Elise Muhawi And Planning Your Special Day

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Plan A Wedding, Stay Sane

A Virtuoso advisor can (and will) help. Here's one story.

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Elise Muhawi knew she wanted a destination wedding. She asked a knowledgeable friend to recommend a travel planner, and the friend connected her with Virtuoso advisor Susan Moynihan of The Honeymoonist, an affiliate of Largay Travel. Former editor-in-chief of Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, as well as a former travel editor for Modern Bride and Elegant Bride, Susan worked with Elise on a wedding weekend at Cabo San Lucas’ Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort.

"The entire process was seamless," says Elise, "from hotel and wedding venue recommendations, pricing, reserving a block of rooms, and finding perks for us – all the way up to coordinating guest travel and tracking everything. I never felt overwhelmed or concerned; Susan handled it all and made it a point to understand what was important to us and our guests, and make sure that was taken care of."

Elise admits that initially, price point was a concern for her and her husband (and their families). She understood the value of working with a Virtuoso advisor, but it wasn't until the final weeks before the wedding that she really understood just how great that value was.

"I couldn't possibly imagine having to deal with 65 other people's travel arrangements on top of everything else," she notes. "Working with an advisor was a lifesaver."

Elise echoes a sentiment you hear from other Virtuoso travelers: When you’re dealing with a major life celebration, you want to work with the best possible people.

"Everything we’d hoped for from our wedding weekend came true: to keep it magical but also intimate among our family and friends," says Elise. "We wanted to disconnect from our realities back home and create memorable experiences for everyone who attended. That wouldn't have been possible without an advisor like Susan."

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