Virtuoso Life May 2019 Virtuoso Life: May 2019

Virtuoso Life: May 2019

Over the course of a year, our editorial team identifies trends on the rise. This issue happens to showcase at least two that have been gaining steam over the last decade:

Hotels are more than merely a place to stay. Ten years ago, hoteliers were excited to tell editors about the opulence of their marble bathrooms. But bathrooms are not usually why anyone books a room. In fact, affluent travelers likely have their own luxury baths at home, making high-end amenities and design an expectation, not a surprise. So when hoteliers began telling us about the experiences they can offer guests, we took appreciative notice. 

Hotels large and small now engage guests with ever-changing programs that range from meeting with a kilt tailor at an Edinburgh hotel to driving a Rolls-Royce Ghost at a Miami resort, curated on-property art tours, and the like. 

Sustainability is sexy. ​ This topic is not just about eco-friendly practices; it’s also about preserving cultures and supporting local economies. We’re noticing, again, that the buzz extends beyond tourism to everything from music festivals to fashion. We combine both hot topics in our cover feature on sustainability, which showcases hotels that are elevating the sustainable experience, including programs that invite guests to join in.

Stylish properties that offer immersive experiences and strive to make the world a better place? That’s a trend anyone can get behind.
-Elaine Srnka, vice president, content

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