November 2019 Virtuoso Life: November 2019

Virtuoso Life: November 2019

Virtuoso recently partnered with market research firm YouGov to conduct an extensive survey to find out more about the Virtuoso traveler. Your answers to questions about who you are, what you like, and how you travel will help us focus on delivering what’s important to you.
One finding I particularly loved: Travel magazines are your preferred source of trip inspiration — which is exactly why your advisor sends you to Virtuoso Life

You also ranked food as one of the most important aspects of a leisure trip, listing it only behind accommodations. That comes as no surprise to us, as we often receive requests for more dining tips, from restaurant recommendations to culinary tours. In fact, food tourism has evolved from "That’s a thing?" just a few years ago to become an integral part of many itineraries, perhaps because it combines cultural immersion, social interaction, hands-on activities, historical backstories, and so much more. 

This annual food-and-wine issue of Virtuoso Life puts the world on a plate, showcasing our favorite food tours around the globe, plus a region-by-region guide to eating your way through France. 

Of course, there’s plenty of great content beyond wining and dining, including a city guide of Rio de Janeiro, tips on how to take in Charleston, South Carolina’s charm, and a look at pét-nat wines. Enjoy! – Elaine Srnka, vice president, content

Read the full digital issue here: November 2019


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