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Hertz has a wide range of luxury, sports, and hybrid vehicles available to meet your car rental needs worldwide. CDP#271225

Hertz Corporation

Hertz Corporation CDP#271225 With 100 years in business as a true global rental car company, we serve customers in all areas of business and leisure through our Hertz, Dollar & Thrifty car brands. Approximately 11,000 Locations Worldwide. Powerful presence in approximately 150 countries. Approximately 600,000 vehicles in our global fleet. Product and service initiatives include Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, NeverLost, Carfimations, Mobile Wi-Fi and unique vehicles offered through the Adrenaline, Dream, Green and Prestige Collections.

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Not Recommended

needs improvement

By: Phyllis

Reviewed on: 16 Oct 2013

I picked-up my rental car in Seville, Spain. I attempted to contact the Hertz Office by phone the day before I was scheduled to pick-up the car and was unable to reach them for over four hours. When I did go to the office, the folks behind the desk were not as informative/helpful as they could have been. Their system seemed confused and chaotic. They rushed everyone in and out not allowing for the routine questions one might have.
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Not Recommended

By: Not provided

Reviewed on: 18 Oct 2013

They gave me a car at the Trieste airport that had marks and bumps all over : the excuse was that they did not have any other car with a wide trunk (!!??).
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By: monty

Reviewed on: 22 Oct 2013

great service in Harrisburg she was so nice love the new take us to the gate in our rental car in Chicago
Travel Advisor:  Nathan Cripps
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definitely recomend

By: Ziggy

Reviewed on: 21 Nov 2013

Travel Advisor:  Brigitte Feinberg
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Not Recommended

Hertz is Awful!

By: Nickvas

Reviewed on: 06 Mar 2014

I had a reservation and a confirmation and NO CAR. As a a Hertz Goldmember I was shocked and will never use them again. I have switced to Enterprise.
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Not Recommended

Car downsized no reason given.

By: Alex

Reviewed on: 29 Apr 2014

I ordered a mid size auto and Hertz at Seatec downsized me to a compact - no reason given. Very inconvenient as I had to transport a relative that needed a midsize car for comfort.    
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Awesome Amber

By: Delighted in Deià

Reviewed on: 15 Jul 2014

We highly recommend this travel professional.  She makes every trip a total success and a pleasure!
Travel Advisor:  Amber Ringler
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Great Experience!

By: Mila

Reviewed on: 07 Aug 2014

We were very pleased with all aspects of our rental. The car more than met our expectations and got excellent gas mileage even though it was a full size car. Never had one problem during the rental period.
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Smooth, no issues

By: FB

Reviewed on: 19 Aug 2014

No issues with Hertz - pretty easy experience working with them, and it was nice that they are waiting for you personally at the airport.
Travel Advisor:  Courtney Regan
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Friendly and Fast

By: MaryAnne

Reviewed on: 03 Sep 2014

Very accommodating and painless experience to pick up and drop off the rental vehicle.
Travel Advisor:  Wayne Muhlstein
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hertz corporation--service

By: Al

Reviewed on: 29 Aug 2014

excellent--enjoyed auto--no issues
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Great service

By: ALimoges

Reviewed on: 06 Oct 2014

Great service, clean car and accommodating. What a rental company should strive for. Well done
Travel Advisor:  Courtney Regan
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By: Andrea

Reviewed on: 26 Sep 2014

Hertz car rental was ok, cost was very high for a week, $862, and the car was not especially clean. The associate at the desk however was friendly and efficient.
Travel Advisor:  Nanci Cain
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Great service and easy sign in!

By: SavLiz

Reviewed on: 28 Sep 2014

I couldn't find the gold board at first but your representatives were gracious and easy to work with. The car was exactly what I needed. Thank you
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Not Recommended

Long line slow service

By: Travelling T

Reviewed on: 12 Oct 2014

The Hertz desk in Florence was significantly under staffed. I stood in line for one hour and forty five minutes to get my car. That's along time when travelling transatlantic and being awake for 26 hours. I would recommend EuropeCar.
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Not Recommended



Reviewed on: 14 Oct 2014

I did not use Hertz. I used Enterprise and the car was fine. Thank you. VIC.

Good Experience

By: MikeW

Reviewed on: 15 Oct 2014

I rented a car in Munich, Germany during a recent trip. The counter agent was professional and easy to understand. We had a small issue with trying to locate the car so I would advise that Hertz consider using a walking map to direct them to the rental car parking lot and the exact location to where the car is parked. Other than that I commend the Munich airport and Hertz for the express check in after my rental time was over. I loved the way I simply pulled into the rental return area, parked my car, and the rental agent checked me out electronically. It was fast and very simple!!
Travel Advisor:  Heidi Nanigian

Satisfying experience

By: Barb & Holly

Reviewed on: 16 Oct 2014

Renting a car is not exactly the be-all and end-all of a trip, but it was nice to have everything arranged in advance by our travel agent, Dennis Wallace, so all I had to do was walk up to the counter and fill out the paperwork. Upon returning the car, a young man met me in the parking lot, asked for my paperwork and keys, took a walk around the car and sent me on my way. Very easy!

Travel worry free

By: Patti

Reviewed on: 27 Oct 2014

We have used Soon-Hie for ten years and for all our travel needs. She makes our travel worry free.
Travel Advisor:  Soon-Hie Sargent

Expert Friendly Service

By: Nancy

Reviewed on: 27 Nov 2014

Everything was so easy. Car was perfect size, couldn't have been better!
Travel Advisor:  Krista Wissinger

Very friendly service

By: Jo

Reviewed on: 09 Dec 2014

Had a "wee bit" of a bumper issue in NZ. Young man in Rotarua could not have been nicer! Appreciated that.

Excellent service

By: Amy12

Reviewed on: 05 Jan 2015

All worked out - upgraded
Travel Advisor:  Gabrielle Warncke


By: Moris

Reviewed on: 05 Jan 2015

Good service, poor installations, car was very dirty.
Travel Advisor:  Stacy Weigant

reservation request

By: asl

Reviewed on: 22 Mar 2015

Took care of reservation promptly and correctly.
Travel Advisor:  Gail Rosenberg


By: Arya

Reviewed on: 02 Apr 2015

Hertz is great with my business travel rentals.
Travel Advisor:  Sarah Lee
Not Recommended

Hertz Rental Desk at Miami Airport

By: Langstod

Reviewed on: 03 Apr 2015

It took over an hour to get our rental car with a reservation. We did not get the vehicle we asked for. We had to take a smaller SUV which was crowded. The Hertz rental desk seemed to have a feeling of confusion while we waited in line. I saw more than one person leaving unhappy. The Hertz rental agent was unfriendly and not helpful. She seemed to carry a "chip" on her shoulder. She questioned me time and again as to where I worked. She did not even know Virtouso was a premier travel agency. I complained to the manager before I left. She said she had been having trouble with the agent. She gave us free second driver for the week, but that did not ease the pain we had been through renting a vehicle. I have not had this bad od an experience from any Hertz location in the past. I think I would have to question any more car rentals from Hertz in the future.
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Reviewed on: 14 Apr 2015

service arriving is excellent. Service returning takes longer but all is generally very good.
Travel Advisor:  Gail Rosenberg
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"B" rating this time

By: David

Reviewed on: 16 Apr 2015

Prior trip had a Hertz breakdown, and we almost missed our first flight (& thus our connection) coming home. This trip a bit complicated at the front end, but very courteous with our request for same day but different location drop-off at the back end (did cost us $15 more).
Travel Advisor:  Georgia Smith
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Not Recommended

not friendly

By: bdhender

Reviewed on: 20 Apr 2015

this was the only negative of the trip but they were better when we turned the car in
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Very satisfactory service

By: "Gina"

Reviewed on: 24 Apr 2015

Our car service was lovely. Very satisfactory.
Travel Advisor:  Lynda Johnson
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Great price

By: Nash

Reviewed on: 24 Jun 2015

Reviewed price we received against other websites and our price could not be beat
Travel Advisor:  Heidi Nanigian
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Perfect Service

By: Fritz H

Reviewed on: 21 Jun 2015

Family of five rented a new Ford Galaxy manual transmission in Vienna, Austria in June 2015 for a round trip to Salzburg; car was large enough for passengers and five suitcases; pleasant to drive; navigator invaluable!
Travel Advisor:  Uschi Helfrich
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SUV rental

By: Linda Atchison

Reviewed on: 09 Jul 2015

We enjoyed the lovely car with modern audio options! You honored our reservation and were at the counter at 1:30 a.m.
Travel Advisor:  Sherrie Coffey
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nice gold service

By: buddy

Reviewed on: 28 Jul 2015

car not ready in ft. lauderdale other then that great service
Travel Advisor:  Timothy Krenzien
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By: picky

Reviewed on: 22 Jul 2015

pick up took a while. the agent was not at the desk. drop off was excellent and we had a wonderful porter help us with our luggage all the way to the airline desk.
Travel Advisor:  Vivien Rethazy
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Great trip

By: Maine 15

Reviewed on: 10 Aug 2015

No surprises with our rental. Check out and check in were seamless. The Portland, ME group were very good.
Travel Advisor:  Alice Durkee Sarrett
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big island of Hawaii

By: carkare

Reviewed on: 13 Aug 2015

Vehicle was clean and as promised.
Travel Advisor:  Kathy Moran
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Expert,professional and satisfying service

By: Luigi

Reviewed on: 18 Aug 2015

M/Mahoney's and Hertz's service was excellent from makingthe the reservation through obtaining and returning the automoblie were efficient and satisfying. We use both for our future travels and recommend them to our family and friends.
Travel Advisor:  Carrie Mahoney
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Got it right

By: Jojo123

Reviewed on: 27 Aug 2015

Hertz at SNA had a Yukon XL waiting for us. We travel with 6 people and luggage. At other airports we've run into problems but not this time.
Travel Advisor:  Cristina Buaas
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By: mchristensen

Reviewed on: 17 Sep 2015

We had reserved a convertible for scenic drive trip, and they tried putting me in a Eclipse Spyder, which was disappointing because those are no longer in production.... however they did make it up by offering a discount to upgrade. Overall the car worked perfect, and the charges were fair.
Travel Advisor:  Tara Nielsen-Rise

Excellent as always


Reviewed on: 29 Sep 2015

Typical Hertz -- good car, good rate, and good service. Always appreciated.
Travel Advisor:  Joan Schwartz

Great Experience

By: Sam

Reviewed on: 30 Sep 2015

Great customer service, quick, friendly and easy. Great car. Pickup and return was easy as could be. Highly recommended!
Travel Advisor:  Abby Lagman
Not Recommended

Run around costing $$$


Reviewed on: 19 Oct 2015

no 4 door vehicle available even with confirmation unless I paid $150 extra, which I did because I needed transportation.

Long wait time

By: Hawaii Gal

Reviewed on: 26 Oct 2015

While in Kona it took over an hour to get our car. Issues with the windshield wipers but overall an acceptable experience.
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Hollo

Efficient, knowledgeable, friendly service

By: R,A & M

Reviewed on: 23 Nov 2015

There were a number of customers in the office but they were processed in an efficient manner while ensuring customers were provided with information to make informed decisions was available to meet their needs.

Good friendly service!

By: Otto K

Reviewed on: 11 Jan 2016

Our vehicle was ready to go when we arrived and the staff were very friendly.
Travel Advisor:  Izumi Kirchmayr Ogawa

Great service

By: JR

Reviewed on: 10 Dec 2015

Toni used our #1 Club Gold to find us a great car.
Travel Advisor:  Toni Mueller


By: Barbara

Reviewed on: 09 Mar 2016

Pat Wilcock has continued to provide me with Excellent service. I had NO problem with my trip from checking in to seat selection, to car rental to my destination AND my return trip home.
Travel Advisor:  Pat Wilcock

friendly service with a smile

By: juli

Reviewed on: 17 Mar 2016

I rented from HERTZ in Knock, Ireland. I wasn't expecting too much since it was such a small venue and I've had so many problems in the past with other agencies. But, not HERTZ. They were on site, and ready for business. The car was beyond my expectations and the service was quick and easy. When the bill came, they did not try and slip in extra charges either which isn't always the norm with these car rental places. They even tried to save me money! HERTZ will continue to receive my business as a result and I will look no further from here on out.
Travel Advisor:  Maya Abdo

Best Price/Service

By: Jules

Reviewed on: 21 Mar 2016

Love the convenience of getting of the bus and seeing our name on the board and just walking to our car...and away we can go!
Travel Advisor:  Gail Rosenberg



Reviewed on: 04 Apr 2016

Travel Advisor:  Valerie Ann Wilson

Yellowstone/Grand Tetons

By: Amber

Reviewed on: 19 Jun 2016

Hertz provided us with a vehicle that met all of our expectations. They were very accessible at both the pick up at Bozeman airport and the return at Jackson Hole airport.
Travel Advisor:  Mary Porter


By: BCBoll

Reviewed on: 20 Jun 2016

Hertz provided good service

Loved our car

By: Sim1988

Reviewed on: 08 Jul 2016

Great car but unfortunately we did have to wait quite a bit before we actually got the car and left the airport. They didn't have enough staff. The return process was super easy.
Travel Advisor:  Jennifer Polito Waigand

Nothing special


Reviewed on: 14 Jul 2016

Our Hertz experience was typical, but the car was too small and not a very nice car. The people we worked with were polite and professional.
Travel Advisor:  Heather Loss
Not Recommended

A little too pushy on the insurance and upgrades

By: JCT11

Reviewed on: 14 Jul 2016

Too pushy on selling the insurance


By: Katdw

Reviewed on: 20 Sep 2016

The service of Hertz reps and the beautiful suv provided for my party was perfect. I will definitely use Hertz for my next rental.
Travel Advisor:  Pam Hopper

expert friendly service

By: happygolucky

Reviewed on: 27 Sep 2016

The car was ready and the right size.
Travel Advisor:  Georgia Smith

Great service

By: Diana U

Reviewed on: 09 Oct 2016

I was very happy with the service provided by Hertz when we rented a car in Scotland recently. The car was perfect and the staff was very helpful.
Travel Advisor:  Brooke Danza


By: Laurie

Reviewed on: 07 Nov 2016

The car was fine, but we were a bit concerned as it was a rear-wheel drive vehicle and there was snow predicted. It turns out there wasn't a problem as the snow never materialized. However, at that time of year, it would be prudent to have a front-wheel or all-wheel drive car driving to New England and Canada.
Travel Advisor:  Nathan Cripps
Not Recommended

Limited cars...

By: Michael

Reviewed on: 12 Nov 2016

I am finding recently that the selection of cars at the Toronto airport has been very limited with respect to upgradable possibilities. Things appear to have changed over the last year or two... And there selection just appears to be so limited now. I tried Avis the last visit and was quite happy... Sorry Hertz, you've lost a customer in Toronto.

okay with gold card

By: Glo

Reviewed on: 31 Jan 2017

Thanks to P. Klippel, we got a gold card and that saved us hassle and time. Going to Hertz without a gold card is a losing move because of the length of the lines. And we really liked the low price.
Travel Advisor:  Patricia Klippel
Not Recommended

Hertz rental cars

By: Yasmin

Reviewed on: 16 Jan 2017

How does a rental quote go from USD46 per day for 5 days to a final chrage of USD1500!!! Yes I expect to pay extra for a large car, petrol taxes etc.. but really??????

Responsive service

By: Lin&Rich

Reviewed on: 19 Jan 2017

Our car was delivered to our hotel the morning after our arrival. A few glitches with the reservation not having called for a GPS and the car arrived an hour later than expected. They did deliver a GPS to our hotel by the afternoon. Several days later, we had a problem with a tire on the car and they were very accommodating and brought a new car to the hotel to replace it very quickly. Return process was very smooth and easy.
Travel Advisor:  Jane Edwards


By: Gastro17

Reviewed on: 24 Jan 2017

Efficient check in but required $1800 deposit even with their insurance. They did not have the car we reserved but gave us a smaller car that was fine with $100 discount. Driving is difficult without googlemap which was very helpful and included most properties.
Travel Advisor:  John Chaffin

Hawaii Vacation

By: Kauai

Reviewed on: 02 Feb 2017

Everything went smoothly. The car was in good shape, and service was good.
Travel Advisor:  Barbara Weigel
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Reviewed on: 06 Feb 2017

Only complaint is I have been GOLD for 10 years and too often my car isn't waiting for me. I like Escalade, and 4 wheel drive, and occasionally a Mercedes. Hertz drops the ball too often. But I still like them.


By: Hhh

Reviewed on: 12 Feb 2017

Okokokokok stop stop
Travel Advisor:  Ewa Duranovic
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By: Tina

Reviewed on: 03 Mar 2017

Very efficient. Received our rental quickly. The car was immaculate. Drop off also was a very quick process and there is no wait for their shuttles
Travel Advisor:  Barbara Nichuals
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Not Recommended


By: Jumper

Reviewed on: 13 Mar 2017

Too expensive. Drop off was a pain
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Trip to Carmel

By: Sarah

Reviewed on: 25 Mar 2017

Excellent, quick, no problem with the vehicle, guest service agent was friendly and very helpful.
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Hollo


By: Maureen

Reviewed on: 19 Mar 2017

The Hertz Corporation was just fine. But don't rent a Nissan! When we experienced difficulty with the key being recognized, and the car not starting (even though the key was in hand), Hertz did promptly answer our call. We had to "recharge" the fob next to the ignition each time. I think there may be better cars for Hertz.
Travel Advisor:  John Chaffin

Western trip

By: Punch

Reviewed on: 17 Apr 2017

Excellent service and car!
Travel Advisor:  Shirley Copeland

Trip to destin

By: Susan

Reviewed on: 17 Apr 2017

Ok car was ok for us
Not Recommended

Poor service

By: John

Reviewed on: 24 Apr 2017

Terrible service, bad attitude Will never use again
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By: Simon Solomon

Reviewed on: 06 May 2017

They were helpful
Travel Advisor:  Arlene Humble

Car hire in UK

By: Michele

Reviewed on: 21 May 2017

All good - sat nav in car didn't quite know where Hertz drop off was at Heathrow but signage on approach got us there. Left a bag in the shuttle at Heathrow but that was very easily retrieved - shuttle drivers extremely helpful and nice.
Not Recommended

Car rental

By: NanaJ

Reviewed on: 08 Jun 2017

Disorganized-did not have what we had ordered.
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Hertz Rental

By: Kitty

Reviewed on: 18 Jun 2017

Car was great. The garage personnel were great. The counter people were a bit grumpy. The only thing I was not told about was the ez pass through toll booths. The car had what looked like the ez pass so I went through one but stopped at the next feeling unsure. And when I asked what happens no one seemed to know; instead referred me to a phone # to call.
Travel Advisor:  Cindy Evans


By: Jim Chibidakis

Reviewed on: 14 Jun 2017

Very good service.
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Hollo

No receipt

By: Jay Durkin

Reviewed on: 19 Jun 2017

Never got my receipt. Guy said his machine ran out of paper and he would email me a copy but I never did get a copy.
Travel Advisor:  Patsy Sowa
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Car rental

By: Candy

Reviewed on: 23 Jun 2017

Everything was good with our car. Grateful for the GPS in navigating the roundabouts. Could have been better information on dropping it off in Rennes, France.
Travel Advisor:  Christine Collins Bolus


By: Lin

Reviewed on: 02 Jul 2017

It was difficult to get the Hertz office at the airport in Venice, they moved quite far and there is not a signal with any indication! People are nice and efficient.

Rental Car in England

By: Gay Ekelund

Reviewed on: 06 Jul 2017

Quick and easy picking up and dropping off.
Travel Advisor:  Sharon Strickland

Hertz - Barcelona to Brussels

By: lauren

Reviewed on: 10 Jul 2017

We have had some recent disappointments with Hertz in U.S. but I have to say that our experience in Barcelona was great. We had a change in our itinerary, and the agent could not have been more helpful accommodating our travel plans and going the extra distance to make sure we had the right car and plan. I was very impressed.
Travel Advisor:  Beth Bastian

Good service, decent car.

By: Stephen

Reviewed on: 16 Jul 2017

Good, no problems.

Hertz Rental

By: Linda

Reviewed on: 30 Jul 2017

Customer service friendly - easy check in, and SUPER easy return. Would definitely rent from Hertz again.
Travel Advisor:  Kari Mollan
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By: Judy

Reviewed on: 19 Aug 2017

Hertz did a good job
Travel Advisor:  Joann Mason

Hertz Review

By: Joe

Reviewed on: 25 Sep 2017

Very good. Return at Heathrow was difficult due to crowding and inadequate number of staff available there.
Travel Advisor:  Deborah Bush


By: Queen Bee

Reviewed on: 07 Sep 2017

excellent very east pick up / drop off
Travel Advisor:  Diana Traficante

Hertz Hawaii

By: David

Reviewed on: 07 Sep 2017

They were very accommodating to special request


By: Travel31

Reviewed on: 12 Sep 2017

Great! Love that I don't have to line up!!
Travel Advisor:  Katie McCormack Krinkie
Not Recommended

Pickup truck

By: Hue

Reviewed on: 11 Sep 2017

Was suppose to have a smaller SUV and after going back to the counter in Lihue twice, ended up with a pickup truck. You had to touch the key fob to the start button and hold it there to get it to run. Bad shape as well.
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Not Recommended

terrible service

By: artist 37

Reviewed on: 02 Oct 2017

Horrible Had to wait one hour to obtain a rental car...........When I returned the car at their O'Hare airport location , Hertz provided NO transportation back to the Terminal , I had to call a cab to get there..............Hertz is a lousy , uncaring organization
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By: Norms

Reviewed on: 09 Oct 2017

Excellent service.
Travel Advisor:  Karen Lee-Ishmael


By: Ivan

Reviewed on: 22 Oct 2017

Courteous and prompt service
Travel Advisor:  Julie Raines

Great rental Agency

By: computire

Reviewed on: 24 Oct 2017

Great service and easy pick up and return. Gave me ab excellent BMW
Travel Advisor:  Timothy Krenzien
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By: Ed

Reviewed on: 30 Oct 2017

Did not use Hertz on this trip but have had good experiences in the recent past with them.
Travel Advisor:  Amber Ringler

Great people to work with

By: Jake

Reviewed on: 04 Nov 2017

In & out with no delays or hassles


By: T

Reviewed on: 18 Nov 2017

They are a little on the pricy side, but seldom disappoint.
Travel Advisor:  Angela Caes

TX trip

By: paul or ann

Reviewed on: 24 Nov 2017

Just fair. Nearly out of cars. Did not have in car requested. Rented Cadillce Escalade at fair price but discovered that the various taxes, fees, chargers nearly doubled the cost. Not a fair practice.
Travel Advisor:  Michele Benigno

Las Vrgas trip

By: Fishyfrank

Reviewed on: 24 Nov 2017

Very go0od experience
Travel Advisor:  Kim Davis-Smith

Car Rental a success

By: Dave

Reviewed on: 27 Nov 2017

Requested a convertible, no problem there. Check-in & checkout fast & courteous.
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Baker

Good rental car experience

By: RD

Reviewed on: 28 Dec 2017

Had a smooth and quick in and out rental car experience


By: Jim

Reviewed on: 04 Jan 2018

Don’t recall using Hertz
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Hollo


By: Jim

Reviewed on: 04 Jan 2018

Don’t remember using Hertz
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Hollo


By: Ali

Reviewed on: 07 Jan 2018

Very good. No problems everything went smooth
Travel Advisor:  Patsy Sowa

Rental in Reno, NV

By: Zane

Reviewed on: 14 Jan 2018

Excellent -- they were ready and access to car was fast.
Travel Advisor:  Nancy Stein

Car Rental

By: Chuckie

Reviewed on: 10 Jan 2018

Ok, except for the usual effort to up sell me to anything more expensive
Travel Advisor:  Bob Scarfone


By: Don

Reviewed on: 25 Jan 2018

Good service nice cars 🚗
Not Recommended

Need more people

By: Gdh1

Reviewed on: 31 Jan 2018

At the Scottsdale airport line was probably 15 people deep and wait to get our ore arranged car was at least an hour.
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By: Dana

Reviewed on: 13 Feb 2018

They have your car outside and warmed up how can you beat that.
Travel Advisor:  Myra Fischel
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Car rental from Hertz.

By: Andy

Reviewed on: 10 Mar 2018

Hertz is a very good car rental company. We had a very lovely car. The people were very nice and friendly.
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Car rental

By: Pamela

Reviewed on: 12 Mar 2018

My car was good. Although we did have problems with working the convertible top. Hertz did refund us money.
Travel Advisor:  Julie Shifrin
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Perfect car

By: Spring Break 2018

Reviewed on: 19 Apr 2018

Great. We chose a small SUV for our family drive up the California coast and it was perfect. Pick and drop off could not have been easier.
Travel Advisor:  Martha Rhodes

Excellent car and service

By: Denise

Reviewed on: 18 Mar 2018

Excellent. Was easy to pick up and drop off. Everyone we encountered with hertz was a pleasure to work with.
Travel Advisor:  Melissa Reese


By: Thomas Hudson

Reviewed on: 13 Apr 2018

It was a mob scene at Palm Springs airport, including the Hertz counter. Our car was not available at the appointed hour, but the helpful staff did put us in a different and barely suitable auto with a free tank of gas (that we didn't use). Bronx cheer.
Travel Advisor:  Crisney Lane
Not Recommended

2018 TX-CA Trip

By: f

Reviewed on: 28 Mar 2018

Sucked, both in Texas and California. There staff has no idea what they are doing Joined their Gold Club before I left to avoid waiting Took over one hour to get car in Houston even though I was second in line. All smiles and apologies -- no action or results!!
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Great car. Great service

By: Mr. Ritz

Reviewed on: 04 Apr 2018

Fantastic experience.
Travel Advisor:  Phyl Andersen


By: Lori

Reviewed on: 14 Apr 2018

The service desk gentleman was a complete pleasure!
Travel Advisor:  Mark Simoes

Just what we needed!

By: Weidlein

Reviewed on: 22 Jun 2018

When we touched down in Lisbon, it took us a while to navigate the airport; but when we got to the Hertz counter they were very helpful! They upgraded us to a larger, nicer vehicle to accomodate all of our luggage, and gave us maps, and spoke to us in English. They were very helpful!
Travel Advisor:  Amy Rasmussen

Another Rental Car

By: Dennis

Reviewed on: 27 Jun 2018

Fine. I wish they would add different kinds of cars to their fleet.
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Dennis & Alaska Trip

By: Chris Rops

Reviewed on: 07 Jul 2018

Hertz provided a good, clean comfortable car with easy checkout and check-in.
Not Recommended

Rome Hertz Pick Up

By: Simon

Reviewed on: 16 Jul 2018

Pick up Rome Hard to find. Very difficult access Sloppy service Drop off Civitaveccia Difficult access but resonable service
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Car rental

By: D.H.

Reviewed on: 08 Jul 2018

Great cars and service.
Travel Advisor:  Kristen Meckem

Hertz gold

By: Dsh

Reviewed on: 28 Jul 2018

Most hertz offices are organized and love the gold service of just seeing my nam on the board and walking directly to my car
Travel Advisor:  Sam McClure


By: Auson

Reviewed on: 23 Jul 2018

Despite a late night arrival, we were in our car quickly and efficiently. A useful upgrade sweetened the deal. An easy return of the car at the other end, so overall very happy with Hertz service.

Car from Reno

By: Tiger Lil

Reviewed on: 29 Jul 2018

Great- new car with many new safety features. Very comfortable and fun to drive.
Travel Advisor:  Mary Porter
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By: Paulb

Reviewed on: 29 Jul 2018

The van we reserved was not ready however the staff provided a better substitute for a nominal charge and we were ver happy.
Travel Advisor:  Renee DAvirro


By: Bob

Reviewed on: 31 Jul 2018

Excellent. They were prepared and had good cars
Travel Advisor:  Nancy Stein
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2018 Booking

By: Ken K

Reviewed on: 24 Aug 2018

Didn't get the auto reserved, but substitute was acceptable
Travel Advisor:  Naomi Sucha

Great upgrade

By: kpeters

Reviewed on: 12 Aug 2018

Hertz had fast service and even gave us a free upgrade to a pickup when they were low on the mid-sized vehicle we had initially rented.
Travel Advisor:  Tara Nielsen-Rise
Not Recommended

Inefficient and time consuming

By: Joan and John

Reviewed on: 08 Aug 2018

We booked cars in Dublin and in Milan Each time we waited over an hour for processing and did not receive the car that we had ordered The offices are understaffed and inefficient The staff were pleasant but undertrained Would be very unlikely to use Hertz again
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Not Recommended


By: casbah

Reviewed on: 09 Aug 2018

not applicable.
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By: Randy

Reviewed on: 12 Aug 2018

Great as usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Weiss


By: Crissy

Reviewed on: 20 Aug 2018

We would recommend Hertz, but didn't realize that our quote didn't account for taxes. Our final bill was quite a bit higher than the quote due to this. Other than that, the experience with Hertz in Scotland was very good.

San Diego

By: Char

Reviewed on: 18 Aug 2018

Excellent!! Desk attendant efficient, friendly and helpful!
Travel Advisor:  Rosie Goldberger

Murphy Vacation

By: Tim

Reviewed on: 28 Aug 2018

Slight delay in getting the vehicle but otherwise no problem at all. Hertz agents in Venice were very helpful. I would use Hertz again
Travel Advisor:  Elizabeth Clyde

Pacifica, wow

By: Cheryl and Company

Reviewed on: 27 Aug 2018

OMG what a car!!! It could fit everyone and everything. Even had seat coolers as well as seat warmers. With a push of a button you could change the configuration of the seats to match your needs. It was also really easy to finalize the rental and get us on the road.
Travel Advisor:  Ellen Goldman


By: Carl

Reviewed on: 23 Aug 2018

Okay Xxxxxxxxxxxx
Travel Advisor:  Mary Marlowe


By: Cathy Malouf

Reviewed on: 25 Aug 2018

Appropriate and the car functioned well. It was easy to return at the end of the trip and their airport shuttle worked efficiently.

Easy service

By: Jimmy V

Reviewed on: 28 Aug 2018

Excellent system. Very easy to obtain and car and to return one.
Travel Advisor:  Ara Cromwell

Scotland car rental

By: Rebecca

Reviewed on: 20 Sep 2018

We got a complimentary upgrade and everything went very smoothly.
Travel Advisor:  Birgit Navarre

Airport rental in Albuquerque

By: Tom Cummings

Reviewed on: 01 Sep 2018

Friendly service at the rental counter to pick up the car, excellent choice of vehicles, and fast, efficient, and friendly service upon returning the vehicle.
Travel Advisor:  Kristen Fernandez

NH and ME trip

By: Dave

Reviewed on: 14 Sep 2018

Fine. One of the car's windshield wiper broke and had to be replaced. I bought a new one and when I checked the car in they reduced my rental car voucher by the cost of the new wiper. Great customer service! I do have something I need for you all to know. I rent a car for a month in February for our Hawaii Vacation. I have always used Hertz for the last 20 years. For our 2019 trip I have rented from another company since your rates almost doubled from what I paid last year.
Travel Advisor:  Mary Ann Tiemeier

Alaska/Canada trip

By: John

Reviewed on: 12 Sep 2018

Great. Car was clean and ready. Checkin was fast and easy
Travel Advisor:  Birgit Navarre

Hertz in France was great!

By: Ann Kowalsky

Reviewed on: 24 Sep 2018

All the paperwork was in order, the office person was vipers helpful. Everything went like clockwork!
Travel Advisor:  Timothy Krenzien

Hertz vs the competition

By: GTOguy1964

Reviewed on: 22 Sep 2018

I’ve been traveling over 30 years most of my career and I’ve found Hertz to be the most efficient in all aspects of the rental process hands down
Travel Advisor:  Jim Fleiter

Very happy

By: Karen

Reviewed on: 30 Sep 2018

Hertz service, on pick up and return, was very prompt and courteous. The counter clerk in Olbia airport was especially professional and helpful. Car was in good shape and exactly what we wanted.
Travel Advisor:  Anne Bluntzer

Very good about changing our car

By: ootlooseandfancyfree

Reviewed on: 14 Oct 2018

the initial car we picked up was too cramped for my husband to drive longer than 1 hr. because we were to have it for almost 2 weeks, we drove to the nearest hertz the following day and they were excellent about exchanging the car for one with better leg room...and at no additional cost.
Travel Advisor:  Georgia Smith


By: Jill

Reviewed on: 20 Oct 2018

Hertz was a good choice for Europe. We got the car that fit our needs!
Travel Advisor:  Janice Trainor


By: Alex

Reviewed on: 30 Oct 2018

Car was available on arrival. Served us well on the trip.
Travel Advisor:  Bowden Sarrett


By: Drew

Reviewed on: 31 Oct 2018

Attendant in Spokane was very helpful
Travel Advisor:  Jennifer Hicks

Hertz car rental

By: 0007 1/2

Reviewed on: 30 Nov 2018

Best rate and no hassle
Travel Advisor:  Jane Oliver Dunlap



Reviewed on: 03 Nov 2018

Travel Advisor:  Denise Larson
Not Recommended

Hertz review

By: NH

Reviewed on: 19 Nov 2018

We rented a car from Hertz for pick-up in Plattsburg, NY. When I called Hertz to confirm they advised that the pick up was in Glens Falls (over 100 miles south of Plattsburg). I was never told that there had been a change and we would have been left in Plattsburg without transportation. Is that the way to run a business?
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By: Adventure

Reviewed on: 27 Nov 2018

excellent, very friendly, very easy no hassels
Travel Advisor:  Linda Buck

Easy time

By: Hopeful traveler

Reviewed on: 23 Dec 2018

I had an easy time with the agent but feel like maybe they talked me in to spending more than I had planned.
Travel Advisor:  Tracy Nutty

Car Rental

By: Franklins

Reviewed on: 30 Dec 2018

Car rental was quick and easy.
Travel Advisor:  Kimberly Georgi
Not Recommended

Only because Uber offers everything that Hertz does at 5% of the Hertz cost.

By: tasher@bellsouth.net

Reviewed on: 07 Jan 2019

They were excellent . But definitely not worth the expense.

Austin Trip

By: Andrew

Reviewed on: 14 Jan 2019

Rental car company was fine.


By: Jean

Reviewed on: 09 Jan 2019

The agent on duty was very helpful and our car was nice.
Travel Advisor:  Megan Winslett

Perfect Rental

By: Joe

Reviewed on: 09 Jan 2019

Luxury car as requested. Clean. Couldn’t be better.
Travel Advisor:  Tara Hyland

Jackson Hole

By: Peter

Reviewed on: 15 Jan 2019

I always use Hertz. The Platinum card ensures great service and frequently an upgrade.
Travel Advisor:  Lesley Kaplan