Virtuoso Life July 2019 Virtuoso Life: July 2019

Virtuoso Life: July 2019

In our first-ever Insiders Issue, we’re highlighting the benefits of insider expertise, by tapping into people who really understand their destinations, including writers, hoteliers, advisors, and others who are happy to share their tips with you.
As a network of 20,000 travel advisors and nearly 2,000 hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and other companies dedicated to taking your trip to the next level, Virtuoso is built on that concept of in-the-know connections. Your Virtuoso travel advisor is a specialist in you, and makes it their business to get to know you – your travel companions, your interests, needs, budget, and travel style. With that knowledge, they then leverage Virtuoso’s network of connections around the globe to ensure your trip is custom-tailored, every time. Plus, they tap into those connections to secure you VIP treatment, upgrades, and other perks – insider access at its best. – Elaine Srnka, vice president, content

Read the full digital issue here: July 2019


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