staying home Our Rejected Travel Showdowns

Our Rejected Travel Showdowns

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Times are tough enough – let’s not argue.

Strong opinions are as plentiful as passport stamps around here, especially when it comes to travel. Our editorial team has gamely thrown down on the merits of room service, window versus aisle seats, checking luggage versus carrying on, and when to get to the airport. The current state of things, though, has us checking our argumentative sides. We tried to come up with a Covid-19-era-appropriate travel showdown. But we’re having a kumbaya moment right now. Here are a handful of topics we couldn’t bring ourselves to debate.

Zoom meeting: sweatpants vs. Zoom meeting: no pants
My family is driving me crazy vs. I’m driving myself crazy
Extreme adventures: Grocery shopping vs. Take-out
Family mealtime vs. Everyone fend for themselves (yes, you can have cereal for dinner – again)
Online shopping: Cute future vacay outfits vs. Comfy stay-at-home loungewear
Organize travel photos vs. Time-sucking detour down memory lane (aww, look how little the kids were!)
Shampoo vs. Dry shampoo (again)
Uno vs. Crazy Eights
5 o’clock here vs. 5 o’clock wherever our FaceTime friends are
Shaken vs. Stirred
The Macallan 12 vs. The Macallan 15
Dish duty vs. Laundry detail
Husbands vs. Wives
Homemade mask vs. Hand-tied bandana
New dog vs. New cat
Netflix vs. Hulu
Trim your own bangs vs. Put down the scissors
Common Core math vs. It makes no sense
Serious work vs. Serious search for someone’s lost sock
Praying the kids will be quiet during conference calls vs. Locking them outside 
Working from the couch vs. Working from the kitchen counter
I can’t wait to travel again vs. No, I can’t wait to travel again

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