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24-hour Room Service
Broadway-style Entertainment
Butler Service
Fitness Center
Fitness Classes
Hot Tub
Laundry/Dry Cleaning
Specialty Restaurants
Swimming Pool

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  • Shipboard accommodations

  • Shuttles from port to city center in many ports of call

  • Specialty restaurants

  • Wireless Internet

  • Soft drinks, cappuccino, espresso, teas and juices

  • Still & sparkling Vero Water

  • Room service menu 24 hours a day

  • Launderette facilities

  • Onboard meals and entertainment

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  • Wine & spirits | Shore excursions | Spa treatments | Wine pairing dinners | Onboard incidentals | Gratuities

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Inaugural Sailing
65000 Tons
Public Decks
Passenger Capacity
Marshall Islands

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By: G28

Reviewed on: 02 Jul 2013

Oceania could have sent out travel documents earlier than they did as customers were unable to take advantage of the 10% discounts on excursions due to late arrival
Travel Advisor:  Jackie Matthews

Highly recommended

By: Marge

Reviewed on: 17 Aug 2013

Marina was a delightful experience. Isles and Fjords cruise, and much of the enjoyment was in the ship itself. Wonderful food, with rewarding experiences in the specialty restaurants (although the steakhouse is somewhat disappointing, which we've discovered before on cruise ships. What seems like the easiest concept to execute apparently isn't). Service was excellent, and little things, like the presence of the Paradise String Quartet onboard, made this a special experience.
Travel Advisor:  Deborah Jett

By: HarveyO

Reviewed on: 17 Sep 2013

Ship still feels quite new. Staff VERY friendly. Food very good. Service in restaurants especially good. Room service can use some improvement, delivery was a little slow. Also repair of our sink took four phone calls to finally get someone to the room to fix the drain in the sink.

Beautiful ship

By: Fay

Reviewed on: 07 Oct 2013

Elegant ship. The staff all were exceptional. The tours were conducted by very professional english speaking guides and made you feel that they cared about your experience. The ship sent some crew members on the tours also. Nice touch.
Travel Advisor:  Rose Passananti


By: Sally

Reviewed on: 13 Nov 2013

Very nice cruise line. We have taken two cruises with Oceania and thoroughly enjoyed each one.
Travel Advisor:  Deanna Byrd

Recommend if you get an Oceania suite!

By: MG

Reviewed on: 19 Nov 2013

We've had three cruises on Oceania. Best suite is Oceania. Didn't like the Vista Suite, Can't see over the rail on the deck! Deck is a waste!
Travel Advisor:  Sara Krutsinger


By: richie

Reviewed on: 19 Nov 2013

always a great time on this ship with a great crew.
Travel Advisor:  Ronni Winik

Simply fantastic - Cruise on Marina

By: Lisa

Reviewed on: 25 Nov 2013

Apart from the boarding (which was extremely long and seemed a bit disorganised), everything else was first class from the food to the activities and the excursions. Will probably do another cruise on Oceania in the coming months.
Travel Advisor:  Susanne Stanischewski

Highly recommended

By: Fredann

Reviewed on: 21 Nov 2013

Just the right size ship, with high crew/guest ratio. Loved the specialty restaurants at no extra charge. Our luggage was delayed for 6 days and Oceania was instrumental in finding it for us. We have been on Oceania several times and prefer it to other cruise lines that we have tried.
Travel Advisor:  Barbara Clements

Five star


Reviewed on: 20 Nov 2013

Very pleased with every cruise which has been booked by 12 cruises, two of which I will take in 2014. She is very efficient and I feel confident that her arrangements are in our best interests and at the best price. I have recommended her to five other cruisers over the past five years and they also have been also very satisfied.
Travel Advisor:  Maria Karmiris

Highly recommended

By: Allison

Reviewed on: 28 Nov 2013

We have taken only two cruises and both of them on Marina. Will look for cruises with this ship. Verycomfortable, accommodating, good size, competent staff, impressive cuisine.

Have recommended to many people, and will continue doing so

By: Dutchy

Reviewed on: 23 Nov 2013

When Lorraine took the booking over from us, she spared us the $750.00 gratuities and arranged everything in details and made sure we received the best of everything We knew how good she was from a previous tour with her to the Galapagos Islands and Peru, we will travel with her any time and recommend her to anybody who requires a referral. She is the best.
Travel Advisor:  Lorraine Young

excellent individual

By: Kenny 67

Reviewed on: 21 Nov 2013

Very pleased with Nicola.s work, goes that extra mile to make sure your plans our met. Could not be happier with her.We feel very fortunate to have her look after our travel needs. We have recommended her to our friends.


By: Bob and Pat

Reviewed on: 01 Jul 2015

Our trip is planned for year end. Tracy does a remarkable job for us. I do not recall receiving any Virtuoso amenities for our last cruise. However I do recall being charged about $140.00 for the air reservations she made!
Travel Advisor:  Tracey Shara

very good product

By: sunsfanatic

Reviewed on: 14 Dec 2013

Our trip on the Marina revealed a very good product with all services well thought out and executed. For the money you can't beat it. At least as good as highest end lines.
Travel Advisor:  Leah Bergner

By: Not provided

Reviewed on: 05 Mar 2014

Travel Advisor:  Rose Passananti

Highly recommend

By: Not provided

Reviewed on: 17 Mar 2014

Travel Advisor:  Jim Buckley

Highly Recommend

By: Alliston Car Guy

Reviewed on: 11 Apr 2014

Oceania is a great way to cruise!

By: Bill

Reviewed on: 21 May 2014

We love Oceania!  The ships are beautiful, the staff is courteous and efficient, food and entertainment are first class.  We highly recommend to all our friends and family.
Not Recommended

Nice cruise, but certainly not 1st class level

By: Bill

Reviewed on: 02 Jun 2014

The 4 specialty restaurants are excellent dining options, however difficult to get a reservation after the first pass.  We upgraded to concierge level which was a waste of $$ as the person attending the room sujested we could do as well getting reservations by contacting dining reservations on our own.  The stateroom was very small for this size of ship.  Our primary experience has been on Silversea and there is absolutely no comparison dispite all the propaganda from Oceania.  There tours despite being fairly attractive need to emphasize the long bus drives to reach points of interest.  Disembarkation was very poorly handled.

Our favorite cruise line.

By: jerbrad

Reviewed on: 17 Jun 2014

Great cruise.  Excellent cruise line.  Food and service are always outstanding. Out of 1220 cruisers, 900 were repeat customers. This tells you a lot.  We look forward to our next cruise on Oceania.  Second time on Marina. Both times excellent.  Especially love the lecturers, cooking classes, and excursions. Only negatives were not enough information on shuttle service to towns and lack of events while sailing across the ocean. However, we survived and managed to have a fantastic time regardless.
Travel Advisor:  Kathy Moran

great cruise. great bridge with Barbara Seagram

By: the old tiger

Reviewed on: 14 Jun 2014

Excelent experience

By: Susu33

Reviewed on: 20 Jun 2014

We enjoyed our trip with all the amenities that Marina offered.   The tours were very good, the service was extraordinary in all the sections: dining, cabin, open areas, etc.    We did not find the entertainment specially good.   The magician was really amazing, but other than that we did not care for the rest.   All in all, however, it was a wonderful break and would, without hesitation, sign in for another cruise with Oceania.
Travel Advisor:  Sally Shekane

Highly recommend

By: Trav

Reviewed on: 20 Jun 2014

it was a pleasure cruising in the Marina, the staff was very friendly and helpful.
Travel Advisor:  Sally Shekane

Very nice trip

By: GeoC

Reviewed on: 07 Jul 2014

Melita, our travel agent, was excellent!The Marina was  very nice. Only a few minor glitches with our experience. We'll travel with Oceania again for sure.
Travel Advisor:  Melita Hein

Great cruise line

By: Mikeshy

Reviewed on: 29 Jul 2014

We just completed our first cruise with Oceania on the Marina.  We have previously cruised with Oceania's parent company, Regent Seven Seas on the Mariner. The ship was beautiful. The size was fine, we have learned to enjoy the 300 to 700 passenger ships. The Marina had 1250 passengers on board. We were elated to see some of the senior crew members were from the Mariner and we had sealed with them before. The service was very good, they are very well organized with their tours and other activities. I thought that the food was very good. We also enjoyed dining in the specialty restuarants. We plan to be back on the Marina in January.
Travel Advisor:  Jodi Fox

Oceania is our favorite

By: kgf

Reviewed on: 08 Sep 2014

Ship was beautiful and the all the staff were very attentive and friendly. Food was excellent!
Travel Advisor:  Jessica Griscavage

Best ship

By: May May

Reviewed on: 22 Sep 2014

We have excellent experience with Oceania Marina. The service was impeccable and the food, both the quality and taste is superb. We intend to join it again in this December.
Travel Advisor:  Darrin Cancellieri

Beautiful ship

By: Qooma

Reviewed on: 21 Sep 2014

Marina is a beautiful ship. All staff were friendly and extremely helpful. Jacques and Toscana were the two specialty restaurants that deserved thumbs up. Flight arrangement by Oceania from North America to Europe caused stressful moments. The couple needed to be sitting together due to health reasons but was assigned seats away from each other on flight from Canada to Europe. The trans-continental flight was fully booked and re-assignment of seats were not possible before journey nor at check in. Passengers on board were kind enough to switch seats.
Travel Advisor:  Darrin Cancellieri
Not Recommended

Spain 9/2014

By: John D

Reviewed on: 06 Oct 2014

Much prefer the smaller ships.

Thoughts of a Oceania Ambassador

By: Ann229

Reviewed on: 27 Oct 2014

Our travel agent was fine. The ship was fine, but Oceania is slipping somewhat. Our choice of this cruise was not the best as we needed 2 or 3 "at sea" days in order to rest up and enjoy the ship. Each day was a "working tour day." The ship tours are too expensive and several were not worth it at all. Most of our port cities were flooded with people and made sightseeing uncomfortable. We were in a penthouse suite which is great with the walkin closet but the usual changes of towels each day was not done and the carpet needed spot cleaning. This was our 11th Oceania cruise so we feel that we are "experts" and ambassadors for Oceania and we have been but this cruise was a bit of a disappointment.

Great cuisine, programs and decor

By: Foxhaven7

Reviewed on: 04 Nov 2014

This is our ninth cruise with Oceania which speaks for our assessment of the cruise line. The decor of the ship is wonderful and the surroundings comfortable. The food runs the gamut from exquisite to hearty but all sooooo tasty..... We are always amazed at the professionalism and polite, caring demeanor of the staff. The itinerary was good. All in all, the cruise lived up to our expectations.
Travel Advisor:  Jesse Taylor

S. American Cruise- Eric Miller

By: Cruisers

Reviewed on: 18 Dec 2014

Eric Miller was all you could ask for in a Cruise advisor. He helped us through all the paper work, the Visa Work, etc. He kept in touch throughout the entire process, including a welcome home phone call. I can highly recommend him. But there were some disappointments about the trip. This was our 4th Oceania Cruise. The line and the ship itself were wonderful, as always. However, the shore excursions were poor at best. The language skills of most of the guides were poor. How can such an underemployed part of the world not come up with better tour guides? The groups were way too large. For the money, I expect much more from this cruise line( wages are NOT that high over there). Also, the lunches provided on the day trips were poor quality. Why no portable head/speaker sets?? This is not a cheap economy cruise line and I expect better. None of this is a reflectin on Eric tho -- he was great, as were all the actual ship services.
Travel Advisor:  Eric Miller

Four years old but just like new!

By: Ron.

Reviewed on: 15 Feb 2015

Besides being a first class craft we were pleased to note that Marina displayed none of the normal wear and tear aspects normally associated with a regularly scheduled four year old conveyance.
Travel Advisor:  Bonnie Niemi

The Premier of All Ships

By: Sally B.

Reviewed on: 18 Feb 2015

The Marina (0ceania) is about as perfect of a ship as one could hope for. The overall rating I would give it is excellent in every category. Need I say more!!!
Travel Advisor:  Joyce Krichman

Outstanding as Usual

By: Mac Wino

Reviewed on: 06 Mar 2015

This was our fourth cruise with Oceania and on the Marina. The food is better than most restaurants and the portions are well done. The staterooms are comfortable and very well decorated and the stewards/stewardess' do a wonderful job. I did notice that the ship could use some updating, such as the balcony handrails need varnish and a couple of exterior places on the ship need some paint. The weakest part of Oceania is their excursions and especially having to go to the Marina Lounge to wait for the excursions. It is even harder to deal with on tender days. It is still by far and way our favorite cruise line on which to sail. Have signed up for another cruise in 2016.
Travel Advisor:  Theresa Quintarelli

Cruise exceeded expectations

By: Ernie77

Reviewed on: 10 Mar 2015

Would do Oceania again in a heartbeat if the itinerary was right. We were told ahead of time that the food was reputed to be the best in the industry…..they did not disappoint. Never felt like there were as many passengers on board as there actually were. Attention was given to the decor, with the artwork, etched glass, wood, etc. Entire crew was very courteous and professional. Entire cruise operations were very smooth.

Great food and service

By: Mikeshy

Reviewed on: 24 Mar 2015

My wife and I sailed on the Oceania Marina from Papeete to Sydney. We liked the size of the ship as it carries approximately 1250 passengers. The layout is very convenient and easy to navigate. We especially enjoyed the outstanding cuisine in the 4 specialty restaurants on board. The service and quality of food is consistent with any first class restaurant on land. The quality of entertainment in the theatre was quite good for a ship of this size. We especially like the opportunity to participate in the Culinary School on board. We took three cooking classes and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The ports of call were minimal as we had a significant number of sea days scheduled. Unfortunately, weather caused us to miss three of the scheduled ports, however, we appreciate the concern of the captain and his crew for our comfort and safety. We enjoyed ourselves very much.
Travel Advisor:  Jodi Fox


By: clare and rich

Reviewed on: 30 Mar 2015

our only problem was getting to Papeete at 4 A.M. and not getting on the ship until 11, on a rainy Sunday, where all the shops were closed. The cruise itself was fabulous. No coplaints!!
Travel Advisor:  Eric Miller

Oceania - Good Value (who knew) and my nickname was "The Walrus."

By: Eckhardt

Reviewed on: 04 May 2015

Sailed from Tahiti to LIma (Papeete, Moorea, Raiatea, Bora Bora, Rangiroa Fakarava, Pitcairn, and Easter Islands) with Oceania on the Marina. The cabins, service, food, and the ship (Marina) were exceptional. We have sailed with five other cruise lines, but we never experienced such opulence. The food was amazing, the service was the best we ever encountered. Going Places Travel, Mr. Taylor and his team, helped us book early, which helped with the cost. Mr. Taylor also helped us with "air deviations," which make the air portion of our trip much more palatable.
Travel Advisor:  Jesse Taylor



Reviewed on: 27 Apr 2015

The Oceania crew was well trained, very friendly and helped us a lot especially on using the tenders in rough water. We enjoyed every aspect of the trip.
Travel Advisor:  Diana Rolig

Marina Cruise

By: Rich

Reviewed on: 30 Apr 2015

We have traveled on Oceania a number of times and love the larger ship because we love the lounge and the ability to get in more dancing. The crew has always been first rate and the food and wine excellent. We are off on another trip with them this July and continue to look for routes that we would like to travel in the future. For our money it is the best cruise line.
Travel Advisor:  Cindy Bown


By: Susan

Reviewed on: 06 Jul 2017

Exceptional. Every need was met. The clientele, both crew and travelers, were friendly and respectful. We love the Marina.
Travel Advisor:  Stuart Stone

Good value for the dollar

By: Bo

Reviewed on: 12 May 2015

Continues to be a great cruise line however we did see a few cutbacks, possibly due to the acquisition by NCL. Prices of liquor and prices of Oceania's tours continue to be too high. Food and service continues to be outstanding. Entertainment is so so. This is not a cruise line if your goal is entertainment. But overall, good value for the cruise buck!
Travel Advisor:  George Nagy

perfect size

By: panama hat

Reviewed on: 12 May 2015

big enough to have a smooth ride yet small enough to feel like a small town
Travel Advisor:  George Nagy

prefer smaller ships

By: I don't have one

Reviewed on: 20 Jun 2015

This is the 3rd time I've tried to review our trip on the Marina. Public areas beautiful but lavish, a bit of overdone & quite costly. Cabins comfortable, closet in VERY inconvenient place, stall shower could be larger and no need for a bathtub. Prefer soap and shampoo available on the smaller ships to the Bulgari on Marina. Food & variety outstanding in all venues as is ship's accommodation of special dietary needs. Crew & staff excellent and always have a "can-do" attitude. The word "no" is not in their vocabulary. They are the best. Oceania is only cruise line we will consider for our trips. It's a world class cruise line. Already booked for spring 2016.
Travel Advisor:  Jesse Taylor


By: JOHN 83

Reviewed on: 02 Jul 2015


Baltic Sea Cruise

By: Jim

Reviewed on: 07 Jul 2015

Ship, accommodations, and restaurants were very good. Service personnel were excellent.

One of the BEST

By: CDP2008

Reviewed on: 13 Jul 2015

Love this ship and crew
Travel Advisor:  Linda Winslow

great voyage

By: mike

Reviewed on: 28 Jul 2015

cindy, you gave us a wonderful trip. Everything worked well !!!
Travel Advisor:  Cindy Bown

good overall

By: M & M

Reviewed on: 07 Aug 2015

Stateroom has wonderful bathtub. Beds were outstanding. Most nights entertainment was great until the very end. Didn't like last performer. Food was great especially the upscale restaurants. Would like to see more activities on days at sea. I realize the average age seemed to be 75 so with older crowd most activities were sedentary. Lectures were decent. Other than that you could pay to take a cooking class or art class. Not enough fitness classes offered. I like to workout daily.
Travel Advisor:  Marcia Carlow

Good trip

By: Irene

Reviewed on: 10 Aug 2015

Found prices of drinks a little high. Overall service great

Impeccable Service


Reviewed on: 21 Sep 2015

We had a wonderful experience on the Marina. The ship staff was very friendly and accommodating. The service onboard was impeccable. We were definitely spoiled - don't think we can go back to any other cruise line. Our suite was very comfortable, the food was great especially the specialty restaurants. Loved the decor all around the ship!
Travel Advisor:  Sheryl West

See other review

By: Bill and Bernice

Reviewed on: 20 Sep 2015

Sorry. I did my reviews backwards.....what else is new? As for Roxanne Girard. Great person, great service. She is super efficient and tries hard to learn your preferences. Our highest rating goes to her.

Excellent Cruise Again

By: chic73

Reviewed on: 10 Nov 2015

This was the second cruise we planned and booked thru Bridgett Quinn. Once again all was perfect and without any glitches. We are very pleased with her service and the few pleasant surprised we found once on board. We recommended Bridgett to 2 other couples we met on the Marina. We will definitely use Bridgett when booking our next and all future cruises. Thanks!
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good ship

By: BP

Reviewed on: 16 Aug 2018

all good on this ship

Oceania Baltic Cruise


Reviewed on: 14 Sep 2019

Excellent. Really appreciated the specialty restaurants and especially the Culinary classes.
Travel Advisor:  Martina Peladeau

Great cruise

By: Travelling granny

Reviewed on: 18 Dec 2015

Had another great cruise on the Marina from Cape Town to Rio. Continue to appreciate the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff and crew. The food was great. One of the lecturers, Terry, was top notch. Expressed concern to staff while on the cruise about what looked to us to be a decline in cleanliness in parts of the ship. As I mentioned, the sunshine test was not always passed in areas such as the Terrace Cafe. Hope to enjoy our next cruise on the Marina.
Travel Advisor:  Randy Raphael

Great trip

By: Streak

Reviewed on: 20 Dec 2015

3rd time on Marina. Might be the best one.Staff did a great job and were very helpful. Oceania messed up on the boarding in St Helena,which we will forgive. I'm sure they regret how they handled this. Everything else was terrific ,however.
Travel Advisor:  Sheilah Benoit

Perfect Size

By: Bob & A

Reviewed on: 30 Dec 2015

Just the right size and truly a first class ship
Travel Advisor:  Jon Sutter

Marvelous Marina

By: EvieG

Reviewed on: 13 Jan 2016

Oceania's Marina is a fabulous experience. The ship probably has the best food on the high seas. Service is great as are the amenities such as guest speakers, artist in residence, specialty restaurants and culinary kitchen cooking experiences with guest chefs. The mattresses and bedding are the most comfortable of any place we've ever slept. This was our third cruise with Oceania and we are looking forward to our fourth cruise with them in May 2017.
Travel Advisor:  Michael Kempinski

She did a good job

By: Good Ole Rich

Reviewed on: 14 Mar 2016

Taryn always does a good job. As she has learned my preferences, her good job has improved to "excellent job". I would recommend her to all my friends. Too bad that Oceania doesn't perform as well as my travel agent.
Travel Advisor:  Taryn Daley


By: M & M

Reviewed on: 29 Feb 2016

We are first time cruisers with Oceana and our vacation was perfect from the time of departure to arrival. The service was impeccable and staff were very respectful. Our travel agent was very helpful and answered all questions and concerns we had in a very timely manner. We will definitely in the near future look to Rose to help us design future trips and we will consider other Oceana trips.
Travel Advisor:  Rose Coleman

excellent cruise

By: TD

Reviewed on: 16 Apr 2016

Our 2nd time on this ship and it was outstanding - fantastic food; very comfortable staterooms; great amenities. It has it all for the adult traveler!
Travel Advisor:  Lois Moran

Another great experience!

By: Patkin

Reviewed on: 23 Jun 2016

Once again Oceania gets full marks for the repositioning cruise in April from Miami to Barcelona. Cabin service was excellent, daily activities well-planned and good variety, staff at every level well trained and competent. The speakers and workshop leaders (esp the bridge teachers) were very good. We like not having our pictures taken every other minute!!! This is our preferred ocean cruise line.
Travel Advisor:  Jesse Taylor

History, comfort and glorious food!

By: Daddio

Reviewed on: 12 Aug 2016

Oceania gives every indication that it is the class of the cruise industry. Our room on board with private veranda was exceptionally comfortable in every way. Our cabin attendants were hard working and very friendly. The docking sites were well- chosen and gave us a flavor of the Northern European countries. The numerous excursions offered insights into the history and culture of the countries visited. The food was outstanding and surpassed our very high expectations. We participated in a two-week feeding frenzy! We did not hesitate to book another cruise for summer, 2017

Best cruise line, best food, best staff!!

By: M&M

Reviewed on: 21 Aug 2016

After sailing with Oceania five times, we continue to be as impressed as we were on our first voyage!! Service, ambience and staff are even more wonderful each time we sail.
Travel Advisor:  Patrice Thomas

Exciting cruise

By: Marv

Reviewed on: 27 Aug 2016

We'd never been on one of Oceania's larger ships, and found that while we liked the size, there's still a lot to be said for their smaller ships, too. The level of service, quality of meals, etc., continued to excel, regardless of ship size.
Travel Advisor:  Rose Passananti

Great Trip - Baltic Cruise

By: Sheila

Reviewed on: 21 Sep 2016

Had a wonderful time on the trip. Beautiful ship, attentive staff, great food. Will definitely cruise with them again.
Travel Advisor:  Cindy Moore

Great Cruise ship for a relaxing and exciting vacation!

By: ND German

Reviewed on: 23 Sep 2016

We sailed on the Marina before and enjoyed the ship and really liked the amazing staff. Our favorite was of course our butler! He was such a pleasure to have around!! Overall the staff was very friendly and did an awesome job to serve the passenger. We will certainly book another Oceania cruise!

explert friendly service

By: ginnyk

Reviewed on: 11 Oct 2016

Our first experience on Oceania Cruise Lines was a very pleasant one. Room accommodations were excellent. Menu and dining were first rate. The mid-size ship experience was not overwhelming and provided overall a very relaxing and enjoyable cruise.
Travel Advisor:  Katie McCormack Krinkie

Oceania our way!

By: Braniffman

Reviewed on: 07 Oct 2016

We are going on our seventh voyage with Oceania between Marina and Riviera, perfect size ship, never feels crowded, the food is superb and the service top notch.
Travel Advisor:  Stacy Weigant
Not Recommended

Somewhat disorganized

By: Denise

Reviewed on: 11 Oct 2016

We booked everything through Oceania.Our hotel was located far from everything. We walked a 6 square block area and could barely find a restaurant. It wasn't even near the pier. Casablanca tour guide was not knowledgeable and couldn't answer basic question like, "What is the main industry in Morocco". He brought us to three stops without explaining where we were.. To me it was a waste of money. I also found the organization in Lisbon to be horrible. We arrived at noon. There were three shuttle buses which took 20 minutes each way, making it a 40 minute round trip. Instead of having people meet in the theater to wait, it was like a free-for-all. Everyone was standing in the hot sun waiting for the buses. To me this was poorly organized. Then when we knew that the hurricane was going to interrupt our return, the staff was totally non-responsive and we were left on our own. Thankfully my travel agent back home was able to assist us. My second time on the Oceania was disappointing .

Good itinerary

By: Noname

Reviewed on: 11 Oct 2016

We chose this trip for the itinerary. The ship was nice. Very pretty and for the most part staff was friendly and things were run smoothly. The problem I have with Oceania is that I feel you get charged extra for everything. For example gratuities, tours, drinks etc. I would rather pay more up front and have these included as many other lines do.
Travel Advisor:  Sara Krutsinger

Floating Paradise!

By: Deborah

Reviewed on: 05 Nov 2016

We just came back from our first Oceania Cruise on the Marina from Lisbon to Rome. It was a fantastic trip on a beautiful ship. Our Penthouse Suite was very elegantly appointed with a lovely spacious bathroom with tub and shower and a great walk-in closet to keep things neat. The ship's staff are incredibly friendly and polite and extremely well-trained. They were all a pleasure to deal with. The food is really wonderful, so fresh and beautifully presented and there is such variety from restaurant to restaurant. Our only regret is that we did not have more "days at sea" that we could spent on the ship, at the pool relaxing. On our next cruise we will make that a priority!
Travel Advisor:  Shelley Fremont

Wonderful experience!

By: queenie

Reviewed on: 25 Oct 2016

First time cruise for my husband, first time on the Marina for me. Lovely ship with wonderful service. We were treated like royalty
Travel Advisor:  Patti Carter

Some great countries

By: Sonny

Reviewed on: 08 Nov 2016

With the exception of two days of bad weather and the outbreak of gastro intestinal issues on board ship there were no issues! My wife and I plan to return to Solvenia and Montenegro for a vacation in he future! Wonderful places to visit !
Travel Advisor:  Christine Bolus

Great Service & improvement in food & staff were very friendly

By: Annie

Reviewed on: 13 Dec 2016

This was our fifth cruise on an Oceania ship. As usual we enjoyed it very much. The staff could not do enough to help you when you needed them especially being we spoke English only.. My husband had a mishap and fell on one of our tours and they were right there to ensure we got back to the ship and were in safe hands. They also helped us back to our room which made me feel a little more secure in that they didn't abandon us in our time of need. The food this time around was even better than the past. The new staff and Officers truly fit the positions they occupied. They all looked so clean and neat in their uniforms. It was impressive. It was nice to see the junior staff were from different countries giving them a chance for a working career and experience on the ship. The Specialty Restaurants were very good. We enjoyed the fact that we could have 1/2 portions of food We thank you all very much for the Promotional Amenities and Ship Board Credits. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Travel Advisor:  Zeze Kattan

Great Service and Restaurants

By: Linny

Reviewed on: 07 Jan 2017

The ship is lovely with wonderful restaurants and very nice accommadations. The staff is excellent, both friendly and efficient. The size of the ship compared to most allows for easy deboarding and never feels crowded. My only criticism is that the excursions are both extremely expensive and not usually very good. Our last cruise in Europe had us docked a few times in seemingly unnecessarily remote places.
Travel Advisor:  Cindy Bown


By: Winder2

Reviewed on: 13 Feb 2017

Exceptional food:best on any cruise ship
Travel Advisor:  Vira Mastroianni

Never a Doubt

By: Ace

Reviewed on: 28 Jan 2017

We had cruised on Riviera three times, so being on Marina we felt right at home. Once again, Oceania delivered with great food and service. We love the finishings and the art on these ships, with so much attention to detail. Wonderful to have the Culinary Center and La Reserve on board. All round great experience!
Travel Advisor:  Linda Winslow

Rigby Comments

By: Rigby

Reviewed on: 28 Jan 2017

We were sorry we missed an offered upgrade to a suite again this time but that was our own fault for not being readily available when the offer was received. Oceania did its usual good job in all respects inclusive of their attempts to minimize the impact on its customers during the course of an on-board gastro-enteritis outbreak. Well done.
Travel Advisor:  Bonnie Niemi
Not Recommended


By: Bob

Reviewed on: 07 Feb 2017

Cruise seemed aimed at the very old. Food was good. Ship personnel did not communicate well when seas got bad and had to skip first stop in Grand Cayman. We have cruised on Crystal, Regent, Holland America, and Princess and I would rate Oceania only above Princess. The stop in Belize was at some phony cruise ship island and was a wasted day. Not at all impressed with Oceania.


By: Mac

Reviewed on: 14 Feb 2017

Wonderful trip, however as repeat customers we did not feel the service was quite as good and the food although good , was not like previously....seems to be a slight difference ....maybe since Norwegian took over...Hard to describe just not as good quality...
Travel Advisor:  Patrice Thomas

Marina. Oceania

By: Jean B

Reviewed on: 22 Jan 2018

Better seating. Jacque is superb. This cruise Polo Grill was not up to par on quality of food and service. Also many changes to food in Terrace Grill. Fruit not ripe. Often cut up in tiny pieces. Cookies are like sawdust. Some items were good but not up to standard ofourother trips. Generally staff is great!!Very nice ship. First time on Oceania larger ships. I probably would prefer the smaller ones as the ceilings are very low in all areas on these larger ones. Many of the chairs are also too low and difficult to get in and out of in the public rooms in the penthouse suites and terrible in Red Ginger. The other specialty restaurants
Travel Advisor:  Deborah Brye

easy cruising

By: linamaria

Reviewed on: 08 Feb 2018

well cared for and pampered. Wonderful freestyle living with great food and amenities. Friendly efficient staff looking to make the experience your best holiday.
Travel Advisor:  Jenni Evans
Not Recommended

18 day Oceania cruise

By: Duke

Reviewed on: 06 Mar 2018

Since Norwegian bought Oceania we see a decline in our experiences aboard Marina. The food quality has declined, too many times we were given incorrect information from employees who should have known the answers, their tendering at several ports was handled poorly, and boarding and disembarking procedures also need improvement.

Best cruise line

By: Pointsey

Reviewed on: 20 Feb 2018

Food is fantastic and the staff is exceptional.

A Wonderful Time in Tahiti

By: Matt

Reviewed on: 07 Mar 2018

We had a great time on Marina, and we will more than likely use Oceania again.
Travel Advisor:  Susan Boehnstedt
Not Recommended


By: Bob

Reviewed on: 03 Mar 2018

Messed up my dinner reservations and trip schedule. Could not give a good reason.

Oceania Makes Cruising Dreams Come True

By: Innocence and a Broad

Reviewed on: 14 Mar 2018

Our fifth cruise on Oceania and third on Marina. Large enough to have all the amenities one could want and small enough to be comfortable and conveniently arranged. The best dining at sea we feel and have heard from other seasoned cruisers. Many excellent itineraries around the World.
Travel Advisor:  Cindy Bown

Cruise to French Polynesia

By: Charlie

Reviewed on: 14 Mar 2018

Stateroom was nice & bed was very comfortable. Room stewards were helpful & friendly. Food in Terrace Cafe was exceptional but did not care for Red Ginger specialty restaurant (very noisy and sauces not to our taste). Wait service was excellent, however, as was the quality of the meat. Main complaint were the huge flies on the ship. There were flies in the main dining room, Terrace Cafe and even in the lounges. Didn't notice any flies when we were actually on the islands, but the ship had a lot of them. Ship was very rocky, especially as we traveled from island to island, even though the ocean seemed calm. Many times we were sailing during dinner, and the rocking made eating unpleasant. It was ok when we were docked. Table cloths & napkins were not ironed so difficult to tell if they were used or not. Also it did not look very nice having wrinkled table cloths, especially on the serving table at the afternoon tea. Excursions were enjoyable with excellent native guides.
Travel Advisor:  Eiko Yamamoto

We love Marina!!

By: GrammyLB

Reviewed on: 25 Mar 2018

This is our third time onboard Marina. We just love this ship! It was so great to re-connect with so many of the crew members. We love being in familiar surroundings, unpacking is such a breeze, we already know where everything goes!
Travel Advisor:  Linda Winslow


By: Don

Reviewed on: 19 May 2018

Good after embarcation.
Travel Advisor:  Diana Gardner

The ship

By: Di

Reviewed on: 04 Jun 2018

Clean, beautiful, fabulous staff, excellent food and excellent accommodations!! 10+ on all
Travel Advisor:  Pam Walker

Oceania Cruise

By: Jo Jo

Reviewed on: 03 Jun 2018

My time aboard Marina was excellent. The food & entertainment were of a high calibre.
Travel Advisor:  Jackie Matthews

Best line ever

By: Tom

Reviewed on: 17 Jun 2018

Outstanding Tremendous food and service
Travel Advisor:  Sherry Wilczewski

Oceania Cruises - Marina, Polynesia Islands

By: Traveler

Reviewed on: 29 Mar 2018

From my 1st step aboard the Marina, I felt I was finally where I wanted to be on a cruise ship. The luxurious hallways, the elegant and not over-the-top décor, the artwork and the grand staircase made this vacation feel like a dream come true. And did I forget to mention the food? Every meal, every single day no matter in which restaurant was amazing. French, Italian, Steak and Asian specialty restaurants were comparable to any 5 Star Restaurant on a mainland. The gym was well equipped and the outside extra-curricular activities made our vacation the best of both worlds. We played paddle tennis, miniature golf, table tennis and jogged around the jogging track almost every day. Exercising and always taking the stairs almost made up for the gazillion calories I allowed myself. Bingo, Name that Tune, Trivia and lounging by the pool filled our itinerary on Sea Days. The only negative comment I have is more live music to dance to would have made the trip absolutely perfect!
Travel Advisor:  Marla Archer


By: Tahiti

Reviewed on: 25 Mar 2018

The onboard experience was great, but Oceania has excessive and unreasonable charges for air deviation fees, airport transfers, and land packages which drops our rating to 3.5 out of 5. Food was above average, especially in the Terrace Cafe. Specialty restaurants were good, especially for no extra fee. Red Ginger was outstanding! The majority of the staff was exceptionally courteous, friendly and helpful. We did have a shower drain issue in our stateroom, but it was addressed promptly.
Travel Advisor:  Marla Archer
Not Recommended


By: Cruiser

Reviewed on: 25 Mar 2018

Marina was a well organized and managed ship with mostly a friendly crew. The entertainment was lacking. The scheduled activities were few and far between. The Main dining room dinners were too long with slow service. The variety of food was good.


By: Travel Bug

Reviewed on: 02 Apr 2018

Fabulous. Food always great, and the butler service exceeded expectations. Ship very neat and clean. Staff always hard at work to make our experience special.
Travel Advisor:  Colleen Lamont

Love that Ship

By: Marc W

Reviewed on: 26 Mar 2018

This cruise was our second time on the Marina. We had a great time. The ship is just the right size (not too big and not too small) and the staff is wonderful. They made us feel like family and did some special extras for our 40th Anniversary. We would recommend the ship to family, friends, and other travelers.
Travel Advisor:  Linda Winslow

Seaside Sojourn

By: Edna

Reviewed on: 14 May 2018

Oceania is a wonderful cruise line and the Marina is a great ship. The cruise was between Miami and Montreal and We had wonderful ports of call along the eastern seaboard. Due to high water levels in the St. Lawrence River we couldn't make it to Montreal. There was an itinerary change (as would be expected) but we were all treated with respect and appropriate accommodations & compensations were made. Oceania instead pulled into Trois Rivieres and arranged busing to Montreal airport at no expense to us. The debarkation went flawlessly and I have high commendations for the crew & staff on the Marina.
Travel Advisor:  Sandra Keeso-Hall

Smooth sailing

By: J

Reviewed on: 25 May 2018

Excellent itinerary aboard a beautiful ship. Service and food terrific, as usual on Oceania. Even though the sailing conditions caused a change to the last stop, Oceania handled the change extremely well. Their clear communication with the passengers and smooth alternate plans were much appreciated.
Travel Advisor:  Sally Shekane

Oceania is great

By: texmet

Reviewed on: 13 May 2018

The ship, crew, and food are all great. There were a couple of foul-ups by the staff but I'm reasonably satisfied.

Foodie cruise

By: Seaside Sojourn

Reviewed on: 21 May 2018

The food was fabulous as was the happy hour but the shore personal need to research ports more so their answers do not have to be” check with the people on shore”
Travel Advisor:  Valerie Rooney


By: Monte

Reviewed on: 21 Jun 2018

Our time was excellent. Food was great. Staff great. My only complaint is feeling nickeled and dimed in as far as alcohol and they add an 18% gratuity on top. It is very expensive and I feel it should be inclusive.
Travel Advisor:  Rick Johnson

Consistent quality

By: Jan

Reviewed on: 22 Jun 2018

Oceania provides a consistent entertaining and educational product for those who want to travel and learn without hassles.
Travel Advisor:  Michael Holbrook

Baltic Bliss

By: Nora

Reviewed on: 21 Oct 2018

It was really better than we expected as it was our first cruise and we were hesitant about doing it. Our cabin was very comfortable with absolutely tons of storage space. We had a verandah which was nice but a bit windy to sit out for any length of time. The bathroom was very lovely and we had no problems.... just watch the step down into the room, at night it can be a shock when you forget it is there!
Travel Advisor:  Nora Pearce

Review of the Oceania Marina

By: Kay

Reviewed on: 09 Jul 2018

My husband and I enjoyed the Marina very much. All the crew were very helpful and friendly. The food was very good and our stateroom was kept very clean. We would definitely sail Oceania again.
Travel Advisor:  Jesse Taylor

Good ship, nice size

By: 4 good travel friends

Reviewed on: 07 Jul 2018

Very much Enjoyable

Medieval Marvels

By: Virtuoso Fan

Reviewed on: 28 Jun 2018

We loved our time on the Marina. The food was outstanding, the service was amazing and the physical features (stateroom, restaurants, lounges, library, etc) were well maintained and very pleasant.
Travel Advisor:  Becky Lamb
Not Recommended

Survival of the fittest.

By: Sunk

Reviewed on: 01 Jul 2018

The ship was fine. Very unhappy with travel arrangements made by Oceania. We were at the concierge level which meant we should have been able to board early. However we were booked on 3 flights and made it on board in time to do the muster drill. No lunch. We also disembarked at 8:30 and sat at the airport for 7 hours. Our stateroom was clean when we moved in but not thoroughly cleaned after. I love having a bathtub and bathe daily however it was obvious to me that it was not being cleaned. Trying to get reservations at the specialty restaurants was a nightmare and very stressful. Most food was delivered lukewarm.

Great trip

By: Linda J

Reviewed on: 06 Jul 2018

The accommodations were very nice. The bathroom in the stateroom was the best we have ever had on a cruise.
Travel Advisor:  Becky Lamb

just plain lovely

By: Kay

Reviewed on: 29 Sep 2018

The ship was very up-to-date. The food was outstanding with many choices and several different specialty restaurants for variety. The service, both in the restaurants and the staterooms was perfect. There always seemed to be someone ready to help us without being intrusive. The social areas were immaculate and varied. And finally--the staterooms. Ah, so much room! Plenty of space to story everything and then some. Great connectivity and charging outlets. We couldn't have been more please with the Marina--a trip to remember.
Travel Advisor:  Becky Lamb

Baltic Sea

By: Denny & Stacy

Reviewed on: 08 Jul 2018

Very good however, limited on-board entertainment options.
Travel Advisor:  Debra Stern

Great food and service

By: Mark

Reviewed on: 09 Jul 2018

Meals are 5 star. So is the service. Depending on your point of view, the average age of the passengers on this Baltic cruise was late 70s. Not a lot of action or activity once the evening show is over Be advised that other vendors offer similar shore excursions that are less expensive and see more than Oceania's
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Renae Torgerson

Marina review

By: H P

Reviewed on: 16 Jul 2018

This cruise involved 9 different ports of call in 10 days on board. Thus our days were spent off the ship, but when we were on board we were extremely pleased
Travel Advisor:  Linda Terrill

Nordic Adventure

By: Horns

Reviewed on: 04 Aug 2018

We had a delightful time aboard the Marina.
Travel Advisor:  Linda Winslow

Marina review

By: Al

Reviewed on: 03 Aug 2018

The ship and all of the crew and amenities were beyond compare to any line that we have sailed on.
Travel Advisor:  Coleen Noble

united kingdom cruise

By: Greg

Reviewed on: 18 Aug 2018

It was very good. The employees are very cordial and work very hard. The food is excellent. Our room steward was awesome. The entertainment was improved from our previous Oceania cruises. We felt that the dining room was understaffed as the service was not as good as we have experienced in the past. As stated everyone was working hard, but it took a long time to have our food delivered. The only other area in need of improvement, in our estimation, is the coordination of the shore excursions.
Travel Advisor:  Jay Johnson



Reviewed on: 23 Aug 2018

Travel Advisor:  Rebecca Falkenberry

Baltic Bliss

By: cid73

Reviewed on: 01 Sep 2018

This cruise took us to 8 countries. The timing was excellent, as late August afforded us cool, sunny weather. The service onboard was excellent, and attention to detail obvious. Oceania emphasizes fine dining, and we were well rewarded. Our third trip with Oceania. Just gets better with them.

Emerald Isles

By: Tom

Reviewed on: 26 Aug 2018

Overall a nice ship . In our suite there was some aging. Our carpet needs to be changed out and there were some wall damage. The 4 specialty restaurants are nice and the overall cuisine is very good. The itenerary is excellent. We were fortunate with the weather for the British Isles. I would remove only one port. ( Ullapool Scotland) I would recommend this cruise..
Travel Advisor:  Linda Winslow


By: frog

Reviewed on: 26 Aug 2018

Ship was nice and easy to get around. Food was not as expected.
Travel Advisor:  Sandra Staples


By: Kei

Reviewed on: 13 Sep 2018

we enjoyed every minute.
Travel Advisor:  Diana Gardner
Not Recommended

Oceania not as good as in past

By: Texas grandmother

Reviewed on: 21 Sep 2018

We found the food not as good as our last trip in 2011. Waiters rushed you through meals, forgot to offer wine list before the meal and served dishes with missing side orders. Cold hamburgers at the grill. Breakfast and lunch buffet food either cold (pancakes) or over cooked. Servers had no idea what they were placing on your plates ( cheese person could not identify cheeses). Poor choices at lunch and main dining roims. Specialty restaurants no big deal.

Great Cruise Line

By: Karlee

Reviewed on: 03 Oct 2018

I think they cover all our wishes n that ship. The food is good, the ship was beautiful and the staff very friendly.
Travel Advisor:  Ellen Markus


By: Fran

Reviewed on: 01 Oct 2018

Loved our room. So much space. Very comfortable.
Travel Advisor:  Nancy Macleod

Baltic Cruise

By: Charlie

Reviewed on: 26 Sep 2018

First cruise on Oceania and Marina but definitely not our last. The cruise experience and port selections were outstanding. Our cabin was very comfortable and cabin stewards were friendly and very efficient. We tried all the restaurants and overall the food and service were excellent. But Jacques was really special, some of the best food we've enjoyed at sea. All the ship staff and crew were friendly and helpful. Tour guides were very knowledgeable and informative. All in all, a wonderful cruise.
Travel Advisor:  Connie Hanes

Baltic Cruise

By: wambam

Reviewed on: 29 Sep 2018

This was my 5th Oceania experience. It was overall another great Cruise. One standout was the excellence of the on shore excursion guides. They were all amazing. The only complaints were: 1. Internet service was poor. 2. Not enough TV 3. Food very good but a little below quality on previous cruises.
Travel Advisor:  Yvonne PelletierPaul

love the Marina

By: wylde an

Reviewed on: 10 Oct 2018

Very pleasant with interesting side trips.


By: wylde an

Reviewed on: 10 Oct 2018

Very pleasant with excellent staff and great side trips.

Oceania Marina

By: Audrey

Reviewed on: 04 Oct 2018

Enjoyed it very much. All of the staff was always very pleasant and helpful.


By: Audkay

Reviewed on: 03 Oct 2018

Excellent. Food was good. Social personnel were excellent. Entertainment was typical American song and dance, except for one night of exceptional music.


By: Tarz

Reviewed on: 04 Oct 2018

Service and food were up to expectations. Great trip.
Travel Advisor:  Deanna Sutherland - Rigby

A Little Bit of Luxury

By: Jane

Reviewed on: 10 Oct 2018

A great experience. The staff are very friendly and professional. The amenities on board are fantastic. The staterooms are spacious, comfortable and well-designed. The choice of restaurants provides a great culinary experience. Lots of activities on offer if you need to be entertained.
Not Recommended

Disappointed with Marina

By: Pam

Reviewed on: 15 Oct 2018

While the Marina is a beautiful ship with potential for a great time, we never felt connected. The captain never made any announcements or was visible. We rarely saw any of the officers. The cruise director was the face of the leadership to the passengers. He spoke on the intercom daily, had a heavy British accent with a “cartoon voice”and wore outrageous clownish outfits. We saw him only on stage after the shows. The worst feature was very slow internet. It is advertised as free but it we had to use it either before 6 a.m. or after 11pm Wine was very expensive with the least expensive bottle being over $50 when the 18% gratuity was included. The sommelier always recommended the most expensive wine when asked for a suggestion, Excursions seemed more expensive since than other cruise lines. We noticed that the windows of busses were not clean and we couldn’t take picture easily.. Food was great., We liked the attention to cleanliness in not allowing passengers to,serve themselve
Not Recommended

Not what we had hoped

By: bonbon

Reviewed on: 22 Oct 2018

This was our first Oceania Cruise and we thought that it would compare to Crystal Cruises as they are close in cost, advertised merit and size. Oceania is several levels below Crystal in our opinion. The ports of call were very nice but every excusion started very early with the exception of one port of call. Oceania boasts that it has the best cuisine of any cruise lines. This is surely debatable. The food was fine, but many times it felt like cafeteria quality. We dined at all of the four restaurants and only Jacques was excellent. We were in a suite so we had access to an executive lounge which was very nice. The ships decor was outdated and worn in areas. Everything was okay just not at the level we were expecting for the cost. Additionally, everything was a la carte. Gratuities, excursions, alcohol and laundry. These things and much more are included on other cruise lines. We will not be choosing Oceania again.


By: MT

Reviewed on: 05 Nov 2018

We love the Regatta but had fun on the Marina as well. loved being close to the Executive Lounge
Travel Advisor:  September Holstad

Cruising the Iberian Coast starting Oct. 9th 2018

By: Bonnie

Reviewed on: 03 Nov 2018

Wonderful, a great cruise and fabulous food. The staff in all areas were very attentive. I didn't have any problems and enjoyed the Martini Bar and the entertainment there. Our butler was very pleasant with a good sense of humor. I really have no complaints.
Travel Advisor:  Alyse Cori

“O” Yes

By: Ramblers

Reviewed on: 22 Oct 2018

Oceania’s approach to sailing has something for everyone and represents a good value. Only those that are unable to define or ask for what they want would be disappointed. Great food, great crew, good entertainment all at the same time! Seamless bliss.
Travel Advisor:  Craig Adryan

Oceania marina

By: judye

Reviewed on: 09 Nov 2018

While the ship is good in size, it is getting a little worn....
Travel Advisor:  Alan Abelson

As Good as We Had Heard

By: drican

Reviewed on: 02 Jul 2019

A beautiful ship, an excellent crew and the food was outstanding. Booking another Oceania cruise today.
Travel Advisor:  Rose Coleman

Iberian Adventure

By: Keve

Reviewed on: 29 Oct 2018

This cruise and the ship were exactly as represented. No surprises other than pleasant ones. All the details a traveler appreciates were at hand. Great restaurants, service, wine, coffees and shipboard amenities were there. 1200 people with 800 crew was a perfect ratio. Plenty of personal attention, easy embark/disembark process with in room monitor as well as PA announcements to keep us informed. In our personal planning we would schedule a few less excursions and make time to enjoy the time on board ship more.
Travel Advisor:  Craig Adryan


By: Bill

Reviewed on: 28 Oct 2018

It was excellent. Staff, accommodations were great. Food was outstanding. The library was amazing. When exiting the ship there was no staff available to help or answer questions. It was all through announcements. There was no staff on Deck 6 where people departed the ship but you had to go down to Deck 5 to find staff.
Travel Advisor:  Alyse Cori
Not Recommended

Not what we expected

By: Maggie

Reviewed on: 31 Oct 2018

The ship was nice and the crew was excellent. We (and other passengers) found the food mediocre. Not at all what we were expecting. Even some of the "signature" meats were tough, hard to cut through and difficult to swallow. The presentation of the meals was beautiful, however. We paid enough for this trip for the purchasing department to provide prime meat. They noticeably cut corners.

cruise ship

By: twin

Reviewed on: 23 Oct 2018

A perfect experience
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Hollo

If you like to eat, this is the ship for you.

By: Never home

Reviewed on: 23 Oct 2018

We picked this cruise because we had been on the Marina for a previous cruise. And we have signed on for another cruise on her for next year already. There aren't too many passengers so you don't feel you in a herd. All The specialty restaurants are included which we tried on the first cruise. But other than the group meals with our group, we only ate on the Terrace Grill on this cruise. On 2 cruises, we have never been to the main dining room. The staff are always cheerful and willing to help.
Travel Advisor:  Alyse Cori

Wonderful Experience

By: Spanish Traveler

Reviewed on: 26 Oct 2018

Beautiful ship with great food and service
Travel Advisor:  Lisa Hollo

Mediterranean Travels

By: Sandi

Reviewed on: 03 Nov 2018

We had a wonderful time. The ship's staff was most friendly and made you feel that you really mattered. The ship was clean, the food was fabulous and offered a nice variety of items. For the most part, their excursions were good. There was one excursion that we were not happy with however and I did put that in my ship review form. Entertainment was good and the two for one happy hour was a hit!
Travel Advisor:  Vira Mastroianni


By: Stacy

Reviewed on: 05 Nov 2018

Our suite was spacious and luxurious.
Travel Advisor:  Eve Kilpatrick


By: Jim

Reviewed on: 02 Nov 2018

Great . Accommodations were very good. Service was very good. Food even better.
Travel Advisor:  Vira Mastroianni

Amazing Cruise ship

By: Nancy C

Reviewed on: 02 Nov 2018

The Marina is an absolutely beautiful ship. It is fairly small with 1200 passengers. It is classy ... is spotless .. it is well run! The specialty restaurants were phenomenal... loved them all... The gym was great.. lots of great classes offered as well... Getting in and off daily was a breeze.. no hassle .. embarking and disembarking was so smooth! They also offered excellent excursions ..Consierge level is awesome!!! Worth the money spent! We will never cruise on another line !!
Travel Advisor:  Vira Mastroianni


By: Bill Sheridan

Reviewed on: 15 Nov 2018

It was absolutely outstanding. Everyone went out of their way to make sure that every one of our needs was met. Such kind and friendly servers. The ship was spotless and the food was just absolutely amazing. Our room was beautiful, room service was super, the shows were wonderful. We will use Oceania for our next cruise.
Travel Advisor:  Carlo Hilliard

Terrace cafe and waves

By: Me

Reviewed on: 08 Nov 2018

Best food was available in the informal areas

Great Food/Service - Except Destination Services

By: Peggy Tirjan

Reviewed on: 11 Nov 2018

We just returned from a 7 day cruise on Oceania's Marina to the Mediterranean. The food, as was the experience on our first Oceania cruise, was amazing! The service from the waitstaff in the dining rooms was gracious and attentive - never a bad experience in any of the dining rooms. Our butler (Logesh) and cabin attendant (Liliya) were both friendly and accommodated any request we had. As an example, our butler was able to change our reservations at Red Ginger (we dined here twice on the cruise) so we could dine with another couple we met. The ship was clean and well maintained. The only negative was the Destination Services team. They were horrible and will definitely cause us to think twice before cruising with Oceania again. Specifically, the apparent team leader was extremely rude to my husband when asked a question. My impression of Destination Services was shared by a number of other passengers with comments ranged from unhelpful to arrogant.
Travel Advisor:  Beth Jenkins Washington

2nd Time on Oceania Marina

By: Wroghtway4010

Reviewed on: 23 Nov 2018

We’ve taken 2 cruises in our lives. Both on Oceania’s Marina. What’s not to like!? Treated like royalty in every regard. Comfort, friendly, clean, professional, and every food option known to mankind! They make it easy. Only suggestion is take as many Non-ship arranged tours as possible. We used ship only on our first cruise and hated the ‘cattle call’ in the theater to get your bus tickets. On our 2nd cruise we arranged several tours through Viator on the Internet and had better service, great arrangements and much lower cost. We got over being nervous about not getting back to the ship on time - Viator knows what they are doing!
Travel Advisor:  Michael Distler

Athens and the Islands

By: None

Reviewed on: 03 Dec 2018

Great ship with the best food on the oceans. Four specialty restaurants are as good as the best on land Alcohol/wine policy not the best. Prices too high.
Travel Advisor:  Linda Winslow

Lisbon to Rio

By: Faye

Reviewed on: 28 Dec 2018

The cruise was great with new and interesting destinations and the usual excellent staff and accommodations. The only complaints were the air arrangements which were uniformly bad. I have already complained about the use of Air Canada Rouge - this time to fly from Toronto to Lisbon. The torturous flight home via Miami and Philadelphia nearly spoiled the cruise. The Rio to Miami flight included bad seats and was hideously uncomfortable. From Miami, there are several daily flights fto Toronto and on to Ottawa which would not have taken us so many hours. Philadelphia was a ridiculous dog leg west.
Travel Advisor:  Maria Karmiris

Trans Atlantic

By: Tripper

Reviewed on: 25 Dec 2018

Great, up to their usual standard.
Travel Advisor:  Deanna Sutherland - Rigby

Close to Perfection

By: kay

Reviewed on: 22 Dec 2018

The itinerary was the hook for the cruise but the overall excellence of the Marina in all departments made this close to the perfect cruise.s
Travel Advisor:  Liz Nixon

The Owner's Suite is a Delight

By: Ace

Reviewed on: 29 Dec 2018

Another super cruise with Oceania and our second in the 8th deck Owner's Suite on Marina. A lovely space, excellent and friendly service, superb food.
Travel Advisor:  Linda Winslow


By: Mardie

Reviewed on: 16 Jan 2019

It was excellent. It is impeccably clean, food is wonderful in all the eating venues, staff is wonderful, can’t help you enough. Unfortunately we had a couple of stops that could have been avoided. It would have been nice to have more time in Buenos Aires and Montevideo and skipped Punta Monty.
Travel Advisor:  Sandra Keeso-Hall

Anchors Away

By: H/R/S

Reviewed on: 09 Jan 2019

A 20-day cruise sounds like a long time but generally the days flew by thanks to the quality of the Marina experience.
Travel Advisor:  Elaine Pepper


By: dfmoriarty

Reviewed on: 22 Jan 2019

Good ship, excellent service and very good options for food. Educational and cultural activities less than expected.
Travel Advisor:  Taryn Daley



Reviewed on: 23 Jan 2019

Travel Advisor:  Linda Winslow

Tom&Zena see the British Isles

By: Touchdown1

Reviewed on: 27 Jan 2019

We had a great time. We met wonderful people and throughly enjoyed the itenerary
Travel Advisor:  Linda Winslow

Oceania's Marina

By: N-squared

Reviewed on: 29 Jan 2019

The ship was lovely and the itinerary was the reason we booked.
Travel Advisor:  Anita Becker

Oceania Marina

By: Christina

Reviewed on: 31 Jan 2019

The Marina (Oceania) was lovely. The staff was very willing to go out of their way to serve. Each one was friendly and efficient. There are a lot of public spaces and one never had to search for a deck chair, for example. It never felt crowded. Departure times for excursions were staggered and very well handled. The only thing I did not like particularly well was the running/walking track, which was on the very top deck and exposed. Special restaurants are free and so are non alcohol drinks, whether served in restaurant, pubs etc. All in all, it was a very good experience.
Travel Advisor:  Francoise Campbell

Cruising the Polynesian Islands

By: Sylvie

Reviewed on: 22 Feb 2019

We had a fabulous time on this cruise. The staff was attentive, helpful, and genuinely wanted to make our trip a wonderful experience. We dined in all of Marina's venues and the food was wonderful. We are already planning our next cruise with Oceania.
Travel Advisor:  Isabelle Toulouse

Oceania's Marina

By: Richard B

Reviewed on: 09 Feb 2019

This was my third experience aboard this vessel in the past four years. I look forward to my next sailing in 2020. The ship and her crew continue to meet and exceed my expectations. The service is consistently excellent. Next year, Marina will emerge from a complete retrofit as part of Oceania's Next initiative and will be better than new when we embark in September. We can't wait to see the result! Thank you Oceania for yet another awesome experience.
Travel Advisor:  Lynn Rudin

Our experience aboard Marina

By: Graham

Reviewed on: 17 Feb 2019

We thoroughly enjoyed our time aboard Marina. The ship was organized and run very professionally. The penthouse room of 400 sq. ft. was very adequate for us with nice veranda, walk in closet, full uptodated bath, good storage, small living room, and luxurious bed and linens. The ship planned for and provided for every imaginable detail. The butler and female housekeeper were very helpful, friendly and attentive. The food offerings were very complete. One thing that was particularly noticeable was the cleanliness of the food service staff and the way the self service food was displayed and serviced. The staff always wore gloves and the food was always served to passengers. No passenger was able to handle any food before it was served to them. The program activities were many and well done. We can't imagine anything that could be offered on a ship this size that wasn't available Ship may be too big for some and needs an update.
Travel Advisor:  Karen Howland

time in the sun

By: Esa

Reviewed on: 09 Mar 2019

I was a great location and a great crew.

Nice medium sized ship

By: AJ

Reviewed on: 10 Mar 2019

Usual cabin sizes, 2nd time on the same boat but different destination. The food is amazing, staff friendly & helpful. Some staff we recognize from previous sailing, that speaks to the line by itself. Not a lot of nightlife but usually to tired from excursions to attend the shows. Ship is kept clean continuously

What a line marina

By: Tom

Reviewed on: 03 Mar 2019

Second cruise on the Marina and signed up for acthirf
Travel Advisor:  Sherry Wilczewski

Smooth sailing

By: Sarge

Reviewed on: 04 Mar 2019

Very comfortable accommodations.
Travel Advisor:  Jay Musgrove
Not Recommended

Slow Boat to Nowhere

By: Globofox

Reviewed on: 14 Feb 2017

We booked a week in the Western Caribbean. The destinations were very ho-hum. Honduras, Belize and Costa Maya all turned out to be look-alike fake villages. Honestly not worth getting off the boat. High points for food/restaurants. Found deck crew often unhelpful and surly (ditto reception). Canyon Ranch Spa lived up to its fine reputation. Evening entertainment was "amateur hour" compared with offerings on larger ships. Internet service abominable and TV choices limited to Fox News 24/7 and 4 movie channels with movies that you never heard of. Our liquor package was virtually useless and we needed to pay for a pina colada even though the alcohol content was tiny. Bottom line: B/B-

Loved it

By: Janet

Reviewed on: 24 Feb 2017

Second cruise on Oceania. Beautiful ship!
Travel Advisor:  Christine Bolus

Positive Experience

By: Anonymous

Reviewed on: 27 Feb 2017

Sailing on Oceania's Marina was a positive experience.......made that way by friendly, helpful staff, fun evening entertainment, great food, beautiful artwork throughout the ship, and the good selection of activities available.
Travel Advisor:  Sandra Keeso-Hall
Not Recommended

10 day Mayan Mosaic cruise--not sure if I would recommend

By: Shelley

Reviewed on: 25 Feb 2017

There were some "hiccups" on this cruise. As a result of some engine issues (which we were not told about immediately) the one port we hoped to visit (Grand Cayman) was bypassed so that work could be done while we remained at sea for one additional day. The crew were constantly painting and varnishing handrails, door frames, etc. (both on the balconies and decks) which caused me to have a bad allergic reaction from the noxious odors. We also could not use our balcony for a day. It was unclear why this kind of maintenance could not have been done while the ship was in dry dock. I brought this to the attention of staff but received no real answer. I'm not sure that we will sail on this cruise line again. Rooms were also smaller than I anticipated too. POSITIVES: Specialty restaurants were wonderful; the waitstaff were friendly and most accommodating. And best of all, we met some wonderful people.

First time on Oceania

By: Too-j's

Reviewed on: 25 Feb 2017

Staff were impressive and provided superb service. Although the vegetarian dishes and menus were great, the regular menu entree specials lacked flavor; lobster was dry and tough, sea bass was flavorless. Steak and chicken from the regular menu were great. Coffee/tea service after the shows was not conveniently available; there was no place to sit and relax before bed (unless bedtime was 10 pm!). We loved the size of the ship, met a number of very nice people. The boutiques were pricey. The room was comfortable. Our steward Liju, was wonderfully friendly, service oriented and accommodated our requests efficiently. The wait to board the ship was horrific. Flight arrangements made by Oceania were extremely inconvenient: arrived in Miami at 8:30 am, boarding began at 1 and our room was not available until 3:00 pm! Quality of the excursions varied considerably and were pricey.
Travel Advisor:  Roseann Konke
Not Recommended

Not a happy ship

By: CC

Reviewed on: 09 Mar 2017

As this was the first time for sailing with Oceania, I don't know if it's a company culture issue or strictly this boat, but you could tell the staff didn't enjoy their work. Everyone was very polite and courteous but there was always an underlying tension that effected the atmosphere. Even the staff admitted it wasn't a fun place to work

marina review

By: Judy and Carlos

Reviewed on: 05 Mar 2017

Nice ship. perfect size. The staff is outstanding, friendly and always there to help! With a smile.
Travel Advisor:  Alan Abelson

Marina experience

By: Linda

Reviewed on: 03 Mar 2017

The Marina is a beautiful ship and the staff is extremely pleasant and helpful. However, I sailed on the Riviera last summer and was extremely impressed with the cuisine, especially in the specialty restaurants. I did not have the same experience on the Marina. the food in the specialty restaurants was very good, but it was not special. I was very disappointed.
Travel Advisor:  Patty Perry

Oceania Marina

By: Jokre

Reviewed on: 14 Mar 2017

Beautiful ship, lovely decor without being overstated at all. Stateroom nice although drawers were very square and deep so somewhat hard to arrange clothes. I know some people like bathtubs but, was a waste if space for us. Separate shower/separate tub. Could yave had more space in the room if there was no tub in bathroom and then sink top could have been larger. Food decent but not outstanding in regular restaurants. Not enough variation in salads. Specialty restaurants good and great service in 3 of the 4. Red Ginger was the best meal and service of the entire cruise. Wonderful evening entertainment and you did not have to rush in to get a good seat. A fair amount of daytime activities onboard. Love being on a small ship for the intimacy but because it is smaller, it lacks a few things like the ability to get a hotdog or hamburger, ice cream cone or milkshake after 5pm. And, I never saw a piece of pizza! I don't eat this stuff but, I was surprised.
Travel Advisor:  Alan Abelson

Great ship and crew

By: Framar

Reviewed on: 14 Mar 2017

Loved the Marina. Great service and terrific meals.

Oceania Cruise

By: Patty

Reviewed on: 28 Mar 2017

Absolutely a fabulous trip. The food was unbelievably good; the service was terrific; and I can't wait to go on another Oceania cruise.
Travel Advisor:  Stefan Bisciglia

A little disappointed

By: Rhoda

Reviewed on: 27 Mar 2017

We have traveled on many cruises around the world. Oceania is usually on of our favorites. The ship is well appointed and has a well trained and helpful staff. Our suite was well taken care of and pleasant. The shore excursions are overpriced and poor quality. The specialty restaurants and grand dining room were inconsistent and most meals and menus were just OK. A drink was served in a "baby glass" and you did not get a decent drink unless you ordered a double, which was double priced. I do look forward to traveling again on Oceania. Hopefully the company will improve the downsides.
Travel Advisor:  Nancy Yale

We Had a Good Time

By: Sidney

Reviewed on: 07 Apr 2017

We had a good time on the MS Marina on our 10-day roundtrip cruise from Miami. The ship was spotless and staff very friendly. The food was excellent, especially in the specialty restaurants (Red Ginger, the Asian fusion restaurant, was our favorite). The soups were occasionally too salty. Service was sometimes slow in the Main Dining Room, and the waiters occasionally messed up or forgot our orders at breakfast in the Main Dining Room (my only criticisms on the survey form). There was a nice variety in the buffet Terrace Restaurant, and the waiters were friendly and helpful, with the possible exception of breakfast on Departure Day. We enjoyed the unlimited milkshakes, smoothies, coffee drinks, and non-alcoholic drinks. The room stewards were excellent and friendly and did their best to accommodate our requests. In one case, she asked the ship's tailor to adjust the lent Oceania bathrobe for my petite girlfriend Amy. Entertainment was not as good as on previous Oceania cruises.

Waves and Wonders Cruise

By: Dee

Reviewed on: 06 Apr 2017

Very good, ship starting to show a little wear and tear having been on the high seas since 2011. But great food, accommodations, and service!
Travel Advisor:  Cindy Bown


By: guapo

Reviewed on: 07 Apr 2017

great perfect

Caribbean adventure

By: Retiree traveler

Reviewed on: 07 Apr 2017

The food on all the resturants and main dining room was excellent. Being the first visit to Cuba we experienced delays that made lunch at 4pm etc. The ship always had dining options kept open. The only negative was there was only one show at night scheduled for 9:30 which made it very difficult for late diners. The crew w3as friendly and all spaces were clean.
Travel Advisor:  Jon Sutter

Oceania is great

By: Dora

Reviewed on: 18 Apr 2017

I loved the cruise. The ship is great. I especially loved the library, the specialty restaurants and the pool area. The food is excellent and the staff is excellent too.

Cuba cruise

By: Travel 50 and beyond

Reviewed on: 17 Apr 2017

Cuisine is the best in this cruise line! Service impeccable. The only negatives were excursion in Belize that went for over 6 hours in extremely hot weather and only a complimentary fruit juice offered! One woman fainted! She was attended to very efficiently though! Also, Cuba excursions ran consistently from 1-2 hours longer than stated! We had to get transportation on our own to make it back to ship for next site seeing excursion! I realize Cuba is new to the line and they are working on fine tuning!
Travel Advisor:  Carlo Hilliard


By: Steve

Reviewed on: 17 Apr 2017

Overall a good experience, with pluses and minuses. Our verandah stateroom was very nice, as was the ship's condition and appointments. Stateroom attendants and staff do a good job. Entertainment quality and choices are limited. The dining experience was good, but not up to our high expectations vis-à-vis an upscale cruise line that emphasizes its food quality and selection. The mark-up on cocktails and basic wines is excessive. Basic wines should not cost four to five times retail price. The up-scale wine mark-ups are more reasonable. Shore excursion prices are very high. Independent shore tours are recommended.
Travel Advisor:  Marian Blessing

A Foodie cruise to the Western Caribbean

By: JDub

Reviewed on: 17 Apr 2017

We were very happy with our cruise on the Marina and all the services Oceania provides. Unlike most of our fellow passengers, we were a family of seven including a nine year old. Although Oceania doesn't cater to children they were very accommodating and the staff were marvelous. We enjoyed the destinations. However, the standout for all of us was the food - from the grill to the specialty restaurants. We were never disappointed. Our concierge balcony cabins were well appointed and maintained. We loved OLife as it makes you feel as if the cruise is all inclusive - especially the free internet and shipboard credit. We will definitely sail with Oceania again.
Travel Advisor:  Maria Karmiris


By: ed

Reviewed on: 08 May 2017

OK but exercise facility was poor
Travel Advisor:  Jesse Taylor

Oceania Cruise

By: Gerry

Reviewed on: 08 May 2017

Oceania is one of the best cruise lines. The Service was excellent, the food was very good same goes for the accommodation.
Travel Advisor:  Patrice Thomas

Great ship for older people

By: Charlie

Reviewed on: 08 May 2017

We could not expected more from our experience in dining, great cabin steward, good lecturers, and friendly crew.
Travel Advisor:  Jesse Taylor


By: Victor

Reviewed on: 20 May 2017

Not the best Cruise ship we have been on
Travel Advisor:  Diana Traficante


By: Louis

Reviewed on: 08 Jun 2017

Great itinerary; great service; too much food/but the food was excellent; specialty restaurants are superior quality and service; 9.5 out of 10
Travel Advisor:  Kim Schneider

Cruise 6/2/17

By: Cindy

Reviewed on: 23 Jun 2017

Great service and the food was outstanding


By: x

Reviewed on: 27 Jun 2017

It was all good!
Travel Advisor:  Iris Malik Ferrelli

Amazing cruise

By: Terry

Reviewed on: 08 Jul 2017

We loved the Marina and all six of us enjoyed the cruise very much. Staff are amazing - always friendly and extremely helpful. Food was excellent and we enjoyed trying all the different venues. Staff were very attentive to my gluten-free requirements. One of my favourite memories is having a before-dinner drink at the Martini Bar while listening to the string quartet.
Travel Advisor:  Jenni Evans

A memorable Baltic cruise

By: Claire and andrew

Reviewed on: 09 Jul 2017

Marina is a very nice vessel. The staff are wonderful as are the facilities. The food is very good. La réserve is a wonderful venue. Loved our trip

A Baltic adventure!

By: Mary Ellen P

Reviewed on: 05 Jul 2017

My advisor told me that sailing with Oceania was a "step up" from my earlier cruise experiences. It was hard for me to imagine being treated better than I had on other cruise lines but, indeed, in reality it was truly a big step up! The staff to customer ratio is higher than on other cruise lines I have sailed with (Holland America, Princess) and the dining experience was absolutely fabulous. We had booked a Concierge level accommodation and so we were able to make reservations in each of the specialty restaurants a few weeks ahead of others. We were able to get reservations in each of these restaurants and our experience was of a very high quality. Both the food and the service were exquisite. Even when we were not dining in a specialty restaurant, the quality of the dishes served and the presentation was very appealing. We made our own arrangements for most of our shore excursions and were very happy with our choices. it was possible to book a tour in Klaipeda at the last minute.

Baltic Cruise

By: PG

Reviewed on: 08 Jul 2017

Overall a great ship and experience except that it has a prehistoric wi-fi/internet system-seriously needs an upgrade.
Travel Advisor:  Bitsy Clayton

Marina Baltic Cruise

By: Larry

Reviewed on: 09 Jul 2017

Oceania provides a first-rate experience. They exceeded our expectations.
Travel Advisor:  Barbara Weber

Quality experience

By: Cub fan

Reviewed on: 08 Jul 2017

1. Outstanding cuisine 2, well designed suites 3. Superb on board service 4. Excellent choice of ports 5. The excursions have groups that are too large. I would like experiences that were more personal and less crowded.
Travel Advisor:  Linda Voelker

Too busy!

By: Susi

Reviewed on: 16 Jul 2017

Didn't get much ship time because of tours and ports.

Great food

By: Susi

Reviewed on: 16 Jul 2017

The food was a little rich for us but it was definitely upscale.

Baltic Cruise

By: B Snead

Reviewed on: 18 Jul 2017

Food was wonderful. Staff was top notch. This was the second cruise on Oceania and will not be our last. The internet connections were not good but functional. Polo Grill and Privee were standouts for our group.
Travel Advisor:  Deborah Barth


By: Hodges

Reviewed on: 17 Jul 2017

Food is great butler too. Spa services need to go digital, still all on paper
Travel Advisor:  Deborah Barth


By: GaGa

Reviewed on: 18 Jul 2017

Well trained staff, excellent food. Nice staterooms but a bit on the small side.

Baltic Sea Trip

By: Oz

Reviewed on: 19 Jul 2017

Very Comfortable Ship with lots of comfortable features. Butler service was fantastic. The crew was always professional and quick to answer any questions. I reccomend the cooking class. The only disappointment for the entire 10 days was the Canyon Ranch Spa. They seemed to be unable to get their collective act together and honor reservations and reconcile their charges.
Travel Advisor:  Deborah Barth
Not Recommended

Too little to do!

By: Traveler

Reviewed on: 31 Jul 2017

Thank goodness we had a shore excursion EVERY day because there was nothing happening on board. From the beginning the wi-fi was horrible, the assistance in dealing with the problems was non-existant. The ordeal of leaving the ship for an Oceana sponsered shore excersion was cumbersome, go Alla Tours, better and cheaper. The food touted to be exceptional was mediocre. The shows were grade B, the casino kept raising their minimums each night. I'm goimg back to Princess.

Cruise Line

By: Peppermint Patty

Reviewed on: 24 Dec 2017

We had a great time. Our suite was perfect and the service was very good.
Travel Advisor:  Eve Kilpatrick


By: Richard B

Reviewed on: 24 Dec 2017

Wonderful ship, staff and great food
Travel Advisor:  Ronni Winik

Survey Aggraviting!!!

By: Bonnye and Allan

Reviewed on: 24 Dec 2017

A very nice trip. Ship was very good, service excellent
Travel Advisor:  Debbie Yonker

The Beautiful Marina

By: Sue

Reviewed on: 31 Jul 2017

I can't say enough about the Marina. Beautiful, elegant, in pristine condition. Twelve days of paradise on board with a wonderful and attentive crew and staff. The ship was just the right size for cruising the Baltic since in most ports it was able to dock close to the town centers. We did not partake of the various activities on board such as the casino, lectures, and musical entertainment - not because they weren't of high quality, but because we just really wanted to have quiet, relaxing down time and time to just look out on the sea. We could do that on the Marina as there were plenty of comfortable places on board to just be still and peaceful. The dining options were superb and the food delicious. The dining service was impeccable.
Travel Advisor:  Jeremy Hall

2017 Trip to UK & Norway

By: Gerry

Reviewed on: 16 Aug 2017

Excellent. We enjoyed a Penthouse Suite on Deck 11.
Travel Advisor:  Kip Abbott

Cruise line

By: Dee

Reviewed on: 10 Aug 2017

Excellent, always consistently great!
Travel Advisor:  Cindy Bown


By: Tom MacDonald

Reviewed on: 12 Aug 2017

This was our fifth cruise on Oceania and our second on Marina. Oceania targets "foodies" and their meals are beyond reproach. Service on board is first class and the entire crew is well trained to always greet their guests, and this applies to the deck crew as well as the normal service personnel that you encounter. It is pleasant to find something that in real life is at least as good as their advertising.

British Isles Cruise

By: Franky

Reviewed on: 30 Aug 2017

The ship and food was outstanding. Service by the staff was first class. We were surprised by the automatic gratuity that was added to our final bill. It was not insignificant and was approximately 18% of the fare. This 18% amount was automatically also added separately on each bar purchase. We could not remember being advised of this add-on when we purchased the cruise. Another issue was the dress code policing. The term was " country club casual". Most people did not know what this meant. Baseball caps, sweat shirts, lack of collared shirts by the men, and overall lack of proper attire by some women in the fine dining was noted by many who were dressed appropriately. This was not our first Oceania ( 2nd Marina cruise) and the dress code has deteriorated which impacted on the overall experience. At times we thought we were on a Carnival or Princess cruise. Questionable if we will go on another Oceania cruise. The ship, staff and food are a "yes". The other issues are a "not".
Travel Advisor:  Jodi Fox



Reviewed on: 23 Aug 2017

Travel Advisor:  Linda Winslow


By: Normando

Reviewed on: 02 Sep 2017

We really love this ship, Great service great food
Travel Advisor:  Ronni Winik


By: Ali

Reviewed on: 16 Sep 2017

It was good! Excellent food, great service.
Travel Advisor:  Theresa Quintarelli



Reviewed on: 09 Sep 2017

Travel Advisor:  Theresa Quintarelli

Late August 2017 cruise of Baltic

By: 87 Badger

Reviewed on: 25 Sep 2017

Spotless, modern, comfortable ship with awesome service!


By: Ginasa

Reviewed on: 11 Sep 2017

Excelente servicio, comida de primera en todos los restaurantes, personal super atento, instalaciones de primera

Oceania Scandinavian Treasures

By: Marilyn

Reviewed on: 11 Sep 2017

Excellent service & food. Beautiful ship
Travel Advisor:  Nancy Yale

Loved the Marina!

By: Janet

Reviewed on: 18 Sep 2017

What a beautiful ship! The attention to detail was obvious. We loved the small size of about 1,000 passengers.

We loved the Marina!

By: Janet

Reviewed on: 18 Sep 2017

It was a beautiful ship and the small number of passengers gave an intimate feel. There were many wonderful activities to do and the food was amazing!! The rooms and service were impeccable.


By: crash

Reviewed on: 16 Sep 2017

Travel Advisor:  Cindy Bown


By: Penny

Reviewed on: 27 Sep 2017

Great food, attentive and friendly staff. The best !
Travel Advisor:  Lesley Buck

Baltic Cruise

By: Nancy

Reviewed on: 26 Sep 2017

The ship and crew were great. The food was the downside. The main dining room cuisine is acceptable-not great . If you want to dine as a twosome in the alternative restaurants, it is nearly impossible to get additional bookings beyond your allocated four. On port days with many tours going out, it was very difficult to find breakfast seating in the buffet restaurants. Once again, the food there is just acceptable.
Travel Advisor:  Debbie Fairvalley


By: Beth

Reviewed on: 22 Sep 2017

The Marina was an excellent ship to travel on. I enjoyed their dining immensely and their specialty restaurants were exceptional. The room service/staff were wonderful. I would strongly recommend Oceania and their tours.
Travel Advisor:  Randy Raphael

Scandinavia Russia


Reviewed on: 28 Sep 2017

Great - very courteous staff and good food. Some of the bus excursions weren't great, but highly satisfied otherwise
Travel Advisor:  Patsy Sowa

Marina was great, although too many people for for us--we prefer smaller ships

By: Carlotta

Reviewed on: 21 Sep 2017

Excellent. Our suite was great, and we had the best butler so far on any line. Food was very, very good in most cases. My only serious complaint was the lack of FANCY seriously CHOCOLATE desserts. Chocolate mousse is hardly a fancy dessert. Portions do not need to be large, but they do need to be more extravagant.
Travel Advisor:  Kathy Burns Lamphier

Baltic Cruise Sept. 2-12 2017

By: Don

Reviewed on: 04 Oct 2017

Very pleasant. We enjoyed the all the specialty restaurants and especially La Reserve.

Baltic Cruise

By: Don

Reviewed on: 04 Oct 2017

Enjoyable. Generally very good dining experience.

Continue to Be impressed

By: Roxy

Reviewed on: 07 Oct 2017

We have taken 2 Oceania cruises, 10 day Mediterranean and 12 Day Scandinavian/Baltic, and we're impressed and pleased on both. The ship, the crew, the itinerary, on ship entertainment and especially the food were all amazing. We tell everyone we know that Oceania does a fabulous cruise!
Travel Advisor:  Cindy Bown

World Traveler

By: World Traveler

Reviewed on: 30 Oct 2017

Great time, best cruise ship we have experienced
Travel Advisor:  Judy Kotkin

Lisbon to Barcelona 2017

By: Seymour

Reviewed on: 26 Oct 2017

Sailing aboard Marina was a family reunion. Oceania is my favorite cruise line. Marina is one of my favorite ships in their fleet. The staff and crew are not just Oceania employees provided to serve me while aboard. They are my family and friends and they are one of many reasons that set Oceania apart from every other cruise line. The Oceania experience is about making each guest feel that they are the only person aboard. The service, food and amenities are both unique and outstanding. It's been 10 days since my cruise ended and I am already looking forward to my next sailing.
Travel Advisor:  Lynn Rudin

Ship review

By: Eva

Reviewed on: 24 Oct 2017

Marina is a beautiful ship with a very attentive staff. Food was best ever. Only negative comments is the entertainment and nothing to do after excursions. Toilets didn’t work for a total of 5 days but we were compensated with a room credit. Also no photographers
Travel Advisor:  Uschi Helfrich

cruise ship

By: susieq

Reviewed on: 05 Nov 2017

The time on board was wonderful....staff was very well trained and attentive....if they didn't know something,they would find out and get back with us.Food in all areas was very,very,good ,and service was like eating @ a 5 star restaurant....great service staff all areas

Barcelona to Athens

By: louie

Reviewed on: 18 Nov 2017

We enjoyed the ship Marina very much. Our accommodations were very roomy on level 11. The staff was excellent - always anticipating our needs before we even asked. The food in the dining rooms was excellent with plenty of choice at each restaurant. Nothing to dislike - we had a top notch experience.

Not the best trip - recommended with reservations

By: David Joffe

Reviewed on: 06 Nov 2017

This seemed to be a ship in transition. There were no major problems, just a number little ones that unfortunately added up. Possibly it was just a bad trip. The day trips were as advertised but only that. Nothing special and rather pricey. A number of veteran OCEANIA travelers that we talked to said they skip the ship's trips and hire a local driver - both cheaper and more fulfilling according to them. Several times at dinner they did not have the wine pairing that was recommended in the menu. I do not wish to be negative but my wife and I are experienced travelers. The stay on the ship was OK - but that was all. However, our butler and suite attendant were wonderful. They never failed to go beyond the required. Essentially, they saved the day for OCEANIA.
Travel Advisor:  Laura Schmitzer

Mediterrenean Trip

By: Anne

Reviewed on: 13 Nov 2017

Top of the line in every way. Excursions were interesting and provided a mix of history as well as pleasurable, great tour guides and well represented. The ship had a staff that was always professional, attentive, accommodating and very nice. Food was outstanding and rooms were excellent.
Travel Advisor:  Tina Posila

Excellent Cruise Experience

By: AK

Reviewed on: 06 Nov 2017

We loved the Marina. The penthouse accomodations were outstanding as we had ample room to relax. Loved the walk-in closet and storage. Had an issue with the walk-in shower but the boat gave us a credit for the inconvenience which we appreciated. The food was abundant and excellent. The cruise director and ship hostess were especially welcoming and fun. All of the staff were friendly and many remember our names and helped us with any request. An overall great experience!
Travel Advisor:  Gena Stoll

Oceania's Marina

By: Marina Bay

Reviewed on: 13 Nov 2017

We were aboard Marina for the 4th time this cruise and aboard Oceania's ships for more than 20 cruises. Our experience with Oceania and Marina have been consistent with our overall Oceania experience - very favorable.
Travel Advisor:  Sue Pechtel

Great Trip

By: Al

Reviewed on: 26 Nov 2017

Fine wine dinner, plus the art class.

OMG Why leave the ship?

By: Happy Traveler

Reviewed on: 21 Nov 2017

Although we enjoyed some of the excursions- not all were good so would do that a bit differently next time ..... on the other hand EVERYTHING about this ship and her crew was amazing!! Hard to know where to start.... but the staff who were incredible havevto be the first to address- helpful, pleasant, many of them always remembering your name( how do they do that?). Restaurants and food choices were beyond expectations..... there was not a bad choice in location or food to be found. From the barista ( and the nearby “library” room which was a favorite for its comfort and quiet) to the spa, afternoon tea, the many bars, entertainment and cruise was always a challenge to decide where to be! Oh the cabins? We stayed in a spacious room with a balcony- quite nice and able to share balcony with our travel partners as they will remove the privacy panel.... nice!! The rooms were serviced twice a day with turndown service each night as well....can’t wait to return!!
Travel Advisor:  Lori Seeley

London to Copenhagen

By: Barb

Reviewed on: 26 Nov 2017

We’ve cruised on Oceania 12 times and have never been disappointed. Food, cabin, and staff exceed expectations every time.
Travel Advisor:  Mary Jean Thompson



Reviewed on: 27 Nov 2017

Travel Advisor:  Zeze Kattan

A luxurious cruise

By: Bernard

Reviewed on: 24 Dec 2017

Any concerns about a transatlantic cruise have now been dispelled. The atmosphere was luxurious and intimate. We felt so relaxed, it was as if we were part of a private party visiting on a friend's mega yacht. The entertainment was dazzling. The cuisine of the memorable dining experiences in the restaurants was absolutely exquisite. The Penthouse Suite was very spaciousness and nicely decorated. The most remarkable aspect of an Oceania Cruises voyage is its incredible value, when one considers the superior quality of an Oceania cruise.
Travel Advisor:  Patti Olshen
Not Recommended


By: marina

Reviewed on: 23 Dec 2017

My toilet malfunctioned off and on for 6 days and nights. Entertainment was less than cheaper cruises. NCL has ruined Oceania with drive for profit. Wine tasting over $75.00 +++ Sorry never again

Best cruise ever!

By: Transatlantic Cruise

Reviewed on: 26 Dec 2017

This was the best cruise we have ever taken! We loved the Oceania Suite. Our butler, Vinod, made our trip wonderful and special. Met many nice people. I have food allergies, and Oceania was very accommodating. Every night, we were given lunch and dinner menus for the next day. I chose what I wanted, and it was cooked for me. All the staff was friendly and helpful. We enjoyed most of the entertainment. We would definitely sail on the Marina again.
Travel Advisor:  Stephanie Petros

Nice Ship

By: Gerald

Reviewed on: 03 Jan 2018

We certainly had no major complaints. We did in fact have a very pleasant cruise. I do wonder, however, how pleasant it would have been if the ship been at full capacity. The ship had only six elevators for a capacity of 1250. On our cruise there were only about 850 on board. For a relatively new ship, it seemed to be behind when it came to electronics. There was no interactive TV. You could not check your statement nor make dining reservations nor book shore excursions from your stateroom. Movies on demand were not available and music selections were very limited. The A/C did not shut off when the verandah door was open. The staff could not do enough for you. The service in some of the specialty restaurants was a bit overwhelming. For the most part the food was great, but I two meals in the Grand Dining Room that were too salty to eat.

ship review

By: Misty

Reviewed on: 05 Jan 2018

Our butler was able to get us additional reservations in the specialty restaurants which was a nice touch. Our suite was spacious and comfortable and we enjoyed being on the ship. Didn't care for most of the artwork in the public areas though. Enjoyed playing Trivia and Brain Teasers. Also really enjoyed Yakov Smirnoff's shows. The 12 member production group was just ok. They needed better choreography and arrangements to better show off their talent. The guitar player was terrific. The food was excellent throughout the ship. We especially liked Red Ginger.
Travel Advisor:  Julie Boulanger Taylor

gone with the wind

By: old guy

Reviewed on: 08 Jan 2018

special o9uuifhfffh ojdyjdndb THERE, HAPPY WITH THE 15 CHARACTERS?
Travel Advisor:  George Nagy

Cruise ship

By: Herman

Reviewed on: 04 Jan 2018

Fantastic! It is our second time on Marina and our 8 th Oceania cruise. The ships, suites,food, culinary classes, are amazing. Our butlers are always incredible and take such good care of us. Marina is impeccably maintained,fabrics, art, public spaces and our suite(same suite both times- Oceania suite)is beautiful-we I’ve the hot tub on our balcony!
Travel Advisor:  Debbie Fairvalley

Oceania Cruise

By: 7

Reviewed on: 06 Jan 2018

Small boat, great food, great service and would recommend this line to anyone looking for a more refined cruising experience. The cruisers on Oceania does skew slightly older but we had a wonderful time meeting new people and sailing to ports we've never been before.
Travel Advisor:  Karina Fong

Oceania Marina

By: Jeremy

Reviewed on: 10 Jan 2018

Excellent. Great service. Extraordinary food.
Travel Advisor:  Kim Schneider


By: e. Ehrlich

Reviewed on: 18 Jan 2018

It was equal to the best
Travel Advisor:  Carlo Hilliard
Not Recommended


By: JA

Reviewed on: 03 Mar 2019

As expected the food and staff were great. The ship is redecorated but had many plumbing issues throughout the ship!! Most important is that fact that this cruise is off season... HOT and HUMID. It never occurred to me that Oceania would NOT cruise in prime season. Worse of all even trying weeks before sailing we could NOT get even one first or second choice of shore excursions!!! We settled for whatever we could get. It truly ruined the entire trip

A service-oriented cruise

By: Dan

Reviewed on: 19 Mar 2019

I have sailed with Oceania twice. The food is always fantastic, and the service is present but not overbearing.
Travel Advisor:  David Rubin

Pacific Isles cruise


Reviewed on: 13 Mar 2019

We really enjoyed our cruise. The staff, the room, the food, the excursions, everything was perfect. Oceania needs to ENFORCE the rules they have about hording chaises on the pool deck. People go out at 7 am and put a towel and whatever on the pool lounges and then go back to bed, go to breakfast, go on tours. They'll saunter back to the pool deck in the afternoon. All the while, their stuff is reserving a deck chair and no one else can use it. The rules say that's not permitted, but when we spoke to the deck attendants, no one did anything about it. No one removed the stuff on the chairs. At one point, there were at least 10 people looking for a place to sit, especially in the shade against the window wall, and there were no free chairs but at least 20 that were reserved. That has to be addressed.
Travel Advisor:  Melita Hein

First time Oceania cruisers

By: Tigator

Reviewed on: 04 Apr 2019

Excellent food and passenger service. Casual, low-key, but elegant.
Travel Advisor:  Jim Buckley

Simply the best !!

By: Brett

Reviewed on: 06 Apr 2019

Marina is a home away from home, just with benefits. Great crew, Great food, Great fun and great people.

Oceania Marina in French Polynesia

By: L & K Bates

Reviewed on: 06 Apr 2019

This was our 10th Oceania Cruise. Have enjoyed the “Marina” many times! Always friendly staff and great food. Only disappointment was that the Oceania arranged Air Flight Schedule dissatvantaged us leaving no time in Papeete!
Travel Advisor:  Samuel Spencer

recommended but with reservations

By: Silky

Reviewed on: 12 Apr 2019

We were impressed with much of our experience. Our room was one of the nicest we have had on a ship. This was our first experience with Oceania so the packages, upgrades, confusing excursion packages, very pushy wine stewards , etc took some getting used to. On the up side, the ship was very clean, stewards and staff lovely. The 4 speciality restaurants were a plus because after a certain amount of time the food was really boring. The grill was great for delicious fish and salad. Overall the fish on the ship was excellent. The entertainment particularly on the first leg was really mediocre. A bit better from Lima on. The Marina singers were not good at all. After Lima we sadly had over 40 people with the gastro disease so that meant no launderette, library, lounge, cancelled cooking classes, lines for food in the Terrace,etc. We also had a huge breakout of a bronchitis. Many of us spent too much time and money in the Med office. We signed up for another cruise btu I may rethink that.
Travel Advisor:  Ginger Morrissey



Reviewed on: 10 Apr 2019

Travel Advisor:  Linda Winslow

One of the best cruise lines

By: Steve and Ruth

Reviewed on: 11 Apr 2019

Overall our 18 day voyage with Oceania was good. We had some issues and some of them were resolved to our satisfaction. Room Steward was not doing a good enough job and we were switched to a much better one. Enjoyed the Terrace grille...main dining room and Polo Grill but were very disappointed in the Italian restauran due to the menu selections being very very over the top with ingredients we were not used to. The Red Ginger also was not very exceptional food for an Asian restaurant. There was a lack of effective supervision of the wait staff in most venues. Entainment, except for ship's resident dancers and singers, was very third rate quality. There was a lack of live and audible recorded music at pool area. The Cocoa plantation excursion was awful was much more strenuous than previously described. A partial refund for this excursion was received by us. This was a good quality trip but not as good as one on Seaborn recently.
Travel Advisor:  Viviane Gringer

35 Days was too long!

By: Mandy

Reviewed on: 14 Apr 2019

Crew members were awesome, Food was excellent, We knew we would have a fair number of days at sea, but being unable to disembark at Easter Island because of rough seas (not Oceania fault) we ended up with 10 days at sea. In Lima changed a lot of passengers unfortunately Gastro came on with them. Cancelled some things etc etc. Panama Canal was really good. Lecturers on trip were first rate. Glad we are almost at the end of our bucket list!
Travel Advisor:  Jodi Fox

Disappointing trip

By: Dad

Reviewed on: 18 Apr 2019

Didn't land at Easter Island. Picked up GI disease in Lima. Internet was pathetic. Thay better fix things up!
Travel Advisor:  Randy Raphael

A good ship with a major problem.

By: West Coast Wanderer

Reviewed on: 11 Apr 2019

We have sailed on the Marina a couple of time before so this was a repeat cruise. We like the ship very much or we wouldn’t have signed up to sail on her again. This time was a little different. Some sort of illness was going around. It was reported to the CDC. Immediately after it started, the crew started special cleansing procedures. They were very competent and made sure both the crew and passengers complied with the procedures. I commend the serving crew for trying to meet the passengers wishes while still carrying out the cleaning procedures. Otherwise the cruise was up to the usual Marina standards.
Travel Advisor:  Alyse Cori

Repositioning Cruise

By: Ed

Reviewed on: 29 Apr 2019

The food and service were excellent. The Marina is in need of freshening in the staterooms and public areas. The carpeting is worn and the furnishings are showing their age.
Travel Advisor:  Susan Boehnstedt

Oceania experience

By: Charlie

Reviewed on: 28 Apr 2019

Absolutely terrible. On 4/12 I was diagnosed by the ship's medical doctor with viral pneumonia. On 4/14 I was admitted to Cork University Hospital. On 4/17 I was discharged and caught a flight back home.
Travel Advisor:  Jesse Taylor

New York to London

By: Anita

Reviewed on: 01 May 2019

Unfortunately we ran into some really bad weather...below freezing temperatures, SNOW, rain and wind squalls, and cancellation of 3 land tours! Pleasant trip on board, but long days. We were glad to round Land's End and see sunshine!
Travel Advisor:  Julie Boulanger Taylor

Mixed review

By: DeKalb man

Reviewed on: 01 May 2019

Oceania Cruises have exceptional staff, exceptional cuisine and is very well managed. Unfortunately, the clientele has definitely changed over the years. Compared to 10 years ago, the fellow passengers are ruder and less pleasant. Too many of the passengers do not understand basics of public health. In the past this cruise line attracted many travel savvy passengers. Now too many passengers are of the type that diminish the overall travel experience.
Travel Advisor:  Linda Voelker

Erika is very efficient


Reviewed on: 02 May 2019

Travel Advisor:  Erika Gal

North Atlantic NY-Southhampton April 2019

By: JP

Reviewed on: 04 May 2019

It's a terrific boat -- just as the rest of the Oceania fleet. For us, we would not take a northern Atlantic route again, in April. It actually snowed and we had weather rough enough to cancel one of our most prized ports: Dublin, cancelling two of our excursions. Oceania needs to make sure that ALL Destination Desk staff are aware of what the Oceania's policy is in a case such as this insofar as refunds. Otherwise, service is phenomenal, food is the best. Surprised they did not offer an excursion to Giverny from LeHavre but we were able to form a group on Cruise Critic and visit Monet's house and gardens with third-party tour company. JP
Travel Advisor:  Stuart Stone

Transatlantic cruise Northern Passage

By: Nanook

Reviewed on: 13 May 2019

Oceania is my favorite cruise line and I have taken many trips on several of their ships. Accommodations, service and especially the food are top notch. Very classy, smaller ship experience.
Travel Advisor:  Stuart Stone
Not Recommended

Marina's Tired

By: vkr

Reviewed on: 16 May 2019

The ship is showing wear and tear. It took 3 visits to fix a closet door (which kept the light on all night). The concierge level is a total waste of money. A small room with a single overworked concierge and no noticeable upgraded cabin.

Perfect size cruise ship

By: Toby

Reviewed on: 13 May 2019

Our first time on the Marina but not our first sailing with Oceania. It's a perfect size ship - able to get into smaller ports yet big enough to offer a variety of onboard activities. Does need to be "refreshed" which is supposed to happen in 2020.
Travel Advisor:  Julie Roman


By: travel bug

Reviewed on: 09 May 2019

Love the ship, the crew, the food, everything
Travel Advisor:  Sue Pechtel

Sailing on Oceania Marina

By: Karen M

Reviewed on: 15 May 2019

The Marina was very nice. No photographers, crowds, or waiting to be able to use facilities like on larger cruise ships. Loved the open dining and the specialty restaurants. The food was outstanding and the staff courteous and helpful from start to finish. Staterooms are on the small side even on concierge level with veranda....shower is very small and difficult to maneuver in, one side of closet is difficult to access, and furnishings and bedding are in need of refurbishing. The spa was wonderful. the casino was not (small and very tight). Nightlife was quiet... possibly due to the fact that the average age on this cruise was about 75. I would definitely cruise Oceania again but would like to see other ships.
Travel Advisor:  Lynn Heidi Sands

Our Mediterranean Cruise

By: Heather

Reviewed on: 24 May 2019

Oceania really goes all out with their food, service, staff etc. The beds are the best I’ve ever slept in. The entertainment was really good, the talent was great with wonderful costumes! The stops on this cruise were wonderful! Some choppy water made getting us on and off the tenders tricky but again their staff were very professional!
Travel Advisor:  Rick Johnson

Marina cruise

By: Mike

Reviewed on: 30 May 2019

Overall excellent. Sometimes seemed like too many extra charges for an inclusive cruise.
Travel Advisor:  Myrna Arroyo


By: Normando

Reviewed on: 24 May 2019

‘‘Tis is a great ship. The best food best service Great ports
Travel Advisor:  Ronni Winik

Oceania's Marina Is Superb

By: Tim Vineyard

Reviewed on: 31 May 2019

We've taken four cruises on Oceania and look forward to another cruise on Oceania soon. The crew and staff is respectful, helpful, and enjoyable company. We have confidence in them too. By now we are pretty familiar with Marina, since we've traveled on her more than once. It's interesting and fun to take shore excursions, but we always look forward to coming back to Marina to enjoy Horizons, Martini's, the excellent restaurants. It's nice to come home to our stateroom too, since the staff always keeps it in great condition. We appreciate Marina's efforts to make our cruise very enjoyable!

Oceania Marina Review

By: Sue

Reviewed on: 03 Jun 2019

Marina is a lovely ship of a size and with facilities that nicely meet our needs and objectives. Service is first class, the food is wonderful, and itineraries are always interesting. We've sailed with Oceania many times, several trips on Marina, and have never been disappointed.
Travel Advisor:  Birgit Navarre

Oceania or Oceanna?

By: Dave

Reviewed on: 09 Jun 2019

It was our second time on the Marina and we generally liked it. Food in the main dining room was excellent if a bit boring. Thankfully, we were able to eat at the 4 specialty restaurants as much as we wanted and that gave nice variety. Ship was immaculate and the crew/staff were excellent. Shows not all we like - many single performers and few full-cast shows which we like. Shore excursions are a bit pricey and Oceania needs to research them more thoroughly. We did get a couple of disappointing surprises on them. Overall, a great expereince, but with all of the cruise lines out there to choose from, we will likely try someone different next time.
Travel Advisor:  Marianne Kochanek

The Baltics

By: Saluki

Reviewed on: 25 Jun 2019

This is our 2nd cruise on Marina and both trips were great.Service is very good and the food is tremendous.On ship entertainment was also very good.Oceania cruises are a good value for the money.
Travel Advisor:  Trisha Iannazzi


By: Bill

Reviewed on: 22 Jun 2019

Very pleasant and comfortable
Travel Advisor:  Laura Schelling


By: Lee

Reviewed on: 22 Jun 2019

We totally loved the ship, the accommodations, the amazing food, the entertainment, and the great staff.
Travel Advisor:  Vivian Paesano
Not Recommended

Oceania Marina

By: Tallulah

Reviewed on: 24 Jun 2019

The cabin was very comfortable. The trip was selected for the itnerary and the advertising of the "finest cuisine at sea". This was a long way short of what we expected. It was overall extremely disappointing and we would not be recommnding Oceania to anyone. They cut costs, the service was appalling. While you pay for drinks they are not included, to get attention to order a drink was difficult. The food was highly salted and not enjoyable. It is obviously designed for an American palate with highly preserved salted cuisine.For example in the south of France where fresh asparagus is cheap and plentiful, canned asparagus was served/ The pastries did not taste fresh, the buffet was limited and repetitive. We paid for Concierge level and the Concierge ws usless.He gave us every excuse why he could not make a restaurant booking so we just went to the very serious girl who was able to make a restauant booking. The restauant staff and housekeeping, were charming and helpful. Disappointing!

Pleasant but not 5 star

By: Baltic Seafarer

Reviewed on: 03 Jul 2019

The best thing about our Baltic cruise was the staff - with few exceptions they were very friendly and helpful - good attitudes. The food was good in the Terrace Grill but a lot of repetition. The specialty restaurants were good, but nothing special. The sommeliers could be snooty. Our penthouse suite was fabulous but the amenities were a little lacking - 3 days to get "free" laundry that was not ironed? A bit of a mess at the end - we waited over an hour for a taxi - we did not take the suggested transportation of about $250 US to our hotel - it ended up costing about $50 for a cab. Why the gouging? And the Oceania promotion is non stop - too much
Travel Advisor:  Pam Scott
Not Recommended


By: Lance

Reviewed on: 09 Jul 2019

Trip was very good but Oceania was my up to par on this trip. Wait staff at Non restaurant eating venues were awful because they were obtrusive when passengers were eating. Tours were merely adequate except those booked personally. Transport to ports from the ship were inadequate.


By: Jane

Reviewed on: 16 Jul 2019

I would recommend Oceana BUT I frankly did not see the WOW factor for the extra money. The itinerary was very interesting and a bit different from other cruises. They are also great at accommodating an older crowd. The food and service was great. I might use them again - based primarily on destination.
Travel Advisor:  Jackie Matthews

Best for the money

By: Brienne

Reviewed on: 10 Jul 2019

Time aboard the Marina was as expected.

Cruise review

By: Donnie

Reviewed on: 11 Jul 2019

It was better than anticipated. The ship was efficiently run and the food was excellent. Overall a great trip.


By: Herb

Reviewed on: 30 Jul 2019

Great. Good food. Very good crew
Travel Advisor:  Lynn Klinger

The perfect size ship

By: Tom-Connecticut

Reviewed on: 06 Aug 2019

The Marina and its sister ship the Riviera are "right-sized" plenty of comfort amenities, incredible dining venues, professional entertainment all without the crowds of the mega-ships​.

The Marina is ideal sized

By: Tom-Connecticut

Reviewed on: 06 Aug 2019

The same review as I made previously for the Marina.

Wonderful, if you like ocean cruises

By: Craig

Reviewed on: 18 Aug 2019

Don’t know how it could have been a better ship — facilities, amenities and food. Shore excursions typically crowded, but good guides. Our first ocean cruise, probably our last. Too many people — not our thing, tho we had a wonderful time.
Travel Advisor:  Michelle Jaykus Peck


By: Carole

Reviewed on: 11 Aug 2019

lovely! wonderful food and staff was very attentive!
Travel Advisor:  Susan Ward

Oceania 3

By: Dimik

Reviewed on: 13 Aug 2019

Our third cruise on Oceania: we'll keep going back because it is such a quality experience.
Travel Advisor:  Debbie Horrilleno

Enjoyed Norway aboard Oceania Marina

By: Steve

Reviewed on: 14 Aug 2019

Our group enjoyed our Norwegian cruise aboard Marina. We ate at all of the restaurants and all were excellent. It was great having dinner on the stern of the ship at the Terrace Cafe as we sailed out of the fjords deep inland. I especially enjoyed the ports that not many cruise ships go to north of the Arctic Circle. The Library, Baristas and the upper decks were especially delightful as we enjoyed great weather on our cruise. Our Veranda stateroom was one of the best we have experienced.
Travel Advisor:  Debra Stern


By: Susan

Reviewed on: 21 Aug 2019

We love this ship. The restaurants are excellent and staff outstanding. It's big enough without ever feeing over crowded.

A good second experience

By: inquieta

Reviewed on: 21 Aug 2019

The staff was incredible. Always ready to help, the food was good. Everything worked on time. It was a pleasure
Travel Advisor:  Sally Shekane

Northern Sojourn

By: Yoga girl

Reviewed on: 03 Sep 2019

We love Oceania Cruises and the Marina. Beautiful ships, thoughtfully curated itineraries and excursions , personal service, and wonderful dining experiences. The cooking school and enrichment lectures greatly enhanced our appreciation of local culture.
Travel Advisor:  Jessica Griscavage

22 Days

By: Mick

Reviewed on: 27 Aug 2019

The only doubt we had pre cruise was how we'd go on a boat for 22 days.The Marina made it very enjoyable with the choice of restaurants,food, and the friendly staff.

Great ship if you don't want reliable wifi

By: Keith Jackson AM

Reviewed on: 25 Aug 2019

Great ship but my wife, a local politician, and I, a journalist, needed reliable wifi

the best cruise line... Oceania

By: Pete

Reviewed on: 31 Aug 2019

This was our 15th cruise on Oceania and it was as great as the previous 14. It is every as bit as they say in their brochures. The food was excellent.
Travel Advisor:  Jesse Taylor

Baltic Bliss

By: mark

Reviewed on: 03 Sep 2019

First cruise ever so hard to compare. Raj our Butler was amazing and well worth the expense. Lucy and Jose our cleaning crew were also very friendly and accommodating. They became a part of our family! Ship was right size for what we were looking for and rooms and suite were terrific. Only issue was that there should always be a place open where you can grab something to eat. there are a couple of windows when everything is closed. Most annoying closure was from 3 pm until 5 pm every day. Maybe have an ice cream station, casual snack area or something open to go visit.
Travel Advisor:  Malaka Hilton


By: Bubble

Reviewed on: 13 Sep 2019

The restaurants and service on the Marina in general were very good. Disembarkation which has been greatly improved since our last cruise was outstanding.

Baltic Cruise

By: dog333

Reviewed on: 14 Sep 2019

Excellent 10-day itinerary, we scheduled this cruise two years ago (on-board booking). All facets of the Marina very much met our decor -- facilities, shows, crew/staff, food -- this was our 3rd (or fourth) Oceania cruise.
Travel Advisor:  Julie Smothers

Baltic capitals

By: Lollie

Reviewed on: 18 Sep 2019

Excellent customer service, great food the staff was on point! We plan more Oceania cruises in the future. The ship itself is a little tired and could use an update.
Travel Advisor:  Angela Pierson

Oceania Marina

By: Nancy

Reviewed on: 11 Sep 2019

We very much enjoyed our time on board. Staff very friendly and accomadating. The only negative is the shower was tiny. Shower head was too low for my husband who is 6'5", Food was very good but not as good as I was expecting.
Travel Advisor:  Mary Porter

Ron B

By: Ron

Reviewed on: 23 Sep 2019

Wonderful. Staff were very polite and helpful. The ship was grand with great food.
Travel Advisor:  Linda Winslow

Second cruise on Marina

By: Connie

Reviewed on: 25 Sep 2019

This was our second trip on this ship - we chose it b/c we enjoyed it the first time so much. Once again, it met our expectations. It is clean, well managed and run, and staffed with wonderful personnel. The workers are friendly, polite, efficient and just nice. We loved talking to them and finding out where they were from and about their families. The food is good, but they try a bit hard to be exotic. A suggestion: when we would return from a morning tour, the dining rooms would be full. Often we could find nowhere to sit, so ended up eating in our room. Not happily. Another dining area was often open, but still full. I think they should be equipped to accommodate all passengers. We did not enjoy walking around looking for a table every day. I would highly recommend this ship and plan to cruise on it again.
Travel Advisor:  Katie Schmitz


By: Joni

Reviewed on: 26 Sep 2019

Wonderful cabins, service and crew on marina The best food at sea that we have had on over a dozen ships
Travel Advisor:  Laurie Reitman
Not Recommended

Customer service

By: Fred

Reviewed on: 07 Oct 2019

We will never again curise a Oceania ship.

So much to see

By: Old Guy

Reviewed on: 10 Oct 2019

Excellent food, extra friendly cruise staff.
Travel Advisor:  Lorrie Dirksen

cruise from Amsterdam

By: anonymous

Reviewed on: 14 Oct 2019

This was our 6th cruise with Oceania. They got it right!
Travel Advisor:  Judy Ruttenberg


By: Linda kane

Reviewed on: 06 Oct 2019

Great ship, great food, great service
Travel Advisor:  Debbie Yonker


By: BandA

Reviewed on: 22 Oct 2019

Good, but entertainment was very weak
Travel Advisor:  Vira Mastroianni

Mixed emotions on Oceania Marina

By: Buckley

Reviewed on: 06 Oct 2019

This was our 5th Oceania cruise, and unless there is a compelling reason to sail with them again it is probably our last. We have sailed most often with Oceania, Azamara, and Seabourn and all deliver a quality product. We have felt, however, that apart from the undeniably superb food, Oceania doesn't try very hard to do anything special for guests. Azamara and Seabourn just pamper guests from dawn to dusk, and make sure you feel that they want you to return. Maybe it's that the larger ships (Marina and Riviera) are impersonal - we feel happier with smaller ships. This is too bad, as I very much enjoy the cooking classes offered by Oceania's large ships, and we booked this cruise specifically because chef Jacques Pepin (who was MARVELOUS!) was aboard. It's difficult to explain, as Oceania does things right, but could do so much more.
Travel Advisor:  Lilo Matinas



Reviewed on: 14 Oct 2019

Every aspect of the ship was excellent except the quality of the food in the main dining room was disappointing. Especially the dover sole.
Travel Advisor:  Elaine Pepper


By: KemC

Reviewed on: 13 Oct 2019

Fantastic as always. This is out fourth cruise on Oceania and they deliver a great experience with awesome food.
Travel Advisor:  Marina Kiriazis


By: jos

Reviewed on: 17 Oct 2019

Layout of bathroom in our stateroom was puzzling: both a tub and a separate shower, leaving very restricted space for other items. Location of closet was awkward. Daily newspapers in concierge lounge were sometimes missing -- maybe some people took them to their staterooms. Loved the string quartet. Staff was excellent. Good response from medical centre was I developed acute bronchitis.
Travel Advisor:  Sheila Doherty

Trip. Mariba

By: Rob

Reviewed on: 24 Oct 2019

Perfect!! Marina
Travel Advisor:  Leah Bergner

My ship

By: Dana

Reviewed on: 01 Nov 2019

Marina and Riviera are the only ships I would travel on now- love service, food, and the ambiance!!!
Travel Advisor:  Valerie Murphy

Another great cruise on Oceania booked by Jesse Taylor

By: The fall cruise

Reviewed on: 02 Nov 2019

Marina as usual was well run and very organized. This was our 17th cruise on Oceania and as with all the others, it was well done. Food was sensational and the crew were extremely attentive. Best of all, there were no extra charges every time we did something. Specialty restaurants did not have an up-charge and were exceptional as always. We have no intention to sail on any other cruise line than Oceania.
Travel Advisor:  Jesse Taylor

Baltic cruise

By: Mick

Reviewed on: 06 Nov 2019

For a vessel with 1200 passengers and 850 crew it was surprisingly spacious. The food was of a very high quality but the WiFi was an absolute disaster. Passengers who’d been on a cruise on the same ship some two years earlier told us the WiFi had not improved in the intervening period - a sad reflection on the company particularly when internet connectivity is so much part of everyone’s life.

Great Ship Marina

By: Venezia to Monte Carlo

Reviewed on: 19 Nov 2019

Excellent cruise line and one of our favorite Cruise ships! Love the library, afternoon tea and butler service! Laundry facility was also excellent! And lives up to reputation as best cuisine at sea!

Love the Marina

By: Venezia to Monte Carlo

Reviewed on: 19 Nov 2019

Perfect size! Great service! Love the library!

Nice Clean Ship with Gracious Staff and Great Food

By: SidneyM

Reviewed on: 19 Nov 2019

I enjoy Marina for its bigger staterooms, more specialty restaurants with great food, and smiling, gracious staff. Because our itinerary was so port-intensive, there was only a limited social program, which I miss. Regardless, the shows were very entertaining with above-average performers. The bands and string quartet played very good dancing and listening music. Staff was always helpful and polite. The ship was gleaming. The only downside was the weak Internet service, which prevented me from even filling out and submitting the ship's customer survey, which had to be completed online.

Well-Appointed, Gleaming Ship with Great Service and Food

By: SidneyM

Reviewed on: 19 Nov 2019

I already filled out a response regarding Marina and am puzzled why I need to fill out another review.

Mediterranean Cruise

By: Delta

Reviewed on: 20 Nov 2019

We really enjoyed the ship and the staff. The food was wonderful, and they went aboard accommodating the requests of my vegan traveling companion. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The only issues we had were with some of the transfers and excursion details. We understood that Oceania was working with local independent contractors and had very little control over them.
Travel Advisor:  Mary Stershic
Not Recommended

First time Oceana

By: Dmur

Reviewed on: 19 Nov 2019

The ship was ok. The service excellent. The food in the dinning room was excellent. The specialty restaurants were ok. The tours were good. All in all. Not sure if I would go Oceana again. Will have to think about it. For the money did not think it was worth so much money. I have gone on other cruises for less and seemed to enjoyed it the same.
Not Recommended


By: Dmur

Reviewed on: 19 Nov 2019

Didn’t think it was worth the extreme money it cost. I did enjoy the ports. My husband did not like the food.

Oceania Marina Montreal to Miami

By: Ted

Reviewed on: 23 Nov 2019

Marina is a great ship; Oceania is an excellent cruise line. Food and service were both memorable. Ship interior is absolutely gorgeous and well appointed. Excellent stateroom. Ship is a nice size with only 1200 passengers. Easy to get around. Will go back.

We love Oceania!

By: Kevin

Reviewed on: 22 Dec 2019

This was our 4th Oceania cruise. As usual, the food was outstanding but the highlight is always the staff. They are so friendly and helpful. Their concern for our welfare during a stomach bug outbreak and the extraordinary steps they took to contain it was exemplary. We look forward to our next adventure. The hardest part is where do we go next!

Beautiful ship -- We had the Oceania Suite

By: pakman

Reviewed on: 23 Dec 2019

Beautiful ship, food and service was excellent would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a mid sized ship. Previous sailings were on smaller ships but we were pleasantly supersize that the lager ship did not affect us. The only negative was on the last day of sailing the housekeeping crew took all our glass ware and towels for special cleaning due to what they said there was a medical emergency on the ship and needed to super clean everything before the next sailing. Why were we penalized, we felt as though we were not wanted on the last day of the cruise. This experience was very negative on Oceania Cruises.
Travel Advisor:  Liz Nixon

Terrific service and excellent food

By: Linny

Reviewed on: 27 Dec 2019

Our Vista suite was exceptionally large and lovely with an enormous balcony. Our cabin attendants and bulter were exceptional. The food and service in the specialty restaurants was as usual delicious. The excursion options were expensive and poor, so we didn't book any.
Travel Advisor:  Cindy Bown

Smooth Sailing

By: Roxy

Reviewed on: 20 Jan 2020

Our 3rd cruise with Oceania was again, smooth sailing! It was a holiday cruise, taking in Christmas, Hanukkah & New Years. The ship was beautifully decorated and holiday treats were available all day in the main lobby. The dinners on the holidays were extra nice. I highly recommend Oceania whenever I can.
Travel Advisor:  Cindy Bown

Falklands& Patagonia

By: Cape Horn traveler

Reviewed on: 11 Jan 2020

Ship time was excellant . Cruise was over Christmas and New years . Every thing was well done.
Travel Advisor:  Shawn Kilner

Oceania Marina


Reviewed on: 18 Feb 2020

Tenth cruise with them and great as the others!
Travel Advisor:  Louise Yob



Reviewed on: 19 Feb 2020

Travel Advisor:  Rebecca Falkenberry

Interesting sites

By: Peter

Reviewed on: 28 Feb 2020

The time aboard the Marina was mixed. The ship needs overhaul. Small stuff but it adds up. Broken toilet flushing system once, neighbors shower overflowed, closet door hanging on an angle, .. On the positive of course th staff is just amazing, the best. Friendly, helpful, can't be beat. Food is good.. The entertainment could be more aligned with the destination, going to Brazil I expect Samba etc.
Travel Advisor:  Gae Kravit


By: Bones

Reviewed on: 19 Feb 2020

The trip was most enjoyable. The Marina is a ,odern ship with all the amenities that that implies. The staff have obviously been trained well in catering to the needs of their guests. The cabins were comfortable and the food was outstanding.
Travel Advisor:  Peter Wheaton

21 day cruise

By: The Boat Guy

Reviewed on: 22 Feb 2020

I sailed on the MS Marina from Miami to Brazil. I was my first cruise. The ship and crew were wonderful. Food and entertainment were excellent. Shore tours were disapointing as there are all very large groups. Enen though tours said said people with mobility issues should not do certain tours, many did and held up the tours
Travel Advisor:  Yvonne PelletierPaul

Love cruising

By: Donna E.

Reviewed on: 07 Mar 2020

Love Oceania Cruise line. Staff & crew very nice and always has a smile to greet you!
Travel Advisor:  Cindy Bown