Case Study: How Do Advisors And Partners Work Together?

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The Fairmont Empress in Victoria.

Virtuoso Relationships

Advisors and suppliers interact daily. How does that benefit you as a traveler?

Virtuoso advisors are always traveler-focused...
.. and relationships drive our network.

When potential travelers come across the idea of Virtuoso, they can see it through different lenses – i.e. the value of using an advisor, the properties catalog, the cruise catalog, etc. What's often overlooked is the value of the relationships within the network. (In fact, one of our primary messages for years has been "Enriching lives through human connection.")

Potential travelers want to understand how and why Virtuoso could provide value to them on their next journey, and a lot of that comes from the ways that advisors (who coordinate experiences around the world) and partners (such as hotel managers) work together and develop friendships.

Here now: a case study on just that.

Allan Nichols is the Leisure Sales Manager at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria. Pam Peele is an advisor working out of the Atlanta area.

Here's a snapshot of how they work together.

"We believe the guest experience begins long before they actually arrive," explains Allan. "Pam alerted me to a visit by two couples for this spring. She had told them about our famous Afternoon Tea which provided us with an  opportunity to send a personalized card and tea samples as a precursor to their arrival on her behalf. It’s a fun way of building a bit of anticipation. Pam also let me know that one of the guests is a volunteer with a Boxer rescue foundation so we will  make  a small donation to the local Boxer Rescue Society in her name and frame the certificate for their room. Pam trusts that I understand and respect the relationship that she has with the guest, and I love to be able to highlight that when they visit us. Again, our goal is to have Pam recognized for making the stay a one of a kind experience for her client, and then we have done our job."

Says Pam: "Allan sends quarterly newsletters to the advisors who have booked at his property. When I first started receiving his quarterly newsletters, I could tell he really wanted to engage with us advisors and help our travelers.  Note cards to future travelers on our behalf (which may seem typical to us – but not the travelers), sending videos of new whale sightings to share with clients and overall just fun. I don’t know how he keeps so personal with all us advisors but I guess that is the same way I TRY to be with my clients."

The Overall Relationship

When asked about how the relationship works overall -- as opposed to this one example -- Allan explained:

"The partner / advisor relationship is truly a partnership in every sense of the word.  And outside of the time the traveler is actually experiencing the property, nothing could be more important.  I believe it boils down to the essentials.  Our goals as partners are perfectly aligned with those of the advisor.  That is, we want the client to leave our property saying 'Wow! That was an incredible experience.'  We have been truly successful if the client thanks their advisor for booking them into the Fairmont Empress."

"There is absolutely a sense of going the extra mile to make my advisor friends take on a heroic status, and  I treasure those relationships.  I also recognize that the guest has a sincere relationship with our mutual friend, the advisor.  We have everything to gain by supporting that relationship as well."

Pam feels similarly: "I want my clients to know that between the partner and myself, extra effort has gone into making their stay more memorable."

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