Carter Drewry And Being In The Moment

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Two Stops, Two Big Starts

There were a few hiccups around one traveler's honeymoon. An advisor fixed all.

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... and their room view in Jamaica.

Carter Drewry went to college with Virtuoso advisor Louisa Gehring. After graduation, Carter knew Louisa had gotten a job in the travel industry – "I'd see pictures online of these awesome trips she had planned for our mutual friends" – but she hadn't worked with her on a trip. So when Carter and her boyfriend, Eric, became engaged, she turned to Louisa for help with their honeymoon.

"In fact, Louisa was one of the first friends I emailed after the engagement," she says, "just because I was so excited to start thinking about our honeymoon."

Fate intervenes twice in this story: First, Carter and Eric had to change their wedding date because of ... NASCAR. The organization rescheduled its Food City 500 race at Tennessee’s Bristol Motor Speedway to a different weekend. Because the wedding was to be held in the same area and NASCAR's event created a hotel crunch, they moved their wedding up – but by then they’d already booked the honeymoon.

Solution to the first problem: Louisa arranged a "mini-moon" for the couple at The Greenbrier in West Virginia.

The second problem? When they arrived at the US Airways gate headed to their actual honeymoon – in Jamaica – they were turned away because Eric’s passport was damaged. Turns out, he’d recently washed his pants with his passport in them. And to make things even worse, it was a Sunday afternoon.
Carter called Louisa, who immediately swung into action.

"It was a really weird emotional place to go from being so excited about this trip to, in a few seconds, being terrified it wouldn’t happen," says Carter. "I was in tears at the airport."

Louisa worked on everything: switching the flights, notifying the Jamaica property, and finding a way for the couple to get an emergency passport. They had to drive to Atlanta from Virginia, and it ended up being a two-day delay – but they did arrive in Jamaica.

"None of it would have been possible without Louisa," Carter notes.

Carter admits that even though she knew Louisa and was excited by the photos she had seen of her trips, cost was still an initial concern.

"You do start from a place of wondering how much everything will cost," she says, "but once you see your advisor in action, it's all about the value, potential upgrades, and credits. You probably end up saving money."

Carter also thinks back to her West Virginia mini-moon: "That was just after our wedding, and we were coming from this great moment with all our friends and family. We got to the room, and Louisa had a framed picture from the wedding waiting for us. It was amazing. It's just those little things."

Carter and Eric plan to work with Louisa on future trips as well. "Travel is a great way to learn about yourself, to see how big the world really is, and to just unplug and be in the moment," says Carter. "For something that important to who you are, you want to do it right."

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