Renie Palmer And The Power Of Personalization

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"He Hustles For You"

One Virtuoso traveler keeps working with an advisor because of the level of service

... posing in Scandinavia ...
... and glistening water off the boat.

Virtuoso traveler Renie Palmer had been initially connected with her advisor, Florida-based Mike Lukins, via the previous travel agency he worked with. When Mike changed over, Renie Googled him to find him.

"When working with him, you're always so well-taken-care-of," says Renie. "I wanted to be sure we were able to keep up the relationship."

Renie and her husband are predominantly cruisers – in the past five years, they've been to Iceland, Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland, and other locales (all on cruises) – and Mike frequently plans cruise itineraries with other travelers as well.

"He works hard to find good deals for you," says Renie, "and it always works. Your onboard credits are usually very high. He hustles for you, plain and simple."

One major benefit of working with an advisor, says Renie: personalization. (Other Virtuoso travelers have pointed this out for years.) Her advisor sends out personalized e-mails regarding upcoming cruises, and when he encounters one he knows would be ideal for Renie and her husband, he immediately contacts her.

"We mostly travel to make memories for ourselves, but also to get familiar with different cultures around the world," says Renie, "and when you know you're going to get that personalized experience each time, it's really great."

Additionally, a few years ago there was a mix-up with a stateroom credit; Renie and her husband ended up paying a decent sum extra out of pocket. When they got home, Mike had gotten everything reimbursed.

"It's just a great relationship to have," says Renie, "to know that you can go out and see the world and do this wonderful travel, and all the key details will be taken care of from start to finish."

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