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Carey International, Inc.

Carey International: A Virtuoso Travel preferred supplier and trusted leader of innovative private chauffeur ground transportation service in more than 1000 global cities worldwide. Carey’s award-winning global network offers consistent standards of service & safety for Virtuoso travel advisors and their clients across two distinct Carey International service brands. * Carey® features a world-class fleet of executive and luxury vehicles, a team of professional chauffeurs and a full portfolio of specialized management services including;

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Very efficient

By: Darian

Reviewed on: 14 May 2014

The car transfers from LGA to our hotel and back to LGA were seamless and effortless.  Our drivers were courteous, safe and professional. I would definitely use them again.
Travel Advisor:  Caroline Chandra

London Holiday

By: Kat

Reviewed on: 23 Aug 2014

'Service With A Smile' is the way I describe Carey. Our driver was awesome, from prompt pickup to hotel drop off. Thank you so much to Carey Driving Service for your professionalism.
Travel Advisor:  Pam Hopper

Great Service

By: KY Colonel

Reviewed on: 25 Nov 2014

Carey has always nice, well dressed drivers in nice, clean vehicles. I can count on them, and because of this, I have been using Carey more and more.
Travel Advisor:  Ellen Wyler

Friendly Expert Service

By: Mike

Reviewed on: 19 Jun 2015

The driver met us near our luggage pickup location at the airport. He was friendly and professional.
Travel Advisor:  Patty Perry

Excellent Driver

By: Ames

Reviewed on: 19 Jun 2015

Our driver was wonderful and took us any where we wanted to go!
Travel Advisor:  Beth Flowers

Excellent Service, Timely, Efficient

By: Grateful Traveller

Reviewed on: 09 Jul 2015

Very good service, always prompt and attentive
Travel Advisor:  Bettie Lee

Expert Friendly Service

By: Traveler345

Reviewed on: 22 May 2016

Arrived on time, very professional, courteous and friendly. Assisted everyone with boarding and unloading at the airport. Would recommend.
Travel Advisor:  Sandra Staples

Outstanding service!

By: Roger

Reviewed on: 25 Sep 2016

A wonderful gentleman provided us with perfect service!
Travel Advisor:  Leyna Huber

Expert service

By: Latif77

Reviewed on: 10 Nov 2016

Friendly service and will definitely use this company again
Travel Advisor:  Jessica Hart

Timely, professional service

By: Kim

Reviewed on: 15 Nov 2016

Timely, attentive and comfortable! Made travel to Puerto Rico effortless!
Travel Advisor:  Heather Loss


By: xo

Reviewed on: 08 Feb 2017

Carey was punctual and provided good service.
Travel Advisor:  Henya Lish-Gebeloff


By: RK

Reviewed on: 14 Feb 2017

Always top notch. On time and very good.
Travel Advisor:  Gayle Soloe


By: Margie

Reviewed on: 14 Feb 2017

Excellent and on time
Travel Advisor:  Kip Abbott

Limo Service

By: John

Reviewed on: 23 Feb 2017

Great, really great
Travel Advisor:  Gianna (Jenny) Serena

Travel with Carey

By: Colonel

Reviewed on: 24 Mar 2017

I have used Carey for many trips through the years. Their service is always prompt, courteous and efficient. I am quite pleased with their service.
Travel Advisor:  Kathy Dorfman

pick up and deliver

By: anonymous

Reviewed on: 27 Mar 2017

They did their job well.
Travel Advisor:  Kip Abbott

Orlando Transfers

By: Julie R

Reviewed on: 22 Apr 2017

We used Carey three times on our recent vacation. They provided transportation from the airport to our hotel, then to the cruise terminal and finally back to the airport. All three trips were enjoyable.
Travel Advisor:  Wayne Muhlstein


By: Joseph

Reviewed on: 22 May 2017

Both pick up and delivery to hotel and back to airport were good. The delivery to dock was challenging.
Travel Advisor:  Stephanie Meckert

A better transfer

By: Claire and andrew

Reviewed on: 09 Jul 2017

Superb service. We were so pleased to disembark and have our Carey driver there for us.
Travel Advisor:  Francine Leduc

car service

By: macky

Reviewed on: 13 Jul 2017

On time, helpful and curious
Travel Advisor:  Kym Harrell

Luxury Pickup

By: diana

Reviewed on: 24 Jul 2017

Excellent service. Timely. Professional and courteous. Provided insight in cities we were visiting.
Travel Advisor:  Caroline Chandra

On time

By: Tony

Reviewed on: 21 Jul 2017

Driver was on time. Car was clean and the driver courteous.
Travel Advisor:  Stuart Stone

Working with Carey

By: Julius

Reviewed on: 31 Aug 2017

It has always been a pleasure. Carey drivers are proficient and courteous. Their vehicles are clean and well serviced. They arrive and deliver us to our destinations promptly.
Travel Advisor:  Kathy Dorfman



Reviewed on: 24 Oct 2017

Travel Advisor:  Brigitte Feinberg

Great Service

By: Caligula

Reviewed on: 20 Nov 2017

Carey drivers are knowledgeable and courteous. The vehicles are large and comfortable and punctual. I have frequently used Carey and will continue to do so.
Travel Advisor:  Kathy Dorfman

So nice

By: Debbie

Reviewed on: 07 Dec 2017

Both drivers we encountered were so friendly and accommodating. A very nice experience.
Travel Advisor:  Jason Swaye

Excellent service

By: Mary B

Reviewed on: 17 Dec 2017

I needed airport transfers in several countries and Carey arranged them for me. The drivers were prompt, professional and safe.
Travel Advisor:  Courtney Regan

Hotel shuttle

By: Jim

Reviewed on: 04 Jan 2018

Good service and knowledgeable, polite drivers
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Hollo

Service Review

By: Tinker

Reviewed on: 06 Jan 2018

Picked us up on time and got us to our locations smoothly.
Travel Advisor:  Sandra Staples


By: Pamela

Reviewed on: 08 Jan 2018

Having a car service while on vacation is very convenient. My family and I were able to travel comfortable and worry free. The drivers were knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely recommend
Travel Advisor:  Julie Boulanger Taylor

Carey ship transport

By: Richard

Reviewed on: 19 Jan 2018

Excellent service. On-time, helpful and courteous driver. Very comfortable van.
Travel Advisor:  Ramona Holbrook


By: Judith

Reviewed on: 29 Jan 2018

Carey International provided a fantastic solution to getting 6 adults with luggage to and from the airport with ease, no matter what time of day!
Travel Advisor:  Aline Coleman


By: Horseychick

Reviewed on: 03 Feb 2018

Great experience with these drivers all very helpful.

Good service

By: John

Reviewed on: 14 Feb 2018

Not cheap but excellent service from JFK to hotel door to door. All on time, pleasant drivers.
Travel Advisor:  Barbara Weber


By: Ric

Reviewed on: 20 Mar 2018

I have used Carey services for over 10 years. They are always prompt and courteous. They are always my first choice
Travel Advisor:  Linda Barber
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A Wonderful Car Service

By: Harry

Reviewed on: 29 Mar 2018

Carey has transported my wife and myself on many occasions. They have always done a wonderful job. Their drivers are proficient and courteous; their vehicles are large, clean and comfortable; departures and arrivals are on schedule.
Travel Advisor:  Kathy Dorfman


By: Sally

Reviewed on: 04 Apr 2018

The drivers were very courteous and helpful.
Travel Advisor:  Kip Abbott

Negotiating LaGuardia and Manhattan with Carey International

By: needtorelax

Reviewed on: 02 Jun 2018

I have been grateful for Carey many times, and this was no exception. The ongoing construction and changes in location for pickups at LaGuardia airport have been challenging, at best. This time, there had been another change only a day or two before my arrival. The driver communicated well about being in the garage. It worked out fine, but the airport had not made it clear to car services that drivers could now meet passengers at baggage claim after parking in the garage. As for pickup at the hotel going to Newark, the driver made the best of a difficult situation caused by a very large event next door to the hotel, where a dozen busses blocked access. We found each other and got to Newark right on time -- during rush hour!
Travel Advisor:  Jen Berg Ogilvie


By: rupert

Reviewed on: 23 Jul 2018

perfect...driver was on time..very friendly...great experience...
Travel Advisor:  Linda Barber


By: L&S Clearwater

Reviewed on: 03 Aug 2018

Our experience was good. We especially enjoyed the driver who took us from Seattle to Portland.
Travel Advisor:  Jennifer Royster

A Fine Car Service

By: Henry

Reviewed on: 03 Aug 2018

Carey's service is always quite good. Cars are clean and comfortable. Drivers are skilled, punctual and Courteous.
Travel Advisor:  Kathy Dorfman

Carey Car service

By: Sandra

Reviewed on: 03 Sep 2018

All of our tour guides and drivers were very prompt and professional. For the most part, all of our excursions were fabulous.
Travel Advisor:  Tammy Jones-Deem


By: Chip

Reviewed on: 06 Aug 2018

Derek and Samuel did a great job!
Travel Advisor:  Bowden Sarrett

athens cruise

By: michelle jurika

Reviewed on: 23 Sep 2018

Very friendly and on time drivers
Travel Advisor:  Carrie Bradley

First class trips to and from SFO!

By: Phil

Reviewed on: 09 Aug 2018

The cars were black Cadillacs, and the drivers were in black suits, white shirts, and black ties. They were on time, friendly, and drove conservatively. Very nice start and finish to our trip. I will recommend them to anyone.
Travel Advisor:  Krista Wissinger

Universal Orlando

By: Marie

Reviewed on: 31 Aug 2018

Driver was there on time and it was polite. It was a seamless experience.
Travel Advisor:  Helen Papa


By: Diana

Reviewed on: 21 Sep 2018

on time, professional and efficient.
Travel Advisor:  Russell Wagenaar

To DC with Carey

By: Harry

Reviewed on: 26 Sep 2018

I use Carey for all my travel. Their vehicles are clean and comfortable. Their drivers are courteous, punctual, and efficient. my experiences with Carey have been good.
Travel Advisor:  Kathy Dorfman


By: Ruby

Reviewed on: 26 Sep 2018

Great! Always on time Very professional drivers Would use again!


By: Anthon

Reviewed on: 05 Oct 2018

Usually on time, I was a little upset that we paid really good money, and got a dodge to take us to airport, usually they have suv.
Travel Advisor:  Karen Upchurch

highly recommended for travel arrangements

By: SteveP

Reviewed on: 07 Oct 2018

Carey International does not disappoint in coordinating personalized service and attention.
Travel Advisor:  Patrick Millard

Washington DC

By: Georgene

Reviewed on: 11 Oct 2018

It was ok- nothing bad but nothing fabulous either
Travel Advisor:  Caroline Labbe


By: Pete

Reviewed on: 08 Oct 2018

2 very nice drivers. They take a lot of stress out of airport arrival/departures. Very clean and comfortable cars.
Travel Advisor:  Valerie Rooney

Dependable and excellent service

By: Rhona

Reviewed on: 20 Oct 2018

Used them for transportation to both Rome and Pisa airports to/from our hotels. Each driver was knowledgeable and cars were very clean and well maintained
Travel Advisor:  Lucy Diaz

High end transportation

By: Harwin

Reviewed on: 20 Oct 2018

Carey was on time, professional and worth every penny when you want the E2E high end service and reliability of an airport pickup
Travel Advisor:  Janet Lewis

New York 18


Reviewed on: 12 Dec 2018

Through Carrie it was a smooth trip
Travel Advisor:  Carrie Wallace

South Africa and Botswana

By: Happy Lady

Reviewed on: 17 Dec 2018

I was not aware of who or what Carey International is. All dealings were with our trip advisor.
Travel Advisor:  Kim Paterson

Transported by Carey

By: Henry Brun

Reviewed on: 23 Dec 2018

Carey's vehicles are clean and comfortable. Their drivers are punctual, courteous, and efficient. It is a pleasure to be driven by them.
Travel Advisor:  Kathy Dorfman

Professional Service

By: Libby

Reviewed on: 22 Jan 2019

We use Carey whenever we need to fly out of Chicago. They are always on time for pick-ups and carefully monitor the flights. Never any problems. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to avoid the hassle of driving to O-Hare and parking there as well as having to drive home upon return. Excellent drivers and service.
Travel Advisor:  Ann Zinuticz


By: ted

Reviewed on: 04 Jan 2019

We have never had a bad experience with Carey they are always on time, dressed so nice and very polite, personable drivers.
Travel Advisor:  Alfred Volden

Airport transfer

By: Lloyd and Ally

Reviewed on: 16 Jan 2019

Our transfers to and from LAX were professional, prompt and comfortable.
Travel Advisor:  Geordie McDonald


By: Ric

Reviewed on: 05 Mar 2019

Good other than confusion over meeting point post cruise
Travel Advisor:  Linda Barber


By: Fred

Reviewed on: 15 Mar 2019

Pickup at airport and hotel were timely and professional.
Travel Advisor:  Sandra Ortler


By: GG

Reviewed on: 21 Mar 2019

No issues with the transportation or safety concerns. Very professional, not very interactive. We’re from Texas, so we are always ready to have a conversation!
Travel Advisor:  Linda Buck

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