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Since 1973, Big Five has created life-affirming journeys to some 44 destinations worldwide. Our Destination Specialists, award-winning adventures and premier 24-hour White Glove Service® guest assistance combine to present the journey of a lifetime to individuals, families and small groups. Sustainable travel is at the heart of Big Five. We have seen how the power of travel can change the world for the better. Sustainability benefits both the traveler and the places visited. Whether the focus is cultural, wildlife or adventure, we tailor each journey to the interests of guests traveling in Africa, Asia, Latin America and South Pacific.

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Comprehensive trip planners

By: Pamela

Reviewed on: 19 Jul 2016

This was our second trip with Big Five. We also travelled with them in Peru, where we had one guide for 10 days who was one of the most remarkable people we've ever met. This trip included safari, Victoria Falls, and a few days in Cape Town. Our trip had many logistical elements (we are a family of 5) and it went off pretty much without a hitch. We had multiple guides and drivers, all competent and timely, some more expert or personable than others. The safari camps chosen exceeded our needs and expectations. We would do the trip again in a heartbeat.
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Great tours

By: Jax

Reviewed on: 13 Aug 2016

Our vacation to Tanzania, Africa was fantastic. Big Five Tours did not disappoint. We did not know what to expect and they did a great job in every way. The tented camps were more than anyone could have imagined. The guides were extremely knowledgeable and friendly.
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Amazing Company

By: Monica B

Reviewed on: 17 Aug 2016

Working with Ashish and Big Five Tours was a great experience. Every aspect our our tour was outstanding and we would not have changed anything with our itinerary. Ashish took the time to get to know what we wanted and expected and was bang on with everything on our trip.
Travel Advisor:  Sue Pechtel
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Great Tour Company!

By: Holly

Reviewed on: 06 Feb 2017

Everyone was on time and where they said they would be in our itinerary. We had amazing guides and drivers who took such great care of us. I would highly recommend Big Five to my friends and family!
Travel Advisor:  Courtney Regan
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By: Jimbo

Reviewed on: 24 Feb 2017

Very good. Almost everything went off as planned. When there was a problem, a call took care of it. The guide was great: pleasant, knowledgeable and punctual. I would definitely recommend Big Five Tours.
Travel Advisor:  Steve Kuriga
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By: Liz

Reviewed on: 06 Mar 2017

This is our second time using Big Five. We were faced with an emergency situation of coming up with a 10 day itinerary for Uruguay with 2 weeks notice. They came through with a great program at a price point we were comfortable with. The planning and fine tuning was done quickly and efficiently. A great company for a good travel experience.
Travel Advisor:  Natasha Rhodes
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A boundary pushing vacation

By: Jann DH

Reviewed on: 27 Mar 2017

Having never been to Central America, it was important for our family to work with an experienced operator with trusted connections. Our amazing travel advisor Sheila Gallant-Halloran recommended Big Five, and together, we experienced our best vacation ever. Our accommodations were fantastic. While living in the jungle without electricity, waking up to the sound of howler monkeys and rappelling down 100ft waterfalls definitely pushed our personal comfort zones, it was always done within the parameters of safety, fun and new experiences (in addition to push comfort!). Having Gisele and Asheesh thoroughly explain the uniqueness of our vacation choices only added to the excitement upon arriving. The finely-detailed itinerary made for no surprises. Logistically, it was great to have people waiting for to take us to our next destination. Their local contacts Jose and Jannie checked in with us throughout our vacation, making sure all was well. Top marks for another great family vacation.
Travel Advisor:  Sheila Gallant-Halloran
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By: Jimbo

Reviewed on: 30 Mar 2017

Most of our experience with Big Five was good. A couple of times drivers were not there but they recovered quickly. Guide was great. Trip through the canal went very well. Hi light of the trip.
Travel Advisor:  Steve Kuriga

Peru 2017

By: Mark B

Reviewed on: 10 Jun 2017

Another great trip with Big Five - every detail attended to, wonderful guides and destinantions.
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South America

By: Jay

Reviewed on: 03 Jun 2017

We could not fault the Big Five. We travelled to amazing places in Peru and Ecuador over 3 1/2 weeks and were looked after very well all the way. we had good accommodation, excellant guides and very good drivers with comfortable cars which all made for a good holiday.
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Extremely professional and knowledgeable

By: ConstantlyCurious

Reviewed on: 22 Jun 2017

While I still get a bit confused about the role of Big Five vs. the local agencies in Peru (not to mention my personal agent), our overall trip was extremely well managed. The guides were all incredibly knowledgeable, to the point where they could have been professors! Everything was extremely efficient. We always felt like someone was watching out for us - which was important to us in a country where we don't speak the language. And most importantly, we were able to experience some truly amazing things. Thanks for a great trip!
Travel Advisor:  Tisha Neufville

Big Five Tours

By: Neal

Reviewed on: 29 Jun 2017

Excellent.....most impressive was the Tour Guides we experienced throughout the five different Camps we visited. The Camps were well managed and efficient.
Travel Advisor:  Toni Lanfrank
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Great tour provider

By: Neets

Reviewed on: 19 Sep 2017

Big Five made sure our experience was exceptional. Our first experience in Africa was made memorable by Big Five. We were met at the bush plane by Michael our guide and from the minute we left the airstrip we felt safe and secure in his presence. Over the next several days he demonstrated his knowledge of the wildlife and their habits and made our experience a true adventure. He is more than a guide, he is an ambassador for Tanzania and a dedicated conservator of the wildlife resource. We saw and photographed so many different animals and had so much fun with Michael as he has a very developed sense of humour. The rest of our tour with Big Five was to the Ngorongoro Conservation area and was also memorable. Words cannot truly express the experiences provided us by Big Five you have to go there yourself. Big Five live up to their name and reputation and are the professionals they say they are.
Travel Advisor:  Geordie McDonald
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A Little Bit of Heaven

By: bus driver

Reviewed on: 08 Aug 2017

We couldn't have asked for a better experience. We were looked after right off from the start. During the whole trip we felt safe. The staff couldn't have been more accommodating,friendly caring people. The bus driver and myself highly recommend the Big Five to all who want a trip of a lifetime. try them you will never go to another.
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By: Liz

Reviewed on: 11 Nov 2017

Very good. Have used Big Five on three different occasions and they provide an excellent service and itinerary leading to a very satisfying experience.
Travel Advisor:  Natasha Rhodes
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South America

By: big blue

Reviewed on: 04 Dec 2017

Wonderful experience with Big Five. The guides were uniformly excellent, both knowledgeable and very friendly. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of going to South America.
Travel Advisor:  Beth Washington
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Reviewed on: 21 Jan 2018

The guides provided by the tour operator were amicable, yet professional. They were there for us all of the time from arrival to departure. Alvin was the best in Santiago. Joaquin was the best en El Cajon del Maipo. Remota Hotel provided great facilities with great guides. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience.
Travel Advisor:  Misty Jones
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Thank you Big Five

By: Frequent Travelers

Reviewed on: 14 Apr 2018

Big Five was awesome! They kept our family busy in Costa Rica with hiking, fishing, zip lining, horseback riding and more. Big Five seemed to have the insight on where to go with the time we had. The tour services booked were wonderful with very kind and knowledgable guides. The accommodations chosen were top notch and our family would love to return one day with Big Five as our event coordinator once again! Thanks Big Five
Travel Advisor:  Jeannie Sauleau
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Excellent Tour Operator

By: Bill

Reviewed on: 02 Jun 2018

Big Five Tours is a great agency to work with in providing on the ground travel experiences. As part of our cruise, we did a pre-cruise to Hong Kong and India and post cruise to Egypt. Via our travel advisor, Clare Isquist, Big Five made it happen. The hotels and guides and the itinerary in country were excellent. No complaints. Their in country representatives were always available to assist if needed and were a great help with plane reservations and airport formalities. Without Big Five we do not think our trip would have been the experience of a lifetime that it was.
Travel Advisor:  Clare Isquith
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Great tour guides and drivers

By: Trendy Traveler

Reviewed on: 18 Jun 2018

We used Big Five for our trip to Peru the end of May 2018. Each of the drivers and guides were so accommodating and knowledgable. Freddie and Erika, our guides in the Urubamba Sacred Valley really bent over backwards for us. Freddie even came all the way back to the train station to deliver my husband's reading glasses that he had left in the car. We had so much fun with them that we got a group picture with them at the end to put in our photo book. I would use Big Five again, but my only complaint is that we had a small issue come up and when we tried to use the "White Glove Service", they did not respond to us. The problem resolved itself, but if it had been a big deal, this would have been very upsetting because we were paying for the service. Otherwise, all was taken care of and we had a great time.
Travel Advisor:  Carol Brant
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Very good... in line with expectations

By: Steve

Reviewed on: 03 Jul 2018

we didn't really have much contact with them... they seemed to help on the itinerary... had a problem with a bag in Arusha and their ground operator Tandela helped with that
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By: Happy Hamster

Reviewed on: 09 Aug 2018

I was nervous about going on a photo safari, but we were in very good hands with Big Five. We were met at each stop along the way by courteous and professional representatives even when our flight was 5 hours late on arrival. Our lodging at Kings Camp was the absolute lap of luxury and the guides, trackers and hotel staff were wonderful. We were also pleased with other arrangements at Victoria Falls and Chobe. We saw all of the 'big five' and so much more - birds of every color, animals small and large. I would definitely use them again.
Travel Advisor:  Joan Smith
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By: Tom

Reviewed on: 09 Aug 2018

We have done two trips to South/Central America planned by Big Five. Both have been filled with activities and multiple destinations. Big Five provides a detailed itinerary which is flawlessly executed. Representatives are on hand and on time when promised. Reservations are in place and we are welcomed upon arrival. Transportation from jeeps, to rafts, to small planes are in place and on time. Everything comes together perfectly. I'm confident there is a lot of behind the scenes calling and confirming going on during the trip but we just experience the wonder of the locations with no logistical responsibilities or problems. Oh, and the trips themselves have been amazing, activity-filled vacations delivering what we requested and more than we expected!
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Great trip

By: sai

Reviewed on: 09 Aug 2018

This was our first time traveling with Big Five. They were very responsive from the planning stage to during the trip. Could not have been better!
Travel Advisor:  Jane Rosenkrantz
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By: Sunny

Reviewed on: 10 Sep 2018

Very good-all experiences were favorable-tour guides were good and on time and very pleasent
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Big Five gets a high five

By: Dee

Reviewed on: 20 Oct 2018

Very impressive travel documents to prepare us for our South Africa adventure. Greatly appreciated the hotel upgrade to the Royal Livingstone. I’m sure they can’t guarantee upgrades but it was a very nice surprise.
Travel Advisor:  Arlene Humble
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South Africa

By: Lindale

Reviewed on: 27 Oct 2018

Excellent guide
Travel Advisor:  Arlene Humble
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Happy Traveler


Reviewed on: 20 Oct 2018

We enjoyed the things we saw and places we visited. They did an excellent job preparing a trip that suited the needs and desires of our group.
Travel Advisor:  Arlene Humble
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Family trip to Patagonia

By: Family trip to Patagonia

Reviewed on: 29 Oct 2018

Working with Big Five through Carissa Guylas was a great experience. They were very knowledgeable and helpful.
Travel Advisor:  Carissa Gulyas

Recent Africa trip

By: Tls

Reviewed on: 09 Nov 2018

Big five arranged an absolutely fantastic trip for us. All the arrangements worked very well, the pickups and local information were great, the camps were wonderful and perfectly chosen, and also all had their unique qualities. We had a fantastic wildlife viewing and got to see animal wildlife and desert adaptations. It was exactly the trip we had hoped for. Thank you Big Five!
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By: Maddy

Reviewed on: 13 Nov 2018

Have used this company before and would again
Travel Advisor:  Arlene Humble
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South Africa and Beyond

By: Leslie

Reviewed on: 20 Dec 2018

We have been on many trips but this was one of the was very well organized and there were no problems. The guides and drivers were excellent. We were always met when we were supposed to be and felt well looked after. The accommodations were all lovely and the various activities and excursions were incredible. Would love to do it all over again.
Travel Advisor:  Deanna Sutherland - Rigby
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big five

By: Me

Reviewed on: 30 Dec 2018

I would recommend Big Five - there were a couple of issues related to travel within Chile since the airport in Santiago is so messed up with the construction. however, the 2 lodges I was set up with in Pucon and San Pedro de Atacama were excellent and the excursions were fantastic. Almost everything was thought of and anticipated.
Travel Advisor:  Michael King
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A great guide makes a trip

By: CT Traveler

Reviewed on: 08 Jan 2019

Big Five helped our travel agent plan our trip to Peru. They matched us with Chris and Lalo - our amazing guide and driver. Chris is fun, knowledgeable, easy to spend time with and knows people everywhere. Lalo is a great driver (and the roads in the Cusco area are not easy!) and super nice. This team helped make our trip one we will never forget. Additionally, Big Five made some great suggestions for family activities - like rafting and horseback riding - that everyone enjoyed!
Travel Advisor:  Debbie Hires
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Egypt- Big 5

By: fjr

Reviewed on: 11 Jan 2019

The best thing about Big 5 is I don't have to think about anything- it's already done from the minute I land (For example entrance visa and hotel keys handed to me literally right off the flight). The guides are incredibly knowledgeable and the drivers great. Nothing is left to chance, or for me to figure out.
Travel Advisor:  Betsy Bouche
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Excellent Tour & Accommodations

By: The Great One

Reviewed on: 08 Mar 2019

Big Five was great and ensured our trip went smoothly. At no time, were we concerned about any phase of our trip. Their concierge service stayed in contact with us the entire trip and made sure we were aware of each step of the itinerary as the trip progressed. They have a reputation as being the best and we were never disappointed.
Travel Advisor:  Judy Gauthier
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We LOVED our trip!

By: Kate

Reviewed on: 22 Mar 2019

We had such an amazing experience in Morocco with Big Five. Our guide Jamal was absolutely amazing. We cried when we left him at the airport. He was so wonderful and knowledgeable. He made the trip unforgettable. And our driver Mohammed was also incredibly warm, professional and helpful. Big Five hit this trip out of the park. Huge thank you from our family..we will not forget this trip ever!
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Orr
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Peru & Ecuador Spring Break

By: Chris Mansfield

Reviewed on: 15 Apr 2019

Our experience in Peru and Ecuador was excellent. Big Five Tours really made our trip special -- guides were highly informative and personable, and we were met on time each and every day of our trip. Loved it!
Travel Advisor:  Shelley Rapp
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Great On Details

By: Ron

Reviewed on: 13 Apr 2019

We were extremely please with Big Five Tours for their assistance in planning and completing a tour of Morocco. Greetings and departures at airport was best we have experienced. Our itinerary was followed exactly and all details handled nicely. Great guide and driver, We would recommend using Big Five Tours.
Travel Advisor:  Sandra Staples
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Absolute Perfection!

By: Jen

Reviewed on: 19 Apr 2019

From the moment we arrived in Casablanca, we experienced pure perfection. Global Concierge services at all airports, 24/7 guide, Jamal, that was incredible and went above and beyond his job to make our trip memorable, perfect agenda and timing, superb accommodation suggestions including Richard Branson’s Kasbah, Agafay desert camp, and roads in Marrakech and Fes! Our camel riding, mule trekking, sidecar excursion thru Marrakech, cooking with Berbers in the Atlas Mountains, reservations at grand venues and contact throw out our trip! Everyone at Big Five deserves a high five for their work on our great trip! Thanks!
Travel Advisor:  Clare Isquith
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Loved Big 5....what a first class outfit

By: travelgirl53

Reviewed on: 30 May 2019

Big 5 was amazing. They met us at the airport, knew who we were through passport photos. They had an excellent guides, loads of fun, and absolute perfect tours during the whole trip. Every single guide we had was fun, very knowledgeable, and took excellent care of us
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Great Tour Operator

By: NF

Reviewed on: 29 Jul 2019

Big Five arranged a wonderful sightseeing trip to India. They provided excellent service from start to finish: planning, modifications to itinerary, support, followup. The trip was fantastic because they paid attention to every detail. The communication and support was great. I highly recommend Big Five for tour planning and will definitely use them again in the future.
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Another excellent trip

By: Steve

Reviewed on: 05 Sep 2019

We didn’t need to have any contact with Big 5 during the trip because everything went as planned... another great job
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Always a wonderful trip

By: Mark

Reviewed on: 14 Sep 2019

We have planned several trips through Big Five, and our experience is always amazing. Highly recommended.
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Peru trip 2019

By: Tina and Bryant

Reviewed on: 11 Sep 2019

Our trip to Peru could not have gone more smoothly. Big Five's ground game was exceptional...hotel selections were perfect, local hosts and guides were super-friendly and knowledgeable and all the moving parts of our trip came together perfectly. From the moment we arrived in country, the only thing we had to worry about was having a good time!
Travel Advisor:  Shelley Rapp
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Big Five Tanzania and Kenya

By: Tilley

Reviewed on: 05 Oct 2019

Big Five organized a fabulous trip. The three camp locations they suggested were perfect as was the accommodation and food. We spent three days each of the Ngorongoro Crater, in the Masai Mara near the location of the Great Migration and at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. The four of us had our own driver/guide for the duration of the stay at each location. Transfers by vehicle and airplane were well handled with someone to meet and guide us at each step on our journey. Their prices were competitive or even better than some other tour operators. The only thing that was a downer was the inordinate amount of time we spent figuring out who and how much to tip various service providers. An all-inclusive including tips would have been preferred.
Travel Advisor:  Sheila Gallant-Halloran
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South Africa

By: Lagoon

Reviewed on: 10 Oct 2019

Our tour operator (Big G) did a great job. He took good care of us and made sure every day was interesting. His goal was to make us happy and we also learned a lot about the history of south Africa. We do recommand Big G .
Travel Advisor:  Dianne Titlestad

Peru Big Five


Reviewed on: 14 Nov 2019

The guides were top notch. They were friendly, knowledgeable, professional and fun. Smooth transitions throughout the trip. Food was amazing on the trek and rafting trip. Special and surprise events were arranged. Our trip was amazing. There was one glitch. We were told not to worry about precipitation during our hike because it is the dry season. We ended up trekking in snow, rain, sleet and hail without waterproof gear. Maybe the guide and clients can speak directly in the future.
Travel Advisor:  Shelley Rapp

Trip to Chile and Argentina

By: Dickm

Reviewed on: 28 Nov 2019

Overall, a wonderful trip. The guides were all great. With one exception, all resorts and hotels were first class. My only criticism is that Big Five should have alerted us to some local conditions which might or might not have caused us to alter our plans. They did not tell us that on two of the long drives (approximately 6 hours each) more than 1/2 of the drives were on dirt roads, that our room at one lodge was heated by a wood burning stove which we had to refill every two hours, and that one lodge where we stayed for four days was a 2 hour drive from the National Park.
Travel Advisor:  Judi Walker

Colombia Trip

By: Josette

Reviewed on: 29 Dec 2019

We worked with Big Five through Misty Jones at Largay Travel, the joined planning and booking between the two tour operators worked very well. We look back on a very well organized family trip. Would like to also say that both our guides in Bogota and Medellin were very good guides!
Travel Advisor:  Nancy Borzino
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Tour Operator

By: Lee

Reviewed on: 05 Jan 2020

Excellent organization. Always on time, reliable and helpful and the guides were well informed and experienced
Travel Advisor:  Catherine Dagenais
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By: Jeanine

Reviewed on: 14 Jan 2020

From the moment we landed we were in great hands. Two intriguing cities, Medellin and Bogota, three great guides: Juan, Joseph and Maria and meaningful tours. We loved the slide in Comuna 13 and were humbled by the art and community. Bogotá’s rich history of markets and cultures and learning in depth of the history and struggles. The graffiti tour was fantastic, making our own graffiti was fun.
Travel Advisor:  Nancy Macleod
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Great communication

By: Traveller

Reviewed on: 11 Jan 2020

There was continual communication throughout our trip which was very nice.
Travel Advisor:  David Andersen
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Hollis Panama Trip

By: Myrtle

Reviewed on: 17 Feb 2020

Big Five did a great job. All of the locations and accommodations and excursions and guides and drivers and everyone we met exceeded expectations! We never lacked for attention and the plans were well laid out. We never had to wait on anyone. We would love to take another trip with Big 5 in the future!
Travel Advisor:  Charlotte French
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By: Alejandro

Reviewed on: 24 Feb 2020

Itinerary was very well planned to maximize interest and enjoyment. Guides were all very professional and interesting, and spoke good English; several were exceptional . Accommodations were excellent, special mention going to Cavas Wine Lodge.
Travel Advisor:  Lisa MacIver
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South America

By: Lisa

Reviewed on: 18 Feb 2020

Generally good; itinerary information needs better editing. Failure to communicate about VIP lounge at Rio airport.
Travel Advisor:  Becky Lamb
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South America Adventure

By: Kathy

Reviewed on: 26 Feb 2020

Our experience with Big Five was positive The local guides were friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful.
Travel Advisor:  Tim Wittstock

Wonderful Company

By: Susan Marshall

Reviewed on: 24 Feb 2020

We loved the La Pinta, including the staff, guides and excursions. The boat was our home away from home. This was an adventure of a lifetime for my sister and me. Great job! Please give our thanks to our Quito guide, Henry Espinoza and our 2 drivers. So knowledgable and enthusiastic.
Travel Advisor:  Beth Washington
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Top of the heap

By: LJ

Reviewed on: 04 Mar 2020

This is an amazing company, thank you Sandra for connecting us. Every thing was perfect, never did we have to question what or who was working with us. From the many stops to the flights and lodges it was all five star. The only difficulty is the lag time in answers before departure as this is an American based company. We were so impressed that they called us while on tour to check all was good. We will book with them again.
Travel Advisor:  Sandra Keeso-Hall

Anniversary Trip

By: Rachael and Thomas

Reviewed on: 26 Jul 2021

Every person within this tour group was marvelous. Everyone went out of their way to make sure you were comfortable and having a good time. The tour leader was knowledgeable in the history of Egypt and told the stories with such enthusiasm. We felt very safe while traveling as they provided security throughout the trip. Some of the shopping was a bit over the top expensive. I suppose if you are a collector of sorts this would be up your alley. I on the other hand am ok with low cost items that look nice and can serve as a conversation piece. Overall very good tour group and very attentive. At one point we were really crunched for time so they arranged for the COVID testers to meet us at the airport to perform our tests so the results would be back in time for our final departure. Talk about going ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty!!
Travel Advisor:  Katie Schmit
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Land of the Incas and more!

By: Eddie Villanova

Reviewed on: 22 Nov 2021

Our first experience with Big Five was a winner, spending about 10 days mostly in Peru with day in Quito, Ecuador. We had our own private guide and drivers throughout and became immersed in local culture visiting Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. We can't say enough about our guides' knowledge, enthusiasm and attention to detail at every turn, allowing us to fully enjoy the unique personalized experiences without any worries about travel logistics. Accommodations were always top quality with special local features not often found in standard hotels.
Travel Advisor:  Charlotte French
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Thoughts of Everything

By: Dr Marc

Reviewed on: 22 Dec 2021

This was my first trip with Big Five. Brought in to my trip plans by Michael King, Ashish Sanghrajka and his team proposed a four location tour of ancient and modern Egypt with the addition of a day to experience rural Egypt along the Nile River. Our guide, and Egyptologist has a Masters in ancient medicine and was thoroughly knowledgeable as well as personable, not afraid to offer opinions. An evening with a former UN specialist on women's rights helped immensely understanding recent Egyptian history and politics. Our drivers were magicians given Cairo traffic! I felt safe throughout the trip and very well cared for. I highly recommend Big Five's team.
Travel Advisor:  Michael King
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Costa Rica

By: Kathy

Reviewed on: 05 Mar 2022

Big Five Tours provided white glove and luxury travel experience. Never had to worry about being greeted or where to go or who to look for, or trying to handle transport , our connections were always taken care of. All the details were taken care.
Travel Advisor:  Laura Schelling
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Big 5

By: Barbara

Reviewed on: 13 Apr 2022

Knowledgeable Flexible Excellent sources Timely We’ll informed We were extremely happy with the effort and creativity that went into our two week trip. Every day was a learning experience about the country, snd filled with adventures.
Travel Advisor:  Amy Ongaro
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Very attentive. Great experience

By: Theresa

Reviewed on: 26 Jun 2022

The Big Five Guides were amazing. Very attentive to every detail.
Travel Advisor:  Catherine Dagenais
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By: Sk

Reviewed on: 25 Jun 2022

Big Five made our trip easy and seamless.
Travel Advisor:  Susan Morley
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Big Five was amazing

By: Michelle

Reviewed on: 15 Aug 2022

Everything was so smooth, I barely responded to the welcome communication via text because there wasn't a concern in the world. Our guides were amazing. I really liked them as people and they taught us so much. Vicki is so personable and knowledgable. Andy too. I will never forget the experience.
Travel Advisor:  Carrie Mandala CTA
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By: Goddess

Reviewed on: 08 Oct 2022

We were treated like royalty throughout my trip. We were told There were going to be some surprises. It was way more than we were expecting. The whole experience was magical. We will truly never forget this trip or the many wonderful people we met. I spoke to Ashish before the trip everything he told me was delivered. The surprise was amazing. My husband is now having flashbacks of our wonderful trip, and wishes he was back in Africa.
Travel Advisor:  Carissa Gulyas

South America

By: George

Reviewed on: 30 Oct 2022

I found the layout of the itinerary confusing and it was only two weeks before I left that I discovered changes needed to be made. However, I appreciated Big Five's expertise in executing these changes with minimal additional cost. Unfortunately there was a bit of confusion on a couple of the handoffs with the local agency. My travel agent helped me resolve the issues. I never received a direct contact from the "Warm Glove Service", which I found confusing. Shout out to our incredible guide at Machu PIcchu, Cristian Vera!
Travel Advisor:  Susan Morley
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Not Recommended

Worst guide ever, with 30 years experience

By: Hmmmmm

Reviewed on: 14 Nov 2022

A disappointment in multiple ways. No guidance from Big Five, organizing optimal travel segments. Resulted in excessive time in van. I took shots in the dark, organized the entire trip myself.. I imagined some guidance, but zero. Zero. Secondly, our tour guide was the worst I’ve had in thirty years of guided travel. Argumentative, and terrible at the most basic task of navigation. Appalling. I will never spend any money with this “tour guide” luxury travel again!
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By: Jackie

Reviewed on: 15 Dec 2022

Excellent. We had one tiny glitch ( not even a real glitch, just a disappointing hotel room) I sent an email, and the front desk called to move us within 10 minutes. Our drivers and guides were all top notch, and we really enjoyed their company. Our travel was effortless. My husband has never really wanted to go to Morocco. It’s been on my list, we are now planning a trip there this spring ONLY because Big Five works there. ( thank you Big Five!!)
Travel Advisor:  Robin Cline
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Brilliant Patagonia Trip

By: The Walls

Reviewed on: 19 Feb 2023

Our experience with Big Five was fabulous. The trip was very well organized. Great itinerary. Overall we truly had a trip of a lifetime and felt very “spoiled”. The price was certainly expensive but we saw some of the most impressive scenery and sights we have ever witnessed and stayed at some of the most luxurious properties with best service in our travels to date.
Travel Advisor:  Catherine Dagenais
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Italy with the Bassins

By: Tobi

Reviewed on: 11 Jan 2023

Local reps were great. They communicated with us, and were timely in their responses. The guides they sent were knowledgeable and kind. The drivers were prompt and went out of their ways for us.
Travel Advisor:  Crisney Lane

Big Five Review

By: Kate S

Reviewed on: 02 Feb 2023

Was an outstanding experience. Our guide, Santiago, was the best we've ever had. Definitely would recommend him along with the itinerary that was set up for us.
Travel Advisor:  Sharon Strickland
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Highly recommend

By: Jsquared

Reviewed on: 15 Oct 2013

In Chengdu our guide, Amanda, went above and beyond her responsibilities and made our stay there the highlight of the tour. We did not go through the locks on the Three Gorges Dam. Apparently the locks were shut down because of wind. However, when we reached the locks there was not even a breath of wind. We will be obliged if you could confirm the reason for the locks being closed,and in future pick a cruise ship that goes through the locks in daylight.
Travel Advisor:  Jodi Fox
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highly recommend

By: Sandy Z

Reviewed on: 02 Nov 2013

We used them for our most recent trip. The arrangements they made were very good. We had a few problems with flight time changes, but each time I emailed them and they were able to confirm the changes and reassure me that we would be picked up at the appropriate time at the other end. THey made good choices for hotels, and the cruise boat down the Amazon was fabulous!!
Travel Advisor:  Birgit Navarre
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Hardworking and experienced tour group

By: Not provided

Reviewed on: 20 Nov 2013

We've used Big Five Tours twice. The first experience had one or two bumps in the outcome but they corrected what could be done at the time and were attentive. We had doubts about their competency and experience but spent time going over the issues with them after the trip. After detailed discussions, we found them to be truly interested and they took our comments seriously. We decided to give them a 2nd chance with another large trip and they did a fabulous job!
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Very Accommodating

By: TGC and MJC

Reviewed on: 24 Nov 2013

Our trip to the the Galapagos Islands and Machi Picchu was fine tuned to our personal needs and time restrictions. The local tour companies in Ecuador (Klein Tours) and Peru (Fiesta Tours) were outstanding. Their staff and guides could not have been better. It was a trip of a lifetime.


By: jpriest

Reviewed on: 25 Jun 2014

Professional and timely

By: pelisons3

Reviewed on: 12 May 2015

Big Five provided a professional and individualized travel experience for us. Our guides were timely and informative and really seemed to want us to have a hassle free vacation while enjoying the beauty and culture of their country.
Travel Advisor:  Michele Vogel

Ditto previous comments

By: Jim

Reviewed on: 03 Nov 2015

See my other review that contains the same information -- altogether excellent!
Travel Advisor:  Honey Mistry

Thailand Myanmar

By: Been There

Reviewed on: 13 Mar 2016

Had a thoroughly enjoyable 17 day excursion to Bangkok, Amphawa, Chiang Mai, Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, and Inle Lake areas. Travel connections were made without complication. Transportation (buses, vans) were comfortable, drivers and assistants were up to the task, Guides were knowledgeable, helpful, flexible, personable and communicated effectively. Accommodations for the most part were in keeping with what we expected. The restaurant in the Baan Amphawa Resort accommodation should not have served us supper as their kitchen was closing. The breakfast meals were good and set one up for the day. The accommodation in the Inle Lake accommodation (Inle Princess Hotel) has very weak internet connection for those needing to receive email. A travel companion had her US dollar cash reserve eliminated as the internet failed and she could not pay by credit card. Their water system pulses and surges giving uneven pressure when washing/showering. Had restful sleep in all hotels.
Travel Advisor:  Nancy Ferragine
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Quito and the Galapagos Islands on the Aqua Mare

By: Scott and Fran

Reviewed on: 20 Feb 2023

Big Five and their personnel in Quito were great. From the time we got off the plane on arrival to our leaving Quito for flights out to the Galapagos someone was there to get us thru stress-free. We were especially grateful that our guide waited until we had all the special paperwork and clearances for the Galapagos before he took his leave. Guide and driver for our day in Quito made sure we were comfortable with all our stops and helped us realize our one day in Quito was just not enough.
Travel Advisor:  Stefany Ceccato

A country that amazes

By: Val

Reviewed on: 19 Feb 2023

Our Egypt experience was perfect start to finish. We felt taken care of every second. The accommodations were top notch. Our guide was fabulous.. we loved our last night dinner with Farrah. Nothing but the best.. would highly recommend!!
Travel Advisor:  Gail Rosenberg
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Can't imagine doing our trip without Big Five!

By: Steph

Reviewed on: 03 Mar 2023

Our experience with Big Five and their Ecuadorian representative, Gentian Trails, was wonderful. Our guide, Pablo, was outstanding in absolutely every respect, as was our driver Diego. They went over and above many times to take care of our every need whether it was sightseeing, eating at lovely small local restaurants, or arranging special visits and tours. We told Big Five what we were interested in seeing and doing and they provided everything we hoped for and more. We had some medical problems on the trip and our guide and Gentian were on top of every aspect of our care. They were in continual communication with us and willing to help in any way possible. Given that we didn't speak Spanish, and were not familiar with the country as a whole, the advice we got from Big Five and Gentian was invaluable. As the title says, we can't imagine having done this trip without them. We hope to use them again in the future and highly recommend them.
Travel Advisor:  Susan Morley

Amazing Trip to Chile

By: Hilary

Reviewed on: 13 Mar 2023

There were a lot of moving pieces to our trip. Every driver and tour guide they organized was professional and punctual and lovely. We had a wonderful time. The hotels they recommended were great and overall, we had an amazing trip.
Travel Advisor:  Cindi Mirchin-Work

Once in a Lifetime Adventure

By: tina

Reviewed on: 07 Apr 2023

Big Five did an amazing job of planning our adventure. They could have been more helpful. They had everything planned to the minute. The places we went were breathtaking. The hotels were unlike any we have visited. A special shoutout to Tamar and Ahmed Hagag for their amazing service and planning. Another shoutout to our fabulous guides. Nahed showed us Cairo and introduced us to some amazing food. Emad Aboyoussef did the remainder of the trip and was amazing. He was so helpful, and his information was unlimited. We felt that we had known him for years. They couldn't have done a better job. If you are planning a trip to Egypt, please use Big Five. They are the best!
Travel Advisor:  Sandra Staples
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Astonishing Experience in Guatemala

By: JV

Reviewed on: 08 May 2023

This was the second tour we've done with Big Five and I strongly recommend them. On this tour I thoroughly appreciated the provided local guides and focus on local sustainability. Our first local guide, Luisa, took the time to get to know our likes and dislikes and altered some of the activities for us which made the experience even more enriching. Big Five's white glove service was a life saver and helped us out a bind to find a solution when urgently needed. Each accommodation they recommended was unique and lovely and all arranged experiences were distinct! I can't wait to use them again.
Travel Advisor:  Charlotte French
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Buenos Rio

By: Omar75

Reviewed on: 20 May 2023

Overall, the big five tour experience was very good. Our arrival a Buenos Aires airport was exceptional. We were handled through customs seamlessly. The tour in Buenos Aires was very good and our tour guide was very knowledgeable. The experience at the San Antonio de Areco ranch was exceptional. The grounds were beautiful. Guest should be offered the opportunity to stay overnight at the San Antonio facility. Our tour guide at Iguazu was fantastic. The Grand Melia, was not prepared for arrival, which was disappointing. The falls and helicopter ride were breathtaking. The Belmond hotel was very nice and a two night stay would’ve been preferred. Rio de Janeiro was also fantastic. Our tour guide was excellent and the helicopter ride was breathtaking. Somehow we had a Jewish tour planned which we exchange for an African centered tour. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and flexible and took us to many of the must see as well as local only venues. Overall, we had a wonderful time.
Travel Advisor:  Michael King



Reviewed on: 24 Jun 2023

Absolutely fantastic! Slight hiccup with the exiting flights but we made our connections - it was caused by the airline's changes not Big Five.
Travel Advisor:  Julie Hinkle
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There are no words

By: Chris Fluker

Reviewed on: 04 Nov 2023

Worth every penny! (or nickel for my fellow Canadians) After a not so stellar experience in Italy and Greece with a terrible tour experience, Big5 absolutely showed what top dollar can get. They met, and exceeded, expectations. I was sick for most of my travels that month, but with the assistance of the hotels, tour manager, and mostly my tour guide kept me going for what was an eye opening experience. If possible I will return to Egypt to re experience what I did not get to see.
Travel Advisor:  Elizabeth Lakic
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Big 5

By: Ralph

Reviewed on: 07 Nov 2023

Tipping is a huge hassle. Please consider including all required tipping in the trip cost. Taking American money to tip in a foreign company does not work well.
Travel Advisor:  Arlene Humble
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Not Recommended

Nicaragua disaster

By: Joe

Reviewed on: 15 Jan 2024

Organization: Airport pick-up went well Scheduling the biggest tour after the day of arrival is cruel and insensitive to say the least, when people are expecting a day of rest after the travel. You simply can't take it in. Carriage ride, uninteresting cigar factory (at least with a clean bathroom) carriage ride to a museum, no time to explore Granada by foot. Lake Nicaragua, showing me birds that I have in my own backyard. Most interesting were the monkeys. Tons of boats destroying any modicum of tranquility. Laguna de Apoyo overcrowded. Atrocious food. Masaya Volcano totally overrun. Hard to find a spot to view the lava and one kid almost knocked my cell phone out of my hand taking pictures. I was tired and wanted to go back to the hotel but the guides insisted to drive another hour to get to a cheap chicken shack to pick up their dinners. Hotel has seen its better days. The premises are unsafe with dim lighting at night. Hotel has seen its better days. The premises are unsafe.
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Big Five gets Big thanks!

By: Tobi

Reviewed on: 15 Jan 2024

Greats guides, greats tours and drivers. I highly recommend this company. Very professional. We have had all great experiences.
Travel Advisor:  Crisney Lane
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By: Monty

Reviewed on: 26 Jan 2024

Very good. Would recommend the boat Seaman Journey to anyone; good vessel and crew, unless you are a foodie or expect good food on board. Not bad; just mediocre.
Travel Advisor:  Wendy Chambers
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South America

By: Amy

Reviewed on: 07 Apr 2024

All the guides, hotels, drivers were exceptional! Everything was top notch
Travel Advisor:  Samantha Cohen
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Adaptable itineraries and great guides

By: diamondspgs

Reviewed on: 16 Apr 2024

We had a couple of Zoom calls with Big 5 to rework the itinerary to add in stops and remove other stops. Once in Sri Lanka, we met Indika (our guide) and Thushara (our driver). Both men were extremely easy to travel with and Indika was indispensable in helping us fill the days of leisure built into the itinerary. Indika knew we both loved photography and on the day we were to leave Jaffna he suggested a sunrise trip to the Jaffna causeway. (The previous day I had asked the driver to stop at the causeway because the view was so lovely). At sunrise it was even more photogenic. Indika delayed our visit to Anuradhapura so we would be there in the late afternoon and evening to avoid the hot sun and experience the Buddhist ceremonies. In Tangalle he took us to a Rekawa Beach to observe turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs and the last day on the way to Colombo, Indika took us first to the Tsunami memorials and then to a small home cinnamon harvesting operation. He was a wonderful guide!
Travel Advisor:  Mandy Pullin
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Great Adventures in Peru

By: VA

Reviewed on: 04 May 2024

Our destinations through Peru were wonderful especially Cusco, Sacred Valley and Lima. The guides in these cities were historians, archeologists and excellent resources. Arequipa was lovely and most interesting but I was not wowed with the excursion to the rock quarry. We went on a tour of the Basilica on our own.
Travel Advisor:  Crisney Lane

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