Travel Better Stay Fit While Traveling

Stay Fit While Traveling

Yoga in Indonesia
Yoga in Indonesia
Photo by Maria Fernanda Garcia
“Think of travel as a way to shake up your routine rather than as an interruption to it," says exercise physiologist Heather Giordano of the respected Canyon Ranch Lenox destination spa. “Get creative and do some exercises that you might overlook in your typical gym session.”

Giordano formulated this workout, which requires only a jump rope and your body weight – two things that easily travel with you. Each nine-step cycle should take about ten minutes; complete two or three cycles for a longer workout.

Jump Rope

Substitute jumping jacks or jogging in place if you don’t have a rope. 
(2 minutes)


Sit at the edge of a chair with feet shoulder-width apart. Cross arms over chest. Lean torso slightly forward as you stand up. Slowly sit down.
(15 repetitions)

Kneeling Push-ups

Start on stomach, hands in push-up position, knees bent. Exhale and push up. For more difficulty, extend legs for a full push-up.
(15 repetitions)



Stand with right foot on a stool or bottom step of a stairway. Slowly bend knee, lowering left foot toward floor, keeping torso upright. Avoid touching floor; keep left foot flexed.
(15 repetitions)


Hold body in push-up position with weight on forearms, shoulder in line with elbows, and back flat.
(1 minute)

Jump Rope

Substitute jumping jacks or jogging in place if you don’t have a rope.
(2 minutes)


Take a large step forward, making sure front knee is directly over ankle,  not in front of it. Keep head and chest upright as back knee bends toward floor. Push up and back off front leg to return to starting position.
(15 repetitions each side)

Side Plank

Lie on side supported by elbow with knees bent. Stack feet. Keep elbow directly under shoulder. Straighten knees and lift hip off floor.
(30 seconds each side)

Triceps Dip

Sit on a bench or chair with feet in front of knees. Transfer weight to hands and slide pelvis forward and off edge of seat. Bend elbows (no further than 90 degrees) and slowly lower toward floor. Press up, straightening elbows.
(15 repetitions)


Download these fitness apps before your next trip.

CycleCast brings the cycling studio to your phone, with downloadable, instructor-led 20-, 45-, and 60-minute rides, and data that syncs to health-tracking apps. iOS and Android.
Sworkit provides 5-, to 60-minute strength, yoga, cardio, and stretching workouts. The premium version adds customization and an “ask a trainer” feature. iOS and Android.
7 Minute Workout emerged from scientific study of high-intensity interval training. The app gets you worked out and out the door to explore. iOS and Android.
MapMyRun uses GPS to track fitness endeavors or map out runs in new destinations. It also tracks calories, speed, distance, and more. iOS and Android.
Nike+ Training Club is packed with more than 100 workouts by experts – including pro athletes and celebrities – complete with video and audio. iOS and Android.

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