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Recommend Kyvernitis!

By: Celebrating our 25th

Reviewed on: 29 Jun 2015

Kyvernitis was our in country travel representative managed exclusively by our state side travel agent. Based on how smoothly the trip went while in Greece, I'd say this group did a great job! We never did talk to Kyvernitis directly, but the results of their work was excellent!
Travel Advisor:  Claire Hearn
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Great Job.

By: jst41

Reviewed on: 27 Jul 2015

Everything went as exactly as planned. The did a terrific job.
Travel Advisor:  Claire Hearn
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John was outstanding

By: Joey28031

Reviewed on: 17 Jul 2016

John offered a great tour of the area - he was flexible and informative. We enjoyed his showing us around the area and found him to be an excellent guide. A larger vehicle would have been a bit more comfortable for four passengers, but that is a small matter. The day overall was very good.
Travel Advisor:  Carrie Mahoney

No details left unplanning or unexecuted

By: j5harald

Reviewed on: 12 Sep 2016

This firm provided all our transfers and other little planning details for a quite complicated trip. The effort was executed flawlessly!!! Thanks guys! Given the oppporunity I would welcome working with you again!
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Bemis

Perfect trip

By: HappilyMarried

Reviewed on: 06 Oct 2016

Our trip was perfect in every way. All of the transfers were perfect. Our accommodations were perfect and everyone was very nice and friendly. Highly recommend.
Travel Advisor:  Debbie Fairvalley

Nice people, good experience

By: Benji

Reviewed on: 23 Apr 2017

Enjoyed Maria's participation-made the tour special. Mateo, was a great driver. Would recommend again.
Travel Advisor:  Cindi Smith
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Greece Honeymoon May 2017

By: William Venzke

Reviewed on: 23 May 2017

Eclectic Greece was a great tour operator. From the sunset cruise and the food and wine tasting experience in Oia, to the walking tour in Athens, everything went smoothly and our tour guides were top notch. Everything they planned ran smoothly and we never had to worry about where to meet, etc. because it was all planned for us and the hotels were all looped in. This made for a wonderful and stress free honeymoon filled with great activities!
Travel Advisor:  Cristina Buaas
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The Cherry on TopI have been on so many tours that

By: VN

Reviewed on: 30 May 2017

The guides enthusiasm for their subject and genuine interest in creating a dialogue to light your imagination created an experience of a lifetime. It was not just the typical ad nauseum recitation of empty dates and facts but rather stories of times and peoples of historic proportions woven into a tapestry of tales that left you with an understanding of the culture. Bravo!
Travel Advisor:  Nora Winsberg
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By: Bob

Reviewed on: 12 Jun 2017

My trip to Crete was amazing! Great hotel, tours, food and wine. Santorini was breathtaking (as always) and I had a blast on the wine and sailing tours that are a must. Overall, a wonderful experience.
Travel Advisor:  Louisa Gehring
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Fantastic Local Guide

By: Nikki & Garland

Reviewed on: 13 Jun 2017

It was so great to have Eclectic as a local resource during our trip. Any time we had a question or needed a recommendation they were extremely quick to respond. They really care about their clients.
Travel Advisor:  Valerie Ann Wilson

no complaints great job

By: Phil

Reviewed on: 31 Jul 2017

all went well in Greece with the transfers etc ....smooth running
Travel Advisor:  Jesse Taylor
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Exceptional Service and Private Tour of Athens

By: maria

Reviewed on: 02 Aug 2017

Our tour for 14 people went off without any hitch including transportation and the guide. The driver was extremely kind and got us to the Parthenon where we met our guide. Our guide was extremely accommodating for our group, which was tired from travel, some very young in age, some very old in age (and mobile-challenged) and some not felling well. (It was our last day in Greece and we just arrived from a flight from Mykonos.) The tour guide was completely flexible and adapted to our group. We had an amazing private tour of the Parthenon and loved all the details the guide provided us, making it that much more special to us. She ensured that we had great photos to capture the memories and time in the gift shop. Even after the tour, when one family member forgot their phone on the shuttle bus, they went out of their way to make sure that we got the phone back. We are so grateful to Eclectic Greece by Kyvernitis Travel for their professional and exceptional service. Thank you!
Travel Advisor:  Wayne Muhlstein
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Not Recommended

The pool was the best part of this resort

By: Paige

Reviewed on: 10 Aug 2017

We debated on how to review the resort because we have no idea what the other resorts on Santorini were like. Our rooms were average, very old though, and the T.V,'s had no English channels for the rare times we felt like turning them on before bed. The food was not great, the people who worked at the front desk didn't understand English well enough to help us with anything. The only part of the resort we enjoyed was the pool. There were not many children at this resort either. It was a 5 minute walk to the black sand beach and some of the restaurants there, which we did twice. Ultimately, we rented a car and ended up spending very little time at the resort.
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By: LAK1105

Reviewed on: 31 Aug 2017

Very good, we had one mishap. The car ordered to take us from the ferry to our hotel in Santorini was not there/or taken by another party. We had to secure our own car and pay them separately for a service for which we had prepaid. Everything else was Fabulous!
Travel Advisor:  Marylou Calnin-Sek
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Santorini - Chromata

By: Katie

Reviewed on: 19 Oct 2017

I would hands down recommend working with Maddy. She was detail oriented and made our trip to Greece so effortless. We loved staying at the Chromata in Santorini. What a unique, stunning hotel with great service! We were upgraded to a suite and given a complimentary bottle of wine. Maddy’s personal recommendations for restaurants and bars in the area were very helpful. Our favorite suggestion was getting sunset drinks at Buddha bar. We will be using Maddy again for our next trip!
Travel Advisor:  Maddy Foxx Moffitt
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Tour operator

By: Janice

Reviewed on: 18 Oct 2017

Excellent. Our guide was great, the tours were great, and Georgia did a great job of helping us when we needed help.
Travel Advisor:  Jennifer Royster
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Tour guides

By: Rick

Reviewed on: 18 Oct 2017

Mixed reviews. Some were superb, others average. The key is an active, energetic, clear speaking guide who shows you the main items,and moves at a reasonable pace.
Travel Advisor:  Debbie Fairvalley
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By: Gabe

Reviewed on: 04 Nov 2017

No issues whatsoever
Travel Advisor:  Daria Westerfield
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Santorini and Athens

By: Cisco

Reviewed on: 22 May 2018

Airport transfers were perfect and Athens guide very informative and entertaining.
Travel Advisor:  Beth Justus
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Amazing Experience!

By: M

Reviewed on: 29 May 2018

Absolutely wonderful guides and recommendations. 5/5 stars!
Travel Advisor:  Sam McClure
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By: Janet

Reviewed on: 30 May 2018

We had a fabulous trip to Greece and loved every minute of it! The hotels we stayed in were wonderful, in great locations with incredible staff. The transports they arranged were always on time, pleasant and knowledgeable and made our travel through Greece seamless. We loved the excursion we booked. Our trip was just perfect!
Travel Advisor:  Katie Rollins
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Greece Review

By: Mom

Reviewed on: 12 Jun 2018

Could have been a bit more attentive to "real time" and watched for delays to inform tour guides, hotels, etc.
Travel Advisor:  Cristina Buaas

Anniversary Trip to Greece

By: Rachel

Reviewed on: 21 Jun 2018

Our entire trip to Greece was a true pleasure. We enjoyed every meal and excursion and our tours and tour guides were so pleasant and knowledgeable!
Travel Advisor:  Carly Robinson


By: AU

Reviewed on: 25 Jun 2018

Only had need to contact them two times and they were very responsive both times. Only one minor issue with the half dozen or so activities they planned out. Good quality on all the things we did.
Travel Advisor:  Ourisman Travel

Excellent Planning!

By: ammiddleton

Reviewed on: 25 Jun 2018

We thoroughly enjoyed our Honeymoon to Greece with the help from Eclectic Greece by Kyvernitis Travel! They did an outstanding job!
Travel Advisor:  Laura Clark


By: Suki

Reviewed on: 22 Jun 2018

My tour guide was fabulous.
Travel Advisor:  Wayne Muhlstein

highly qualified tour guides

By: Steve.P.Mia

Reviewed on: 30 Jul 2018

We were very pleased with the tour guides in Athens and in Delphi. Both guides, we felt, were highly qualified, pleasant, and spirited teachers, not only guides. Anna and Chris were wonderful.
Travel Advisor:  Patrick Millard


By: Tray

Reviewed on: 05 Aug 2018

2 transfer issues with private cars
Travel Advisor:  Courtney Regan

Greece Trip

By: Liz

Reviewed on: 18 Aug 2018

Eclectic did a wonderful job! We were met everywhere we went with our tickets/vouchers and travel info. They too provided a seamless trip for us.
Travel Advisor:  Amy Biondi

Great company to use

By: michy

Reviewed on: 27 Aug 2018

Eclectic Greece delivered on all of our expectations for our family Greece trip. The only issue we had was one small hiccup with a flight and it wound up working out and making the next one work out well. We would definitely work with this company again.
Travel Advisor:  Keri Kaufmann

Bucket List Greece

By: bucket list!

Reviewed on: 23 Aug 2018

They handled everything from start to finish including finding misplaced bags 6 days after we returned to the US. Felt good knowing we had someone to work with during our travels through Greece and the Islands.
Travel Advisor:  Helen Varri

Honeymoon in Italy/Greece

By: Alex

Reviewed on: 23 Aug 2018

Electric Greece was a great. All of our transfers were on time and we had amazing drivers who were nice and happy to share local information/suggestions about their cities.
Travel Advisor:  Maddy Foxx Moffitt

Greek trip

By: TexasTaxMan

Reviewed on: 19 Sep 2018

The tours that they recommended were pretty good
Travel Advisor:  Cristina Buaas


By: Sf1150

Reviewed on: 29 Sep 2018

Excellent tour operator
Travel Advisor:  Suzy Xiu

Paradise in Greece

By: CS

Reviewed on: 05 Oct 2018

We had a wonderful time. The local tour guides were excellent and friendly.
Travel Advisor:  Devan Mercer

Athens w/Katerina

By: Adlew

Reviewed on: 01 Oct 2018

Katerina was a fantastic guide on our walking tour!!
Travel Advisor:  Martha Gaughen

Always on time


Reviewed on: 10 Oct 2018

Always on time with very friendly drivers.
Travel Advisor:  Martha Rhodes

Nice person


Reviewed on: 28 Oct 2018

Very thorough tour guide
Travel Advisor:  Debbie Fairvalley

Great experience

By: Alexandria Traveler

Reviewed on: 09 Apr 2019

We had wonderful service with Eclectic Greece, and the tour guide they provided, Marika, was perhaps the highlight of our entire trip!
Travel Advisor:  Amy Biondi
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Great hotel

By: Tommy

Reviewed on: 28 May 2019

Great hotel arranged with fantastic professional staff.
Travel Advisor:  Bowden Sarrett

Great trip

By: Beers

Reviewed on: 28 May 2019

Overall our trip was great! I would not recommend the hotel that we were booked for in Mykonos Or Santorini. The staff at these hotels were anything but helpful and the extras you expect at a luxury hotel were not there (the private hot tubs I’m sure We paid extra for did not work, zero towels were provided in our room even after being asked for, etc) Naxos accommodations were incredible. All of our private tours were awesome
Travel Advisor:  Karen Lee-Ishmael

Travel Operator


Reviewed on: 09 Jun 2019

Eclectic Greece assisted our Travel Advisor in making the best choices to transport us in and around Greece. All vans and ferries to the islands were first class.
Travel Advisor:  Jennifer Royster

2019 Greece

By: Brandy

Reviewed on: 24 Jun 2019

Eclectic Greece was a great resource for identifying hotels and tours for our Greece trip. The travel team coordinated the majority of our travel including flights from Athens to the Cycladic islands, ferry tickets, rental cars and all tours. Once the trip had been coordinated all travel details were available via a mobile app which made everything easy to track.
Travel Advisor:  Kim Shraibati

Fantastic Tour Operator

By: Cyn

Reviewed on: 10 Jul 2019

By far the best experience from start to finish! From the pick up at the airport to the final drop off at the airport, service was impeccable. Entire staff was professional, courteous and punctual. We were so lucky to get paired for our 5 day (Classical Tour of Greece) with our driver (Kostas) & tour guide (Katerina). By the time our trip was over, we felt as if we had been traveling with dear old friends and we were sad to say good-bye. Truly a memorable experience! Efcharisto!

Transportation thru Greece

By: Micael Degiacomo

Reviewed on: 29 Jun 2019

They were prompt, clean, polite. The drivers were very informative well mannered and happy to answer any questions you may have.
Travel Advisor:  Iris Malik Ferrelli

Athens tour

By: Steph

Reviewed on: 10 Jul 2019

Excellent tour guide. We learned so much!
Travel Advisor:  Suzette Mack

Greece tour

By: David T

Reviewed on: 12 Jul 2019

Well organized no surprises everything to our liking Highly recommend
Travel Advisor:  Sarah Halpern


By: Ella E

Reviewed on: 17 Jul 2019

We used Eclectic Greece mainly for transfers. The logistics worked fine, but there were challenges with getting the vehicles that we actually asked for, and we did get vans without reclining seats, despite that being confirmed prior, which wasn't the best for 5hr drives. Eclectic Greece did suggest we use vans instead of a sedan so that it would be more comfortable, but in hindsight we would have been better sticking with a sedan. They also don't give you the driver's phone number, so if you can't find the driver, you need to go through a painful process of calling around trying to find someone who can contact them.


By: AT

Reviewed on: 22 Jul 2019

Excellent experience and recommendations. Thank you!
Travel Advisor:  Victoria Hawbecker
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Fabulous trip

By: 40andFabulous

Reviewed on: 24 Jul 2019

We had a wonderful time on our trip and the travel agency was very helpful. I highly recommend them.
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amazing trip to crete w/ eclectic greece

By: JR

Reviewed on: 13 Jul 2019

our second trip with eclectic. . 10 days in crete. one of our all time favorite trips. best beaches in greece, best food in greece, eclectic didn't put a foot wrong with activities, lodging, or restaurant itinerary. can't recommend highly enough the place (crete) or the operator
Travel Advisor:  Suzy Xiu
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Reviewed on: 15 Jul 2019

It was good however there was an issue with our pick-up in the Santorini port where we were the only ones left without a car. The wait was approximately an hour long which was upsetting considering we were staying at one of the most expensive hotels on the island and the bottom rated hotels had people waiting for their guests.
Travel Advisor:  Xavier Cano

Greek Islands

By: Mitch and Debbie

Reviewed on: 19 Jul 2019

We stayed on Mykonos and Santorini - two Greek islands that are very different. While both hotels (Mykonos Blu and Canaves Oia) were both excellent, the staff made the experience exceptional.
Travel Advisor:  Kristina Miller
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By: Reid Morelli

Reviewed on: 05 Aug 2019

Tours were all fantastic. The guides were extremely knowledgable and catered to our needs. Perfect for a honeymoon.
Travel Advisor:  Susan Ward Forbes
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levy greece trip review

By: colette and bob

Reviewed on: 07 Aug 2019

excellent guides who were on time, knowledgeable, and fun to be with.
Travel Advisor:  Tui Kenny Leatherman
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By: Blake

Reviewed on: 18 Aug 2019

Nice people. Very prompt. Easy to understand. Made our travel feel safe.
Travel Advisor:  Laura Bassett


By: Ann

Reviewed on: 02 Sep 2019

Great local tour guide in Athens. Great airport transfer and dinner accommodations.
Travel Advisor:  Lou deLisser

Minor Issue, but great recovery.

By: ALC5478

Reviewed on: 31 Aug 2019

We had a minor issue with one of our flights. With our travel agent, they made it right and their tour options were amazing.
Travel Advisor:  Laura Bassett


By: Sara

Reviewed on: 03 Sep 2019

Everything was incredible! Didn’t have to worry for a single second! Thank you!!!
Travel Advisor:  Cydney Lembersky


By: BH

Reviewed on: 05 Sep 2019

Our Travel Advisor set up all our needs with Kyvernitis Travel. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience!
Travel Advisor:  Blaire Kochar


By: Stephanie Howard

Reviewed on: 12 Sep 2019

Everything was amazing!!! Hotels were exceptional. Thank you!
Travel Advisor:  Paula Iwanski

Travel Review

By: Margie

Reviewed on: 23 Sep 2019

Our tour with Andi was excellent. The group tour was poor.
Travel Advisor:  Judy Gauthier

Great Experience

By: Simoson

Reviewed on: 09 Oct 2019

They took care of everything. We really enjoyed the ability to use the App too. Great transfer service.
Travel Advisor:  Kate Johnson


By: NancyD

Reviewed on: 30 Sep 2019

We all loved the electronic app for ease and comfort of knowing we could check it 24/7.
Travel Advisor:  Julie Shifrin

Wonderful experience

By: Jet

Reviewed on: 10 Oct 2019

We had a wonderful experience with Eclectic travel. We stayed at 18 Grapes hotel in Naxos and had a wonderful stay. Recommend dinner at the owner off site restaurant with his father. Best part of our visit. The bike tour was good, our guide was sick so Im sure another day would have been an outstanding experience. Drivers were all wonderful and prompt and really made our lives so easy. All 5 star
Travel Advisor:  Dyane Shanahan

Great tour operator

By: Daniella

Reviewed on: 14 Oct 2019

Easy to communicate with and solved issues quickly. Planned everything very carefully and got great service.
Travel Advisor:  Melissa Rodriguez

M Fink


Reviewed on: 18 Oct 2019

The trip was amazing. Everything was well coordinated. Kyvernitis Travel really came though for us.
Travel Advisor:  Cydney Lembersky

Greece trip

By: Marko

Reviewed on: 18 Jul 2021

Excellent experience. Everything went as planned and Kyvernitis Travel was responsive to my needs.
Travel Advisor:  Andrew Butler

Kyvernitis travel

By: Omahians

Reviewed on: 11 Aug 2021

Kyvernitis travel made my family feel like their family & our trip to Greece was perfect. Lodging, tours, and travel were clean, and arrangement effortless. Every employee at all of the properties were extremely helpful and knowledgeable, willing to go above and beyond. Amazing!
Travel Advisor:  Alicia Oberg

Amazing Greece trip!

By: Valerie

Reviewed on: 20 Jul 2021

The team was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful about every aspect of our trip. They provided us with a variety of options in all price ranges and were able to modify the options to our requests. When we had questions while abroad, they were ready and able to answer every question we could have. I would highly recommend using Eclectic Greece for all your Greek travel needs!
Travel Advisor:  Cristina Buaas

Two weeks cruising the Greek Isles

By: Bill

Reviewed on: 09 Aug 2021

I scheduled one tour of Athens before we boarded the ship. The plane arrived later than the start time of the tour, but the tour operator (contact Anna) rearranged the schedule right away, upon being contacted. She sent along a wonderful guide named Katrina, who gave us a very educational and enjoyable tour. Kudos to Eclectic Greece by Kyvernitis Travel.
Travel Advisor:  Linda Young

Great on-site assistance

By: Jenn B

Reviewed on: 22 Aug 2021

It was really terrific to have a local travel agent available to ask questions on-the-ground in Greece. They were very responsive and helpful.
Travel Advisor:  Susan Butler

Lia is lovely

By: Ali

Reviewed on: 25 Aug 2021

Lia at Eclectic Greece was the perfect point of contact during our nine days abroad! We communicated a few times (about various logistics) and she was attentive, kind, and flexible. As we traveled, she sent us all our boarding passes, answered questions, and gave us advice. We will definitely work with Eclectic Greece by Kyvernitis Travel again!
Travel Advisor:  Michele Stuart


By: Maddie

Reviewed on: 24 Aug 2021

Eclectic Greece was a great tour operator and a great in-country contact for our trip to Greece!
Travel Advisor:  Jessica White

Greece Honeymoon

By: WM

Reviewed on: 15 Sep 2021

Eclectic Greece was great for our honeymoon. When we ran into a small issue of a driver not showing up, not only did they refund the trip but they also made sure we were taken care of the remainder of the trip! All of the recommendations were fantastic!
Travel Advisor:  Ginny Mabry

Amazing Trip!

By: Margaret

Reviewed on: 24 Sep 2021

We had a truly incredible honeymoon thanks to Valerie Wilson Travel! We worked with Glenna for our trip, and she was absolutely amazing. When COVID shut down French Polynesia, Glenna quickly pivoted and planned our honeymoon to Greece in days. We would not have been able to have such a fantastic experience without her. Both Eclectic Greece and Glenna checked in on us throughout our trip. We had multiple upgrades and were treated extraordinarily well. We can't thank Eclectic Greece or Valerie Wilson Travel enough. We will certainly be in touch with Glenna for future travels. Thank you, all!
Travel Advisor:  Valerie Ann Wilson


By: Helen C

Reviewed on: 01 Oct 2021

Seamless experience, very high quality experiences and operators throughout! Working with Eclectic Greece was truly a highlight of our honeymoon. Highly recommend this group to all!
Travel Advisor:  Maynard Zhang

Greek goddess

By: Greek goddess

Reviewed on: 08 Oct 2021

Had an excellent experience with the Eclectic Greece by Kyvernitis Travel. So responsive and informative. Also had great ideas to make our trip so unique with experiences and it ran smoothly. I highly recommend this group while in Greece. This group knows how to treat their customers right. They take a vested interest in their customers experiences. Superb
Travel Advisor:  Lori Kashgegian

Greece trip

By: Dawn karagosian

Reviewed on: 01 Apr 2022

Eclectic Greece by Kyvernitis were excellent. Every tour and guide were friendly, accomidating and went out of their way to help us. I would highly recommend them. We spent an unforgettable evening with the locals eating and dancing in Naxos. Best trip ever!!!
Travel Advisor:  Lori Kashgegian

Greece: Heaven on Earth

By: Karen & Chris

Reviewed on: 07 Mar 2022

You hear about the trips of a lifetime and add them to your bucket lists . Then, when and if you are fortunate enough to experience them, you hope it’s a trip of a lifetime… Recently my husband and I were able to experience Greece through the incredible expertise of our Travel Advisor Lori Kashgegian! Not only was she the advisor, but part of our intimate group of 12 ! Every step of the way, Lori exceeded expectations with her love, passion, and dedication to making this trip one that is that trip of a lifetime that you relive over and over. Every detail relative to air travel, documentation, accommodations, cuisine, tours, etc. were absolutely flawless! Lori designed the trip with the needs and passions of the group! Culinary , wine tours, Greek products , boutique shops, historical etc. It took our breath away every moment. Athens, Naxos, and Santorini each graced us with their beauty, culture, flavorful rich heritage and of course the Greek people themselves. BLESSED !
Travel Advisor:  Lori Kashgegian

Eclectic Greece

By: N

Reviewed on: 20 Apr 2022

Eclectic Greece handles your travel plans expertly.
Travel Advisor:  Becky Robinson

Great hidden finds

By: Jhawklover

Reviewed on: 24 May 2022

We especially loved the guided tour to Akrotini. We stopped at Megalachori along the way which was fantastic (discovered hidden gem of an art studio!). The winery tours were great, especially the cooking class which is a must.
Travel Advisor:  Kim Giuliani
Not Recommended

Did not use

By: Roz

Reviewed on: 19 May 2022

We ended up not using this service so the no rating stands for did not (not do not use).

Wonderful Service

By: BooMom

Reviewed on: 19 May 2022

Eclectic Greece was wonderful- they planned our trip exactly as we requested. Nothing was out of their realm. Air, Ferry, Hotels, wonderful side trips and professional guides and drivers. Special requests were no problem!!! Thank you!
Travel Advisor:  Laura Young Lampe

Our Greece trip

By: Bart Couch

Reviewed on: 07 Jun 2022

As our travel agent Alicia Saba, worked directly with them in setting up our trip, I have no complaints as to the service, professionalism, and friendliness of the staff we met on our trip.
Travel Advisor:  Alicia Saba

Rupp Honeymoon

By: The Rupps

Reviewed on: 13 Jun 2022

The team at Eclectic Greece was so attentive during our time in Greece. We received all of our excursion and transfer information in a timely manner. They were also on top of our ferry arrival and departure changes, updating us accordingly. It made for a very easy, seamless, and stress-free vacation. Thank you for everything!
Travel Advisor:  Laura Bassett

Electric Greece

By: ToriS

Reviewed on: 19 Jun 2022

Everyone was so great. Very welcoming and so helpful. Such a beautiful place
Travel Advisor:  Laura Bassett

Greece Grad Trip

By: Dawn

Reviewed on: 27 Jun 2022

Our contact Philippe, in Greece was fantastic! We ended up reaching out to him several times while on our vacation and he responded in a timely manner and was helpful and a total class act!
Travel Advisor:  Maria Poole

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