Susan Mason And Advisors As Life Savers

"You're Doing What Now?"

Susan Mason was surprised her friend became a travel advisor. In the end, everybody won.

The Masons on vacation uno ...
... and dos.

Susan Mason has known her Virtuoso travel advisor, Jane Braun, for years.

"In fact, I thought she was nuts when she told me she was becoming a travel advisor," says Susan. "I've been booking my own travel online since the Internet was created, practically."

Years later, though, Susan found herself in the middle of planning a trip to Hawaii. She was mostly using points, but hadn't yet booked hotels. She reached out to Jane for some suggestions in Maui, asking specifically for properties without huge crowds, but with plenty of amenities.

"A few days later, Jane sent me three options. Two were for BIG names I didn’t care for; I knew they’d be exceptional but probably not as relaxed as I’d like. The third one was The Montage, which I’d never heard about. I checked it out and thought it looked too big. But Jane told me it was largely residential, and a lot of the residents wouldn’t be there. Then she quoted me the garden view rate and, again, I told her she was nuts – if I’m going to Hawaii, I want to be looking at the water!  She said not to worry, that’s what I’d be seeing."
"So, for the best price in the house, we got a magnificent suite of rooms at The Montage with a triple balcony. The only thing between us and the ocean was the pool. We got vouchers for the spa and all sorts of perks. And the resort was really quiet, which we love. In fact, we watched the Super Bowl from a pool bar with about 7 other people. It was heaven."

"In fact, we're remodeling our kitchen now in the style of the one we had at The Montage."

Last April, Susan had booked a house in Captiva, FL for her family; she waited too long to reserve golf carts – the family's preferred method of transport around Captiva – and the entire area was sold out by the time she got around to it. She contacted Jane.

"She told me to give her a day. Then she told me she had located two golf carts on the mainland that could be delivered right to our house. Unbelievable, right?"

Susan and her family travel regularly as a way to "disconnect from the everyday bustle," and while Susan admits she's good at handling arrangements on her own for some trips, Jane adds an entire new level of ease and pleasure to the process.

"Jane’s not just a travel advisor," says Susan. "She’s been a life saver to me!!! She’s delightful, responsive, creative, resourceful, and a great listener. I tell everyone I know what a great experience it is to work with an advisor!"

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