Ron Holloway And Doug Hammerich And Obtaining Trips You Desire

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Travel As A Priority

Ron Holloway and Doug Hammerich made it so, and a Virtuoso advisor helped

... exploring a hotel in Japan ...
... and the locals dancing in Russia.

Ron Holloway and Doug Hammerich have been using a travel advisor for years. Initially, they worked with a close friend who was associated with AAA Travel. Over time – as happens with many Virtuoso travelers – their travel interests became more specific and moved away from the packaged tours that AAA tends to offer. Their friend suggested Virtuoso advisor Sandra Staples.

"Price was a concern at first," says Ron. "But we soon learned that in order to obtain the trips we desired, we needed a top-notch travel advisor. Once we started working with Sandra, the satisfaction of our travel experiences increased considerably."

Ron and Doug have been quite literally all over the world: in Bali, Sandra organized "a wonderful private dinner" for them. They've seen most of the Mayan ruins, and taken a train through the Andes in Peru. They've snowmobiled into an indigenous village in Russia, danced with locals, and had a meal prepared for them on the snowy landscape. They've taken two "Round The Horn" style cruises.

"On almost every trip, there's a little extra from our advisor," says Doug. "There's something waiting in our room, or there's shipboard credits courtesy of her when we board a cruise, or there's a meal arranged that we hadn't expected. There's always something. It's greatly appreciated and only adds to the value of working with her."

Doug and Ron describe themselves as "two retired educators who – modestly – have everything we need and most of what we want," and they're driven by the idea of You can't take it with you. They focus on travel now, and an advisor makes that experience beyond unique each time they venture out.

"Sometimes our travel needs can be quirky," says Ron, "but the value we've gotten from working with an advisor and her connections through Virtuoso are so top-notch. All is great!"

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