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Based in the U.S., Tahiti Legends is a leading tour operator in French Polynesia that offers customized itineraries, unique programs and excellent value. In addition to hotel, resort and airline reservations, Tahiti Legends offers unique, private experiences in French Polynesia, including VIP meet-and-greet services and the use of exclusive facilities at the Tahiti airport. Customized tours led by private guides include luxury villas, yacht and catamaran charters, fishing voyages and cruises unique to French Polynesia. Other destinations include Fiji, Maldives, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Australia, Easter Island and the UAE/Oman.

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Inventory in French Polynesia is limited and can often sell out. Book activities, spa treatments and restaurant reservations prior to travel to ensure you get what you want.

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By: Gary

Reviewed on: 19 Jun 2015

We loved our first visit to Tahiti and the packet had everything neatly organized to help us out.
Travel Advisor:  Sigrid Braeckeveldt

Good vendors

By: edbowers

Reviewed on: 09 Feb 2016

Tahiti Legends did a great job of picking vendors and ensuring that all vendors were at our resorts and punctual. Good job.
Travel Advisor:  Andrew Seligman

Tahiti Legends tours

By: butch

Reviewed on: 11 May 2016

Each of the Legends tours were outstanding : Each guide was very friendly and knew so much about the tour. They were always on time and included everything on the tour and even more time and information than was expected. The Tahiti bar-b-que was the least enjoyable as it was a bit long and slow moving and rather primitive.
Travel Advisor:  Gary Teeter

Very helpful & accomodating!

By: Michael M.

Reviewed on: 24 May 2016

My wife and I happened to be on Bora Bora and were notified that the airport employees were going to be going on strike the day we were scheduled to leave (affecting inter-island flights only). Tahiti Legends called both me and worked with the hotel manager to get me off the island that day and a hotel booked on the main island right down the street from the international airport. This could have ended up being very inconvenient but they took care of everything for us. Great company to work with.
Travel Advisor:  Marisa L. Cole


By: CECE0904

Reviewed on: 18 Sep 2016

Tahiti legends greeted us with a smile and made us feel welcomed and excited again after a pretty long flight
Travel Advisor:  Laura Bassett


By: ahasserj

Reviewed on: 09 Nov 2016

The transfers, check ins, and everything else went very smoothly. The drivers were nice, friendly, and punctual. The cars and amount of people using the transfers appeared more comfortable than other ones i noticed. I would definitely use them again.
Travel Advisor:  Courtney Regan

Nice job!

By: Dean

Reviewed on: 01 Feb 2017

Our hotel stays and transfers all went smooth and as promised. Thank you!
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Bemis

Maldives Dubai 2017

By: Lloyd V

Reviewed on: 04 Feb 2017

Throughout our travels in the Maldives and Dubai, we were well taken care of from the airport transfers to the resorts to the hotels.
Travel Advisor:  Geordie McDonald

anniversary getaway

By: ME

Reviewed on: 08 Sep 2017

did not work with Tahiti Legends directly but all of the reservations and details arranged thru their company was spot on
Travel Advisor:  Laura Slawter


By: TBled

Reviewed on: 09 Oct 2017

Tahiti Legends made the trip very effort free!
Travel Advisor:  Lindsey Epperly


By: Dom

Reviewed on: 10 Nov 2017

As Iwe have explained to people on our return, the beauty of South Pacific cannot be explained, you have to see it to believe how magnificent it is. Legends managed to put together a trip to 4 islands where we arrived in absolute beauty and each subsequent island was more breathtaking than the previous. Was not thrilled with the food (breakfasts were great) but island restaurants were basic, until we got to Bora Bora, Four Seasons. And what can we say about The Brando other than SPECTACULAR.
Travel Advisor:  Karen Daiter-Stummer


By: Ginny

Reviewed on: 08 Nov 2017

We had a wonderful tour in Tahaa with Tahiti legends. Our guide was a local who gave a great tour including very local stops throughout the island that felt off the usual tourist path.

French polynesia

By: Roger

Reviewed on: 27 Nov 2017

Outstanding trip
Travel Advisor:  Ken Neibaur

Tahiti 3rd Party vendor


Reviewed on: 09 Feb 2018

Tahiti Legends worked closely with our travel advisor to book our resort rooms, excursions and followed up with answers to questions and special requests. They were able to get scheduled an excursion for us on a day not normally offered, had a representative meet us at the airport to answer any last minute questions as well as provide us with his 24/7 contact information if necessary during our trip. As a gift from them, they provided us with a last day romantic in room gourmet meal. Travel documents arrived both via email and hard copies to use along our trip with detailed itinerary, instructions together with a detailed faq sheet.
Travel Advisor:  Ourisman Travel

Honeymoon Bliss

By: A. Strong

Reviewed on: 22 Jun 2018

I would recommend Tahiti Legends for others. Our travel agent Sarah Lee is amazing and is the reason we keep coming back.
Travel Advisor:  Sarah Lee

Fiji Dream Honeymoon

By: Carter and Amy Howard

Reviewed on: 31 May 2018

Everything went off without a hitch. Thank you for a caring personable honeymoon. Fiji was a wonderful place on our planet with even more wonderful people.
Travel Advisor:  Susan Moynihan

Perfect Vacation

By: C.Southwood

Reviewed on: 30 Jun 2018

The materials sent were clear and helpful throughout the trip.
Travel Advisor:  Diana Traficante

Great operator

By: Paul

Reviewed on: 11 Jul 2018

This company worked closely with my advisor Laura Epstein. Everything was flawless from a planning perspective which is what you would hope for with a tour operator. I felt other people I saw on vacation were less organized with the little things such as transportation to dinner or interims and etc. I assume this operator was the difference in my experience compared to others.
Travel Advisor:  Laura Epstein

Tahiti 2018

By: Tahiti 2018

Reviewed on: 23 Aug 2018

From the moment we landed in Tahiti the personal concierge knew all our whereabouts and how to make up the time that American Airlines lost for us. Moorea was great service but a bit old of a resort. the whale watch went on as planned even though we were late getting there. all was thought out before we landed. The St. Regis resort in Bora Bora treated us like royalty and although rooms were not ready bought us lunch and drinks until it was. The anniversary celebration (42nd) that planned went off without a hitch, flower petals on the bed and a great dinner were super along with their personal concierge checking on us while there. He was there to greet us as were arriving and leaving, along with the resort manager by his side. Service as it should be everywhere. The last stop for us was The Brando Hotel upon Lana's suggestion. WOW! a very secluded resort in Tetiaroa, French Polynesia, that once seen, explains why Brando fell in love with Tahiti and Tetiaroa. The Hotel was very exclu

Honeymoon to French Polynesia

By: Sarah

Reviewed on: 03 Oct 2018

Tahiti Legends was great! Their representative met us when we landed in Tahiti and gave us his card to contact them if we needed anything during our stay. We did - and contacted them about booking a last minute whale tour, which ended up being the highlight of our trip! Even though most everything was planned out ahead of our trip, being able to contact a local representative for anything really added to our experience. I would definitely work with them again should we travel to French Polynesia.
Travel Advisor:  Blaire Kochar


By: Mike D

Reviewed on: 07 Nov 2018

All smooth :) Very professional and organized.
Travel Advisor:  Jodi Bushkin


By: Martinez

Reviewed on: 29 Nov 2018

we loved the whole experience!! they were so amazing!!! and we loved our welcoming in the airport with our lei flowers!!! It was the perfect company for our honeymoon!
Travel Advisor:  Stuart Stone


By: JMCarlson

Reviewed on: 20 Nov 2018

Tahiti Legends were able to make our honeymoon dreams come true. Our honeymoon was perfect.
Travel Advisor:  Monique Owen

Good experience

By: V

Reviewed on: 06 Dec 2018

I did not personally interact with them besides meeting a representative when I landed, but it was a good experience based on the fact that everything on our honeymoon went off without a hitch in terms of logistics.
Travel Advisor:  Lindsey Epperly

French Polynesia

By: Sarah

Reviewed on: 07 Dec 2018

We had an excellent experience with Tahiti Ledgends. The voucher system made excursions easy and straightforward. The extras included for our honeymoon were very special and greatly appreciated.
Travel Advisor:  Joanne Smith

Bora Bora

By: Lynn

Reviewed on: 08 Jan 2019

Excellent - definitely our favorite trip up to this point!
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Freese

Tour Operator

By: EGoodman

Reviewed on: 26 Mar 2019

Everything was great!
Travel Advisor:  Claudia Pascua


By: Mike

Reviewed on: 07 Apr 2019

It was an awesome. Experience
Travel Advisor:  Landa Mauriello-Vernon


By: Silky

Reviewed on: 12 Apr 2019

Everything was great. Drivers on time, polite,and very helpful. I understand having looked at the other two high end hotels on Moorea why Legends picked the Hilton. That being said this was no 4 star hotel. It is tired, the boardwalks are in tough shape, the ladders from our bungalow to the water were covered in slime and dangerous, and the dining experience was not good. The dining staff is not well trained, dirty placemats, paper napkins, and silverware that you wouldn't find in an elementary school cafeteria. Lunch was so bad we rented a car, went to a grocery and put lunch stuff in our fridge. We went to local restaurants for dinner. The geography ,beach and pool were lovely. Hilton needs to up their game
Travel Advisor:  Ginger Morrissey

Class A Operation.


Reviewed on: 14 May 2019

Every detail of every tour, nights stay, dinner reservation or any other aspect of this trip was described perfectly and fulfilled to the letter. Thank you. It is not often that things go so smoothly.
Travel Advisor:  Marion Harbison

Extraordinary Customer Service

By: Weston and Lindsay

Reviewed on: 29 Jun 2019

We make a trip to French Polynesia every 5 years and always have and always will continue to use Tahiti Legends. Exceptional service for an absolutely incredible trip!
Travel Advisor:  Sigrid Braeckeveldt

Tahiti Legends

By: J&JG

Reviewed on: 31 Jul 2019

Tahiti Legends was excellent. They were like having a friend and agent there for you 24/7 even though we were half way around the world from home.
Travel Advisor:  Mattie Maisel


By: Carol

Reviewed on: 08 Aug 2019

Fabulous organized vacation
Travel Advisor:  Diana Traficante

Honeymoon in French Polynesia


Reviewed on: 17 Aug 2019

Very happy with all my excursions and activities during my two week honeymoon i French Polynesia.
Travel Advisor:  Diana Traficante

25th wedding anniversary


Reviewed on: 26 Aug 2019

They met us when we arrived and made sure that they were available locally to address any issues. All of the details were spot on.
Travel Advisor:  Cristina Buaas


By: Teresa

Reviewed on: 07 Oct 2019

Airplane and boat transfers were seemless.
Travel Advisor:  John-Paul Fine

40th bday trip

By: Eric

Reviewed on: 21 Oct 2019

The tour group was fantastic to work with. There were a couple of can transfers that were a little unorganized, but other than that, we loved it!
Travel Advisor:  Gena Stoll

Fantastic Honeymoon!

By: Allie

Reviewed on: 14 Nov 2019

We had a wonderful time in Moorea and Bora Bora. While the Hilton in Moorea was OKAY we will absolutely recommend the Intercontinental in Bora Bora to anyone and everyone. Legends is very organized and the voucher system made it really easy for us. Thanks!
Travel Advisor:  Diana Traficante


By: Cabe

Reviewed on: 29 Nov 2019

Excellent Operator
Travel Advisor:  Mauricio Buenaventura

The most perfect honeymoon experience!

By: Savrose

Reviewed on: 01 Dec 2019

We had the most incredible trip to Bora Bora and Legends made us feel so amazing! We felt so comfortable, special, and cared for the whole time! I would 1000% recommend this company. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect trip- not one thing went wrong! I can’t wait to come back!
Travel Advisor:  Robin Stroud


By: Katie

Reviewed on: 21 Dec 2019

Tahiti Legends was booked for before and after my cruise on Regatta.Both times they were punctual and the tours were well explained.I felt safe with the operators and the drivers of the vehicles.
Travel Advisor:  Judi Schulz

Memorable Experience and Trip

By: Alex L.

Reviewed on: 26 Dec 2019

Tahiti Legends were wonderful. Courteous. Prompt. Hospitable. They were very professional with an extra flair of Tahitian kindness, spirit, and energy. We felt very safe and comfortable with them the moment we landed in Papeete. They were reliable, dependable, and never concerned if we were going to miss a transfer or someone to meet and greet us. Kudos to a warm and wonderful tour operation!!
Travel Advisor:  Melissa Reese


By: Mike

Reviewed on: 25 Jan 2020

A good experience. Well planned and coordinated. The Moorea Intercontinental is being renovated which it needs. Our over the water room was one of those renovated. Please note that only four the resorts rooms are fully over the water.
Travel Advisor:  Joy Cottrill

Good service

By: Pat

Reviewed on: 23 Feb 2020

Our only real involvement with Tahiti Legends was through transport from the Airport in Papeete to the ferry to Moorea, and the transport at the dock to our hotel. But the drivers were on time, friendly and helpful. The itinerary had one real weakness. On our last day we had to check out from our hotel at 11 AM and our flight out of Papeete was not until 11:30 PM. The day could have been planned to include some fun activities. Instead, our itinerary required us to be picked up at the hotel early in the afternoon and transported to the airport. We wasted at least 6 hours at the airport that could have been put to much better use.
Travel Advisor:  Charles Wolfe

Le Taha

By: barbara

Reviewed on: 29 Feb 2020

Very easy. Lovely Beautiful Island and very friendly people
Travel Advisor:  Diana Traficante

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