Courtney Thompson And Paying For Knowledge

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Thompson in Argentina (with lots of wine too)

One View On Advisors

"You're paying for knowledge and professionalism," says traveler Courtney Thompson

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Courtney Thompson knew Virtuoso advisor Shawna Huffman Owen through mutual friends. Thompson travels a lot for work, but decided to try an advisor experience for different and more exotic trips.

She began working with Mrs. Huffman Owen, loved the experience, and ended up traveling to Mexico, Argentina, France and other locales with her guidance. Argentina was especially memorable. "We were going and doing a lot of wine tasting, of course," says Thompson, "but Shawna set up this great hike through the Andes, which was a nice counter-balance to the wine."

Thompson admits she travels to expand her mind and "change her headset," noting she's an inherently curious person.

As a result, working with an advisor is a no-brainer.

"If you're doing these kinds of trips, you're paying for the knowledge and professionalism," says Thompson. "Shawna has that."

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Travel To Learn
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But Wait, Doesn't It Cost More?

Perhaps. But Price Isn't Value.
Your return on investment with a Virtuoso advisor is simple: they know about properties and experiences all over the world. Most of the options they'll provide? You wouldn't have found them yourself.