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By: Traveling Porter

Reviewed on: 29 Nov 2013

Diverse hotel selections. Good transportation transitions and car rental. Reasonable cost of changes in trip planning. New Zealand portion of the trip was well planned and showed expertise in the knowledge of the locations and transitions.
Travel Advisor:  Terry Bahri

Highly Recoment

By: dragonfly

Reviewed on: 27 Feb 2014

Judi planned a perfect trip for us, all was taken care off, we had no worries.  the snorkeling at the Maitai in Bora Bora and Rangiroa was awesome, and food was great as well.
Travel Advisor:  Judi Schulz

Great trip

By: S&B

Reviewed on: 01 Apr 2015

This was a very enjoyable trip. Tammy did a great job in the planning and hping us with the details.
Travel Advisor:  Tammy Jones-Deem


By: Tricia & Freddie

Reviewed on: 10 Apr 2015

The tour involved in the travel was also well organized and occurred exactly as it was outlined in our itinerary.
Travel Advisor:  Randy Raphael

Friendly Service


Reviewed on: 20 Nov 2015

The whole trip was laid out for us. Once we got to our destination we were greeted by an agent and everything was so easy!
Travel Advisor:  Marlene Kraft


By: Captain Ken

Reviewed on: 15 Apr 2016

Great and reliable!
Travel Advisor:  Carrie Mandala


By: Emily

Reviewed on: 09 Feb 2017

the trip was well planned. there was a change of plans and I only wish they had communicated with us better ahead of time instead of after
Travel Advisor:  Betta Singer

Australia and New Zealand January/February 2017

By: Aussie60

Reviewed on: 12 Feb 2017

A great experience.
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Streicher

Well organized, some poor hotel choices

By: Owen

Reviewed on: 28 Feb 2017

Intercontinental Fiji way over priced (e.g. Breakfast started at $60 US per person). Sydney Harbour Marriott, was under major renovations, no lobby to speak of, lounge a block away and closed on the weekend, jackhammers and the smell of tar. just unbelievably inconvenient. 4. Intercontinental Tahiti, arrived at 11:30 at night and the corridors were completely blacked out, groping our way trying to read door numbers to room. Room was at the very end of the hotel (next to airport) and windows shook until 1 am with jets taking off over resuming at 6 next morning.
Travel Advisor:  Nora Pearce

Islands in the Sun

By: Ioene

Reviewed on: 09 Mar 2017

For the most part excellent. We did miss out on two tours. When Rum Ran the Rocks (Sydney) we discovered after we waited and waited we had an employee at I-site call and discovered that the tour had been cancelled that morning due to a problem at their end. Very apologetic and said a refund would happen. The second tour was missed as my trip booklet told us to be at the I-site in Rotorua (no prior mention of calling anyone to confirm). We finally spoke to Carol from the tour company after waiting, and waiting at the I-site, only to find they had gone to our hotel to pick us up?! I asked her about a refund and she was not sure if her boss would do this. Within seconds another tour bus company pulled up and the lady at the I-site office rushed out and got us on it. We had to pay of course on the spot but did get to see the geysers and geo thermal pools etc after all. My husband and I found all the bus drivers and tour guides to be knowledgeable about their tours and helpful too! Thanks
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Streicher

Another excellent adventure

By: Larry

Reviewed on: 16 Mar 2017

We are very happy with the tour, including the route, the stops along the way, the comfort of the coach, the accommodation, the tour guide and the driver. We got a good feel for the vast amount of country we covered while at the same time enjoying the local culture.
Travel Advisor:  Tracy Fiala


By: Jeanne&Charlie

Reviewed on: 19 Jun 2017

I'm not sure what you are looking for here? Is this about the tours we took? Not familiar with the name Islands in the Sun. If that is what this is about, the tours and the tour guides were all very knowledgeable, polite, and excited about showing us their beautiful island. Their enthusiasm to show us the beauty and culture of their their islands made the excursions. worthwhile. We very much enjoyed the experience
Travel Advisor:  Deborah Izenberg

Anniversary trip to Tahiti

By: Judy

Reviewed on: 17 Jun 2017

It was a fantastic trip. The only glitch was no one told us our 8:30 am was changed to 1:00 pm so we had to accomplish a 4 hour tour in 3 hours since the last tender left at 4:00 pm.
Travel Advisor:  Deborah Izenberg

French Polynesia

By: French Polynesia

Reviewed on: 05 Oct 2017

Terrific.. from start to finish all excursions were on time, professional and exciting..
Travel Advisor:  Jan Hammond

Flights to Australia

By: JW

Reviewed on: 04 Dec 2017

Islands in the Sun arranged our flight from the US to Australia. We had connecting flights and made each connection. Note: Quantas and United don’t partner, so neither airline isssues boarding passes for the other.
Travel Advisor:  Michael King

Down under

By: quipper

Reviewed on: 29 Dec 2017

First rate. Timely, helpful with no problems whatsoever.
Travel Advisor:  Nora Pearce

About Us

Islands In The Sun became the first American company to
specialize in travel to the South Pacific in 1965. We specialize in vacations
for the independent traveler to Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, the Cook Islands
and Vanuatu. Islands In The Sun offers a wide range of vacation options, from
shared-yacht cruises to the casual elegance of the South Pacific's finest
resorts. Our philosophy is to provide a magical experience and memories to last
a lifetime. When you choose Islands In The Sun, you can be confident that your
vacation will be prepared with care by those who know the islands best!

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