Travel Dreams 2016

Travel Dreams Winners

Winners From Our 10th Annual Survey

Essay winner Cheryl Catania with her father.
Winning Photo: Linda Crucs in Nepal, taken by her husband Bob.

Entrants in this year’s Travel Dreams contest shared essays, photos, and videos that highlighted their best travel memories, “wow” moments, or favorite travel companions in competition for one of three $2,500 prizes.
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Around the World in Two Minutes
Victoria, Canada- based Tyler Cave shot this video during a post-university adventure that included stops in Europe, Indonesia, and the Bahamas.
An Italian Homecoming
When Cheryl Catania of Mentor, Ohio, decided to help her 95-year-old father, son of Italian immigrants, fulfill a lifelong wish to visit his family’s homeland, she turned to travel advisor Jennifer Fried. Fried suggested a Globus group tour, which would provide plenty of support along
the way. “I prefer to work with an expert when traveling,” Cheryl
says. “They know far more than
I do about the what, where, and
how, so I feel comfortable that all
will go well.”
In Her Words:
“My father, a first-generation Italian American, had never had the opportunity to visit his family’s home. At age 95, he asked if I could take him there. There were challenges, including correcting his handwritten birth certificate from 1916 to reflect that he was a male, not a female; changing his Italian name to match his English name of Charles; and getting a passport in a short time frame, so we would be able to get booked and fly over to meet a Globus tour in Rome. There were three of us traveling together: my father, my cousin, and me. I am sure the tour company was a little nervous having a 95-year-old man on the tour–as were we. But he rarely used the walker we brought for him and could even beat some of the other folks on the tour when walking around.
The tour group included many Italian Americans visiting Italy for the first time, and people from Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. All immediately took to my dad, calling him Uncle Charlie. Everyone watched out for him. My father loved all the attention. Lino, our tour guide, told people everywhere we stopped that my father was celebrating his birthday on this tour. We had, in fact, booked the tour so he would celebrate his 96th birthday in Sicily. Everyone gave him gifts and made much of his birthday throughout the entire tour.
If he wasn’t up to walking too much, there was always a group to sit in a café with him, drink vino, and listen to his stories. We could not have had 48 better traveling companions. I cherish all of the pictures and keep in touch with some of them to this day. My father passed away two months short of his 98th birthday, and I am so grateful that we were able to fulfill his wished-for trip.”
TRAVEL DREAMS: PHOTO (above, bottom right)
A Majestic Meeting in Nepal
Oldwick, New Jersey-based Linda Crucs and her husband, who have traveled to all seven continents, lean on their long-time travel advisor Lynda Johnson for travel planning. “She’s been to all the places herself,” Linda says. “You can be sure that if she recommends something, you’re going to like it.”
Originally appeared in the July 2016 issue of Virtuoso Life.