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Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer offers over 65 unique Canadian vacation packages and four distinctive rail routes through British Columbia, Alberta, and the Pacific Northwest. Our world-renowned train travels by daylight through the wild beauty of Canada’s West and is the best way to experience the majestic Canadian Rockies. This unforgettable journey takes us back to a time when travelling was just as much about the journey as the destination. With its impeccable onboard service, gourmet cuisine, and luxurious surroundings, it is no wonder that Rocky Mountaineer is considered by many to be one of the world’s ultimate travel experiences.

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Well run but unpredictable

By: harps1

Reviewed on: 11 Sep 2013

Train was comfortable and staff were extremely pleasant and competent. Unfortunately weather was cloudy to the point of our being unable to fully appreciate the vistas. Also the final 3hrs thru the spectacular Rocky range, we were abandoned because of a derailment ahead of us, much disappointment felt by all. Bussed finally to Banff but most of trip in darkness so missed all of the most spectacular scenery. and no spiral tunnel.
Travel Advisor:  Rick Kritschgau


By: jak

Reviewed on: 17 Sep 2013

It was an excellent trip. We had exceptional weather. I recommend spending more for the Gold Leaf service. The hotels were better; the train seats were better; the dining on the train was better. Our fellow travelers with Red Leaf service complained that their travel was like airline travel.
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Boyles

HIghly Recommended

By: Cindy

Reviewed on: 25 Sep 2013

What a luxurious experience on the Goldleaf car! Service, food, seating, were outstanding.
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Boyles

Highly recomended the Gold Leaf Package

By: SM48

Reviewed on: 21 Oct 2013

From the service, the food and the friendliness of the employees made this experice the best ever. I strongly recomend this worry free trip. The view was magnificent. I truly enjoyed the other passengers and became friends by the time the vacation ended.
Travel Advisor:  Shelley Greenan

Great, would recommend!

By: DG

Reviewed on: 18 Oct 2013

The train trip was great and the people were very nice and so helpful. Everything was great, recommend to everyone. Great way to visit Canada! DG
Travel Advisor:  Joan Gerson

Truly a unique and pleasurable journey

By: Jimbo

Reviewed on: 11 Oct 2013

Rocky Mountaineer "Gold" is incredible from the immaculate and comfortable rail cars to the awesome on board service, food and beverage. The destination of the Canadian Rockies met our expectations. I can recommend this product to my friends and associates heartily.
Travel Advisor:  Jim Buckley, CTA

Wonderful Experience, Highly Recommended

By: 1963

Reviewed on: 11 Oct 2013

My wife and I and our two close friends experienced a fabulous trip on the Rocky Mountaineer this summer. Our trip took us at a leisurely pace from Jasper to Vancouver with an overnight stay in Kamloops. On board the train we experienced breathtaking scenery, delicious meals and superb "first class" service from our three hosts who were knowledgeable, friendly and funny, yet also very professional. Tough to find that high level of service anywhere.
Travel Advisor:  Rick Kritschgau

Highly recommended

By: Elaine

Reviewed on: 28 May 2014

They do a great job.  It is a beautiful trip, great food, charming hosts, beautifully organized.

A great trip!

By: P & C

Reviewed on: 07 Jul 2014

Everything was smooth sailing! The ride itself was both quiet and smooth, a big step up from Via Rail from Toronto to Jasper (even with our car close to the front of the train). We were mid train on the Mountaineer. The 2 fellows serving us upstairs were very attentive, patient, kind and thorough. Jamie was so knowledgeable adding a delightful aspect to what we were looking at. The gals in the dining car kept in good order a busy and easily confusing setting. Connections were great as well as the accommodations. All in all we were and are very pleased.
Travel Advisor:  Peg Aikman


By: Dave

Reviewed on: 10 Jul 2014

The Rocky Mountaineer is, without a doubt, a dream vacation.  The literature from Rocky Mountaineer doesn't come close to the actual experience.  Everything in the train coaches has been designed for the complete comfort of the guests and is always sparkling clean.  I cannot adequately describe the friendly, helpful employees on the train; nothing is too much to ask of them.  The meals are excellent with much attention to the presentation.  The hotels selected by RM are a reflection of the quality experienced on the train itself.  RM must be complimented on the handling of  the baggage.  Never once was a bag misplaced or delayed; the process was seamless.  Thank you Rocky Mountaineer!
Travel Advisor:  Theresa Quintarelli

Canadian Rockies Rock

By: World Traveler

Reviewed on: 10 Jul 2014

The Rocky Mountaineer train was comfortable and the staff excellent beyond our expectations--courteous, knowledgable, talented, and accommodating. Our gluten-free diet was happily, and creatively, presented. My birthday was celebrated with a signed card by the staff and four beautiful prints from vintage Rocky Mountaineer posters. Since Rocky Mountaineer Travel booked our Gold Service hotels, our only disappointment was the hotels in both Kamloops and Victora. The company REALLY needs to provide better accommodations in Kamloops--the place is horrible with no decent restaurant. There may be better places to eat in Kamloops, but after a 12-hr. train trip we just wanted a quick bite in the hotel (very disappointing) before retiring. Our other hotel disappointment was the Victoria Empress where we were told that our booking level, Gold Service and Virtuoso, didn't warrant a room with a water view. Rocky Mountaineer needs a better agreement with the Victoria Empress!
Travel Advisor:  Ginny Thornton

highly recommend

By: Not provided

Reviewed on: 23 Jul 2014

RM needs to provide more personal contact with their representatives.  Service and food on the train was excellent, however more commentary should be given,  and RM needs more involvement during the motorcoach part of the tour.  The gold leaf deluxe seems to rely on Fairmont for its price, but RM should be more visible. Also to not include Lake Morraine is a major reason I would hesitate to recommend this tour.
Travel Advisor:  Randie Rosenberg
Not Recommended

Could have been better

By: Red

Reviewed on: 24 Jul 2014

too long days on the train waiting for freights to pass (12+) hours, well trained and upbeat personnel who are knowledgeable, food was good but RM set my expectations too high.


By: Hookman

Reviewed on: 31 Jul 2014

Totally enjoyed our recent trip on the Rocky Mountaineer.   I have a few comments that would have made the trip much better for our group.   First, the RM tour guide on our bus from Calgary to Banff was not even mediocure.  While he seemed to know a lot of sfuff, his delivery was boring and often confusing.   He did not represent RM well and given the cost of this trip we deserved much better.   I have toured a lot in the Americas and Europe and he is the worst guide I ever encountered.  Second,  It felt like we wasted a day of our time traveling between Banff and Lake Louise and back to Banff.   Planners need to fill this time better.   The highlight of my trip was a visit to Bouchart Gardens and it was not included in the RM part of the trip.   It should have been seen by everyone.  
Travel Advisor:  Jim Buckley, CTA

Would Recommend

By: ED

Reviewed on: 29 Jul 2014

Train trip was great. Hotels were outstanding. - There was no need to spend the evening in Calgary. Should have went directly to Banff. Hellocopter ride also was not necessary. 
Travel Advisor:  Jim Buckley, CTA

Comfortable Friendly Service!

By: marcie

Reviewed on: 01 Aug 2014

Service was excellent!
Travel Advisor:  Jim Buckley, CTA

Extraordinary service

By: CK

Reviewed on: 05 Aug 2015

We always say it is "People" who makes the difference! This is my second time that I was on the train. The first time I went by myself and this time I went with my family. The new station is fabulous and all the hosts are very patient and friendly. They always make us so welcome! My 2 boys - 8 & 6 enjoyed the train ride as much as the adults. We stay in the Gold Leaf cart and the hosts are so kind to my 2 boys - they allow them to stay with them and let them to help out. They have all these games for the kids to keep them engaged. I don't know how I can do that without their extraordinary service. I will definitely go again with my parents next time. One thing I would like to point out is the "land" service, I would recommend that RM should have representative in every stop to help the passangers to check-in. The piece that made me upset was the Fairmount part that the service is not good especially in Lake Louise.
Travel Advisor:  Teresa Ho

Best run company we have ever seen!

By: Xave & Caroline

Reviewed on: 24 Aug 2015

Great trip and wonderful employees. We would do it again!!!!
Travel Advisor:  Heather Rude

Organized friendly service

By: Joan

Reviewed on: 27 Sep 2015

Great holiday. As I said early we were disappointed with the Jasper Park lodge. Our room was too hot for living. Our reservations were mixed up and they were too busy with weddings etc. Other hotels were great. Rain tour was exceptional.
Travel Advisor:  Randy Raphael

Great company to travel with

By: mpo

Reviewed on: 25 Sep 2015

Rocky Mountaineer pulled out all the stops to ensure a wonderful experience. the trains were clean, the staff very accommodating and the scenery was spectacular. A great amount of time and effort was thought out to make this memorable. Kudos to our hostess onboard, Marylou..................she was great!!

Top flight service...

By: Happy

Reviewed on: 20 May 2016

Mary Emrich is on top of everything...
Travel Advisor:  Mary Emrich

Pampered from the beginning to the end

By: Miguel and Kim

Reviewed on: 14 Jun 2016

Top class and worth the Gold Leaf Service. Very comfortable, friendly, courteous and attentive staff. Food quality par excellence! Great selection of merchandise but would have been nice to purchase a reasonably priced child's (2-4 year old) toy train. Have already recommended to friends must take this trip.
Travel Advisor:  Sandie Harman

Great experience

By: Lorraine

Reviewed on: 11 Jun 2016

The Rocky Mountaineer lived up to its excellent reputation.
Travel Advisor:  Sandie Harman

Friendly, expert service!

By: Dana*7

Reviewed on: 10 Jun 2016

Wonderful time on Goldleaf service train!! The staff were very warm and welcoming, as well as informative on the sights seen. Enjoyed all the gourmet breakfasts and lunches served!! Appreciated the snacks and alcoholic drinks at anytime! Entertaining comments were appreciated, but safety was strongly emphasized. Easy transfers of luggage to hotels by staff...thank you!! Would love to do another train passage in the future. Keep me informed of any deals for repeat customers please! Thank you for everything!
Travel Advisor:  Sandie Harman

fun folks, top-notch meals

By: Pam

Reviewed on: 15 Jun 2016

The staff was excellent - in every way!
Travel Advisor:  Sandie Harman

Great Service, View and equipment


Reviewed on: 11 Jun 2016

The trip lived up to our very high expectations.
Travel Advisor:  Sandie Harman

Very helpful

By: Val

Reviewed on: 10 Jun 2016

Loved the Rocky Mountaineer train trip, and would do it again without hesitation! Sandie was most helpful...
Travel Advisor:  Sandie Harman

an extraordinary train trip

By: anik

Reviewed on: 28 Jun 2016

the RM is a" huge travel machine". Everything is coordinated at the best: Splendid itineraries, comfortable seats, gourmet food, lovely and smiling staff, perfect baggage transportation, at the chosen hotels. Precision, comfort and most agreeable environment. An excellent choreography which gives each traveller a chance to have a great personal experience.
Travel Advisor:  Dympna McFadden

outstanding service on the trail

By: Craig

Reviewed on: 23 Aug 2016

not sure they could have done it better would highly recommend the Rocky Mountaineer
Travel Advisor:  Jesse Taylor

Wonderful experience!!

By: Barbara

Reviewed on: 22 Aug 2016

Our first time on a trip like this which involved a train ride. It was wonderful!! The scenery breathtaking, meals on board the train were superb and expertly presented. Hot and filling. The hosts and chefs and everyone on board were absolutely delightful. Helpful, courteous, interesting, nicely dressed and coiffed. It was a lovely journey and one we would recommend to anyone. Thank you.
Travel Advisor:  Willo Falk

Fabulous service Great food Excellent hosts

By: Mary

Reviewed on: 09 Sep 2016

The Rocky Mountaineer experience was amazing. We were in the first domed car, and we had four young ladies who served us and met our every need. It is someting we will never forget, and we will recommend Rocky Mountaineer to others. We did not have any snafus. We are very impressed with their organization and how well they work with the hotels and motor coach companies. We are very happy with our experience.
Travel Advisor:  Laura Schelling

terrific service

By: aa57

Reviewed on: 28 Sep 2016

The train trip was excellent--good food --great service- wonderful staff
Travel Advisor:  Pam Anderson

High marks for Rocky Mountsineer

By: Steve2016

Reviewed on: 01 Oct 2016

Had a wonderful experience with Rocky Mountaineer. Really impressed with the quality of service and attention to detail. Staff on the train kept us informed and involved with the scenery we were traveling through. Great people !! Excellent travel support throughout. Thanks for an unforgettable tour through the Canadian Rockies !
Travel Advisor:  Mary Stershic

Great Service

By: JD

Reviewed on: 12 Oct 2016

Service was great, Food very good. personal friendly on Train. Check in at some hotel was slow, and could be more efficient. Have keys ready or passed out on train or bus before arrival. We enjoyed the trip.
Travel Advisor:  Marian Blessing

Amazing trip in western Canada

By: Rusty

Reviewed on: 11 Oct 2016

We spent 8 days on the Rocky Mountaineer trip this September and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The trip hosts, Kevin and Laurie Lichty were excellent. They were very helpful, organized and caring. Their efforts and constant 'behind the scenes work' helped the trip to run smoothly. The Brewster motorcoach driver, Mike, was also an excellent addition to the team. His knowledge of the area and his patience in explaining local details was very much appreciated. Kevin, Laurie and MIke were always willing to put in extra effort to accommodate everyone on the tour. They helped to make a great experience even more enriching and memorable. The two days on the Mountaineer were exceptional as well. The beautiful scenery, the gourmet meals and amazing service were all memorable highlights. We especially appreciated the seamless movement of our luggage from bus to hotel to train. We are glad to have had this experience and would recommend it to anyone.
Travel Advisor:  Rick Kritschgau

Rocky Mountaineer

By: Joe

Reviewed on: 06 Jun 2017

It was a fabulous trip & the staff on the train treated us like kings & queens. The tours were perfect, the food was great, & the scenery spectacular!
Travel Advisor:  Ileana Weingart
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By: Archie

Reviewed on: 29 May 2017

We had a very enjoyable trip with Rocky Mountaineer.
Travel Advisor:  Ileana Weingart
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By: Sugar

Reviewed on: 06 Jul 2017

We had the most wonderful time. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on this trip. We had talked about doung the Rocky Mountaineer for years snd finally decided to for our anniversary, why did we wait so long? We have already recommended this trip to others and are ready to go again, they take good care of you. Thenk you Rocky Mountaineer
Travel Advisor:  Connie Frenzel
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with changes

By: traveler

Reviewed on: 04 Aug 2017

We thought the hosts on the train were excellent. The noon and evening meals for the silver service were not very good. We suggest not taking the train back from Banff to Vancouver but rather take the option of going to Calgary. We also suggest starting in Vancouver rather than taking the train from Seattle to Vancouver. We did see as much of the mountains and lakes on the train as we thought we would.
Travel Advisor:  Ellen Cohen
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A unique and delightful experience

By: Tom C

Reviewed on: 11 Aug 2017

The Rocky Mountaineer was an ideal choice for crossing the Canadian Rockies. The on-board experience was amazing - there were three attendants in our car, providing informative and entertaining commentary throughout each of the two 12-hour days we were on board. The food & beverage service was continuous throughout each day, and the meals were surprisingly good. Their logistics for getting all of us passengers off to the hotels for the overnight pause, with our luggage waiting for us in the room, and for getting us back to the station early the next morning for the second day’s journey, were flawless. A thoroughly delightful way to experience the magnificence of the mountains.
Travel Advisor:  Kristen Fernandez
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Rocky Mountaineer

By: Mary

Reviewed on: 10 Aug 2017

What a great experience! Everyone should do this once in their lifetime. The train ride was smooth, the chefs were amazing so the food was equally tasty and presented to delight the eye. The crew was entertaining and informative and had stories to share from start of trip to end. The scenery was awe inspiring. Kudos, Rocky Mountaineer!
Travel Advisor:  Maureen Paap
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By: Christine

Reviewed on: 10 Aug 2017

We had a very nice time. It was the Gold Leaf service. The staff on the train is awesome! The food, I thought, is good but not great. The days are long - start very early morning- and end later than I expected. A long day to be sitting- the scenery was nice but very much the same for the majority of the time. Did think Lake Louise and Banff were great places to visit. Vancouver is a wonderful city.
Travel Advisor:  Lise-Marie Wertanzl
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A Great Train Ride

By: Spinman

Reviewed on: 12 Aug 2017

Luxury and hospitality to the max! The two days from Vancouver to Jasper were wonderful thanks largely to the staff in our car. They were most knowledgeable and friendly. Luckily the fires in BC were mostly north of us and only marginally affected the trip. Hotels were mostly excellent with few exceptions.
Travel Advisor:  Becky Sullivan
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Rocky Moutaineer Experience

By: Steve

Reviewed on: 14 Aug 2017

I did not know what to expect on this trip. I thought that I understood the scope of the trip but was very surprised about the extent of the personal service that we received. Whether it was on the train or the buses at the last part of the trip, we were treated with exceptional professionalism. The staff on the train portion was over the top with historic knowledge, professional service, and great attention to the travelers. Every employee of RM was polite, customer oriented and always helpful. The partnership with Brewster helped make the trip, especially after we left the train. One driver in particular helped immensely with our trip enjoyment and his name was Allister Brissndn. Cannot say enough about the train buses, and the first class accommodations. You will be highly recommended by my wife and me. Great experience!!! Steve
Travel Advisor:  Janet Cochenour
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By: southern

Reviewed on: 31 Aug 2017

extremely enjoyable, they took care of all the details, the food was excellent, the accommodations were breathtaking.
Travel Advisor:  Paula Sasser
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Rock Mountaineer

By: Sandy

Reviewed on: 23 Aug 2017

Wonderful experience. the train was very comfortable, the meals were delicious and the staff was terrific. They was courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly . The scenery was spectacular. A truly amazing experience.
Travel Advisor:  Rachel Hardy
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By: Elated

Reviewed on: 27 Aug 2017

What can we say except WOW?!? From the get go, efficiently run, thorough in their attention to detail and oh the food! The staff is excellent, attentive and very knowledgable. We were thoroughly satisfied and would recommend the Rocky Mountaineer to everyone. The train is a wonderful way to travel and relives the glory days of rail transport.
Travel Advisor:  Kevin Lichty
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Vancouver to Baniff

By: john

Reviewed on: 07 Sep 2017

Very pleasant experience
Travel Advisor:  Rachel Hardy
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Was well suited to work with Roz for the benefit of K and I.

By: wildlight4944

Reviewed on: 08 Sep 2017

Nancy as the sales agent and the entire RM team on the ground and on the train - and in the air (helicopter) - were tuned into our celebration. We were pampered from the private car ride to the Four Seasons Hotel, the ferry to Victoria and the Empress and Buchart Gardens, the chopper to Sonora Resort, back to Vancouver and Stanley Park, the train ride to Kamloops and Banff, the Chateau at Lake Louise and on to Calgary and our private car to Calgary airport.
Travel Advisor:  Roz Gibel
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Bahr Group Rocky Mountaineer

By: Carol W

Reviewed on: 07 Sep 2017

Our experience with Rocky Mountaineer was awesome. The hosts/hostesses were so friendly and hospitable. The food was plentiful and delicious and served so attractive. They made a very comfortable train ride spectacular.
Travel Advisor:  Helga Thalheimer
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Thru the Rockies on a train and a bus

By: Guy

Reviewed on: 15 Sep 2017

We had a great time on the Rocky Mountaineer. Staff attention and food were excellent. The scenery was fabulous. To us this was one of those 'once-in-a-lifetime' trips. There are maybe too many options in choosing the trip. I must admit I was daunted br the huge book describing all the various options and relied on the others in our party and our travel agent to make the selection. The days on the train are long, and my wife's knees got swollen during the journey. Kamloops was fine for a stopover, not expecting much, but we got into the Jasper Park Lodge very late, and had too leave very early the next morning, so we did not really get to appreciate this beautiful hotel. If we were to do it again, I think I would have liked to spend an extra day in Jasper. Lake Louise was beautiful and the schedule let us spend a little time walking around there. There was confusion over beds. We asked for accessible rooms, and got them, but we also got an extra cot set up in the room, twice
Travel Advisor:  Francine Leduc
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Rail Carrier

By: Sandy

Reviewed on: 17 Sep 2017

I would compare the train company to Viking. Everyone was knowledgeable and responsible. We are so happy we chose the gold service. Food and drink was plentiful and very good. The company is outstanding.
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By: Marie

Reviewed on: 17 Sep 2017

The coach was comfortable, service and fool excellent and plentiful, the staff knowledgable and pleasant. The only negative was elongated waiting for freight trains to pass, the downside being enroute many hours with no possibility of movement and very late dinner hours.
Travel Advisor:  Roxanne Girard
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Trip of a Lifetime

By: SusanS

Reviewed on: 20 Sep 2017

From the time we departed the Vancouver airport until we left for the airport in Calgary, we never touched our luggage. It was delivered to our hotel room and was waiting for us upon arrival. All the details of the trip had been taken care of and so we only had to concentrate on making memories. The train "experience" could not have been better. Our coach was brand new and was so comfortable. The food and wine were delicious! The 4 hosts on our coach were fabulous and it is easy to tell that they truly loved their jobs. Loved their commentary and their willingness to make our trip a memorable one. We were impressed with one of the team leaders that was talking through a medical issue with a fellow passenger. Her demeanor was very calming and professional. The hotels in Vancouver, in Lake Louise and in Calgary were first class Fairmont hotels where the service was exemplary.
Travel Advisor:  Sally Shekane, VCTA
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Rocky Mountaineer Goldleaf Service

By: Pat P

Reviewed on: 09 Nov 2017

We boarded the Rocky Mountaineer on September 6, 2017 and knew immediately that we were in for a trip of a lifetime! The warmth of our four hosts on the train made our trip all that more enjoyable and they tended to our every need. They let us know when something special was coming up and kept us very comfortable on the train. We traveled with a group of eight and had the seats in the back of the train which was perfect as we were able to walk around and visit amongst ourselves without disturbing others. We enjoyed every aspect of the trip. The scenery was majestic and every detail was tended to. Not having to deal with our luggage was a plus and all of the hotels we stayed in were outstanding. We were a group of family and good friends which made our trip even more enjoyable. There is nothing that I could suggest to have made the trip any better. Our travel agent, Sally Shekane, left nothing undone. This was definitely a bucket list trip!
Travel Advisor:  Sally Shekane, VCTA
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Canadian Rockies

By: Stan

Reviewed on: 20 Sep 2017

Everything was excellent with few exceptions! Our room at the Banff Springs Hotel was a little tight (dormers) and not a great view. Some repitition on the motor coach / too much back and forth highway riding. Staying in 5 hotels in 9 days was a little tiresome, however, it is understandable! Kudos to the train staff!
Travel Advisor:  Patricia Shachat
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By: Johnadvm

Reviewed on: 06 Oct 2017

Excellent !!!!!i I do not like the format of bthis questionnaire
Travel Advisor:  Sandie Harman
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Rocky mountaineer

By: ralph

Reviewed on: 09 Oct 2017

First class treatment and travel---hard to improve on the experience.
Travel Advisor:  Yvonne PelletierPaul
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Great Rockies trip

By: Larry

Reviewed on: 08 Oct 2017

We spent 11 days traveling through the Rocky Mountains and had a great time. All arrangements were well coordinated with the hotels...everything went smoothly. RM was never late. The motor coaches were comfortable and the drivers did a good job with their commentaries. The train was great although the days were long...some too long. The staff on the train were very friendly & went out of their way to entertain & service was great.
Travel Advisor:  Gabrielle Warncke
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Friendly Crews; Beautiful Views

By: Bill

Reviewed on: 18 Nov 2017

Title sums up the trip. Some of those very early luggage collection times were difficult, but we realize necessary for some of those long days of travel. Only real complaint was the very short duration of time in Whistler. Otherwise the entire trip was handled very professionally, as well as pleasantly.
Travel Advisor:  Rachel Hardy
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