3 Luxury Spa Vacations To Consider

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Golden Door is an immersive health and wellness experience ...

Escape To The Spa

Want to unwind but still enjoy luxuries? Here are three options.

... the Lotus Spa hydotherapy pool on Regal Princess ...
... and a massage at Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur.

This article appeared as part of the cover package – "Pick Your Bliss" – in the August 2015 issue of Virtuoso Traveler. Five relaxation-driven vacations are profiled. This section is about spa-based travel.

Once seen as sheer indulgence, spa retreats are now regarded as sound medicine. “The whole complexion around healing vacations has changed over the years,” says Fort Worth-based Virtuoso travel advisor Carol Minker, who’s been crafting spa breaks for more than 24 years. “No longer thought of as ‘quick little getaways,’ these escapes are now detailed, comprehensive, and considered vital to a healthy lifestyle.”

In addition to helping you de-stress, the beneficial effects of regular treatments can include relief from aches and pains, improved sleep, and a boosted immune system. Whether you need to find balance, get toned, or just be pampered, today’s spa retreats offer a variety of ways to help you look and feel better than ever. Here are three to consider.

Whole-Being Wellness
When life’s demands get overwhelming, it’s easy to fall back into old habits of thinking and doing. A holistic healing refuge not only helps you relax and recuperate, but also teaches you new ways to nourish yourself from the inside out.

DO IT: Located just north of San Diego, the 41-room Golden Door spa resort creates personalized programs that integrate cardio classes, yoga, and hikes along 20 miles of private trails with daily in-room massages and menus geared toward mindful eating. Inclusive seven-day programs from $8,850; Virtuoso amenities include a $150 gift certificate for the boutique and three months of fitness follow-up.

Ancient Ayurveda
Though it may seem like the latest spa trend, ayurveda is actually one of the oldest curative practices known to humankind. Developed in India more than 5,000 years ago, this mode of well-being – which strives to connect mind, body, and spirit – is believed to be of divine origin.

DO IT: At India’s 87-room Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur, warm oil, two types of massage, and a calming bath are combined for an ayurvedic ritual designed to energize, ease stiffness, soften the skin, and open the third eye. Doubles from $720; Virtuoso amenities include breakfast daily and a complimentary lunch.

Wonders of Water
Nature’s original elixir, “taking the waters” – or hydrotherapy, as it’s now known – has been around since humans first discovered hot springs and mineral pools. Considering that the body is nearly 70 percent H2O, your perfect path to wellness may be all wet.

DO IT: Princess Cruises’ newest arrival, the 3,560-passenger Regal Princess, includes a hydrotherapy pool in its Lotus Spa. Take the waters on a 14-day Caribbean voyage sailing round-trip from Fort Lauderdale. Departure: December 6, 2015; from $1,079.

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