What is Virtuoso? And what is a Priority Travel Specialist?

Virtuoso is a luxury travel network; travelers within the network (those who book their travels with the help of a Virtuoso advisor) are guaranteed a vast array of standard benefits. These come from Virtuoso's exclusive partnerships with over 1,700 luxury travel providers around the world - for example, an exclusive partnership with Four Seasons hotels that enables upgrades, late check-outs, room credits, free breakfasts, and more.

An easy way to conceptualize it: you may associate the idea of a "travel advisor/agent" as something transactional, such as booking your flights and rooms. Virtuoso is more than that. The advisors know properties all over the world, they know opportunities and experiences you can pursue, and they know the tour providers and other professionals who will make those experiences so memorable. It's a nearly-unparalleled travel experience.

Priority Travel Specialists are a subset of Virtuoso advisors that have been selected to be a part of our program with Merrill Lynch and who regularly book experiences all over the world, and deeply understand that travel is the No. 1 activity people look forward to in retirement - as well as the idea that travel should be a crucial component of the overall financial planning process.

You can call now to begin the process of being connected with a Merrill Lynch Priority Travel Specialist. We look forward to your first contact with them, when you realize that anything you thought was impossible travel-wise, really isn't.

Call 1.855.399.3199 to connect with a Priority Travel Specialist today.
Location Priority Travel Specialist
Mobile, AL Bowden Sarrett
Montgomery, AL Trish Gastineau
Harrison, AR Linda Allen
Rogers, AR Janie Leis
Phoenix, AZ Judi Glass
Phoenix, AZ Valerie Rooney
Scottsdale, AZ Rose Field
Orange, CA Jay Johnson
Pacific Palisades, CA Terry Bahri
San Clemente, CA Phyl Andersen
San Francisco, CA John Steward Bowerman
San Francisco, CA Leslie Fineman
Santa Ana, CA Elaine Clapp
Santa Ana, CA Renee D'Avirro
Santa Monica, CA Russ DiTusa
Sonoma, CA Alyse Cori
Sonoma, CA Lori Thornton
Tustin, CA Terri Stanfield
Ventura, CA Tracey Shara
Yorba Linda, CA Marsha Dolbow
Boulder, CO Susie McKenney
Fairfield, CT Lydia Ganz
Fairfield, CT Nancy Yale
Westport, CT Janet Bangser
Delray Beach, FL Peter Friedman
Delray Beach, FL Sally Shekane
Delray Beach, FL Sarah Fitzpatrick
Ft. Lauderdale, FL Amiel Lindenbaum
Ft. Lauderdale, FL Julie Boulanger Taylor
Ft. Lauderdale, FL Patrice Thomas
Hollywood, FL Jan Hammond
Jacksonville, FL Russell Glasheen
Miami, FL Ryan Diaz
Ormond Beach, FL Karen Upchurch
Sarasota, FL Jon Sutter
Sarasota, FL Karan Cowden Cave
Athens, GA Catherine Whitworth
Atlanta, GA Susan Ward
Savannah, GA Jennifer Hicks
Barrington, IL Amanda Kost
Chicago, IL Jim Welch
Chicago, IL Julie Welch
Chicago, IL Shawna Huffman Owen
Carmel, IN Andi Dosey
Carmel, IN Becky Lukovic
Carmel, IN Brenda Walters
Ft. Wayne, IN Patti Lehman
Zionsville, IN Annie Rogers
Leawood, KS Michael King
Boston, MA Jane Braun
Cambridge, MA Janice Ann Ackerman
Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA Joanne Scully
Marshfield, MA Bonnie McLean
Southborough, MA Erin Logsdon
Gaithersburg, MD Eileen Schlichting
Rockville, MD Denise Burcksen
Farmington Hills, MI David Mellon
Bloomington, MN Susan Rovegno
Excelsior, MN Jim Bendt
Jackson, MS Lauren Parry
Winston-Salem, NC Laura Slawter
Winston-Salem, NC Mary Louise Shore
Clinton, NJ Diane Crisman-Race
Hohokus, NJ Michael Kahan
Montclair, NJ Michael Kempinski
Albuquerque, NM Denise Sullivan
East Greenbush, NY George Balogh
Larchmont, NY Barbara Nichuals
New York, NY Ashley Lancer
New York, NY Elizabeth Clyde
New York, NY Michael Holtz
New York, NY Sarah Lee
New York, NY Valerie Ann Wilson
Plainview, NY Lisa Mazzillo
Rochester, NY Kelly Marrapese
Rochester, NY Trisha Iannazzi
Chagrin Falls, OH LuAnn Frisina
Cincinnati, OH Louisa Gehring
Tulsa, OK Dana Daza
Tulsa, OK Dawn Snyder
Albany, OR Cate Caruso
Newtown Square, PA Veronica Liadis
Villanova, PA Brigitte Feinberg
Villanova, PA Deborah Bush
Beaufort, SC Connie Frenzel
Chattanooga, TN Martha King and Susan Whitson
Memphis, TN Patty Calvert
Dallas, TX Ralph Iantosca
Ft. Worth, TX Jenny Westermann
Ft. Worth, TX Michelle Harvell
Houston, TX Daria Westerfield
Houston, TX Sandra Ortiz
San Antonio, TX Virginia Harris
McLean, VA Wayne Muhlstein
Richmond, VA Stacy Luks
Bellevue, WA Christy Welch
Kent, WA Geraldine Hasting
Kirkland, WA Sean McClinton
Sammamish, WA Pascale LeJeune
Seattle, WA Gary Johnson
Seattle, WA Ian Johnson
Silverdale, WA Deborah Miller
Meqoun, WI Marlene Zabel
Jackson, WY Nancy Porthan