Tracy Short And The Cost Equation

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'It Was Cost-Effective'

How worries about upfront fees washed away in the Key West sands

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Tracy Short, a recent Virtuoso traveler, manages a small, independent pharmacy (with her husband) in Exton, PA. One of her customers happened to be Virtuoso advisor Regina Kubica (based in Villanova, PA), and the two began a friendship. Tracy and her husband were planning a trip to Key West, and decided to bring in Regina for some extra help.

"Before the Key West trip, we had always planned our own travel," says Tracy, "just using online comparison tools and basic things like that. So, I was worried it might cost a lot more to use an advisor, even though Regina was a friend from the pharmacy."

There were upfront fees, yes, but Tracy and her husband priced it out both in concert with their advisor and separately. "When you look at everything, it ended up being way more cost-effective to use her."

The Shorts stayed at Casa Marina, where their advisor helped them with upgrades, a resort credit, and other perks.

"It was an amazing trip," says Tracy, "and honestly, one of the things that made it so amazing was the perks. Those are things we could never have organized ourselves."

The Shorts are now working on other trips with their advisor.

"We love travel and try to prioritize it where we can because it's essential for making memories and pursuing different experiences," says Tracy, "and doing it under the guidance of someone who really knows the properties and experiences is the way to go."

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