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The Sea Song team has been working hard over the last 24 years to build a company that is completely focused on the experiences of our travelers. We pay attention to every detail from the time of arrival until departure. This makes the Sea Song difference. Virtuoso and your Travel Advisor curate the best travel experiences from around the world. We choose exclusive experiences just for you.

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Sea Song is outstanding

By: KathyO

Reviewed on: 03 Oct 2013

We spent three days touring Istanbul with all arrangements made by Sea Song. They are outstanding, looking after absolutely every detail from cute little water bottle carriers, to a guide book of the city, to shoe bags when you go in the mosques, to hand wipes in restaurants. Our tour guide was outstanding in every respect; her English was impeccable; she was attentive to the needs of her group; she was extremely knowledgable about all aspects of Turkey and she was fun to be with.
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By: Pat

Reviewed on: 12 Oct 2013

Very knowledgeable guides. Transfers were flawless. Guides' recommendations for restaurants were excellent. Good hotels especially the boutique hotel in Istanbul.
Travel Advisor:  Jessica Griscavage
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By: frankie

Reviewed on: 17 Oct 2013

Our guide was not only knowledgeable but friendly, well dressed, open to suggestions and extremely helpful with recommendations for restaurants, etc.
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Highly recommend Sea Song

By: Craig and Sandy

Reviewed on: 17 Oct 2013

Sea Song was a fantastic tour group. They spoke excellent English and they were very knowledgeable of the tours they provided. Definitely will ask for them by name on any international cruise we take in the future.
Travel Advisor:  Birgit Navarre
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Highly Recommended

By: Lipps

Reviewed on: 10 Nov 2013

The first tour guide was not very good but she was quickly replaced and with the following guides, one was better than the last. They took special care of me as I was handicapped and they made sure I was never in an uncomfortable place/position. Their guides were very knowledgeable and extremely accommodating. I can't imagine how anyone would go wrong using their services.
Travel Advisor:  Deborah Brye
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definitely recommend

By: Kona Carole

Reviewed on: 07 Nov 2013

I was very pleased with Sea Song Tours. Our guide was knowledgeable, friendly and punctual. I was presented with a tote bag with tour information. All entry fees, lunches and cold drinks were included in the price of the tour. Tours and food were wonderful.
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Highly recommended

By: Susan and David

Reviewed on: 20 Nov 2013

The arrangements with Sea Song were wonderful. We were met at the gate and transported quickly through Visa and Passport control. The Hotel was a small local hotel and perfectly located. The hotel staff was very accomodating. Our tour guide was knowledgable and spoke wonderful English. He tailored our tours to our specific interests. We were very pleased.
Travel Advisor:  Eleanor Hardy
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Sure, great

By: Pompey

Reviewed on: 26 Nov 2013

Great hotel right next door to Hagia Sophia. Bosporus cruise was a high point of trip.
Travel Advisor:  Eleanor Hardy
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Very impressed and very pleased

By: Diane and Broc

Reviewed on: 20 Nov 2013

All of the services provided by Sea Song were of the highest quality from sightseeing excursions to the VIP airport transfers. Guides and escorts were very knowledgable and unfailingly courteous, conscientious and accommodating--even though we had extra requests that at times were not part of the scheduled program.
Travel Advisor:  Beth Washington
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By: Becky

Reviewed on: 25 Nov 2013

Sea Song provided excellent drivers and guides. Since I was in a wheelchair, they also provided escorts to assist me in each location. They were delightful young men who were a great addition to the tours. The guides were extremely knowledgeable and informative. I would highly recommend Sea Song to anyone visiting Turkey.
Travel Advisor:  Kristie England
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Definetly recommended

By: Sandy

Reviewed on: 02 Jul 2014

We were very impressed with Sea Song, especially in Instanbul, we were fortunate to have had a great guide ( Asli ), always considerate since my Husband had some issues of walking & seeing, very punctual, took us to good local restauants, enjoyed her personality
Travel Advisor:  Deborah Brye
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Sea Song was the Best

By: Stacy243

Reviewed on: 16 Aug 2014

We were VERY happy with the service provided by Sea Song on our recent visit to Turkey. Sea Song organized separate tours for our guys who didn't want to go shopping. My shopping tour was perfect, and the guys reported loving Turkey thanks, in large part, to the excellent service provided by Sea Song. The extras provided by Sea Song were a step above other tour providers. We had everything we needed, including luxury vans/mini-buses, excellent drivers and wonderful guides. We continued to use the Sea Song wet wipes throughout the rest of our travels in Europe! They were much appreciated on hot days. We all cannot wait to return to Turkey.
Travel Advisor:  Shelly Lynch
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Expert Vacation Planners

By: cfw

Reviewed on: 26 Oct 2014

Sea Song was absolutely perfect. We received wonderful services at every stop. We received expert pre trip advice regarding our vacation. From greeters to guides we were treated like royalty. Each assistant answered our special needs, each appointment was made in a timely manner, assistance to foreign airports was most helpful. The gifts and lovely hand wipes from Sea Song were especially appreciated. This company is expertly run!
Travel Advisor:  Monika Dysart
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Perfect service

By: Sheridan

Reviewed on: 21 Jun 2015

All services were perfect. Greece a la Carte was also excellent.
Travel Advisor:  Rochelle Lieberman
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Excellent guide!

By: margaret1200

Reviewed on: 24 Jul 2015

Our guide in Turkey, Tuly (sp?), was wonderful. She was so patient and understanding. Her knowledge of facts and history was amazing and explained everything a way everyone could understand, from my 75 year old mother-in-law down to my 6 year old niece. She stayed longer than planned and was happy to accompany us beyond her original schedule. I would highly recommend her.
Travel Advisor:  Peg Aikman
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Great tour agency!

By: Redheaded Traveler

Reviewed on: 10 Jun 2016

Sea Song has great tour guides. Our Sea Song guides and drivers in Ephesus and Istanbul were amazing! They were knowledgeable, personable, and fun! They gave us plenty of time to take photos and were very gracious and helpful in answering our questions. We highly recommend them.
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Wonderful service

By: js_ga

Reviewed on: 11 Sep 2016

Beautiful hotel, guides, and recommended restaurants. We really had a feel of the culture in Istanbul. Our main guide, Çulay, was especially knowledgeable and showed us parts of the city that we would have missed if she had not been there. Highly recommended!
Travel Advisor:  Eleanor Hardy
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Travel Review

By: Dolce

Reviewed on: 02 Jun 2017

Excelent service, only thing is that we never got a confirmation number for airplane tickets and on our first flight they couldn't find our reservation. Great staff and guides
Travel Advisor:  Francis Contreras
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By: C&J

Reviewed on: 09 Sep 2017

Seasong was excellent. We had a knowledgeable and helpful tour guide showing us around the city. The van service was very prompt and on time. They provided us with an extra-ordinary service at the airport as we were leaving. I had lost my iPhone and the Seasong representative worked very hard to locate it and bring it back to me before my plane left. His actions saved all my iPhone pictures from our entire trip and I am extremely grateful.
Travel Advisor:  Eleanor Hardy
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Tours in Turkey

By: Phil

Reviewed on: 11 Sep 2017

It was everything we expected and more. Everything went according to schedule. Our driver was very congenital and accommodating. Our tour guide was exceptional.
Travel Advisor:  Angela Walker
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By: Dave

Reviewed on: 14 Sep 2018

They are amazing. Tour was spectacular and an amazing value
Travel Advisor:  Rachel Hardy
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Super fantastic

By: Lucky Lake

Reviewed on: 07 Sep 2018

Our Sea Song tour of Istanbul was absolutely perfect. Every aspect of their planning was over the top wonderful. The hotel, the tours, the guide, the VIP airport service etc etc. well planned and personalized. Loved, loved, loved our experience with Sea Song!
Travel Advisor:  Rachel Hardy
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By: sister

Reviewed on: 19 Sep 2018

Our private guide was amazing. Knowledgeable and forthcoming. The tour gave us a good introduction to this fabulous city. We visited all the famous historical sites. We dined in a variety of places from very modern and elegant to local eateries where we conserved with locals. We enjoyed every minutes.
Travel Advisor:  Eleanor Hardy
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By: San

Reviewed on: 18 Sep 2018

The tour was great. Our tour guide and driver were very friendly and courteous and so were the other tour personnel that also assisted us. Our tour guide spoke great English and was a well of historical information. I would certainly recommend her.
Travel Advisor:  Eleanor Hardy
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Here we go with Ashley!

By: Mary

Reviewed on: 22 Sep 2018

Our tour guide was knowledgeable and entertaining. We had read extensively about Istanbul. We were excited that she was able to discuss the long history of the city in great detail. She also helped us make decisions about how to organize our sight seeing in the extreme heat without becoming over heated.
Travel Advisor:  Eleanor Hardy
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Best of Turkey, private tour

By: sharon

Reviewed on: 22 Sep 2018

This tour operator was the best. The driver and guide were always on time, very well versed in all subjects on our private tour. We went to the best restaurants, at all Historic sight never had to wait in line. We were taken to, and picked up, at airports by private car, our guide got our tickets, handled our luggage. The hotel were spectacular, all 5 star. My husband has difficulty walking, the driver, and guide helped him, and had wheel chair service at all hotels and airports. Couldn't be more pleased with the tour
Travel Advisor:  Eleanor Hardy
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Could not have done it without them.

By: lindsay

Reviewed on: 25 Jun 2019

They made the trip so easy. We were able to see more than we could have ever done on our own. The guides went out of their way to be helpful.
Travel Advisor:  Catherine Whitworth
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Absolutely Reliable and the Best Guide

By: 3Travelers

Reviewed on: 08 Jul 2019

Terrific. They were always prompt and managed to drive around the crowded streets of Istanbul without a problem, even in rush hours. The van was comfortable, the driver accommodating and our guide was absolutely the best -- So knowledgeable and personable. He really cared that we enjoyed our visit.
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Turkey trip

By: Deb

Reviewed on: 23 Aug 2019

Excellent guides and drivers! Would recommend them over Andover again
Travel Advisor:  Craig Mungary
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By: EAlkhas

Reviewed on: 05 Aug 2019

Very informative tour guide, however, extremely religious and opinionated in his viewpoints.
Travel Advisor:  Aimee Leon
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Fabulous Istanbul

By: Paul and Fredrika Jacobs

Reviewed on: 07 Sep 2019

Although well-seasoned travelers, we have never encountered the seamless efficiency and excellent service that Sea Song provided. From the moment we alighted from the Orient Express until we boarded our plane home, Sea Song (and particular our guide Cenk) provided fabulous attention to detail and altered the program to meet our desires, not theirs.
Travel Advisor:  Rachel Hardy
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Perfect Tour

By: Hank

Reviewed on: 14 Sep 2019

All of our needs were perfectly met, from airport and back to airport. Our Guides were excellent and we felt like part of their family. The guides provided great insight into the history/people/culture of Turkey. They, and the wonderful services the company provided,made us fall in love with the country, and you’ll see us again!!
Travel Advisor:  Rachel Hardy
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tour in Instanbul

By: saint

Reviewed on: 12 Sep 2019

Sea Song did very good tour arrangements . I enjoyed very much for Sea Song ' s services
Travel Advisor:  Angela Walker
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By: Don

Reviewed on: 21 Sep 2019

Great one in one service. VIP pickup and expedited border entry was great. This exceeded expectations.
Travel Advisor:  Eleanor Hardy
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Excellent operation

By: Kathleen

Reviewed on: 02 Oct 2019

We were very pleased with Sea Song. The guide was excellent, as were the driver and other attendants. When there was a mixup in the schedule, Sea Song staff got on it right away and solved the problem.
Travel Advisor:  Charles Wolfe
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By: Mike

Reviewed on: 13 Oct 2019

Excellent Knowledgeable and passionate
Travel Advisor:  Lilo Matinas
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By: Liz

Reviewed on: 08 Nov 2019

We just used a transfer service and it was fine
Travel Advisor:  Sabrina Teyla
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Loved the treatment and our tour guides

By: Tati Teo

Reviewed on: 12 Aug 2021

Loved our tour guides- our first one was “Juan” in Capadoccia, he spoke so many languages including Spanish which was great for our family. He gave just the right amount of information and took us to all his favorite spots that most people don’t know about. He also went beyond his job description to make us happy - including getting a chocolate milkshake ;) Our next guide in Istanbul Tulia was also amazing. She gave just the right amount of info and was interesting and great with my three young girls. Would highly recommend using their tour company and guides.
Travel Advisor:  Stuart Marra
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By: Kzb

Reviewed on: 18 Oct 2021

Our guide was lovely
Travel Advisor:  Misty Jones
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Sea Song to the rescue!

By: It was the best of times...

Reviewed on: 29 May 2022

Besides providing us with a fabulous itinerary and literally one of the best guides in the world, (Sinan Yalçin - google him!), Sea Song also helped us get our lost bags before they went to limbo land somewhere between Amsterdam and Istanbul. Karen, the owner, is American and does a great job of making somewhere that is definitely foreign come to life in a manageable way. Our second time using them for a trip and we are looking forward to time #3.
Travel Advisor:  Margaret Nichols
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Turkey experience

By: BecRom

Reviewed on: 06 Jun 2022

Our Turkey trip was fantastic!! I cannot say enough about our tour guide Sinan who was so personable and knowledgeable!! His ability to educate us on so much history, architecture, geography, mythology and religion gave us an unforgettable, once in a lifetime, experience. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Our other tour guide, Mutlu, provided some insight on local markets, fish auction and of course history. Our drivers were courteous and safe which made travel easy and convenient. Thank you Ralph for always having cold water, cool van and a smile on your face!!
Travel Advisor:  Margaret Nichols
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By: Chtid

Reviewed on: 25 Jun 2022

Couldn’t have been better! Jeck was just as good, if not better than Kathy had promised. Kathy always tops herself wether it be India, Egypt, or Morroco! SeaSong choose just the right itinerary and guide for us. And Jeck adjusted it as required for my health conditions. My first time in Turkey, except for the East-West layovers, and I will be back again to get out and about the country on a “Kathy” tour. You can learn more with Jeck in one day than a semester in history class!!
Travel Advisor:  Kathy Burns Lamphier
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Exploring Turkey

By: Bello's

Reviewed on: 21 Nov 2022

Sea Song was extremely professional. High quality service and attention to details. Vehicles used during the trip were comfortable and clean. They made us feel welcomed and their guides were really knowledgeable. We liked their flexibility and willingness to accommodate different requests. We particularly enjoyed visiting the rug store in Istanbul, and the fact that we received our hugs back at home before our bags :-) We were truly sad about not being able to go on the balloon ride due to high winds (safety first), but the fact that they promptly reimbursed us was noted.
Travel Advisor:  Patricia Monahan
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Lovely tour of Turkey

By: Kelly

Reviewed on: 12 Jul 2022

Sea Song Tours created an excellent experience for our family while traveling through both Istanbul and Cappadocia. Both our tour guides were extremely knowledgeable and added to our experience of the areas and sights. From sight visits of the Blue Mosque, the beautiful Bosphorus, and breathtaking caves to exploring the delicious local tastes, the information provided for our trip helped us to know exactly what to expect and where to be to fully enjoy the excellent service throughout the visit. Sea Song even went above and beyond by helping us collect a forgotten item from the hotel during our transfer through Istanbul airport on our way to Greece. It was a trip to remember. Thank you, Our Whole Village!
Travel Advisor:  Patricia Monahan
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Turkey 2022

By: Ursula

Reviewed on: 18 Jul 2022

Sea Song recommended some great hotels and restaurants, and we also had an amazing upgrade at one of the hotels thanks to their network of local contacts. Thank you! However, we were very dissappointed to discover in Istanbul at the end of our trip that both the Spice market and the Grand bazaar were closed due to the 4-day muslim Eid festival. The blue Mosque was also closed due to renovation. All three were on our schedule but we were sadly unable to visit. We would have adapted our rescheduled our trip if we had known about this earlier.
Travel Advisor:  Tesa Totengco
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Happy with Sea Song Tours

By: Lizzy

Reviewed on: 12 Sep 2022

We were happy with Sea Song Tours
Travel Advisor:  Jessica Walker
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Sea Song

By: Cathy Guschewsky

Reviewed on: 24 Aug 2022

Excellent. This is my second time using Sea Song and would recommend them and request them when returning to Turkey.
Travel Advisor:  Jessica Walker
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By: Annette

Reviewed on: 14 Sep 2022

Our tour guide Saadet Tabanli was excellent. She was very knowledge and took us to St. Sophia Mosque, Blue Mosque, the Topkap Palace Museum, Grand Bazar, and eating walking tour. We would definitively use Sea Song tours.
Travel Advisor:  Jessica Griscavage
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Sea Song Tours

By: Jim

Reviewed on: 15 Sep 2022

Coordination good. No issues from my side.
Travel Advisor:  Rachel Hardy
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Eastern Turkey

By: PaulJ

Reviewed on: 15 Sep 2022

This was our second trip using the services of Sea Song. The first was at the tail end of a trip on the Orient Express when we were in Istanbul for several days. Because of the extraordinary services they provided we used Sea Song for a trip this Fall to Eastern Turkey, an area with few tourists but amazing sites. They provided a wonderful guide who listened to our desires and easily altered our program to accommodate us. When one of us was injured during the trip, our guide got us prompt medical care so we could finish the trip. I can’t imagine a better tour company in Turkey.
Travel Advisor:  Eleanor Hardy
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No problem

By: Arturo

Reviewed on: 26 Nov 2022

Everithing is good!
Travel Advisor:  Francis Contreras
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By: Bob

Reviewed on: 04 Jan 2023

Excellence service very professional company
Travel Advisor:  Michele Grace
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Great tours in Turkey

By: katherinecolt

Reviewed on: 13 Feb 2023

Sea Song arranged for tour guides in Istanbul and Cappadocia, Turkey. The guides were great - always on time, pleasant to be around and knowledgeable.
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Cohen-Dumani
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Shirt but sweet

By: Val

Reviewed on: 19 Feb 2023

We were only in Istanbul for 2 days.. but they were perfect. Our guide was excellent and he made sure we saw all the sites and took us to great shopping spots
Travel Advisor:  Gail Rosenberg
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By: michael r

Reviewed on: 18 Apr 2023

hats off to the entire team…our guid ash was fabulous!
Travel Advisor:  Michele Grace
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By: Mike

Reviewed on: 23 Apr 2023

Errol was a great Guide. Everything was arranged to perfection
Travel Advisor:  Nancy Yale
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Turkey Guide

By: Lisa B

Reviewed on: 26 May 2023

Sea Song representatives went above & beyond to be helpful, responsive and timely!!
Travel Advisor:  Isabelle Toulouse
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By: JessicaM

Reviewed on: 01 Jun 2023

We are so glad our travel agent recommended a few days in Turkey and that she connected us with Sea Song Tours. We were greeted and assisted at the airport as soon as we landed and the excellent service continued the entire trip. They left us a lovely gift package at the hotel. Our guide Kubilay was excellent. He had great knowledge but also was very good about maneuvering around the very crowded mosques and the palace. We saw much more in a short time due to his understanding of the best way to approach the sites. Our favorite site was the Cisterns in Istanbul.
Travel Advisor:  Carol Brant
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Sea Song provided amazing service


Reviewed on: 19 Jun 2023

Everything Sea Song touched was perfect. We were so comfortable to be in their good hands and worried about nothing. Our guide was so knowledgeable and personable and our driver and his associates were attentive and friendly.
Travel Advisor:  Jane Braun
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We learned so much!

By: Tipersgal

Reviewed on: 06 Jul 2023

We learned so much. We are usually “do it ourselves” travelers. The two Sea Song guides maneuvered around the two cities so that we could see all that was on the days agenda. We would be spinning our wheels trying to get to sites. Erol and Bill were so knowledgeable and were willing to pace the tour to fit my inability to walk long distances. “Bill’s” knowledge as a working archeologist provided insight that we would not have had on the typical group tour. Erol’s many years of experience as a professional tour guide provided us the background knowledge that we seek in tours. I loved having the chauffeur to meet us at the airport, the historical sites and our final drive back to the airport. The guide was invaluable in getting us checked in and making sure I had wheelchair assistance to the gate and on the other end of the flight.
Travel Advisor:  Nancy Cutter
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Trip to Turkey

By: NK

Reviewed on: 30 Aug 2023

Title: A Memorable Journey with Season Travel Agency Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5) I recently had the pleasure of booking my dream vacation with Season Travel Agency, and I must say, it was an exceptional experience from start to finish. This agency truly knows how to create unforgettable journeys that cater to every traveler's needs and desires. Let me share with you why I highly recommend Season Travel Agency for your next adventure. First and foremost, the level of professionalism and expertise displayed by the Season Travel Agency team was outstanding. Their attention to detail and commitment to ensuring a seamless travel experience was truly remarkable. The itinerary crafted by Season Travel Agency was nothing short of perfection!
Travel Advisor:  Theresa Tyo
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Top notch service

By: JL

Reviewed on: 26 Sep 2023

Great local insight. First rate tours and transfers. Will use them again.
Travel Advisor:  Ginny Mabry
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Sea Song Planned a Flawless Trip

By: Madie and Nancy

Reviewed on: 05 Oct 2023

We cannot more highly recommend Sea Song, who planned every detail of our trip in Turkey, from our arrival at the Istanbul airport to our departure. Each tour guide was dependable, knowledgeable, and warm, and were flexible and responsive to our needs. The tour guides knew reliable places to shop near the Grand Bazaar. During our trip, Sea Song responded to questions in real time and smoothly coordinated changes in our schedule. The trip was flawless.
Travel Advisor:  Virginia Duval
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Fabulous experience

By: Josperry

Reviewed on: 20 Oct 2023

The service was topnotch. Our guide was knowledgeable of every stop and shared great information. The restaurants she selected were yummy.
Travel Advisor:  Amy Rectenwald
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World-view changing Turkey trip

By: TwoNJenn

Reviewed on: 28 Oct 2023

Sea Song was excellent! Their property choices and upgrades were fantastic. The tour guides they provided were nearly perfect, and when we had a mismatch with one they quickly found us someone amazing. They were easy to connect with and checked in with us along the way. I even managed to leave a bag in the overhead on my way out of Istanbul, and they were ready to mail it to me had I not (thankfully!) recovered it. I would absolutely love to return to Turkey, and would definitely use SeaSong again! Thank you!
Travel Advisor:  Alicia Oberg
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Sea Song!

By: Chris

Reviewed on: 15 Apr 2024

Both our tour guides and drivers were excellent. Willing to adjust on the fly as a visit from the President of Turkey to one of our intended locations limited access so we quickly adjusted and kept moving! Suggestions on the food tour were outstanding!
Travel Advisor:  Kathy Burns Lamphier
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top notch

By: rick

Reviewed on: 05 May 2024

excellent guides, well orchestrated
Travel Advisor:  Tesa Totengco

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