March 2020 Virtuoso Life: March 2020

Virtuoso Life: March 2020

We’re focused on all things water in the latest issue of Virtuoso Life. 
When a travel opportunity arises, we often know just who’d make the perfect reporter for that trip. Just about anyone on our foodie staff is thrilled to cover a culinary assignment; there are several candidates for spa and wellness retreats; nature photography tours have their fans too. More than a decade ago, I was the only editor with children, so the family-focused itineraries came my way. As the years have passed, however, most of our editors now have frequent-flying families of their own.

Senior editor Justin Paul writes about one such family trip in this issue – a father-daughter expedition cruise in Alaska. Justin is also our resident adventurer at all altitudes, from heli-skiing in Canada to diving in the Maldives and, recently, Indonesia, where he ventured to the islands of Raja Ampat. Read about his stay aboard Aqua Expeditions’ sleek new yacht.

Elsewhere in the magazine, which focuses on all things water, you’ll find a look at the luxury resort boom in Los Cabos, visit Norway’s Lofoten Islands, and find new inspiration for booking a cruise around Iceland. 

Whether we’re at our desks or exploring a new favorite destination, our staff relishes the opportunity to keep you inspired and in the know. By land, water, or air, we hope you enjoy where Virtuoso Life takes you. — Elaine Srnka, vice president, content

Read the full digital issue here: March 2020


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