Real Stories From Virtuoso Travelers

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Real Traveler Stories

Working with an advisor will forever change the way you see the world.


Five Reasons to Consider Working With A Travel Advisor

Need more reasons? Browse our real Virtuoso traveler stories below - and find out why they love working with a Virtuoso travel advisor. 

Why I Travel
  • Elan Gale - producer of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette - talks travel - "I like feeling displaced and a little confused. It’s easy to get comfortable in your work environment and in your hometown – we work hard to make our lives predictable, but there’s something nice about travel that throws you off." 
  • Authors Eric & Emily Haggmann - "We go to explore and get outside our comfort zone,
    even if we’re staying at a Four Seasons tented camp.”
  • Judith Hennessey - "I travel because it teaches me about who I am. Sometimes you need to get a little lost to find yourself. 
  • Kathleen McNamara - "I travel out a sense of high adventure." 
  • Vicky Chen - "I travel because the best moments in life happen when you’re seeing the world with the people you love. Why wouldn’t I travel?"
  • Virtuoso clients Michelle & Renier Gobea - Read about their 31-Day Honeymoon. 
  • Randy Ubillos - "I travel to experience the things that are often too hard to capture in photos: the grand scale, the sweep of a vast open plain on safari, the perspective from some spectacular vantage point." 
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