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Southern World is a privately owned Inbound Tour Company ( OnSite ) and a founding member of Virtuoso, with offices in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Personal service is the key to designing the perfect itinerary and over 25 years, Southern World has developed a reputation for exceeding client expectations. Our team of experienced Destination Specialist has first-hand knowledge of the best accommodation, experiences, and components that are required provide seamless travel arrangements. Remember we only work with Tour Companies and Travel Agents and not consumers.

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Australia Travel

By: S&J

Reviewed on: 14 Mar 2018

They were great to work with. We had a situation that they needed to assist us with and it was handled efficiently and to our satisfaction.
Travel Advisor:  Kris Nosworthy

Top notch tour operator

By: Bill S

Reviewed on: 25 Mar 2018

Our trip advisor worked with Southern World New Zealand to build a custom add-on to the end of a group tour which extended and broadened our travels through this marvelous and beautiful country. This allowed us to see and do many things not covered in the first part of our trip. Southern World's drivers and guides were knowledgeable, friendly and had a passion for sharing the highlights of their country. Our itinerary was set up using reference numbers rather than cumbersome tickets or vouchers. Bookings for hotels, transfers and side tours were seamless.
Travel Advisor:  Cate Caruso

New Zealand honeymoon

By: Koch

Reviewed on: 10 Apr 2018

Southern World was helpful to work with. They had great suggestions of lodging and spaced out all that we wanted to do within the two weeks that we were there. When weather became and issue, they helped with either rescheduling it or refunding us. They were available whenever we needed them. We would get to our hotel or B & B and there would be an email from them with updates and times of events for the next couple days. It was nice to know they were keeping us in the loop of things. Thank you for all your help!
Travel Advisor:  Josh King


By: Cat lover

Reviewed on: 12 Dec 2018

An amazing experience. Everyone was kind knowledgeable and genuinely supportive of you seeing and experiencing what you wanted Everyone was so proud and knowledgeable about their country and so willing to share info and answer all questions This experience surpassed my expectations
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Streicher

October 2018 tour of New Zealand

By: Tony

Reviewed on: 14 Nov 2018

We recently completed a long trip throughout New Zealand; our local agent enlisted Southern World New Zealand for all of our NZ travel. Out trip: arrangements, accommodations, transfers, car rentals, and personalized guidebooks were professional and first-class. Many thanks go to Southern World and our destination agent Sandrine Blanc! We can recommend Southern World highly.
Travel Advisor:  Tammy Jones-Deem

New Zealand 21 Day Trip

By: Kiwi

Reviewed on: 20 Dec 2018

They booked the itinerary, the hotels, the rental car, the ferry and the tours. Everything was excellent.
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Streicher

Came through in the crunch

By: Lynn

Reviewed on: 21 Dec 2018

They did a great job of creating our trip around New Zealand. When weather caused us to be stuck in Queenstown they answered our phone call at 6am as we took it upon ourselves to have a car drives out to Christchurch. They delt with ANZ quickly and got us on flights to our next destination. We were really amazed a real person answered the phone at such an early hour and copied our New Wave rep Belle, who called to ensure we were ok. All much appreciated.
Travel Advisor:  Belle Araneta

Great Tours

By: Nancy

Reviewed on: 11 Jan 2019

We were very happy with the tours. The staff were very professional and polite. We had no issues and it was very easy to coordinate. We highly recommend Southern World New Zealand.
Travel Advisor:  Anchulee Carranza

Good experience

By: Wandere

Reviewed on: 03 Mar 2019

Southern world: did 2 tours. Everything went as planned. Enjoyed
Travel Advisor:  Kim Paterson

Great Service

By: Nelie

Reviewed on: 19 Mar 2019

We got to our first hotel and they had a book with our trip itinerary. I would use them again.
Travel Advisor:  Josh King

Great trip!

By: Mac and Rose

Reviewed on: 09 Apr 2019

Our trip went off without a hitch. We just showed up and everything was taken care of. The tours were amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed our time in New Zealand.
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Streicher

Southern World New Zealand

By: Down Under

Reviewed on: 25 Mar 2019

An excellent company! Tour book available upon arrival at hotel, All tours on time! Extremely well organized!!
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Streicher

19 Day Ultimate Rail, Cruise & Coach Experience (Grand Pacific Tours)

By: Dave & Colleen Thompson

Reviewed on: 04 Apr 2019

The logistics (i.e. airport transfers & hotels) at the beginning, and the end, of the Grand Pacific Tour were excellent. The Grand Pacific Tour, “19 Day Ultimate Rail, Cruise & Coach Experience,” was excellent. We felt the Tour hit the highlights of New Zealand at a reasonable pace. Some of the mornings were early, but not all the time. We especially liked the small group (20 people); the comforts of the coach; and the fact that most hotel stays were two nights. While the bus driver (Chris Hannah), was also the Tour Director, he did an excellent job managing both. Chris was informative, but we did not feel he talked too much. The hotel accommodations were very good, and the beds comforable. We arrived a day prior to the Tour & arranged a separate Tour of the Hobbiton Movie Set.
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Streicher


By: Rowe

Reviewed on: 11 Apr 2019

It's unclear what parts of the trip were the responsibility of Southern World New Zealand. Everything went well. Our tour guides were exceptional, on time, fun and knowledgeable.
Travel Advisor:  Katie Schmit

Great service!

By: Mcfar

Reviewed on: 11 Apr 2019

The tours and accommodations were excellent and everything went very smoothly on our trip. Highly recommend them! They made our trip so easy, all we had to do was show up!
Travel Advisor:  Katie Schmit

Made it down under

By: Crux

Reviewed on: 21 Apr 2019

We were very impressed with Southern World. We had great accommodations, great tours, and everything worked out as planned. We appreciated how all of our bookings were confirmed and they all knew who we were before we could even provide our confirmation info.
Travel Advisor:  Susan Morley

New Zealand trip

By: Chuck P

Reviewed on: 06 May 2019

Awesome job with everything
Travel Advisor:  Katie Schmit

Southern World NZ

By: Chuck F

Reviewed on: 18 Jun 2019

We had a wonderful experience with Southern World NZ with our travels in Christchurch and in Queenstown.
Travel Advisor:  Katie Schmit

Lovely time in kiwi islands

By: Ann

Reviewed on: 31 Oct 2019

Beautiful islands and hassle free tours by ferry, coach, and train. Tours were always on time and pickups were always reliable. Hotels arranged were great, close to CBD , safe and clean. .
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Streicher
Not Recommended

New Zealand tour

By: Brian

Reviewed on: 29 Nov 2019

You dropped the ball on all fronts

Beautiful country

By: Catherine

Reviewed on: 17 Dec 2019

Our experiences in New Zealand were varied. We had the opportunity for different experiences: we didn't know that a tour bus was really a dune buggy! The times at sea to view whales, dolphins, fish farms … were wonderful. Again, the tour guides worked hard to ensure that all of their clients had great experiences. Everyone was friendly and the hotels were comfortable and well located. The 4WD tour in Queenstown was a bit much for our 75-year-old legs, but we were given the option of climbing an 800 foot high lateral moraine and did it, somehow. The wine tours were great, even the bicycle tour in Martinborough, where we managed to dodge light and heavy intermittent rain, and managed to have a great day touring and sipping. It is difficult to choose a highlight as there were so many. Please note, however, that the hotel in Wellington wanted $50/night for parking so we turned the rental car in 2 days early and used local buses instead.
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Streicher

NZ Trip

By: Michael

Reviewed on: 12 Dec 2019

I thought everything with my trip proceeded smoothly. All pick ups were on time and where they were supposed to be.
Travel Advisor:  Katie Schmit

New Zealand

By: Marlo

Reviewed on: 23 Dec 2019

If the weather had cooperated it would have been perfect. The agents can't fix weather. They did great.
Travel Advisor:  Sarah Johnson

No worries on these travels!

By: Makaras

Reviewed on: 04 Jan 2020

Southern World was a great group to work with. They put together a fabulous vacation for us and utilized vendors who were knowledgeable, punctual and professional. Everything was planned to perfection and we had no trouble at all throughout our entire journey. Thank you so much for a wonderful vacation! We can't wait to go back to New Zealand some day.
Travel Advisor:  Sarah Johnson


By: Offthewall

Reviewed on: 27 Feb 2020

The driver, commentator on the North Island was old, mumbled, often talked about the other drivers on the roads, boring and inappropriate in his personal stories and on several occasions, actually damaged the bus with his poor driving skills- ie backed into a pole while parking and put a scratch at eye level across 2 windows when he went too close to the edge of the road-very frightening. The South Island driver, a Moira, was fabulous- imparted a wealth of knowledge about the scenes we were passing, Moira hx and very entertaining. Kevin, the guide bent over backwards to make everyone happy, was always pleasant and helpful and diplomatic. He spent TOO MUCH time each day selling excursions, my big complaint. For that price many more should have been included. Too long on the bus each day. More walk around stops to view sites, less long hauls in between. Often arrived to late at destinations to have time to walk around to see things. Some hotels were NOT 4 star by any means.
Travel Advisor:  Sheila Gallant-Halloran

Holiday to New Zealand

By: Debbie

Reviewed on: 08 Mar 2020

We had minimal contact with them, but due to weather one day on the itinerary had to be changed. They contacted us and advised us of the situation, and let us make up our mind as to what we wanted to do.
Travel Advisor:  Monika Dysart

Very knowledgeable Tour Operator

By: Matt

Reviewed on: 21 Mar 2020

Southern World New Zealand specializes in the ENTIRE country of New Zealand. Their access to a huge selection of tours, operators, lodging, sites, private drivers, and anything else you could want is impressive. There were a couple minor mix-ups that did no harm, and one big issue that nearly left me crying (the minor ones were on their end, the major one was ALL MY FAULT, yet they fixed it!). I'd highly recommend any chance to visit New Zealand, but if you do, definitely use Southern World New Zealand as your guide. You won't regret it (and Emily is great if you happen to end up with her handling your arrangements!).
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Renae Torgerson

Southern World NZ did everything correctly

By: VandJ_C

Reviewed on: 24 Mar 2020

Our agent set up everything from hotels, tours, and rentals through Southern World NZ and everything was scheduled as our itinerary stated. There were no surprises, which means everything was great.
Travel Advisor:  Katie Schmit

Southern World New Zealand is great!

By: L&S Rae

Reviewed on: 15 Aug 2022

We had awesome tours and guides for every activity we did. Timing was great for each day they planned in that we had plenty to see and do yet we had the down-time we needed.
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Streicher

Very Helpful

By: Andrew & Annika

Reviewed on: 20 Feb 2023

Coordinated the final leg of our honeymoon in Auckland/Wahiki. Great experience
Travel Advisor:  Andrea Schubiner

New Zealand Dec 2022

By: 10 Pitches

Reviewed on: 10 Jan 2023

I didnt get a chance to deal with Southern World directly. I initially worked with Paper Ink (Sarah Johnson) Once in New Zealand, Southern World and I would miss each other .. Not sure if this was due to time zone differences, working hours, or phone issues. Before the trip, the main activities I was interested in were ones that SW could not help with (climbing, mtn biking). So, for much of the trip, I had to plan and book myself. I suppose the average traveler would get more out of SW. Also, I specified that I would rather stay in less expensive hotels (even camping), but SW doesnt seem to have relationships with average hotels. So I mostly stayed in higher end hotels .. which was nice .. but more expensive and typically I was only at hotels for sleeping and breakfasts (I was always out hiking, biking, paddling, climbing). So, I wasnt able to take advantage of amenities I was paying for.
Travel Advisor:  Sarah Johnson

Above and Beyond

By: Blakely Graham

Reviewed on: 17 Jan 2023

Southern World took an already incredible trip and elevated even further. They were with us every step of the way, from reuniting with lost luggage to ad-hoc communication, whether about the best road stop detour or simply best fish & chip recommendation. The Southern World team has the unique ability to deliver luxury yet make you feel right at home. We felt taken care of every step of the way and appreciated having them as our tour operators. Their network of guides is incredible, each excursion competed for the most memorable. Highly recommend this team, we can't wait to go back to New Zealand!
Travel Advisor:  Jessica Walker

I would recommend them.

By: Curly Joe

Reviewed on: 20 Jan 2023

Southern World New Zealand did a nice job. Very pleased overall. I'd recommend just a couple of improvements, but I'd use them again. Suggested improvements: - Should have recommended that we fly into Queenstown instead of ChristChurch since we were going to Mt Cook and flying into Queenstown would have saved us about 1 1/2 hours of extra driving. - Would have been helpful if they had notified us that we'd be with the same driver for 5 days. The driver was truly outstanding - so that was great - but it took us a little while to figure out that he was going to be with us for a while. No big deal; just a small suggestion. - Told us that private boats were not available for Milford Sound. We did our own searching and within 15 minutes found a private boat option, which turned out great.
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Cohen-Dumani

Floods? No Problem!

By: R&I

Reviewed on: 06 Feb 2023

When historic flooding closed much of Auckland including the airport, Tim Reid and Ange Pirie of Southern World NZ worked tirelessly to minimize the impact to our itinerary (we were supposed to fly from Taupo to Auckland and tour the surrounding environs) with seamless communication and coordination between lodging staff and drivers. In the end, we experienced the North Island via an improvised, though no less interesting and beautiful journey. It pays to use professionals.
Travel Advisor:  Eleanor Hardy

Very efficient

By: Demps

Reviewed on: 17 Feb 2023

They looked after every aspect on the ground in New Zealand. Very pleasant people to work with.
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Renae Torgerson

New Zealand

By: Rafe

Reviewed on: 14 Feb 2023

LOVED New Zealand. Spectacular vistas around every corner. Glad we had a car rental and booked our land itinerary. Initially planned a cruise but were unable to reach all the places we wanted to visit from the cruise ports. Weather was perfect - sunny every day but one and enjoyed all the outdoor activiities. Especially liked the flight to Milford Sound and the cruise in the fiord. Also enjoyed out wine tour on Waiheke Island.
Travel Advisor:  JoAnne Patterson

Trip to New Zealand

By: J&E

Reviewed on: 24 Feb 2023

Southern World did a great job of booking our outings and accommodations. Everything went so smoothly and without a hitch.
Travel Advisor:  Katie Hunter

One month in New Zealand

By: Holly

Reviewed on: 24 Mar 2023

We were impressed with the personal itinerary books on arrival. We had never had one before, and it was so nice to have. It will also be a wonderful keepsake. Having a person in New Zealand that we could contact directly was invaluable when I became sick with COVID and changes had to be made. She also faxed information about our TransAlpine train cancellation directly to our accommodation and made sure that the manager came directly to us with this information. We felt well taken care of and glad that our trip was booked through the travel agency.
Travel Advisor:  Dianne Titlestad

NZ Vacation

By: Rupe’s

Reviewed on: 03 Apr 2023

We always had transportation on time and they were all very friendly
Travel Advisor:  Sarah Johnson

Frazier trip through New Zealand

By: Mack F

Reviewed on: 10 Apr 2023

Southern World NZ provided constant attention to our trip and arrangements. From the Itinerary awaiting us at our hotel in Wellington to the last ride to the International Airport in Auckland all arrangements were flawlessly executed. The drivers were most pleasant and punctual. The drivers we had throughout the trip accommodated us at every turn. Marilee and I cannot thank you enough for you attention to detail and effort to make us feel welcome to New Zealand
Travel Advisor:  Rachel Hardy


By: alysontx

Reviewed on: 09 Apr 2023

Southern World New Zealand was fabulous to work with- they kept us informed of any changes to our itinerary and every place was so wonderful!
Travel Advisor:  Laura Bassett

Southern Tours

By: Pat

Reviewed on: 22 Apr 2023

All good! Timing was was great, accommodations perfect and transportation services were great.
Travel Advisor:  Francoise Campbell

A Gorgeous and Easy Getaway

By: Lorraine

Reviewed on: 05 Jun 2023

Everything about the trip was exactly what we wanted. Patricia and the team really worked hard to ensure that all our ideas were included or improved upon. All the hassle of a long and adventurous trip was removed, and we were free to simply marvel at the beauty, relax and enjoy delicious food and wine. I definitely recommend them!
Travel Advisor:  Patricia Stone

The Best

By: Bert

Reviewed on: 23 Jun 2023

SWNZ nailed it! From flying into Queenstown, to traveling north and then ultimately flying out of Auckland, they picked the best. Our favorite driver was a gentleman named Alister Tod. He was so kind, knowledgeable and fun. One day we didn't have a lot going on, so he suggested a couple hours of fishing. We all caught a beautiful rainbow trout and he ended up taking them to a local restaurant and asked the chef to cook them up for us for dinner. Wow! What an incredible experience. We will never forget that.
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Renae Torgerson

Amazing New Zealand Experience

By: Camille

Reviewed on: 11 Jul 2023

Southern New World New Zealand put together an amazing trip covering both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. We had a five star experience with all our accommodations, transportation and activity services. Everything went so smoothly and we were able to completely focus on immersing ourselves in our experiences and not worry about any of the details.
Travel Advisor:  Crisney Lane

The Australian Leg

By: DownUnder

Reviewed on: 18 Oct 2023

We have been very pleased with the activities Southern World booked for us on our three week journey in Australia. Sadly, due to high winds, our snorkeling trip at the Great Barrier Reef was not as pleasant as we had hoped but the crew of the boat, Ocean Free were phenomenal! The sailboat was an excellent choice! Lunch and snacks were delicious. The wetsuits were great! The captain was fantastic! Can’t say enough! Our next stop was the magical home of the indigenous Anangu, Uluru and Kate Tjuta. The SIET tour guide was brilliant relaying the folklore of the Anangu, the geological creation of these monumental mountains as well as info about the modern day lives of the Anangu. We were very impressed! In Sydney, the captain of Harbor Days Sailing was another star guide. We had expected a sail in the harbor…we did not know we were also going to learn more than we can possibly remember about Sydney From the founding of Sydney to Elton John’s first wedding an amazing font of info!
Travel Advisor:  Carissa Gulyas

Brief New Zealand


Reviewed on: 31 Oct 2023

OK, with limited time to complete more detailed experiences.
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Streicher

New Zealand 2023

By: Lucy and Ethel

Reviewed on: 18 Nov 2023

During our 2023 ‘down-under’ holiday, Maureen also used Southern World New Zealand. Our guides were very knowledgeable and engaging and loved their country. They went the extra mile in assuring our New Zealand holiday was a memorable one. Would definitely recommend.
Travel Advisor:  Maureen Paap

New Zealand

By: Carlee

Reviewed on: 22 Nov 2023

We didn't have much direct interaction with Southern World New Zealand, but our trip was great. We got delayed a day on the way out due to airline issues, but everything else went so smoothly I hardly even noticed it.
Travel Advisor:  Michael King

By: Not provided

Reviewed on: 20 Nov 2013

All venues and side trips were well organized and we were pleased with the attention

Visit of a Lifetime! Love NZ!

By: TomInNaples

Reviewed on: 26 Nov 2015

Queenstown, Wellington, Kerikeri, Auckland...just fabulous! We were blessed with good weather. This allowed for a helicopter tour of Milford Sound, including a landing on a glacier, tour of a working sheep farm (6,000 acres), sailing on a 54' catamoran, driving tour of the North Island, watching bungee jumping, a wonderful wine tour...need I say more? Our accomodations were all first class! People and service a "10"! Seriously, one of the best trips we have ever taken.
Travel Advisor:  Jen Mitchell

Wonderful Sightseeing Trip

By: Nebraska John

Reviewed on: 12 Jan 2017

Our tour guide, Julia, was friendly, pleasant, and professional. She was very familiar with the places we visited and was able to solve any problem that occurred (we were a little late arriving at the glowworm cave but Julia called ahead and got us on the next tour). She kept drinks and snacks in the vehicle which was much appreciated. I enjoyed our discussions concerning the differences between New Zealand and American cultures. On our last day Julia found a wonderful place to have a late lunch before going to the Auckland airport. The Villa Marie winery is only a ten-minute ride from the airport but is in a world of its own. Beautiful grounds, great food, and, of course, great wine. What a wonderful place to conclude our trip. Julia provided first class service and even kept me from stepping out into oncoming traffic. I'm used to looking left before crossing the street but learned quickly that in New Zealand you first look right before crossing the street.
Travel Advisor:  Paula Kay Eastham

Nz southern world

By: Kay

Reviewed on: 16 Feb 2017

Fabulous, above and beyond excellent customer service in difficult circumstances

New Zealand

By: Duke

Reviewed on: 04 Mar 2017

Every hotel was first class and exceeded our expectations, our planned activities were extremely enjoyable and without any problems and our car rentals were exactly as planned. We would diffinately use Joanne and this agency again.
Travel Advisor:  JoAnne Patterson

No Question--THE trip of a Lifetime!!!

By: Darragh

Reviewed on: 28 Mar 2017

There are not enough words to say how wonderful our experience was---from start to finish. Susan Ward, Custom Travel Advisors, made us feel like we were the most important clients she had. Her attention to every detail and every question (and we had many!) was incredibly thorough and amazing! Tim Reid, Southern World NZ, was also super to work with. We spent many hours working out details with Tim and Susan to make our trip PERFECT! Tim even re-arranged a scheduled tour at the last minute while we were on the trip due to weather issues. Every time we see the photos we took, we are reminded of the incredible memories that were created in NZ. Thank you Susan and Tim!
Travel Advisor:  Susan Ward Forbes

Milford Trek

By: Scottsdale

Reviewed on: 30 Mar 2017

Our Advisor, Jodi Buskin, partnered with Southern World and we enjoyed an effortless three weeks in New Zealand as a result. The one glitch at the end was easily rectified and the providers relationship with Southern World is strong enough that they were willing to step in with the confidence that it would be worked out without inconveniencing us. Most important, we appreciated the guidance and recommendations that Southern World provided and the most enjoyable aspects of the trip were a result of decisions they made on our behalf.
Travel Advisor:  Jodi Green

New Zealand

By: AlexandMarie

Reviewed on: 12 Dec 2017

Southern World know New Zealand and helped us make the best of our time there. Their staff was professional. They especially made all the transfers and tours most enjoyable. All the accommodation arranged was terrific.

Well planned

By: RC

Reviewed on: 05 Feb 2018

Good timing Professional Excellent company
Travel Advisor:  Janie Bullard

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