Caribbean Exploration of Keys, Coves, and Reefs – Southbound (16 Days)

Cruise Line: Hurtigruten
Ship: MS Fram  |  1 Review
Miami, FL, United States to Limón, Costa Rica
Dates: 20 Oct 2018 - 04 Nov 2018

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20 Oct 2018
Miami, FL, United States

Magical Miami is known for its legendary beaches, Little Havana, Art Deco buildings, and a sense of glamour. The city's fabled nightlife has been one continuous party more or less since the '60s, making Miami a playground of the stars. Rich influences of Latin America, Caribbean, Asia, and Europe all contribute to Miami's culture, food, and music. Walk along Ocean Drive and gaze at the Art Deco houses, discover graffiti art and murals in Wynwood, and enjoy a slice of key lime pie before embarking on MS Fram in the afternoon.

21 Oct 2018
Key West, FL, United States

The unique tropical island of Key West offers a wide range of fantastic activities. Visit the Southernmost Point in the Continental U.S., take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, go snorkelling on the coral reefs and wrecks, visit Ernest Hemingway's House Museum, or have lunch at Sloppy Joe's Bar where Mr. Hemingway spent most of the 1930s slamming back daiquiris. And there is much more to enjoy here: eat freshly caught seafood, take a relaxing stroll down Duval Street, listen to a local band, pick up some souvenirs and, of course, top it off by witnessing a world-renowned sunset.

22 Oct 2018

The deliciously warm air invites you to stay on deck. Enjoy the sun or spot wildlife, especially birds. The expedition team will start its series of introductory lectures about wildlife, biology, life in the ocean, and the ecosystems of coral reefs, also known as the rainforests of the sea.

23 Oct 2018
Cozumel, Mexico

Visit San Miguel de Cozumel, and spend the day or evening ashore in this lively island town, enjoying the restaurants, cafés, and nearby beaches, such as Palancar or Paradise. Or take in the island's natural beauty, featuring mangrove trees and cenotes, and perhaps swim with stingrays at Stingray Beach (the captive rays have barbs removed of course).

24 Oct 2018
Lighthouse Reef, Belize

Sailing further south, we reach Lighthouse Reef, an atoll about 50 miles from Belize City. This is the most remote of the atolls in Belize and it remains wild and unspoiled. Here you'll find more than 20 world-famous dive and snorkelling sites, including the Blue Hole, Half Moon Wall, and the Aquarium. The coral reefs contained within the atoll's lagoon shelter a remarkable 200 species of fish in a magical setting of shallow reefs, ledges, shelves, and drop-offs. We also offer land based adventures to the Half Moon Caye Natural Monument, a bird sanctuary and the only nesting site in the region for the red-footed boobies. Or, you can go kayaking, for a unique view of the amazing wildlife on the shore and at sea.

25 Oct 2018
Belize City, Belize

After we arrive in Belize City, take advantage of the beauty of nearby Ambergris Caye. This is the largest island in Belize with stunning beaches and azure waters, flanked by the Maya Mountains. Enjoy a day in this tropical paradise's laid back atmosphere, discovering spectacular caves, clear waterfalls, virgin tropical rainforest, and hundreds of limestone caves perfect for long walks, bike rides or snorkelling. You can also choose to travel to Orange Walk and Lamanai on a riverboat. This is a great way to see crocodiles, fruit bats, spider monkeys, and hundreds of different bird species, including many species of herons. Known as the street-food paradise, Orange Walk Town has a fine location beside the New River, which meanders lazily along the east side of town. Orange Walk Town is easily explored by foot. The market area between the Corozal road and Main Street starts up early in the morning, and there are many small shops and restaurants to discover. Lamanai is one of the biggest and best excavated Maya sites in northern Belize. The ruins are known both for their impressive architecture and marvelous setting, surrounded by dense rainforest. See the Mask Temple, the High Temple, the Ball Court, the residential area, and the Jaguar Temple. Climb up the High Temple via the original stairway built by the Mayas, and be rewarded with a spectacular panoramic view of the New River Lagoon and the surrounding jungle.

26 Oct 2018
Puerto Barrios, Guatemala

Puerto Barrios, located on the Caribbean coast of Guatemala, is set in a region with contrasts of jungle, rivers, and sea, hosting a mixture of Garifuna and Mayan cultures. This region is also home to Quiriguá, an archeological treasure declared a Heritage of Humanity Site by UNESCO. Join our optional excursions to explore the beautiful river waters of Río Dulce, and enjoy coming close to the sounds and sights of the Guatemalan jungle. You can also choose to explore Quiriguá, and join in on nature walks that feature waterfalls and pools set in tropical rainforest.

27 Oct 2018
Cayos Cochinos, Honduras

An archipelago in the Bay Islands, Cayos Cochinos is a Marine Biological Reserve that hosts one of the least-disturbed reefs in Honduras Bay. National Geographic writes: "The waters around this collection of coral cays are a marine biologist's dream: protected by the government, off-limits to commercial divers and fishermen, and busy with creatures that may not yet have names". Explore the islands and come ashore for nature walks and for a visit to a small village. Kayak along pristine shores, or snorkel and dive among the rocky reefs.

28 Oct 2018

Coral reefs are some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, housing tens of thousands of marine species. In fact, about one-third of all marine fish species live part of their lives on coral reefs. In addition to their incredible value as wildlife habitats, coral reefs protect coastlines from storms and provide billions of dollars of food and jobs for humans around the world. Hear more about what these delicate ecosystems mean to life in the ocean, and other fascinating subjects from our expedition team as we continue sailing south.

DAY 10
29 Oct 2018
Isla de Providencia, Colombia

Providencia is an unspoiled and traditional tropical island. Since it's almost unreachable for most tourists (no direct connection to the Colombian mainland), its traditions and customs remain intact and you will still hear English Creole spoken. Enjoy breathtaking scenery, lovely sand beaches, friendly locals, and amazingly clear water that is superb for swimming, snorkelling, and diving. You'll find small cottages, hotels, and cabañas strung along the road, and a delightful handful of restaurants. Visit a local school and tour the island, and enjoy the view of the many hidden bays. Bird lovers will have the opportunity to explore inland, hikers can venture to the highest point, kayakers can explore the coastline, and divers and snorkelers can enjoy the superb undersea life.

DAY 11
30 Oct 2018
Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Located off the coast of Nicaragua, these beautiful islands have more in common with most Caribbean islands than mainland Nicaragua. The Creole people on Great Corn Island live in colorful wooden houses, earning most of their income from lobster fishing. You can experience their bounty first hand with a beach barbecue. Little Corn is a tiny island with no cars and a jungle interior to explore on foot. Venture below the water to be rewarded discover a rich world of undersea life.

DAY 12
31 Oct 2018
San Andrés, Colombia

If you are searching for an ideal combination of relaxing on white-sand beaches, snorkeling among tropical fish, and lovely historic architecture and culture, San Andrés is the perfect destination. This small island, shaped like a sea horse, is located some 500 miles northwest of Colombia. While small in size, it offers tremendous pristine beauty. The island is officially part of Colombia, but it has a long connection with England and a multicultural and bilingual culture, with the most common spoken languages being Spanish, English, and Creole. Equally diverse is the ecosystem, featuring reefs, geysers, groves, and cays. Needless to say, it's perfect for diving, snorkeling, and outdoor exploring.

DAY 13
01 Nov 2018

The Caribbean Sea is more than paradise islands and coral reefs, it also the site of fascinating history. After Christopher Columbus stumbled across the Caribbean in 1493, Spain claimed the area and its ships scoured the area for treasure. When the Spanish discovered the Pacific Ocean in 1513, the Caribbean became a hub for expeditions and convoys. Pirates and warships of rival powers preyed on Spanish ships in the area. Although Spain controlled most of the Caribbean, Britain, France, Netherlands, and Denmark established colonies on the islands along the eastern fringe. The 1800s brought U.S. ships into these waters, leading to the completion of the Panama Canal in 1914, a historic feat of engineering that saved thousands of miles of transit around Cape Horn for ships trying to reach the Pacific.

DAY 14
02 Nov 2018
Guna Yala, Panama

The province of Guna Yala (formally the San Blas Islands) is an Archipelago of 278 picture perfect islands stretching along the north coast of Panama, reaching all the way to Colombia. Home to the Kuna people, who run the islands as an autonomous province with minimal interference from the national government, it's one of the best-preserved native cultures in the Americas. The Kuna are renowned for creating brightly colorful panelled textiles called molas, which traditionally adorn the women's blouses. While we are here, you can enjoy kayaking on crystal-clear water or come close to a spectacular diversity of coral while snorkelling or diving.

DAY 15
03 Nov 2018
Colón, Panama
Fort San Lorenzo, Panama
Colón, Panama

Fort San Lorenzo is one of the oldest Spanish fortresses in America, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in the 1500s to overlook the mouth of the Chagres, Panama's largest river, the fort provided an excellent view of approaching pirates and buccaneers. Get an up-close view of the river by small boat or kayak and look for the numerous birds in this migration hot spot, as well as other wildlife. Later, you can visit the impressive Observation Center of the Panama Canal Expansion Project. This facility offers an exclusive panoramic view of the Panama Canal expansion. Covered decks view Lago Gatún and the locks; there is also a theater with videos in English, exhibits, a cafe, and gift shop. In the short rainforest trail nearby, you might even see sloths and monkeys.

DAY 16
04 Nov 2018
Limón, Costa Rica

Puerto Limón on Costa Rican coast is a compelling destination for adventurous explorers. The city itself has some fascinating architecture and colorful open-air marketplaces. The main market in the center of town is the place to go to buy everything from wood carved items to traditional souvenirs. Cashew nuts are big in this city, so be sure to try the cashew wine, which is a specialty here. While the city is rather laidback during the day, at night Puerto Limón has quite an active social scene, with several bars and restaurants. This is where your expedition comes to an end. Stay on to enjoy Costa Rica or fly home.

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Miami Beach, FL United States

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Offered by: COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach
Location: Miami Beach, FL United States
Length: 2 Nights
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Explore the Everglades

Miami is just an hour from the renowned Everglades National Park, one of the world’s great nature reserves. This 1.5 million acre wetlands is a World Heritage Site rich with all kinds of natural life, from rare orchids to bright pink flamingos. Guests of COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach can now experience this remarkable landscape for themselves, enjoying an airboat tour through the Everglades as well as return car transfers from the hotel.

Shore Excursions

Miami, FL, United States - 20 Oct 2018

Key West, FL, United States - 21 Oct 2018

Cozumel, Mexico - 23 Oct 2018

Belize City, Belize - 25 Oct 2018

Cayos Cochinos, Honduras - 27 Oct 2018

Colón, Panama - 03 Nov 2018

Fort San Lorenzo, Panama - 03 Nov 2018

Colón, Panama - 03 Nov 2018

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