocean. Iceland is home to over 20

different species of whale, ranging from the giant blue

whale to the smaller minke whale. Tonight, the Sigló

Hotel welcomes us. The hotel is directly on the water

at the fisherman’s marina, with wonderful views of the

fjord and nearby mountains.

Day 11
26 Jul 2018
Húsafell , Iceland
Hotel Húsafell Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We leave Siglufjordur and arrive at Húsafell where we

check into the Hotel Húsafell, a low-slung collection

of lodges that blends into and showcases the striking

landscape outside. Spend the morning at your

lesiure before lunch at Brimslod Atelier Guesthouse.

An Icelandic culinary adventure workshop in the

afternoon shows us how to source and prepare

wild food.

We continue our experience of living off the land

by going trout fishing in a nearby lake. The day

culminates with a three-course feast made using

the ingredients we have foraged and caught earlier.

Nothing can be more rewarding.

Day 12
27 Jul 2018
Reykjavík, Iceland
Hotel Borg Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today we visit Iceland’s second largest glacier, Langjokull.

Known as ‘the long glacier’, it is so big that inside is an

equally spectacular manmade cave, containing an ice

chapel and a bar. The afternoon sees us continue our

subterranean adventures. Víðgelmir Cave is the largest

in Iceland, and also one of the biggest lava caves in the

world. It has been closed to the public since 1993 when

priceless relics from Viking-era Iceland were found inside.

However, we have the exclusive advantage of a private

guided tour to explore it.

We stay and dine in the Hotel Borg. Built in 1930 and

restored to its original art deco style in 2008, this four -

star hotel is one of the region’s finest.

Day 13
28 Jul 2018
Reykjavík, Iceland
Hotel Borg Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

There are two Your World experiences on offer today.

- On this journey, we have already walked on glaciers,

explored caves and hiked through lava fields.

Now, for the first time, go inside a volcano.

A dormant one, that is. Descend 120 metres

by elevator into the depths of Thrihnukagigur,

then look up to marvel at its magma chamber.

- Allow a private shopper to introduce you to

Reykjavík’s most iconic shops and discer ning art

and antique dealers.

Day 14
29 Jul 2018
Reykjavík, Iceland
Hotel Borg Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We drive to Landeyjahofn and take a ferry to the

island of Heimaey. In 1973 a large volcanic eruption

saw almost a third of the town buried under lava while

the rest was covered in ash and pumice. It has since

recovered and is now one of Iceland’s most successful

fishing ports. From here, we embark on an expedition

to explore its surrounding islands by RIB boat. See new

land formed during the eruption, spy on thousands of

puffins at Stakkabót, sail into soaring sea caves and

examine the treasures left behind by audacious Turkish

pirates who once captured Icelanders and sold them

to slavery in North Africa.

Today is our last full day in this wonderland and

our tour draws to a close in a most befitting fashion.

We are taken to a secret cave for a three-course

farewell dinner.

Day 15
30 Jul 2018
Reykjavík, Iceland
None Breakfast

Our Iceland adventure draws to a close, as you

reminisce on the adventures of the past 15 days

over a final breakfast.

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The most sparsely populated country in Europe invites you to lose

yourself in its mystery and myth. A land of contrasts, it is where rivers

are made of both fire and ice, and the midnight sun lingers thr ough

the night in summer. Join us on the adventure of a lifetime as we visit

a land of Vikings, volcanoes, glaciers and frozen tundra. This exclusive

journey is reserved for a group of just 18.

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