staying home Until We Can Travel Again, Our WFH Spaces Keep Us Inspired

Until We Can Travel Again, Our WFH Spaces Keep Us Inspired

Where the (editorial) magic happens. 
Where the (editorial) magic happens. 
Work from home today, travel tomorrow. Here’s a peek at the spaces that inspire our creativity at home, plus our tips for staying focused.

Elaine Srnka, vice president, content 

My setup in three words: Soothing, sentimental, lived-in.
I love: The floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with favorite reads, family treasures, and souvenirs from six continents – complete with a library ladder.
Must have: A Nature Poem for Every Day of the Year is too beautiful to shelve – I keep it on my desk and read it daily.
Productivity pro tip: I’ve started blocking an hour on my calendar each day to prioritize time to write, edit, and knock items off my to-do list.

Marika Cain, managing editor 

My setup in three words: Bright, compact, nostalgic.
I love: This is just a corner of our living room, but it feels like its own room. I call it my bubble. The shelves are filled with some of my favorite books (including my grandma’s travel diary from 1985), art by friends and family, treasured photos, and an Instax camera for snapping pics of visitors (remember those?).
Must have: We had to break down and buy a printer when the pandemic hit. I love the HP Tango X (just try to find it in this photo!). It was a breeze to set up, prints wirelessly, and has a tidy linen cover that hides it away when it’s not in use.

Justin Paul, senior editor 

My setup in three words: Convenient, casual, close-knit.
I love: My current workspace is short on monitors and big on family togetherness. As a bonus though, it does get cleared, cleaned, and reorganized three times a day for meals. And yes, that is my daughter’s bestickered red high-chair that she’s outgrown – it helps me avoid the midafternoon slouches.
Productivity pro tip: Embrace the early-morning hours before everyone else is up.

Melanie Fowler, design director

My setup in three words: Eclectic, colorful, orderly.
I love: The big window that lets the natural light in – and lets me see the mailman delivering my online orders.
Must have: Color-coded books. They give me a sense of order, which helps when I design.
Productivity pro tip: Establish a workday routine and stick with it all week. Mine: Coffee, online news, shower, design work, lunch, meetings, a 2.2-mile walk, and cooking dinner for the family.

Korena Bolding Sinnett, art director 

My setup in three words: Efficient, colorful, happy.
I love: The natural light that filters through my large window throughout the day.
Must have: My Arran Street East pitcher-turned-vase (I bought it in Dublin). Flowers help me get through the work day and remind me of happier times out exploring the world.
Productivity pro tip: I was not a consistent list maker before WFH. Now, I have pretty stationery and a colorful Le Pen to mark my to-dos every day.

Joel Centano, senior editor 

My setup in three words: Simple, organized, still-in-progress.
I love: That it’s mine – personal space is a luxury in our home. I also love my view of our garden from the window.
Must have: My new Uplift Desk lets me go from sitting to standing in (roughly) 6.3 seconds. My Bose Noise Canceling Headphones are also a big help (sorry kids, I didn’t hear that request for a third bowl of goldfish crackers).
Productivity pro tip: Start early. An hour in the morning is worth two at night.

Veronica Rosalez, senior graphic designer 

My setup in three words: Texas forever, y’all.
I love: As a sixth-generation Tejana, my state pride runs deep. And it’s on full display in my home: My walls are filled with original artwork and prints from Texas artists, my favorites are the pieces by Cruz Ortiz and Federico Archuleta.
Productivity pro tip: My desk at home is much smaller than what I’m used to at the office. I bought The Container Store’s Franklin Desk Risers to add some much-needed space, and I’ve realized that a raised monitor has really helped my posture.

Amy Cassell, manager, digital content 

My setup in three words: Cozy, cheerful, minimal.
I love: My little gallery wall, featuring an illustration inspired by Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, an Edward Scissorhands print from the Cinémathèque Française in Paris, and a constellation map from the night my husband and I were married.
Must have: My little One Line a Day journal helps me remember to find at least one thing to be grateful for every day, even in the midst of a pandemic.
Productivity pro tip: I’m embracing the Pomodoro Technique for writing lately – focus for 25 minutes, reward yourself with a five-minute break, repeat.

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