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One concern of the digital age has been the authentic nature of reviews on various sites, from Yelp to Amazon and back again. This is especially true in the world of travel. How do you know if that glowing review of a hotel is actually from a traveler, as opposed to a member of the hotel's staff or a friend of the owner?

With the Virtuoso Verified Traveler program, we ensure that every single review is written by a traveler who booked their agenda through a Virtuoso travel advisor. As such, you're hearing from clients like you about hotels, cruise ships, tours, and even their advisor too. And everything you're hearing is 100 percent authentic.

For example, from a property in Europe:
Very family friendly. The food was really greasy, but alright. If you get a suite facing the lakes, just note that you will be overlooking a graveyard too. All in all great place to stay!

The Virtuoso Verified Traveler program strives to give you further context for your travels. We hope you find it helpful.

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