Debbie Turner And Finding The Right Resources

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It Began With Tahiti

10 years later, Virtuoso traveler Debbie Turner understands the value more than ever

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Debbie Turner, a Virtuoso traveler based in the Nashville area, first connected with her advisor, Leslie Bryant of California, about a decade ago. Turner wanted to plan a trip to Tahiti and decided an advisor would be the best way to go: "When you're going that far from home, you really want someone who knows more about the destination as opposed to trying to figure everything out yourself."

The trip went off without a hitch. "It was one of the most extravagant trips I've ever been on; we were literally staying in a bungalow over the water. Everything worked. Leslie did a fabulous job."

A relationship, and a friendship, began – and Debbie has traveled several more times with her advisor's guidance, including Barcelona this past summer.

There were some concerns at the beginning, as there are with most new Virtuoso travelers.

"We had a lot of long talks about the price point," Debbie admits. "But in the end, the value is so great. I'm not talking about going to Chicago for the weekend here, although she could coordinate those trips too – but if you mean the big, once-a-year trips, you want someone with the right resources."

"I love to see the world," Debbie says, "and I try to maximize my time off whenever I can. We all work hard, and these types of trips are a great chance to unwind and explore."

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