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8 Advisor Tips: Wellness Travel

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Wellness travel promises more energy, better health, and a renewed spirit. Here, eight tips to make the most of these journeys.

Embrace physical and spiritual experiences.

“Wellness travel allows you to experience cultures where the physical is entwined with the spiritual," says Maryland-based advisor Eileen Schlichting. “For clients new to meditation and yoga, I recommend retreats with highly personalized programs – such as one-on-one yoga – and also encourage them to try experiences outside their comfort zone, such as Himalayan retreats with Hindu prayer and song. The experience moves you physically and spiritually.”

Don’t be afraid to try something new.

“Wellness travel is a great time to try new things in a friendly, supportive environment,” says NYC-area advisor Arienne Orozco. “If you’ve always wanted to try TRX, tai chi, meditation, or aerial yoga, this is your opportunity!  Wellness resorts such as Canyon Ranch offer dozens of activities each day. Take advantage of the chance to try something new.”

Digitally detox.

“More and more, a digital detox is part of the wellness plan, regardless of whether one seeks a high intensity week of exercise or time spent in the spa,” says Bronxville, New York-based advisor Sarah Kraemer. “I keep a file of places where the guest turns in his phone at check-in, and other places where guest rooms have the Wi-Fi blocked. A vacation day spent disconnected can feel like the ultimate luxury.”

Identify goals before the trip.

“Take time before your trip to think about what you hope to achieve,” says Orozco. “Are you focused on relaxation, recharging, detoxing, or do you want to learn new exercises, meditation techniques, or how to eat better? Having even just a general idea of what you want to get out of your trip will help maximize your experience.”

Communicate preferences.

“Work with your travel advisor to pre-arrange appointments for spa treatments or private lessons, to get preferred therapists or one-on-one training,” says Indianapolis-based advisor Lisa Prosser. “Make sure to tell your travel advisor of any food allergies or preferences so they can inform your resort or hotel.”

Be plane smart.

“I make sure I’m well-hydrated before and after a flight,” says LA-based advisor Carrie Mandala. “I find planes tend to be cold and noisy so I always have a cashmere wrap and I never travel without my noise cancelling headphones, especially on an international or overnight flight.”

Study the wellness menu.

“Wellness is a big umbrella, so it’s vital to get a list of the activities and treatments that will be offered during your visit to a spa or resort,” says Schlichting. “For example, some resorts offer yoga once or twice a week, while others will have classes three or more times a day. If you want a private instructor, you may need to book far in advance.”

Pack the little things.

“I always advise my clients on wellness trips to make room in their belongings for sneakers, a tiny roll-on with aromatherapy oil, some healthy snacks, and a refillable water bottle,” says Kraemer.  

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