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Family Trip

By: Deni170

Reviewed on: 02 Jan 2014

Our family trip to RIU Tropical Bay in Negril, Jamaica was great. Staff was nice and food was good. 2 minor problems: tour desk asked for vouchers, so I gave them my travel sheets and the return transportation to the airport got messed up. Regardless, we enjoyed the trip.
Travel Advisor:  Deborah Trevino
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Highly Recommend

By: Jackrabbit14

Reviewed on: 03 Feb 2014

Our trip was handled professionally and everything was as we were told.  We would use them again.
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Not Recommended

Journese is no bargain

By: Tom

Reviewed on: 17 Mar 2014

Booking any travel program with any company should mean care free fun with no worries with what can go wrong next with the itinerary.  We travel often but this is our first trip with Journese.  It will be our last. Journese is out of date beginning with their systems, product, and customer service reps that lack basic knowledge.
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By: Not provided

Reviewed on: 28 Apr 2014

His being are guide made the trip worthwhile.  Accomadations were exelent. thank you.
Travel Advisor:  Dennis Wallace
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Highly Recommended

By: Pammy346

Reviewed on: 02 May 2014

Travel Advisor:  Dennis Wallace
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By: DRob2014

Reviewed on: 06 Oct 2014

This was definitely a great trip.
Travel Advisor:  Dennis Wallace
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Kay and Mary Beth are first rate

By: George

Reviewed on: 16 Jul 2015

We enjoyed our excursion to Ephesus immensely. The two guides for our trip were top notch. They tended to every detail. The Virtuoso excursions are well done. The reception the night before the excursion is a great way to get a preview of what to expect and to meet your travel companions. We appreciated meeting the professional Virtuoso team. Thank you
Travel Advisor:  Frances Boyce
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Not Recommended

Did not respond in a timely manner.

By: Sue B

Reviewed on: 29 Jul 2015

They were very difficult to get ahold of and never delivered our luau tickets. I spent an hour with our manager trying to get it straightened out.
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Very Helpful


Reviewed on: 28 Jul 2015

Due to an overbooking issue by our Hotel, Journese stepped in to resolve the situation to my satisfaction. It was nice to have a partner assisting us, especially since we were 4500 miles from home. Thank You!
Travel Advisor:  Brenda Tolson
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Great Trip

By: DaveRun

Reviewed on: 25 Sep 2015

Met all our expectations
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Well planned

By: mannings

Reviewed on: 08 Dec 2015

We have used Journese for several trips --- all were well planned and executed.
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Extremely professional service.

By: Nati

Reviewed on: 18 Feb 2016

Cheryl was very helpful from start to finish making sure that we had a good room and advising us as to the best resort for our wants. I would certainly recommend her service to anyone.
Travel Advisor:  Cheryl Cashman
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Good service

By: ShaunW

Reviewed on: 07 Jul 2016

We felt information provided prior to our visit was timely and quite useful. We were extremely happy with our experience with the Nayara Arenal resort but were left feeling the JW Marriott had some issues in food and housekeeping. Overall a good experience.
Travel Advisor:  Donna Padilla
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The Perfect Vacation

By: Bill503

Reviewed on: 07 Sep 2016

When my wife and I were planning on where to go to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary we were fortunate enough to connect with Kari Mollan and Stellar Travel. Kari suggested a number of possible destinations and we ultimately settled on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands of the South Pacific. Because Kari has actually traveled to Rarotonga and knows the owners and staff of the Sea Change Villas, where we stayed, she was able to assure us that what we saw in online was what we would actually experience. And it was! Kari expertly took care of all of the arrangements, from airline tickets to lodging and ground transportation. I highly recommend Kari Mollan and Stellar Travel to anyone who wants the perfect vacation experience...especially if you are traveling to the South Pacific!
Travel Advisor:  Kari Mollan

First time using them


Reviewed on: 16 Feb 2018

This was the first time we used them but we had no problem with them and would certainly use them again
Travel Advisor:  Brenda Cadman
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Good Service

By: QuailCt

Reviewed on: 27 Nov 2016

We loved that Journese made our trip economical for a 26-member group travel. The only thing that was a little strange was their onsite desk at the hotel where we stayed. The one person we dealt with, Dale, was extremely friendly and went out of her way to make our experience smooth. But when she wasn't at the onsite desk, the other employee was less than helpful. She was friendly but acted like she knew nothing about how to answer our questions, where to get the information, informed us Dale was off for the next couple of days so we wouldn't get answers in time, etc. It was a bit strange, and we ended up having to figure out our answers ourselves. We would probably use them again, but we may also shop around.
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By: David

Reviewed on: 29 May 2017

Best vacation I have had yet. The resort took care of all my needs. The staff was extremely professional. Can't wait to go back again.
Travel Advisor:  Michele Benigno
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50th wedding anniversay

By: sharon

Reviewed on: 05 Jun 2017

Everything that was set up worked out perfectly, as promised.
Travel Advisor:  Lindsey Epperly
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Moorea and Bora Bora


Reviewed on: 16 Jun 2017

Perfect? Excellent amenities and outstanding service with all transports and hotels.
Travel Advisor:  Marilyn Bennett
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Marquis Los Cabos

By: JoogieMudder

Reviewed on: 17 Jun 2017

Seamless, perfect vacation from beginning to end. Fantastic value and have already referred many friends and colleagues. Don't think twice, go with this company.
Travel Advisor:  Tina Slimp
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By: Ali

Reviewed on: 26 Aug 2017

Our experience was fantastic! I felt that we were treated special as a result of using this company. It felt amazing and I am appreciative for it.
Travel Advisor:  Shameeron Paur
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Great stay for a great price

By: NW Honeymooner

Reviewed on: 14 Sep 2017

Journese has great packages that can be tailored to exactly what you want. Our experience was great and would recommend them!
Travel Advisor:  Piper Fenton
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Hawaii 2017

By: FionaK

Reviewed on: 16 Oct 2017

I like Journese, but my one complaint is, despite booking, and paying for this trip - my husband's name was the one on the reservation. The guy at Avis told me straight up - his name is on here, not yours, so I only need to talk with him. I walked out I was so insulted. Also at our hotel, they kindly sent a welcome gift (as we had stayed there before) but they only addressed it to my husband. I'm not sure what happened, but when one does all the work in booking a trip, and actually pays for it themselves, it's really insulting when they are treated as if they are not on the reservation. Hopefully that is a flaw that can be fixed in your system.
Travel Advisor:  Debra Stern
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Seamless travel experience to Bora Bora

By: Passepartout

Reviewed on: 29 Oct 2017

It's hard to go wrong with a stay at the St. Regis Bora Bora, however you book it.... but it's really a breeze when everything is taken care of from local air bookings to the complimentary breakfast buffet for two during our stay. Also the VIP welcome treatment set the stage for the rest of the visit. It wasn't really our '15th anniversary' (it was our 4th - 6 weeks before), but the champagne and red petal heart on the bed was an added treat!! Very professionally arranged indeed!! Thank you!
Travel Advisor:  Cindy Bown
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Non-cruise line accommodations

By: JeanC

Reviewed on: 05 Nov 2017

Very happy with the black car service and the hotels. The W Hotel in Montreal was very nice and well located. The LeParker Maridien in New York wasn't as nice as far as furnishings, but the location was very good.
Travel Advisor:  Debra Stern
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By: Amma

Reviewed on: 05 Jan 2018

Very good! Every detail was in order!
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Hollo
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Travel documents

By: Shorty

Reviewed on: 05 Feb 2018

Our agent uses Journese to set up our itinerary and they have given us good service. We have not had any trouble getting travel documents on time. and the documents and instructions have always been correct.
Travel Advisor:  Deborah Trevino
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By: Nana

Reviewed on: 11 Feb 2018

Greatness had a wonderful time and the trip was planed well no complants. The people at the hotels were always very helpful
Travel Advisor:  Shirley Huffman
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