A Migration with the Sami (12 days)

Day 1

Helsinki , Finland

Day 2

Helsinki , Finland

Day 6

Karasjok, Finland

Day 7

Karasjok, Finland

Day 8

Karasjok, Finland

Day 9

Karasjok, Finland

Day 10

Karasjok, Finland


Day 1
12 Apr 2018
Helsinki , Finland
Hotel Kämp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Our Nordic adventure begins in Finland, a beautiful

country with a turbulent history. Originally claimed by

Sweden, by the late 12th century it was an integral part

of the country and remained under Swedish rule until

the Finnish war with Russia in 1808. Russia won that

war and Finland was incorporated into the Russian

Empire. It wasn’t until 1917, following the Russian

Revolution, that Finland declared itself independent.

Helsinki was founded as a trading town by the

Swedish, then chosen by the Russians to be the

capital of Finland. The city shows signs of this

mixed parentage. First We check in to Hotel Kämp,

our residence for two nights. The elegant hotel

has been a Helsinki institution since 1887 and has

hosted numerous dignitaries since. This evening,

we dine in one of its fine restaurants.

Day 2
13 Apr 2018
Helsinki , Finland
Hotel Kämp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

There are two Your World experiences for us to choose

from today.

- Take a day trip to Porvoo. This is one of six

medieval towns in Finland and, with pastel houses

and cobbled streets, one of the most picturesque.

- Visit Suomenlinna. Built during the Swedish era,

this inhabited sea fortress is situated on six islands

off the coast of Helsinki. In Suomenlinna the streets

have no names and addresses are simply numbers

with a letter identifying the island.

The night concludes with a traditional Finnish dinner

at Savoy. In its 75-year history, the restaurant has

hosted everyone from world leaders to holiday-makers,

so we’re in good hands.

Day 3
14 Apr 2018
Kemi, Finland
Seaside Glass Villas Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We depart Helsinki bound for Kemi. Located by the

Bothnian Bay at the mouth of the river Kemijoki, it was

founded in 1869 by Russian Emperor Alexander II.

Many of the town’s buildings are in Gothic Revival style.

However, its most famous structure is the SnowCastle,

the world’s largest snow fort, reconstructed every year

in a different design and location. While its design

changes every year, it always contains a chapel and

a restaurant. Tonight we dine in the Snow Restaurant,

with its ice tables and seats covered in reindeer fur.

Our lodging is in the adjoining Seaside Glass V illas.

With their transparent ceilings and big windows, they

offer spectacular views of the Baltic Sea, snow and ice.

Day 4
15 Apr 2018
Kemi, Finland
Seaside Glass Villas Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today an extraordinary adventure awaits. We travel

to Safari House, where we change into snowmobile

gear, which includes mittens, boots, a snowmobile

suit and a helmet. We then embark on our snowmobile

safari. The route sees us leave the snow and take to

the ice. We glide across the frozen sea until we reach

our destination, the Sampo Arctic Icebreaker. Formerly the

icebreaker for the Finnish government, it offers a unique

cruising experience on the Gulf of Bothnia. We are

served a delicious lunch in the ship’s restaurant and

afterwards have the opportunity to swim in the ice

cold black waters, surrounded by chunks of frozen ice.

This experience is possible as we are dressed in warm,

impermeable, survival suits. The programme for the

day also involves a visit to a village on a nearby island,

where everyone can experience a reindeer sled ride.

We dine tonight in a traditional Lappish hut, well

sheltered from the wind and with a r oaring campfire.

Grilled Finnish sausages are on the menu, as we eat

we are regaled with tales about life on the shores

of Bothnian Bay.

Day 5
16 Apr 2018
Kemi, Finland
Seaside Glass Villas Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

There are two incredible Your World experiences

available today:

- Take a husky safari. This is an incredible chance

to control a team of huskies as you stream across

frozen expanses, with nothing but the complete

silence of the arctic wilderness around you.

On the safari you will be accompanied by an expert

musher. Mushing is a term used to describe a sport

or transport method using dogs. Your musher will

fill you in on all the fascinating details of the

profession including how the dogs are trained.

- Explore the Arctic archipelago surrounding Kemi

in a most unique way. On this adventure you will

find yourself traversing frozen seas, from one island

to another, on skis that are tailor made for this sort

of expedition. After finishing this adventure we

enjoy Finnish sausages on a small island called

Kemi Check Point.

Day 6
17 Apr 2018
Karasjok, Finland
The Dome Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today a private flight takes us to Ivalo, a village in the

municipality of Lapland. We transfer to The Dome, a

luxury campsite that has been set up exclusively for

us, featuring special cold weather tents shipped from

Switzerland. This evening, a sumptuous dinner awaits.

We retire early, in anticipation of tomorrow, when we

meet the Sámi herders.

Day 7
18 Apr 2018
Karasjok, Finland
The Dome Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast we meet the Sámi herders and

get prepared to accompany them as they escort

reindeer on their annual migration. The Sámis'

best-known means of livelihood is semi-nomadic

reindeer herding. And, for traditional, environmental,

cultural, and political reasons, reindeer herding

is legally reserved only for Sámi people in some

regions of the Nordic countries.

To prepare we must be adequately fitted out with

warm Arctic clothes and other essential equipment.

The night concludes with a Sámi campfire dinner,

providing us with the perfect opportunity to gain

further insight and appreciation into this unique

tradition and how they manage to maintain it.

Day 8
19 Apr 2018
Karasjok, Finland
The Dome Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We join our Sámi herders and experience the reindeer

as they embark on their annual spring migration.

They are the only indigenous people of the region

recognised and protected by the international

convention of indigenous peoples. Still, their way of

life is under threat. Times have changed and herders,

rather than having free rein, are now assigned specific

parcels of the reindeers' grazing territory. Because

we have the ability to, we will be raising funds on

this journey which will be given directly to the Sámi

community to help them preserve their way of life.

After spending the day accompanying the Sámi herders

as they escort reindeer, we return to our luxury camp

to rest and prepare for tomorrow.

Day 9
20 Apr 2018
Karasjok, Finland
The Dome Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Each day we leave our camp and travel by snowmobile

to link up with the Sámi herders.

Sámi herders call their work boazovázzi, which

translates to ‘reindeer walker’. They don’t restrict

themselves to travelling by foot though. Reindeer

are fast-paced, so our Sámi herders use wooden

skis to keep up. The Sámi are not averse to modern

inventions, and employ ATVs and snowmobiles

- these help them maintain hundreds of miles of

fencing and move herds in accordance with land-use

regulations. After another full day in the outdoors with

the Sámi herders, we again retire to our camp.

There, hot food and a warm bed awaits. It will be an

early night for most as we have another big day ahead.

Day 10
21 Apr 2018
Karasjok, Finland
The Dome Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Following a good night’s sleep, indulge in breakfast

at the camp. We then gear up, hop on our

snowmobiles and head out to meet the Sámi herders

again. They use the reindeer for food, making clothing

and for labor. There was even a time when they were

used as a form of currency for trading. Travelling with

them in this white wilderness we notice the bond the

Sámi have with nature is both impressive

and humbling.

Today is our last day spent with the Sámi herders.

By now, we have almost certainly made friends of the

herders, learnt a few words of Sámi and developed

a newfound appreciation for their rugged way of life.

Day 11
22 Apr 2018
Helsinki (Turku Ja Pori), Finland
Hotel Kämp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

The morning sees us transfer back to Ivalo and board

a private flight back to Helsinki. Our lodging for the night

is at Hotel Kämp. The hotel has luxuriously appointed

private dining rooms, which make a perfect venue for our

farewell dinner. Share stories with your fellow travelers,

reminisce, eat well and have a good night’s sleep.

Day 12
23 Apr 2018
Helsinki (Turku Ja Pori), Finland
None Breakfast

Our trip of a lifetime has drawn to a close. The

morning sees us farewell our travelling companions

over breakfast.

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With ancient traditions, language and dress, the Sámi represent a group set apart from mainstream European culture. Uniquely, they have relied on reindeer for 5000 years, and it is the animals’ spring migration , covering thousands of miles, that we are here to witness. Along with that, we embrace the glacial weather, skiing between islands on frozen seas, and putting on survival suits for a swim surr ounded by floating ice.

To be a part of this journey is a rare privilege, and one that is available only to a select group of 18.

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