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Nairobi, Kenya To Nairobi, Kenya

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Day 1
Nairobi, Kenya
Hemingways Nairobi None

Arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. After clearing customs and immigration formalities, you will be met by an A&K representative transferred to the Hemingways Nairobi.

Hemingways Nairobi is the new luxury boutique hotel in the serene Karen suburb. Ideally positioned to give sweeping views of the Ngong hills, the property offers 45 enchanting rooms housed in an elegant plantation-style building. Each room is large and airy with un-interrupted views of the forested valleys and the rolling hills in the distance.

Hemingways Nairobi prides itself in offering outstanding, personal service which includes valet and butler service for each room. Other amenities include express check in and checkout, free Wi-Fi connectivity, satellite television, gym, spa, pool and unlimited supply of mineral water in the room. The property is located 16kms away from the bustle of Nairobi city centre, making it a great alternative to any city hotel.

Day 2
Laikipia Plateau, Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya
Segera Retreat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast, transfer to Nairobi's Wilson Airport for your private charter flight to Laikipia.

Laikipia region is a broad swathe of lava plateau that reaches the foothills of Mount Kenya on one side and in contrast, the wild deserts of the Northern Frontier District on the other. Outside of the Maasai Mara, Laikipia boasts of the greatest wildlife experiences in Kenya.

On arrival at the Segera airstrip, you will be met at the airstrip and transferred to the Segera Retreat.

Opened in March 2013, Segera Retreat is located on a 20,000 hectare ranch in Central Laikipia in Northern Kenya. The ranch is home to an array of wildlife and an important corridor for the migration of elephant.

The Retreat consists of six timber and thatch villas, elevated on wooden platforms, looking out to Mt Kenya in the distance. Each villa is enclosed by an abundance of plant life, creating a private and secluded environment. There are sun loungers outside each villa where clients can soak up the sun. Below each villa is a suspended swing bed where guests can while the hours away. On one of the nights, the swing bed can be draped with mosquito nets and clients can spend the night under the African sky. On the deck of each villa is a Jacuzzi bath with lovely views over the landscape.

The Segera House and Segera Villa are suitable for families or for guests seeking privacy. Villa Segera is perfect for honeymooners. These are two separate villas connected by a walkway. One villa acts as a living room while the other houses the bedroom. Segera house is a 2 bedroom house that accommodates up to 4 people. The house has a beautiful Moroccan door that opens to a sitting area with two stair cases on either end that lead to the two bedrooms. The two rooms feature a double bed, a small sitting space, a bathtub and a shower. Segera house is ideal for 2 couples.

The Retreat has an emphasis on conservation, community and culture and activities are centred on these principles. Guests can go on day and night game drives, guided walks, camel walks, experience the gym and the spa at the wellness. Jochen, the owner, has a passion for art, and clients can sample his work exhibited throughout the property.

Day 3
Laikipia Plateau, Kenya
Segera Retreat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

There’s plenty of adventure to be had on Segera - from camel and horseback riding, walking safaris, quad biking and even river rafting !

Experience the unique exhilaration of riding on the plains with a herd of zebra, walking gently through a graceful forest of giraffe or past a herd of elephant.

The camel is the traditional mode of transport in the dry land of Northern Kenya and another great way to experience Laikipia.

A great way to view the stunning diversity of Laikipia is on foot. You will be accompanied by traditional Samburu guides whose knowledge of local flora, fauna, cultural and history is unmatched.

Day 4
Turkana, Kenya
Laikipia Plateau, Kenya
Desert Rose Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast this morning, hop on to a helicopter and go for an amazing aerial excursion to Lake Turkana.

The world’s largest permanent desert lake, Turkana (formally Lake Rudolf) is wild in character, with its parched volcanic beaches, granite outcrops and remoteness. Nile crocodile in abundance live here, alongside hippos, and hundreds of species of bird and fish. The lakes shores have revealed the oldest-known fossil remains of Homo habilis. Today, more than a quarter million indigenous peoples from several different tribes depend on this lake.

Fly over the breathtaking Rift Valley escarpment soaring 4,000ft above the wilds of the Suguta Valley. The scenery is magnificent; fly down into the Suguta and through gorges of multi‐coloured rock strata, possibly spotting small elusive groups of Lesser Kudu. Continue past the shallow soda Lake Logipi. The sight of hundreds of thousands of flamingos over the lake is a unique experience, which is followed a few minutes later by the first view of Lake Turkana, also known as the Jade Sea, because of its bright turquoise colour of its waters. This desert lake is home to the famous and warlike Turkana tribe and you will start to see their basic settlements as you get closer to the lake. This area is also an active volcanic region and is strewn with dormant as well as extinct volcanic cones and lava flows, the most impressive of these being Nabuyatom Cone on the southern point of Lake Turkana.

Continue around the Western shore of Lake Turkana before a short water crossing to the South Island. It is possible to spot the gigantic Nile crocodile (the lake has the world’s single largest crocodile population) from the air basking on the desolate beaches. For keen fishermen permissions can be obtained to land on the island and fish for giant Nile Perch from the shores (while keeping a sharp eye out for crocodiles)!

Day 5
Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
Turkana, Kenya
Angama Mara Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Morning at leisure at Desert Rose. It is a small family hosted lodge nestled 6000ft into the side of Mount Nyiru. This sacred mountain has fresh water springs, cedar forests and a sparkling, gushing river that runs from the top of the mountain all the way down into the luggas down on the Desert floor.

Enjoy brunch at a riverside dining spot nearby the mountain stream. You can enjoy an exciting rock slide to cool off.

In the early afternoon, leave for the airstrip for your private charter flight to the Maasai Mara. The flight will allow you to follow the edge of the Great Rift Valley, over the lunar landscape of the Suguta with its river, sand dunes, volcanoes, lava flows; climbing up over the spectacular Silali Volcano crater, towards Lake Baringo, where we might stop if time permits. Then over the alkaline Lake of Lake Bogoria and Lake Nakuru, surrounded by a rim of pink flamingos and to the Maasai Mara.

Lake Baringo is a truly beautiful fresh water lake - critical habitat for nearly 500 bird species, and home to hippo and crocodile. Here, the Njemps fishermen continue a lifestyle little changed over 200 years. The lakes waters are muddy and gold in colour, caused by fine sediments washed into the lake during the rains.

Lake Bogoria offers an equally thrilling, but very different spectacle. A shallow alkaline lake with a salinity about twice that of seawater, framed by the dramatic 700 meter Siracho Range, is most famous for its flamingo that line the white salty shores. With their bright feathers and up-side down bills, flamingos are among the most easily recognised water birds.

On arrival in Angama Mara airstrip, you will be met transferred in a 4WD camp vehicle to the camp, game viewing en route.

Perfectly positioned high up on the Olololoo escarpment, with breath-taking views of the Mara Triangle below, Angama Mara is the destination for anyone looking for a superb location with an amazing view. The newly opened lodge features 2 camps with 15 tents each. The floor-to-ceiling windows in each tented suite give uninterrupted views of the Mara plains stretching out into the horizon. Morning and afternoon game drives, community visits, hot air balloon safaris and walks along the escarpment are some of the activities available for guests to enjoy at the camp.

Once you’ve settled in, go on a late afternoon game drive.

Day 6
Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
Angama Mara Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

You have the day to explore this reserve.

The jewel in Africa's crown, Maasai Mara is host to the most spectacular array of wildlife. Her 1,510 square kilometers of open savannah, woodlands and tree-lined rivers creates an eco-system which supports huge numbers of bird and mammal species. Lion are found in abundance throughout the park as are elephant, giraffe, a variety of gazelle species and zebra. Cheetah and leopard are also regularly seen and, if lucky, you may also find rhino.

Game viewing is never dull in the Mara, and patience is often rewarded with unique sightings. The annual wildebeest migration traditionally is present in the Mara from July-September and at this time nature's dramas unfold before your very eyes at every turn.

Day 7
Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
Angama Mara Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Early morning wake up with hot drink of your choice and depart for your private early morning balloon ride.

As the balloon is inflated against the first rays of sunrise your pilot will go through safety procedures. It's then time to climb aboard. Once aloft, the balloon floats gently over the plains, giving a bird's eye view of the game below as the sun creeps slowly over the horizon. Spread beneath you is a panorama of Africa - elephants looking improbably small; giraffe browsing amongst the treetops; antelope grazing; a pair of lionesses stalking a herd of wildebeest; an eagle guarding his eerie; and cheetah glancing up as the shadow of the huge balloon crosses their paths.

Later in the day, go on a Maasai Village visit. The colourful and vibrant Maasai people are one of the few communities in Kenya to retain their culture and traditions. Clients will be welcomed into the village with a traditional dance followed by a guided tour by the chief. He will also give a brief talk to the group about the life style of the Maasai people. They will then be introduced to some of the families and invited into their homes where they will have the unique opportunity to see how they live.

Browse the beautiful traditional handiwork of the Maasai Women. Join in the jumping dance and later learn how to light a fire with just two sticks!

After a day spent in the Mara, sharing the experiences of the day with a gin and tonic or a nice cocktail in your hand is the best way to meet the sunsets over the Masai Mara. Watch as the sun dips over the horizon from a carefully selected vantage point as you listen to your guide spin tales about his culture, the flora and fauna of the Mara.

Day 8
Tsavo West National Park, Kenya
Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
Finch Hatton's Camp Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast you will be transferred to Wilson Airport for the scheduled 0730hrs flight to Tsavo.

You will arrive at 0830hrs at the airstrip where you will be met by your host and transferred to the camp with a game-drive en-route. Once you have arrived at the camp you will check in and be shown to your room where you can freshen up in time for lunch.

After lunch there are a few hours to relax and enjoy the view from your veranda before setting off into the bush for an afternoon game drive.

Alternatively described as 'Kenya's finest camp' and 'the most luxurious tented camp in Africa', Finch Hatton’s is richly deserving of the superlatives. Situated along three spring-fed pools on the southwestern edge of Tsavo West, this luxurious camp offers a wildlife-rich oasis in an otherwise dry and barren land. But what Finch Hatton’s really does best is the luxury business. Its namesake, the hunter and Karen Blixen's lover, Denys Finch Hatton, was renowned for going on safari with a bathtub, a gramophone player and the finest French wines. Finch Hatton’s certainly lives up to his name, with its glinting chandeliers, crystal glasses and discreet kanzu-clad waiters. The 35 tents are a picture of sophistication, with broad beds, antique furniture, minibars and luxurious bathrooms. The camp has a large fleet of safari vehicles and, for those who miss its thrice-weekly flight from Nairobi, its own plane.

Day 9
Tsavo West National Park, Kenya
Finch Hattons Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Full day in Tsavo National Park with morning and afternoon game drives.

Here you will get to experience a little of the views and wildlife that Denys looked upon when he first came to Africa. It is in fact in this very park that Denys met his early end. In May 1931 Denys flew to his cottage near Mombasa in his Gypsy Moth for a few days of rest and relaxation. On his way back to Nairobi he stopped off in Voi – the town closest to Tsavo National Park - to do an aerial search for the Tsavo elephant herds that had eluded him for some time. However as his plane lifted off the next day – May 14th 1931 – it unexpectedly stalled and came crashing to the ground killing both Denys and Hamisi his employee. He died at the young age of 44 leaving behind a bereaved Karen Blixen – as per his wishes he was buried on the side of the Ngong Hills on the outskirts of Nairobi.

The section of Tsavo National Park south of the Mombasa Road, 9,000-square-kilometre Tsavo West provides a unique step back in time - to the days when tens of thousands of giant beasts roamed this forested land. Today, the forests are gone - the result of too many elephants and too little rain - but, thanks to the abundant snowmelt from Kilimanjaro, the land continues to water a huge variety of wildlife, from elephant and buffalo to lion, leopard, oryx, lesser kudu and klipspringer.

Even the dangerously depleted black rhino are making a minor comeback in a small, fiercely-guarded 70-square-kilometre sanctuary. Tsavo West's boundaries encompass a huge variety of habitats, from the lush forests on the Chyulu Hills to arid desert plains, rich riverine groves to the haunting lava-flows of Shaitani. The park's undisputed showpiece is the crystal clear bounty of Mzima Springs, where in an oasis of raffia palms and fig trees the melting snows of Kilimanjaro pump over 50 million gallons of water out of the ground each day. An underwater observation post here offers a novel close encounter with the large crocodile and pods of hippo that flourish in the cold waters.

After a day exploring the Tsavo guests can relax at the star gazing terrace as they marvel at the awe inspiring African night sky.

Day 10
Nairobi, Kenya
Tsavo West National Park, Kenya
None Breakfast

Following breakfast, bid farewell to your lodge staff as you leave the Tsavo and transfer to the airstrip for your charter flight across the Rift Valley and up to Karen.

You have day rooms reserved at the Hemingways. You have the option of going on some last minute shopping at the nearby stores.

Later you will be transferred to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for your departure flight.

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A fantastic itinerary taking clients through some of the uniques parks and reserves in Kenya - from Laikipia in Kenya's north, to the world-renowned Masai Mara and finally to one of the world's largest sanctuaries, Tsavo with a detour to Turkana a truly fascinating off-the-beaten destination, Lake Turkana being the world's largest permanent desert lake

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Helicopter day trips to Mount Kenya or Turkana are a worthwhile safari addition.

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Highly Recommended

By: Murf

Reviewed on: 13 Feb 2014

Abercrombie & Kent Kenya, especially Fiona and Benton, ensured that our trip to Kenya was an unforgettable experience.  My sister and I went to Kenya to visit animal orphanages. Abercrombie & Kent Kenya met us at the Nairobi airport and made the entire trip a seamless experience.   Abercrombie & Kent Kenya staff drove us to our destinations, took us on game drives and delivered us to our flights. Abercrombie & Kent Kenya's staff brought a wealth of information including knowledge about the animals, history and culture.  I would not hesitate to recommend Abercrombie & Kent Kenya.  The company and staff ensured that our trip was amazing.    
Travel Advisor:  Martha Rhodes


By: laurarobi

Reviewed on: 02 Oct 2014

Thank you for a wonderful vacation! I feel like I attended a semester in college, I learned so much on safari. Our guides were great, accommodations were excellent and connections flawless. Patricia, in Nairobi, was especially fun and extremely helpful. You have a real gem in her! I will recommend your company any time!
Travel Advisor:  Michael King

Africa trip 2017

By: Jim H

Reviewed on: 14 Nov 2017

A&K put together, along with my Travel Advisor, a custom 8 week long tour of Africa for me involving 8 countries. It was a great trip. It covered everything I had wanted to see and more, providing great variety. The travel arrangements all worked smoothly, The accommodations, guides, excursions provided were all first rate. I've used A&K on many trips before. This was probably the most complicated one they have organized for me and I am delighted with how smoothly it went.
Travel Advisor:  Karina Fong