Multi-Day Tour | Independent, Private

An Epic Indonesian Adventure (31 days)

Remote Lands, Inc

Jakarta, Indonesia To Bali, Indonesia

Valid for Departures Now Through: 28 Mar 2019


Day 1
Jakarta, Indonesia
Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Dinner

As soon as you touchdown at Jakarta International Airport, the VIP treatment begins. Private transport will take you to the luxury Dharmawangsa Hotel, in which you’ll be given an Executive Room for the next two nights. The setting of this five-star hotel is as equally stunning as your room. Take time to relax in the 4.2 hectares - an oasis of tranquility in this busy capital city.

Day 2
Jakarta, Indonesia
Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After a good night’s sleep, today is really when your adventure begins. After a buffet breakfast at Dharmawangsa Hotel, you’ll depart for a full day tour of Indonesia’s capital city. You’ll be guided through the city’s major attractions, including Liberty Square, the stunning Jakarta Cathedral, and Istiqlal Mosque - the largest of its type in the whole of Southeast Asia.

Day 3
Kalimantan, Indonesia
Kalimantan Explorer Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

It’s time to leave Jakarta and head to more tropical surroundings. An early morning flight will take you to Palangkaraya, located on the stunning island of Borneo. You’ll then be transferred to your private riverboat, which will be both your accommodation and transportation for the next two and a half days. This really gives you the best opportunity to see the incredible Borneo island in all its glory.

Day 4
Kalimantan, Indonesia
Kalimantan Explorer Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

The Borneo river cruise continues for the next two days on your private cruise boat. Relax and take in the scenery from the comfort of your own luxurious cabin, or from the inside sitting area and upper viewing deck. Sail past villages of houses sitting above the water on stilts.

Day 5
Kalimantan, Indonesia
Kalimantan Explorer Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

On the Ruhui Rahaya river boat, you’ll wake up with the rest of the surrounding jungle. On this final day of the river cruise, you’ll be making your slow but steady journey back to Palangkaraya. Along the way there are many chances to stop and see some wildlife and also visit local villages for a quick sample of traditional life on Borneo.

Day 6
Kumai, Indonesia
None Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After arriving back in Palangkaraya, a short flight will take you to Kumai, where you’ll check into Rimba Lodge. This whole area is famous for its diverse ecosystem and rare local species, and there will be ample opportunity to see some for yourself. Bring your binoculars and from the comfort of an afternoon river cruise, you might be able to spot a Proboscis monkey or a Great Hornbill.

Day 7
Kumai, Indonesia
None Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

For the animal lovers of the tour, the seventh day will be a particularly special one. This is your chance to get up close and personal with orangutans in a full-day excursion to Camp Leakey, an orangutan research centre located in the Tanjung Puting Reserve. Coming this close to such an intelligent and beautiful creatures is an unforgettable, and in some cases, life changing experience. The excursion also includes a jungle trek - so bring your hiking boots!

Day 8
Borobudur, Indonesia
Amanjiwo Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

In the morning you will say goodbye to Kumai and take a short 50-minute flight to Semarang in Java. From there, you will taken by private transport to Borobudur - your next destination, a 2-hour drive away. After you’ve checked in to your one-bedroom villa, you can either cool off in your pool, or explore the breathtaking temple surroundings and thriving nature all by yourself.

Day 9
Borobudur, Indonesia
Amanjiwo Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Spend the day exploring Borobudur on the island of Java in a full-day excursion. Borobudur is the most popular tourist destination in the whole country, and upon first glance you’ll realize why. The hundreds of temples, statues and ruins are truly breathtaking. You’ll have to leave your villa early to catch the stunning sunrise over the ancient temple complex, which is the largest Buddhist monument in the world.

Day 10
Borobudur, Indonesia
Amanjiwo Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

On your second day exploring this fascinating region, you will visit Gedong Songo Hindu temple, built during the Sanjaya dynasty and originally made out of volcanic stone. The trip also stops off at Dieng Plateau, 4 hours away, a 1,300 year-old Hindu temple complex situated 2,000 meters above sea level.

Day 11
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Mesastila Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

In the morning, you will be transferred to your next hotel in nearby (1 hour) Yogyakarta, a central Javanese city renowned for its classic architecture and vibrant cultural scene. The afternoon has been designated for your own free time, allowing you to sample the excellent art, music and dance venues across town. Hop on one of the cute three-wheeled, pedal-powered ‘trishaws’ for an authentic and fun way of getting around.

Day 12
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Mesastila Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Visit the Sultan’s Palace, a wonderful example of classic Indonesian architecture which was designed to reflect the Javanese cosmos. On this full tour of Yogyakarta, you’ll also stop by Taman Sari, a beautiful stone castle built around pools of turquoise water. The last stop, and certainly not least, is at the enormous Prambanan Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll definitely want the rest of the day to explore these intricately detailed 9th century ruins.

Day 13
MT. BROMO, Indonesia
None Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

The trip from Yogyakarta to Bromo is a chance for you to tick off yet another exciting mode of transport on your epic journey: the train. As you make your way from Central to East Java, you’ll watch as the landscape evolves from flat jungle terrain to rugged mountains and towering volcanoes. This is a particularly memorable journey - one in which only the steady pace of a train ride can do sufficient justice to. After all, with scenery like this, what’s the hurry?

Day 14
Malang, Indonesia
Tugu Malang Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After a good night’s rest at your hotel, which lies 6,561 feet above sea level, it’s time to tackle the intimidating Mt Bromo. With its peak at over 7,709 feet in the sky, this active volcano is worth seeing properly. Do just that by exploring in a 4x4 jeep, followed by a horseback ride that stops at a waterfall. In the afternoon, you’ll head onwards to the historic Javanese city of Melang.

Day 15
Malang, Indonesia
Tugu Malang Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

At this halfway stage on your Indonesian adventure, you’ll be shown around the town of Melang (a 90-minute drive away), soaking up the rich culture in the city center and visiting the temple ruins of Singosari and Jago. There will also be the chance to sample some of the colonial delights served up at the famous Toko Oen restaurant. You’ll find a mix of Dutch, Indonesian and Chinese classics as well as some tasty cookies to take home.

Day 16
Bali, Indonesia
Amankila Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Make your way to the airport today, where you’ll catch a flight to one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world: Bali. Private transportation will bring you to your accommodation where you can rest up for the rest of the day.

Day 17
Bali, Indonesia
Amankila Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

The next day is a chance for you to learn more about your surroundings, particularly the rice fields that are so noticeable in the area. The best way to see them is by foot, so a trek with a professional guide is arranged. Near to your accommodation, you’ll also be offered a traditional Balinese blessing. The short ceremony performed in the ancient Sanskrit language is meant to chase away bad spirits, purify the soul and bring about good fortune.

Day 18
Moni, Indonesia
Kelimutu Crater Lakes Ecolodge Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

A new day, and in the land of over 17,000 islands, it must be time to visit a new one. A quick plane trip away lies the island of Flores, home to some breathtaking scenery shaped by millions of years of volcanic activity. After arriving in the sleepy capital city of Ende, you’ll make your way to your hotel, located in Moni, a small village that bathes in the shadow of the giant Mount Kelimutu.

Day 19
Bajawa, Indonesia
Hotel Happy Happy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

As the saying goes, ‘the early bird catches the worm’ - and if you’re up early enough, you’ll be able to catch the breathtaking sunrise over Mount Kelimutu. Though it may be a struggle to leave the comfort of your room, this is one sight that’s definitely worth the extra effort. An overland trip for the rest of the day will bring you back through Ende for another look, past Tanggo Beach for a quick dip and onto your next destination, Bajawa.

Day 20
Bajawa, Indonesia
Hotel Happy Happy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Now you’re really going off the beaten track. A full day tour through the Flores countryside will take you past rolling hills and over intricately layered rice fields. Stop off at the remote Tololela and Bena villages, where you can eat, shop and experience the simple, peaceful and almost untouched lifestyle of the local people.

Day 21
Ruteng, Indonesia
Wisma Santa Maria Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

The next leg of your journey takes you from Bajawa to Ruteng, a 3.5-hour drive. The mountainous, and in parts coastal route takes you past Mbalata Beach, where you can stop off for a relaxing swim. Whilst this beach might not offer the crystal clear water or white sand of other Indonesian beaches, it does have one of the finest beach backdrops you’ll ever see, with the distant volcanic skyline offering a reminder of just why this part of the world is so special.

Day 22
Ruteng, Indonesia
Wisma Santa Maria Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

The surrounding area of Ruteng provides more untouched beauty - at times you’ll feel as if it has been reserved especially for you. The town itself is quiet, but a short trip out to Tengku Lese Waterfall offers great views and a chance to cool off in its pool - so don’t forget your swimsuit! You’ll explore the nearby ‘Hobbit Cave,’ nicknamed after the discovery of the ancient remains of a three-foot tall person.

Day 23
Private Schooner Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

A three-hour trip past the lovely villages of Caro and Melo takes you to your next port of call: Labuan Bajo. Here you will board a private boat and set sail for the mysterious Komodo Island. This oversea journey is just as spectacular as the other land trips you have made on this spectacular journey. Feel the fresh ocean air as you pass the plethora of tiny, often inhabited Indonesian islands. Dinner tonight is onboard, and so is your bed.

Day 24
Private Schooner Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast and lunch onboard, you’ll sail into Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site comprised of three islands. Once on dry land, an afternoon trekking trip has been organized in through Komodo and Rinca Islands, where you’ll be sure to find the 10-foot-long, 150 pound monsters that the park is named after. But don’t worry - you won’t get too close!

Day 25
Private Schooner Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Back onboard, you’ll wake up with the waves lapping at the bottom of the boat. Once you’ve had breakfast, its time to go snorkeling. The water here in the Flores sea is so clear that thousands of professional divers flock here every year to observe the underwater wildlife. Afterwards, you'll continue to two tropical islands where you can take a (long) moment to relax.

Day 26
Bali, Indonesia
Amankila Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After a few days at sea, it’s back to dry land. A morning flight from Labuan Bajo will take you to Denpasar, where you will be greeted at the airport and transferred to your hotel at Canggu Beach on the south coast of Bali. You’ll have free time to yourself in the afternoon to acquaint yourself with your home for the next few days.

Day 27
Bali, Indonesia
Amankila Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

For the remaining four days of the trip you’ll have free time for doing as much - or as little - as you want. One of the most popular tourist activities in this stunning coastal area simply involves a good book, some sunscreen and a ice-cold drink. Kick back and relax without feeling guilty - you’ve had a long journey!

Day 28
Bali, Indonesia
Amankila Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today is another free day to explore the area of Canggu Beach or just spend time to revitalize yourself after travelling thousands of kilometres over the past month or so. Try an early morning yoga session or take a trip to one of the fantastic nearby spas, where you’ll find traditional Balinese massage techniques and soothing detox treatments.

Day 29
Bali, Indonesia
Amankila Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Luxuriate in yet another day to yourself. If by now you’re feeling a bit more energetic, you could try one of the several interesting activities in the area, such as one of the various beachside water sports (surfing, swimming, diving), golf sessions or day trips.

Day 30
Bali, Indonesia
Amankila Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today is the last full day of your month-long Indonesian journey. Spend this free day relaxing pool- or beachside and preparing for your departure tomorrow. For your last night, why not head to one of the many waterfront seafood restaurants for an delectably fresh dinner? Enjoy the delicious fresh food and watch the sun go down on what has been a truly unforgettable trip.

Day 31
Bali, Indonesia
None Breakfast

In the morning you will depart your hotel at Canggu Beach with private transportation. Say goodbye to the island of Bali and catch a lunchtime flight back to Jakarta. You should arrive back in the capital around mid-afternoon for your onward flight, marking the end of your Indonesian adventure.

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ndonesia is a land of huge diversity, boasting paradise beaches, towering mountains, dense tropical jungles and sprawling urban cities. Many visitors head straight for the sands of Bali, the famed jewel in Indonesia's crown. However, there is so much more that this incredible country has to offer. This month-long itinerary really allows you to embrace it all. After touching down and exploring Jakarta, you'll head Palangkaraya and Kumai in Borneo, where you’ll get a chance to see the beautiful and intelligent orangutans. This is followed by an epic journey across Java, Bali and Flores, with a short trip to see the monsters that inhabit the mysterious Komodo Island. Finally, it’s back Bali for some well-deserved beach time as your trip winds down.

This epic itinerary was originally designed by Remote Lands for a client of ours who wanted to spend a month exploring the best Indonesia has to offer, and we think it’s too good not to share!


  • Come face-to-face with orangutans - one of the world’s cleverest and most beautiful animals - in Borneo

  • Explore the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world at Borobudur, Java

  • Tackle Java’s huge active volcano, Mount Bromo, by Jeep and on horseback

  • Take a three-day private cruise around the spectacular volcanic islands in the Flores sea

  • Witness the unbelievable size and power of the mysterious Komodo Dragon whilst trekking through the jungles.

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highly recommended

By: Squash1

Reviewed on: 30 Jan 2013

excellent at making sure everything is taken care of...personal cell phone contact appreciated and very customized orientation...also very nice
Travel Advisor:  Deborah Bush

Excellent package

By: Mike53-Birmingham

Reviewed on: 27 Nov 2013

Shangri La Rasa Ria Resort in Kota Kinabalu was fantastic as was the Kinabatangan River Resort. Raimie our guide was first-rate!
Travel Advisor:  Deborah Barth


By: Dustin and Eli

Reviewed on: 20 Mar 2018

Remote Lands coordinated our trip and made the experience worry-free. All of our transfers and guides were on time, professional, kind and even went above and beyond when a couple of unexpected needs arose. Thank you!
Travel Advisor:  Geraldine Hasting

Taiwan 2018 trip

By: Cindi

Reviewed on: 29 Mar 2018

Wonderful experience! This was my daughter’s senior trip prior to going away to college and it was everything I’d hoped it would be. Great guide, driver, travel agent, etc. Overall a very positive experience!!
Travel Advisor:  Deanna Byrd

far east

By: Mike

Reviewed on: 18 May 2018

we had to different tour guides, both were just excellent and well worth the money definitely made the trip more memorable
Travel Advisor:  Jason Swaye


By: Joel and Kathy

Reviewed on: 17 Jun 2018

The Remote Lands Guides were excellent. The cars used for transportation were roomy and clean. The hotels were 5 star and their attention to detail was over the top. There was only perfection from the people we met and it was also comforting to know that our trip was being carefully monitored by Remote Lands supervisors every step of the way. We would recommend Remote Lands to anyone needing exceptional service in Asia.
Travel Advisor:  Kate Winslow

Remote Lands Rocks

By: Morty

Reviewed on: 16 Oct 2018

Terrific professionals! Looked out for us the entire time we were on the road!! Many thanks!
Travel Advisor:  Debbie Elias

Vietnam/Cambodia/Hong Kong

By: Emily

Reviewed on: 27 Jan 2019

We had 4 different guides (one in each city) and they were all wonderful. We appreciated that they let us be flexible and make game time decisions. We skipped a lot of the "touristy" sites and felt we had a more authentic experience.

Beyond expectation

By: Anon

Reviewed on: 15 Feb 2019

Excellent. Guides at each location were friendly, personable and knowledgeable. Want to share a special thank you to Nadia Thakul (Bangkok) & Mr. Buntheun (Siem Reap). After missing my connecting flight from Shanghai to Siem Reap, I called Mr. Buntheun to let him know I was not able tomake it to Siem Reap as planned and for him to notify the hotel. I was flying instead to Phnom Phen and would notify him later of my flight to Siem Reap. Upon arrival in Phnom Phen as I was filling out my visa on arrival form, a Remote Land guide greeted me and told me that Mr. Buntheun had notified the Bangkok office of my predicament and sent him to greet me. As you can imagine being in a foreign land in an unplanned location he was a sight for sore eyes. He got me in contact with Nadia who then took care of the rest of the accommodations (hotel, transportation to/from airport and flight from Phnom Phen to Siem Reap the next day). Assistance provided by Remote Lands got us to Siem Reap on time.
Travel Advisor:  Leah Bergner

Remote Lands

By: susan

Reviewed on: 19 Feb 2019

They were terrific.
Travel Advisor:  Shawna Owen

Trip to Dubai

By: KB

Reviewed on: 12 Mar 2019

Our experience with Remote Lands was great. Everything went as planned from the time they met us at the airport until they took us back to the airport. Our guide and driver were fantastic.
Travel Advisor:  Joan Gerson