Debbie Reilly And Visual Experience Vs. Physical Experience

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Jim and Debbie in Venice...

The Experience Shift

You might not always travel the exact same way, but it can always be unique.

... in Croatia...
... and with their friends (the Hudsons) in Istanbul...

"We've always considered travel to not just be an experience," says Debbie Reilly of her and her husband Jim, "but an education also."

Towards that end, they began working with Virtuoso advisor Martha King on their travel planning. She arranged a Seabourn cruise for them from Istanbul to Venice with a $150 onboard credit per traveler and a complimentary shore excursion in Cesme, Turkey. They also collaborated on a Viking cruise with similar onboard credit and a complimentary cocktail party reception.

"Over the years, we often turn to each other and say, 'Do you remember when...?," says Debbie. "These are wonderful memories and we've been blessed to see wonderful, beautiful places that a lot of people only read about."

The Reillys bring up an interesting point when discussing their work with an advisor, however: time does pass, and some activities they participated in on earlier trips (a biking tour of Italy, for example) seem less possible now.

"After a while, you look more for the visual experience as well as the physical one," says Debbie.

One aspect there, tied to cruising? Boating. When in Florida (one of their home bases), the Reillys boat quite a bit near the Keys. They've also done boating – with their "boating buddies," as Debbie says – in the San Juan Islands, Scotland, and the Chesapeake Bay.

What's next for the couple? There's a chance they may be going on a Downton Abbey-inspired private tour (with Martha planning and leading the tour) in 2016.

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