Mary Wilson And Doing Travel Right

Wilson and her nephew hike in NorCal...
... Wilson, her mom, and nephew take in the sights...
... and pose in front of the Golden Gate.

There Are Only So Many Big Trips

If you're only going to see a place once in your life, shouldn't that trip be as magical as possible?


Mary Wilson has a basic philosophy about traveling with the guidance of a Virtuoso advisor.

"I travel for work a decent amount, and sometimes I'll travel to New Orleans for the weekend or something," says the Chicago-based Virtuoso traveler. "But for these kinds of cool, amazing, big trips, I think if you're only going to go somewhere once in your lifetime, why wouldn't you want to do it in a spectacular way?"

Wilson works with Virtuoso advisor Shawna Owen on those types of trips.

"I made a deal with my nieces and nephews that when they turn 12, we can do a cool, special trip," says Wilson. "They don't have to be the cheapest trips, but they need to be unique."

"I have a fairly busy job, so when I thought about coordinating these trips myself, it's just hours and hours and hours on Google. I didn't have the time – or, really, the connections in the travel industry."

Mrs. Owen planned a trip for Wilson and her niece to Paris featuring what Wilson describes as "thoughtful, unique options" relative to a 12 year-old. "There were excellent guides and restaurant choices, but no late-night big dinners, for example," explains Wilson. "Not everything was scripted, either. There was room to do what we wanted."

As a result of how the Paris trip turned out, Wilson has used her advisor for other trips, including one to Buenos Aires.

"There, Shawna sent us to this place that sold tango shoes. It was on the fourth floor of a building off some back alley in a neighborhood, and it was amazing. But that's an example of a great little place that I enjoyed, but I'd never be able to find myself."

Wilson enjoys travel as a "break from a busy life," as well as a chance to learn and love and appreciate different cultures.

"I've traveled abroad with my nieces and nephews, and they will literally say, 'Oh my God, the money is different here,'" says Wilson. "It's about to get out and show them different perspectives and ideas and allow them to connect with that."

If you'd be interested in using a Virtuoso advisor and finding your fourth-floor tango shoes in Argentina, click below to connect.


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